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  1. I've received word that 8776 is back in town in a hotel parking lot near the airport.
  2. Just saw an unknown Nova being towed down Ogilvie Road
  3. 8008 started steaming? at Tunney's. Bus emptied.
  4. 4611 at Blair this afternoon
  5. 4607 - 91 Orleans at Baseline ~7:28
  6. 8118 on 277 with a lot of noise coming from underneath the bus
  7. 8144 is being hooked up to a tow truck at Baseline Station just now.
  8. Looks like 8002 may have broken down on the 272 at Fallowfield just now
  9. 8073 on the 94. External destination signs are apparently not functioning
  10. It's missing the rear next stop announcement screen as well.
  11. According to a witness on the radio the bus was going full speed and only started braking as it ran through the barrier
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