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  1. Edit: Edits completed and are here: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Santa_Monica_Municipal_Bus_Lines_2901-2904
  2. I'd like to request deletion of this photo: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=File:Torrance_Transit_488-a.jpg I have since uploaded a new (better) photo of 488 and have modified existing wiki entries to point to the new image.
  3. Hi, I have a bit of a conundrum regarding older versus current pictures. I'm currently editing the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus wiki page, and I'm modifying part of the fleet page to reflect that the 2010 ElDorado EZ-Rider II BRT units have since been converted to CNG from hybrids and uploading a new photo of a post-CNG conversion unit. I understand that it would make no sense to keep an older "before" photo in the page's roster information as it is not current, but would it make sense to still keep a single "before" photo as a footnote in the respective fleet detail page alongside current photos? The idea is to at least show wiki readers what the units had looked like prior to such a conversion while still respecting the original photo's uploader. The old photo: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=File:Santa_Monica_Municipal_Bus_Lines_2902-a.jpg The new photo: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=File:Santa_Monica_Municipal_Bus_Lines_2902b.jpg I'm curious to hear thoughts and/or official protocol (if any) on this matter. Thanks!
  4. Here's one for the Setra/Amtrak California Thruway Connection fans
  5. http://youtu.be/vL4Zrap5lXo The Zombies- Time of the Season Yesterday, my girlfriend reintroduced me to a classic I have not heard in years (mainly because this was one of several songs that one of my old neighbors had used to cover up their loud and passionate *you know what I'm talking about*)
  6. Wow, fantastic! I'm a bit anemic, so I'm only healthy enough to be able to give twice a year. It'll take me quite a long time
  7. I snagged a pic a few days ago at El Monte Station's lower level. Now I'm glad I did.
  8. I have photos of the ElDorado Arrivo in service for USC. At first, I thought this was just a redesigned Transmark RE/XHF with the new BRT ends incorporated. I think the front end and window designs can use a bit of work.
  9. I have photos of the ElDorado Arrivo in service for USC. At first, I thought this was just a redesigned Transmark RE/XHF with the new BRT ends incorporated. I think the front end and window designs can use a bit of work.
  10. This happened a few nights ago. Visiting my girlfriend's house, she invites me to just watch Netflix with her for a while. Her parents are home as well, and about an hour later I have to use the restroom. For whatever reason, the hallway bathroom door is slightly opened and the bathroom light was off, so I assume it's vacant. I open the door and walk in on my girlfriend's mom using the toilet. Never before have I ever wanted to run out of a house in my life. Her dad comes out of the master room which is right next to the hallway bathroom and asks what's going on. He finds out and jokingly (I think) calls me a pervert. It took a while for my girlfriend (who was laughing the whole time) to convince me not to grovel and run out in embarrassment. Needless to say, I still spent a good deal of time (to my girlfriend's chagrin) apologizing. I have a good relationship with her parents (I still think), even before me and their daughter started dating, so I don't think too much damage was done. But note to self: knock first when in someone else's home, even if the door is slightly open and the light is off.
  11. That feeling you get when you didn't study for a crucial exam, obviously bs half of your answers, and STILL earn 92% on an exam. It seems karma is finally cutting me a break. Now imagine if I could have been bothered to actually study...
  12. I wish my friends who are girls would just tell me if they actually want advice or someone to vent to. It's getting real tiresome trying to determine which is which. I DO have a life of my own and my own crap to deal with. Plus, it's not like I have anyone to personally vent to without someone thinking that I can't handle my own problems, and there's only so much I can talk about with my therapist in a one hour once a month session. And it's in bad taste to ask me for advice on what to do when you tell me you cheated on your boyfriend with your neighbor, only to ignore everything I said and do the opposite, tell me you did the opposite the next day, and flood my Instagram feed with "cute" screenshots of you and your boyfriend on Skype. It's in especially bad taste when I previously/explicitly told you my last breakup was due to my girlfriend cheating, and that you only know after you wouldn't stop pestering me for details. This is why I don't want another relationship for a while.
  13. George L.

    BYD "E-Bus"

    I wish I could say that I didn't see this coming, but I'd be lying. This whole thing with BYD has been a political mess from the start. Between this and some customers having issues with Proterra units, it's hard to make electric buses feasible and worth the effort. It looks like the only salvation for BYD is that they don't screw up with LA Metro, the LADOT trial goes well, and LBT again awards the contract to BYD.
  14. Well, there is a reason we call the mother cat Ninja We were scared she might eat or abandon the babies, but she seems to be doing relatively well. For now. Anyways, all is well at the moment, until in the next few weeks when my wallet will take a huge hit like I did when I took in another kitten last summer. I better prepare to start eating off of the McD's dollar menu...
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