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  1. This is rather redundant to the main STO spotting thread, but I saw 9132 yesterday.
  2. Does that mean after July 10th it was then subsequently retired?
  3. Saw 9132 yesterday afternoon deadheading on Sussex.
  4. I did also sit (initially) in the row immediately ahead of the back row and those seats were very uncomfortable. The curvature of the rear engine seats is what makes them comfortable How could the city “forget” to have padded seats? Don’t you want to attract more ridership not repel it? Sometimes I think the city have no interest whatsoever in increasing ridership with moves like this.
  5. I actually rode on a new Nova for the first time yesterday. 4609. Was better than I expected. The rear row, despite no seat padding, was reasonably comfortable.
  6. Spotted 4666 parked outside at St. Laurent South garage yesterday.
  7. I can even make out a few fleet numbers in the bigger version of the photo including: 7430 7452 7553 7307 7520? 5711? 710x? Don’t think there were any 7600s in the pic. ‘76 of course was the Rough Riders’ last Grey Cup.
  8. In this photo, which were the bigger pieces of junk. - the first generation Novas or the Ikaruses? LOL.
  9. I wonder if that configuration will remain once Elgin reopens and whether the old 8-8-8 that does that will also remain? In both of these scenarios, l wonder if a car accidentally ends up in the bus lane whether the signal itself would get triggered?
  10. Well done as you’re spot on in French. One of my favourite street names is a street in Hunt Club Park that a childhood friend lived on called Fardon Way. When you’re nine, you naturally call it Farting Way. My old street in Riverside South is a mouthful: Jersey Tea Circle.
  11. It’s also amazing as to how many King’s Highway shields still exist (most common in towns, like up in Renfrew) given the NDP government did away with them in 1993 or ‘94.
  12. Those are all MTO lights as well, but are on temporary wires, except for one 12-8-12 at Tremblay that is on a pole. Will be interesting to see whether these revert back to city intersections once the O-Train line and associated Queensway work finally gets done There are two MTO 12-12-12s on Fallowfield at the 416 too. That one is from the original West Hunt Club extension opening from around 1995. It is the old dark yellow light that would have been installed a good 3-4 years after the bright yellows were introduced. There was on at Hunt Club and Merivale installed new then too but it was replaced years ago. I wonder if those signals were relocated from other intersections? I had posted a few days ago about much of Dalhousie still being incandescent. Well no more. All replaced (e.g. at Clarence) and all have countdowns...makes total sense given the huge pedestrian volume.
  13. These last five (plus I think St. Laurent and McArthur) were all eliminated at virtually the same time. At one time they were all over town. Fun Fact: An advance flashing green was installed at Spratt and Limebank for a couple of years circa 2008. It was surely the first flashing green installation in at least 20 years. Replaced by 12-8-12s once the widening of Limebank was completed. Brockville still has a couple of these. I saw another one recently. I think it was downtown Perth. I think the only set of lights in Eganville has an advanced green too.
  14. In Ottawa the grey painted backs are used in touristy areas, probably so that the lights aren’t as visible vs the scenery. Why York is like that almost everywhere, I don’t know. Kingston, Coburg and Brockville have adopted all black lights in their downtowns. I had forgotten about how Sudbury follows Hamilton. Never been to the Sault (been to the Michigan Sault), so didn’t know about that and interesting regarding Mississauga. We also now have 3 sets of lights like this along the canal. However, unlike the standard yellow backside, the lights portion of ours are also black.
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