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  1. Can’t tell you how many times that rear route number sign allowed me to catch my bus when trying to get to school or work.
  2. Hi. I spotted a Cornwall Transit Orion V a week ago Saturday in Ottawa near Thermo King. Do Cornwall still have an Orion V in service or is that the private owner? Unfortunately I didn’t remember the fleet number. It was 03xx.
  3. A week ago Saturday, I saw a Cornwall Transit Orion V! It was turning from Leitrim onto Hawthorne...obviously heading to the 417. Must have been coming from Thermo King. Nice to see an Orion V still in service.
  4. The St. Laurent Zellers is now fully occupied again split between Décathlon sporting goods and the Adonis supermarket, which is a Montreal chain that Metro bought a few years ago...ironic given the GT used to be a Metro and Metro has a Food Basics right next door.
  5. Phone 3-1-1 and complain to the city. I’ve done so a few times and sometimes they’ll actually make an adjustment.
  6. ...and the sign that still has “Queensway” on it wasn’t replaced!!!!
  7. UPDATE: While the 8-8-8 (and all the lights and PEDs for that matter) at Walkley & Springland are now replaced, I was thrilled to see that the double pole itself was not replaced and now houses a new 12-8-8.
  8. Might have been for Bank St’s sewer replacement project as it occurred around 2006-2010 as I recall.
  9. 5170 yesterday —> 7 Carleton What exactly is the 899 shuttle?
  10. That looks like 8118 in behind. That unknown Orion V is definitely a 97 or 98xx. Interesting find. I wonder where that is?
  11. There used to be a few other Eagle Peds but they’re all gone. I remember Walkley and the Airport Parkway off ramp and in Centretown at either O’Connor & Gilmore or Kent & Gilmour.
  12. Not sure if these have been mentioned yet: Carling & Bedale (1) and Carling & Holly Acres (multiple) still have old 1980s non-LEDs.
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