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  1. I have used Heron and Bronson and Heron and Riverside within the past month. As of ~2 weeks ago, they were open and useable.
  2. Going to Trim is the right thing to do. If you look at the development going on south and east of the Trim station, you will see lots of new housing going up. I would rather new residents there have transit right away vs. having to encourage after they are use to their cars. Having said that, I think LRT (or at least BRT) should go to Rockland. Rockland is growing too fast. We have a choice, expand the 174, build a ring road, or built transit. Toronto chose to grow by building highways. Anyone who has commuted on the 401 knows how well highway expansion works.
  3. Will the tunnel under Campus be closed as well? I don't see that explicitly stated anywhere.
  4. Why do they need a "more accurate" measure than what the odometer provides? Is the odometer that far off?
  5. That is the part that I am not clear about. Via Rail, running passenger trains, does that count as North American equipment? Or, as it's passenger equipment, does it fall into a different category? Thanks, and sorry for the newbie questions. I admit, I know far less than I could.
  6. Given the frequency with which freight trains use the Smiths Falls to Ottawa tracks (once a week I believe), is freight interference really that much of an issue? Or, do Via trains on these tracks ruin the chance of using the Talents here?
  7. Indusi along the line and a few platform additions don't seem to major to me... So, this is a possibility. With OCTranspo still owning three retired Talent trains, it doesn't look like a huge amount of cost would be involved in starting this up. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks for the information.
  8. Now that there are passing sidings at Wass and at Fallowfield station, would it be feasible (in terms of tracks and train schedules) to implement an OTrain service between either Barrhaven (or Smith's Falls) to Ottawa station?
  9. There are signs on the trail stating that it's banked for future rail. However, most of the residents who purchased near there have NO clue it's banked. One of the developments nearby is "Trails End"... giggle. Golly will they be surprised when high speed gets put in around the year 2250.
  10. I agree that this is something that GO should consider. Problem is that GO is now part of Metrolinx which is GTHA focused. Ottawa isn't part of their mandate. Ontario or the NCC should consider something similar for Greater Ottawa. One advantage I see for MOOSE is the work VIA has put into Ottawa recently. The new Wass siding (for example) will make track utilization easier. A few of these services could operate quickly (Smiths Falls, Arnprior, Maxville) due to existing track and some infrastructure. I disagree with who funds GO. While all taxpayers fund GO, the bulk of Ontario's taxes are raised in the "Golden Horseshoe". That is after all where the majority (~8 million) of Ontarians live.
  11. How they want to pay for this is interesting. It looks like they want developers and municipalities to pay them to add stations. They will use that money to add stations and tracks while fares will cover the operations cost. Interesting concept. I doubt it will be effective though. Will (for example) Maxville or Smiths Falls developers really pay for service? Not likely, people move there to avoid paying high property taxes (among other reasons). I could see this approach potentially working in a city (e.g. a surcharge is added to new homes near the future Leitrim station). But, in the country? Maxville and Smiths Falls will have to add a lot of housing to get this to work. FYI, the big pension funds are desperate to invest. If they thought this could work, they would be investing in a heartbeat. Sorry, but I don't see this happening without Government support. But don't worry, the province will continue building roads instead (apologies for the bitterness).
  12. Yes, I have tried the 97-98 trick to UofO. If I catch an 87-97-98, it might save me a few minutes. Normally, I break even. In the fall it will be worse because we lose the Hurdman to UofO transitway. I agree, adding another route is not optimal. But neither is increasing travel time by 50% (like mine has). I chose where I lived because of transit. 3 years is a LONG time. Tom
  13. Personally, I come up from Billings Bridge through Hurdman. I hope in the fall they put in a Hurdman --> Blair direct run. The new St Laurent (eastbound) eats time like crazy. And it will only get worse in the fall. The wife is pressuring me to give up the bus until this is all complete!
  14. In other words, all of this highway expansion for transit is just highway expansion. Great, that is LRT money well spent. Even when LRT (which I support) goes to Orleans, it looks like it will be highway expansion masquerading as LRT.
  15. I see that OC reprogrammed the interlock. I've got to ask, when OCTranspo orders busses, do they have standards? For instance, I notice that all stanchions are yellow and seats are blue. But, for things like Interlocks, signal pedals, etc., shouldn't those processes and hardware be fairly standard? Wouldn't this allow the drivers to have an easier time with the busses?
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