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  1. The Greenbank intersection has a mixture from the 80s, 90s-2002 and more recent. The Baseline intersection is unique. All incandescent PEDs from the 90s with traffic lights from the 2003-2015 era.
  2. I saw 9137 out today at lunch time on a 35.
  3. Those PED signals are pre-approximately 1992, as are any dark yellow aluminium lights. The light yellow lights started appearing around 1991 or 92. A trickle of New dark yellow aluminum lights were installed up until about 1997. An example of this would be Hunt Club at Croydon...where Costco is. I suspect anything beyond 1992 were simply reusing old lights that were still in good shape. However, I think all except for the sole remaining double pole on Metcalfe are post-1975 as well. I don’t think any double poles were installed in the 80s. Your very last pic on Bronson is definitely 1960s.
  4. Those are around 25 years old. As I recall, highway 16 was downloaded to the old RMOC in 1997. Going northbound, there were even older 12-12-12s that the city actually replaced with new 12-12-12s, but they only lasted a couple of years until the advanced green arrow was installed. As for the old rail signals, those must be very low priority for CN given that they’re only used twice a week. When the full Ottawa Valley line still existed, how many trains a week ran along it? What about the flashing red ones on Springfield in New Edinburgh? I’m pretty sure the ones on Spratt in Riverside South have always been LEDs...used to be four of them but the side street facing ones were removed a few months after installation due to neighbour complaints. What about in the rural areas like the ones along River Rd.?
  5. A new 12-12-8-12 has just been installed on Lyon at Albert. The top bulb is for buses, while the bottom bulb is a solid green, which is very rare for a 12-8-12 combo.
  6. Alta Vista/Smyth was fully replaced awhile back around when the new hospital road opened.
  7. How many rolled off the line after this one and who got them?
  8. Wow no traffic lights 🚦 there in 1955. Speaking of which, I’m really liking the new double left turn lane at the intersection. Much better traffic flow.
  9. Riverside and Uplands was also a late advance green replacement, but converted to arrow a year or two before before the final 1/2 dozen. There used to be a lot of advanced greens in Toronto too. Yonge and Finch for example. As for square crosswalk signals, there are two still active at Sparks and Lyon. Lester and Albion is full of half squares. The bottom half disappeared years ago when the intersection got countdowns.
  10. The 3M bike signals at the Mackenzie King Bridge and Nicholas have been retrofitted to include the bicycle 🚲 symbol embedded within the lenses.
  11. I can remember long before the silversides went white that you’d occasionally see an olive green replacement panel on a bus.
  12. Boy the temporary wood stairs looked better than the red monstrosity that followed. Clearly built by engineers and not architects. The fishbowl appears to be 7322. Definitely a 72xx or 73xx given the lack of roof hatches and the non-sliding square window. Middle bowl’s fleet number appears to be 6541. Yep the buses would pull up behind Dominion. The opening of the Transitway had a devastating impact on that store’s sales and about 4 years later it was closed, by that point Dominion was owned by A&P. If anyone has any pics of the Dominion store itself, I’d love to see them.
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