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  1. That area of MTL is very bad for leaking water from major pipes from what I understand. There is probably major leakage in that area so they are concerned for the safety of the tunnel. I think the ground might be very unstable in that area due to all the underground water, which can cause severe erosion, the earth can move/shift, which can cause structural damage to buildings and of course what else THE METRO both tunnel and stations. The worst case scenerio being a giant SINK hole opening up. The ground specifically around Beaudry metro in moving quite a bit which caused the destruction of the building on the NE side of Beaudry metro station. This building essentially started shifting causing it to crack, bend, and finally be supported by giant steel beams, and now finally i believe its been demolished?? Or at least half of it. I think they saved the part that was seperated. On streetview half has been demolished. They're going to have to find a permanent solution to reinforce this tunnel and this part of the network. Essentially Berri to Frontenac is bad, and half way to Prefontaine IE the old tunnel. Berri itself should be ok since most of the station was built cut and cover. Only problem being Yellow line.
  2. It was great meeting you Dave! Hope you had fun in Montreal! You were here so long (only over a week) that u saw both 27 degrees (31 humidex reading) on charter weekend to SNOW at plus 1-2 one week later! LOL. Gotta love eastern Canada huh lol. And since you left it's now summer again thankfully.
  3. Ya well done SMS! I still like them anyway especially under the circumstances. FYI everyone, the rear shot was actually the dead on correct Moon angle (I'm not kidding BTW.)
  4. Hopefully the STM will plan this route properly.
  5. The maps shows the BRT up to De La Concorde boul. and what will soon be downgraded to route 125 probably from autoroute 25 on this axis BUT this is not where the BRT is to end. The media said it will end at the 440 where they will build a Terminus and massive park & Ride. Also the number 505 will probably not be used, as the photo illustrates, instead simply SRB Pie-IX, IE the Pie-IX BRT. Numbers aren't important once u change something from a normal bus route to a new form of a rapid transit line. In this case a new Bus Rapid Transit line called the Pie-IX BRT line. But we'll see. Also SMS is probably right that it will be controlled by the AMT but probably STM drivers and buses will obviously be used. Just like the AMT 90 in the RTL's case. Here's a few links for you: Bigger illustrations of what it will look like: http://www.mtq.gouv.qc.ca/portal/page/port...t_voies_res.pdf Schematics of it: http://www.mtq.gouv.qc.ca/portal/page/port..._intersectn.pdf And finally the official communique from the MTQ: http://www.mtq.gouv.qc.ca/portal/page/port...onjoint0912.pdf
  6. David D.


    This is actually a great idea! They're saying they will be the first in the world to do this? Nobody had thought of this before?
  7. UPDATE!: The Terminus is complete and ready to go! Everything is complete except the Stop sign on Newman hasnt been put into place yet but the stop lines and crosswalk lines have all been painted. All the bus stop flags on Lafleur have been changed to reflect the change. Cover up signs have been placed at ML terminus with maps of the new Terminus on them. In the Terminus itself everything is complete, all the shelters are up, all the flags (except the 112, which has a cover up sign, every other flag is proper). All the traffic signs and lines are all there. Including the bus layover parking lines. All the lights in the Terminus are on. They are high pressure small sodium lights that were already there from the pre-existing parking lot so they went cheap on that, however it does the job well.
  8. UPDATE!: Concrete has been layed the past few days for all of the bus shelters. So far only one bus shelter is fully up, its the Blue CBS one's and it has something on the roof! Possibly a vent! Also Ashphalt is being laid around the terminus
  9. Ya Cool video, i have to say i SL sucks! This guy's shift covered so much territory from FV to SM!!! Plus that god awefull long supper break. Really a crappy schedule, much better would be to start at 18h or 19h and finish around 2-3ham.
  10. There seems to be a mistake somewhere because the name of the terminus is different yet again from the Planibus' given name. Also the map might be wrong too because there's supposed to be an entrance on Airlie st as well.
  11. David D.

    Night buses

    If u mean during a time change.... the Answer is NOTHING, service remains the same. During daylight savings time when the time is moved forward an hour is lost but nothing changes obviously. At 2am the time becomes 3am therefore ur getting the 3am bus instead of the 2am bus that's all. In the fall when the clock is moved back an hour and an hour at 2am is then GAINED there at 2am it becomes 1am AGAIN, so basically it means the drivers of the night routes simply have to drive for an extra hour. So kind of like an hour of overtime.
  12. David D.

    Night buses

    Here's whats funny, this adds yet another min or two to the route! Which the STM noticed! And reflected in the new schedule which i HATE BTW because its not as simple as the old one. Now it keeps adding time to the next hour.
  13. Looking forward to this major change for transit in Lasalle, the most major since Monette-Lafleur itself was built! The new terminus will be at the NorthEast corner of the intersection of Airlie/Newman. So far it looks like two entrances on Newman and one on Airlie itself. I drove in the terminus last night, so far the dirt/gravel has been compacted down in preparation for the ashfaulting. There are Pre-existing Benches/Garbages/Streetlights from the previous parking lot. What is known for sure is that Yes there will be a stop sign on Newman for at least one of the entrances (or exit, depending on if its ONE WAY or not) to be put into effect on August 28, and that the Terminus itself will be in the shape of a TRIANGLE which is sort of interesting. Also that according to the planibus's the OFFICIAL new name of the Terminus is TERMINUS NEWMAN-AIRLIE. Here is an old article on the subject from the Lasalle Messenger (bear in mind its not the best of articles) Also back in june they were calling it Newman-Lafleur... prolly just totally made up by the lasalle messenger, that wouldn't surprise me. http://www.messagerlasalle.com/article-347...r-terminal.html
  14. 14-039 is doing the 106 WB right now at 23h35 on Aug 6, 2009.
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