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  1. We have all 3502-3505 6001-6060
  2. A 413X series bus was on fire at Billings Bridge tonight at around 10:30. I can't tell the number through the picture but chances are another one just bit the dust. http://i.imgur.com/j8Imx.jpg
  3. I've noticed a few more artics on the 86 lately in the AM rush and the 118 on weekends.
  4. OC Transpo 8011 by F. Poon, on Flickr Not sure if reported, 8011 was on the 61.
  5. OC Transpo 8013 by F. Poon, on Flickr OC Transpo 8013 by F. Poon, on Flickr 8013 at Baseline on the 77 (16:55 departure from Hurdman)
  6. 524 was on Westmount at Father David Bauer at around 220pm today.
  7. 8529 and 9012 were deadheading on northbound on Westmount on Thursday.
  8. 9010 was heading to do a run on a WCI special on Tuesday.
  9. Got the same news from a Brampton Transit representative at the Public Information Centre today.
  10. Campus DC++ hub, hypem, pixid, torrents
  11. 8905 active on Monday.
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