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  1. Did this a while back for fun...
  2. I'll be perfectly honest, as someone who lives in the neighbourhood, if they were to do that they would receive my undying gratitude.
  3. Lol, looks like Vancouver is the new Toronto. And yes, I know I've added fuel to the fire in the past, but this is getting ridiculously out of hand.
  4. Thank you for dredging up a three-year old topic and making me almost shit myself when I saw the previous post was about a D60.
  5. My theory is that RTC currently has a bus shortage because of the mass retirement of D40LFs with nothing to cover for them - a typical shining example of TransLink's foresight. This run is one of the last ones to leave RTC for the PM peak, and likely they are scraping the bottom of the barrel by this time.
  6. Time to say goodbye to that familiar RAT-TAT-TATTATAT of loose panels. So who's taking bets on: 1. how long it takes for them to (actually) finish repaving, 2. how long it takes until the pavement starts cracking again, 3. how much they jack up tuition prices at SFU
  7. ...the N17, N19, and N20 all already use 60-footers on select trips, and have done so for more than two years now? In fact, both the N17 and N35 have used artics since before I even started transit-fanning...
  8. Clearly someone has been smoking a little too much of the good stuff to formulate such an inane response.
  9. That's nice did you want a gold star for that?
  10. Don't know why, but there was a NovaBus sitting inside Port Coquitlam depot yesterday.
  11. Not sure if trolling or actually being serious...
  12. Is there really such a need to be so petty over proving someone wrong? It's posts like these which is making browsing this forum more and more of a chore these days for me.
  13. Just because you think something is wrong doesn't mean that it is...
  14. Neither the 502 nor the 501 go to Scott Road Station...
  15. TransLink loved NovaBuses enough to get New Flyer Xcelsiors in their most recent orders... >_>
  16. It's not like they're being sent on an all-expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas...
  17. Honestly, having taken the 701 before, I'd actually say it's a pretty good candidate for B-Line service, at least in the future. I've noticed it to definitely be one of the better-performing routes in the system and serves as a vital link to those far eastern suburbs. It's a painful line to ride. It's slow and busy and no one I know has anything good to say about it other than "it works".
  18. Then why don't you run for office and make it happen if it's so easy.
  19. Does it really matter? There could be any myriad number of reasons why the driver would choose to stop at that stop, whether it be for a friend or because of a fare evader or anything else. Answering that question would require reading the mind of that bus driver, which unfortunately, I don't think any of us are capable of.
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