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  1. IMO sometimes it takes a more aggressive approach to get things going. You cant always play the nice guy or else they would take advantage of it. Its a selfish industry here where everyone is looking to their own interests. I doubt we would have any sort of integrated fare structure in the GTA or a common pay system without Presto. Given the track record, everyone will still be wasting millions on their own proprietary system that probably would have the same bugs and complaints as Presto. Years would be lost on endless studies and pilots. TTC would still be using their ancient tokens and neve
  2. I am by no means being apolegetic to them, but by no means are they useless. Depsite their faults they still have managed to pull together the majority of the GTHA to integrtate their transit systems. Where will we be without them? Idd bet TTC will still be trying to power trip alone with their ancient tokens and we would have no common fare media like presto. On another note, ive seen the quality of your posts throughout the years here and on UT. While I do acknowledge that you are very well versed in the technical and political aspects of this realm Im sure Im not alone in saying that y
  3. So its the semantics of writing prose that you are riled about? Honestly I think it will in your best interest to not get so worked up over such trivial matters. So what if theres more sentences than you would like. Your time and energy would be better suited over more productive things. In an ideal world yes, we can have plenty of subterranean storage facilities, but it makes much logical sense why most systems do not have it. As mentioned in the red para, it would cost exponentially more time and money to do this, not to mention the right soil conditions. Besides, whats the point in hav
  4. what part of it is untrue though? Isnt it already canon fact that tunnelling is exponentially more expensive than above ground works? As PR you need to say in a way that is logical and postive to readers, but nothing is factually false here
  5. only way for a viable impementation is to use dedicated ROW such as the mississauga transitway.
  6. yea the right side from the middle door onwards toook a huge swipe... less than 600k on the odometer too!
  7. i think the improvements they proposed was in hope that the covid situation improves and service gets better, but clearly many are still turned off transit. sucks but understandable
  8. any news on the LFSes? NFI has delivered their share of their electric buses but nothing yet from Nova.
  9. I'm curious on what their process of elimination is and why it will take almost a year to pick amongst the 3 bid packages. Most of these contractors are not new so its not like they have to interview many fresh applicants.
  10. Are the new XD60s in service yet? they arrived a few months back but no further info nor any changes to the wiki about it. Same goes for the electric trial buses
  11. probably more than buying a 60ftr to begin with
  12. pretty surprised by their unexpected arrival. Not even the wiki page has them listed as future orders. On that note, have the electric buses all arrived yet?
  13. couldnt the crossover be on the curve? or cross after the curve. How much does the station need to be extended ideally?
  14. As J boic explains, youre opinion is welcome, but its a fan''s opinion with no substance or justification. Time will tell if this control stays or goes. Until then, let the professionals make the call.
  15. explain? instead of moving your whole forearm you now flick a wrist. and the other buttons are all readily accessible as well.
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