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  1. This company started May 3,1960, it was called Shalta Hughson dba Nashwaaksis Bus Line, they where located in Nashwaaksis, N.B. In 1962 Mr. Hughson died and the certificate was transfer to Betty Jean Huggson in July 1962. Company was sold to SMT (Eastern) June 1965. Operated an route from main Street Fredericton - Brookside Drive - Westview Drive - Cherry Street - MacFarland Street - Fulton Ave. - Cedar Ave. - Sunset Drive - CPR Crossing, They had one bus an Ford school bus that went to SMT #3714. I hope this helps. I
  2. Sorry that should be Sept. 2004 not 1994,
  3. 1102 did have a lift, as it was new to the State of Michigan and leased to GLI as #MI-0036, then in Sept. 1994 it was purchased by GLI and #1102, 1102 was one of five D3's that where State buses and sold to GLI. I do have all the VIN's for Greyhound Canada, I can send you all those VINs by mail if you want, send me your address, will include all the U.S. coaches that came to Canada. I spent alot of time at the GLOC garage here both checking the builder plates and getting photos.
  4. Vin 1M8PDMPA81P054083 was #1166, as for the 102D3'S that came from the U.S. they did not have lifts as that is why they where sent to Canada, like all the 102DL3's that came to Canada they didn't have lifts either.
  5. It is ex Calgary Transit 1616.
  6. I was just by the museum taday and it was still there, I believe that white roof in the top left of the map is 912.
  7. You are correct it is there, unfortunately they aren't doing much with as it is parked outside near the old train station so it can rust away like all the other buses they have had.. You can see it from the highway.
  8. In look at Bill Luke book on Buses of Western Flyer & New Flyer with the head light arrangement it most likely is a P-39, as the P37/41 head lights and fog lights are the same size. Where you able to get a side view as that would show more details.
  9. The two classics can be used all most anywhere on the system, but for the summer they are more likely at the garage since there are no school extras now.
  10. As of April 3 #535 is sitting outside with plates removed so it is now retired.
  11. Both 530 and 535 were in service this afternoon, both of these buses were to be retired when the Novas went into service, leaving 521 & 523 to remain.
  12. The former operator was Affordable Bus Charters Inc. #2273 of CT
  13. The new Nova's are not in service yet as they still need licence plates & fare boxes, only six of the Nova's have been delivered. What was seen one of the Nova's being road tested and it had dealer plates. Only two Classic will be retired being 532 & 535, 521 & 523 will remain in service.
  14. It can't keep oil in it, as it leaks oil & smokes badly, during the day transit would have to add a lot of oil just to keep it on the road. Four of the new Nova's are in, #570, 572,573 & 574, they sure look good, they have places for two wheel chairs plus two baby strollers spots.
  15. The fleet is staying at 112 buses, some of the buses that were to be retired have already been pulled from service like 554 when they have a major problem.