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  1. ST's 2020 SIP is out. The usual fleet planning table is not out yet. But feedback is being solicited on a few major changes: Replace routes 540 and 541 (and to a lesser extent, 255) with 544, serving SLU <-> Overlake in the peak Delete 577 weekend service and replace with 578. Half of the 578 trips would only operate between Seattle and Auburn (and should be assigned a different route number, although that's not the plan) Cease serving two barely-used 405 flyer stops on route 566
  2. If you're a UW department and have a need to rent a bus good news: it's only $2578.70 per month and $1.19 per mile. Via https://facilities.uw.edu/services/rates/fleet (UW NetID required)
  3. That sounds incredibly inconvenient from a passenger's point of view
  4. 3430: View the entire thread for more
  5. The DART vans used to have regular plates (or sometimes rideshare plates) so I assumed that to mean they were owned by Hopelink. These ones have XMT/C plates, so they're county-owned. I know I've seen route 630 and Trailhead direct on the tracker, so that also means they're reporting via the county-owned radio system. I find it hard to believe that the county would allow non-county (and non-union) employees to operate them. Might be time for me to make a trek down to South King County to see which lots each are parked in 🤔
  6. I thought DART routes were operated by Hopelink?
  7. Looks like Metro bought some Arboc Spirit of Liberty buses for Trailhead Direct service that may also run on shuttles during weekdays. Along with some Chevy cutaways looks like they're in the 460-470 range. I added stubs but need more information for the wiki if anyone has more info.
  8. There are a few exceptions for oddball routes, but routes are assigned to and operate out of a single base. The confusion may actually be around storage bases, which I believe is for (or at least predominantly for) peak trips. For example, a route that operates out of North that terminates in the CBD: there's not much reason to deadhead back to North just so another operator can grab the bus and deadhead it back downtown later that day. So they instead deadhead to Atlantic/Central (and maybe Ryerson; I'm not sure) and park there and operators hop on route 661 to get back home. Check out past Route/Base Cross Reference Lists and I've attached the list for this shakeup. Spoiler alert: the only changes were routes 125, C, D, and E. Route-Base Cross Reference Spring 2018.pdf
  9. Interesting; Metro stored some Orions there as well when they were first delivered.
  10. Just saw Proterra T462 testing in Pioneer Square. It's wrapped with the KCM and Proterra logos, with most of the surface area mentioning that it's battery powered.
  11. 9628 and one other DE60LF(R?) was also part of the platoon. Here's the video of 5034 and 6964:
  12. Article on STB today alludes that the 540 went to PT for base capacity issues, and not necessarily hourly rates https://seattletransitblog.com/2019/03/19/private-operators-for-some-520-routes/
  13. I'd be willing to bet most of those 540 artic trips are linked to something else. If you can find them active in OBA you can click the headsign link and view the "Incoming" and "Continues as" at the top/bottom of the list of stops for that trip. 540's west side layover is at NE 47th St & 11th Ave NE; previously it was on Memorial Way (which is currently used by 48, 271, and many CT routes, most of which are artics).
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