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  1. 8041 was on the Central 3 yesterday, these Nova's are New York built.
  2. An number of years back I had a contact at Prevost and at that time they were friendly with the information.
  3. There were a total of 18 Astral XLs built, here is the order they were built. This information is off a list from Prevost Car in the order they were built. I hope this helps. 2P9A3340XF1001991 Prevost Astral Demonstrator, then Gray Line of Atlantic 2P9A33401F1001992 Prevost Astral Demonstrator, to Pacific Western Trn. #391 2P9A33403F1001993 Americoach #79 2P9A33405F1001994 Prevost Astral Demonstrator, to Pacific Western Trn. #392 2P9A33407F1001995 Polynesian Hospitality #49 2P9A33409F1001996 Melni Bus Service #164 2P9A33402F1001998 Autobus Bell-Horizon #8602 2P9A33402F1001001 Viking Line Inc. # 2P9A33404F1001002 Americoach #__ 2P9A33406F1001003 Prevost Astral Demonstrator, Viking Line Inc. # 2P9A33401F1001006 Polynesian Hospitality #50 2P9A33407J1001522 Pacific Western Trn. #1006 2P9A33402J1001525 Pacific Western Trn. #1008 2P9A33402J1001542 Pacific Western Trn. #1010 2P9A33405J1001545 Pacific Western Trn. #1012 2P9A33403J1001565 Americoach # 2P9A33407J1001567 Americoach # 2P9A33409J1001568 Americoach #
  4. Chris it most likely won't be out as it isn't plated yet.
  5. The VIN for the Nova artic in Windsor is 4RKYS92Y1D4500275, built 2/13, the number 7300 is seen inside above the front windshield, so what is shown on Wiki for SEPTA #7301 is not correct. As for it might be on the road that remains to be seen as it has to be safety and plated.
  6. They both have had a electrical problems, #701 did see some service in early 2017 then it disappeared, #702 has not seen service well over a year, both have sat at the garage since then.
  7. Here is a update to buses being retired, seen with plates removed today numbers 416, 424, 521, 523, 549, 551, 552, 553, 672, 679, 685, 701 & 702, as for the rest that is to be retired that depends each day on what is running then. I was wrong on the LFS ,time will tell what ones are next.
  8. the Eldorados haven't seen service an year, and the 97 LFS are still on the road, only two Orion VI's have been retired (416 & 419), with 5 buses being held back a good chance they will be the LFS's as they have had work done to them. There are some Flyers D40i already sitting with plates removed and they are having issues with them. At the time the 8000 series have been used on the tunnel run in fact 8017 is on the run today, they are also used on the express route and senior specials. I saw 8015 last Thursday night on the Walkerville route. The 8000 series were numbered 578 - 601 at the Nova plant and had to be renumbered as there was already a number 601, so the 8000 series was picked and had nothing to do with the year.
  9. The new buses did not come equipment with some of the I.T. equipment which is being done at the garage, so they are used for senior specials, tunnel bus and express services where they don't have to announce the stops til the I.T. equipment is installed.
  10. 8001 was in service today doing a Senior Special, this was numbered 578 from the plant.
  11. Mat you have a collectors photo of 580 as the new buses are being renumbered starting at 8001 on.
  12. They will start at 578 - 599.
  13. The first bus east bound was 572 as I got on at the Vollmer center and rode to St.Clair College and back and the first west bound was 574 as I got photos of both buses at the Vollmer Center. At 11 am the east bound bus stops and its driver takes over the west bound bus at 11.19 am for this driver take its lunch break at the Vollmer Center. At this time at the Vollmer Center is a good spot for photos as the west bound bus has a 5 minutes layover for changing of the drivers.
  14. The Classic's have been retired since last November because of the cost to repair them, just wasn't worth repairing them. They have sat at the east side of the garage since then. They will two of the buses replace when the 24 new Nova's come this fall.
  15. This company started May 3,1960, it was called Shalta Hughson dba Nashwaaksis Bus Line, they where located in Nashwaaksis, N.B. In 1962 Mr. Hughson died and the certificate was transfer to Betty Jean Huggson in July 1962. Company was sold to SMT (Eastern) June 1965. Operated an route from main Street Fredericton - Brookside Drive - Westview Drive - Cherry Street - MacFarland Street - Fulton Ave. - Cedar Ave. - Sunset Drive - CPR Crossing, They had one bus an Ford school bus that went to SMT #3714. I hope this helps. I
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