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  1. They were off the road as of March 5th last day for them and the 1st gen Novas was March4th. 985 was the last classic on the road and 997 the last 1st gen Nova. That makes Halifax Transit totally accessible. Rumour is that some of the retired buses will see new life as buses for schools across the province ( for sports teams). Some of these recently retired buses were completely rebuilt less than 5 years ago. Not sure if the reused buses will be classics or novas or both. As of now all of what was left and recently retired are still at the Ragged Lake transit centre.
  2. The bright white from what I hear is the new North American standard. The visually impaired community can see them easier then the orange from what a legally blind friend of mine told me.
  3. Some of the new Nova lfs' will be hitting the road Monday Jan 30th. You will likely only see them during peek periods Monday to Friday until they fix the problem with gps system they are having.
  4. There are a bunch of the new Novas in now, they are at the Ragged Lake garage. Off the top of my head there is roughly 25 that have arrived so far with more coming every day. They were supposed to be on the road this month but they have been pushed back till March at the earliest now. They come preloaded with the new gps system but I guess there is a problem with them connecting to the system here. So until that gets fixed they will be staying off the road.
  5. My mother always told me if I didn't have any thing nice to say then don't say anything.
  6. Announced today Eddie Robar current Director of Halifax Transit has been named the new head of ETS
  7. 82 was reduced because of low ridership. As for classics I can see if can find out today.
  8. well we finally broke 1200 in unit numbers........Bus 1201 has been on the road since last week.
  9. The bridge commission has said that the Macdonald bridge will remain open on Friday and Saturday night........ we will see how long that lasts. Yes the 52 will on the Halifax side after 7pm on the nights the bridge is closed will terminate at Scotia Square SB ( same place the 2,4 going to water street terminal stop). It will then start in the same place go right on Duke, right on Albermarle right on R on Cogswell continue on ramp to Barrignton street left on North then back to regular routing.
  10. From what I have read and seen it is Artics that will be used for the shuttles. Also the shuttles will only be running as far as I know Sunday To Thursday, the shifts that we bid on that start in a week have full service on Friday and Saturday nights ( all buses crossing the bridge that normally do). When they speak of bridge closed shuttles and not closed shuttles they are still speaking of Sunday to Thursday. Because of the way our schedule changes work the only way to do it was to start it during our February shift changes. That means there could be 2 weeks to 1 month where we are running s
  11. I am curious to what you mean by this ?
  12. I am torn between Vincent Coleman and Raymond Taavel
  13. The schedule change was Nov 17th but it remained the same this time around.
  14. Yes that is a difference when the Sambro service first started it was a Cutaway borrowed from the 330. Since the end of Aug 2010 when Ragged Lake opened it has been a a bus our of Burnside. The Cutaways have been at Ragged Lake since that time. Also of note that starting mid November all of the classics left at Burnside( two or three I think) will be moved to Ragged Lake. Where they will spend the rest of their days till retirement.
  15. None of the cutaways will go on the community routes as of now. Right now all of the community runs come out of the Burnside garage. The Cut aways are based out of Ragged Lake.
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