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  1. Any updates on the battery electric buses' performance? Have they found any to be particularly advantageous? I certainly have guesses on their thoughts but I think MUNI and KC Metro are the only two agencies that seem to be doing head to head comparisons.
  2. Just wait and see... As for the electric buses, I know there were delays on electric charging infrastructure at Kalihi - have the rest of the chargers been installed and are they all working? Gotta imagine that they have some diesel buses on order as well - the 300-series bus I rode last week (321 on the 81 Express) was in better shape than some of the 500-series buses I was on. That being said, hard to believe, but the 200-series buses are now actually in the ripe age to perform mid-life rehabs. And those 2004 NFI 60-foot buses need to be sent to pasture - they are the most rickety and rattley things that are on the road.
  3. Any updates related to the emergency service reduction that might be going into effect? Heard that the sign up is complete and they are just waiting for the effective date. Sad times for TheBus - with the amount of federal monies being given to transit agencies it's a mystery why operations needs to be cut.
  4. This is common among agencies to reduce glare on the windshield. Nice to see them trying some different things - with the seats being blue that lighting looks pretty nice!
  5. Funny that the selection literally is New Flyer vs. New Flyer (AD) vs. New Flyer (MCI). Hope that Gillig rep has some game, or they could get left in the dust with ACT. Does anyone know, how has ACT's experiences with both Gillig and New Flyer been? Seems like they are sticking to their original plan (Gillig 40' (outside of the green buses); New Flyer everything else). Seeing as they don't really spec anything too special with any of their buses (hill holder, electronic dashboard, vapor controls, etc.) I can't imagine that there are any specific features that operators would particularly love one over the other.
  6. If I was a betting man, I would guess that the white one that was replaced when CCW refurbished the bus either was damaged or failed, and what they had on hand were amber ones from either retired buses or backstock that was on hand when orange LED signs were the current option. Again, just a guess.
  7. Would seem like they are going to run out of fleet numbers if they go with this convention. That would leave a maximum of 99 vehicles in each length... I could see if they went with 4001 designating 40 foot buses, 3001 designating a 35 foot bus, 2001 designating a 29 foot bus, and 6001 designation a 60 foot articulated bus. I suppose the short buses won't ever exceed 99 vehicles, but it seems like an odd way to go given the possibility that they are starting this convention now. Since we are on the subject, I honestly thought that the 800 series articulated buses were going to drop the 8 once buses 70-99 were retired...
  8. What happened to frameless windows?
  9. I believe many of them are still on property, but not being run at all.
  10. The windows were the dead giveaway. Certainly a good effort on TriMet's part to keep the branding consistent.
  11. Hopefully they get some of the cool features that are found on Sound Transit...
  12. Looks like they had a big unveiling event: TriMet unveils new look coming with better bus service in the Division Street corridor - TriMet News Not seeing any camera hardware on the sides of the bus - I imagine they must exist somehow, somewhere. Bus looks good - might be the first NA agency to use the 80%/20% front door setup - TriMet will call this a "visibility" improvement.
  13. I'd tend to agree with this - they were the launch customer and its impact is still felt to this day with LF technology. The Flxible Metro was a workhorse for sure, but I am certainly glad they have moved on. The retirement of those buses meant that TriMet became (finally) 100% air conditioned.
  14. Now they need to repaint the 3800-series New Flyer battery electric buses to match the current livery of the rest of the fleet. I do like the prominent "stamped" decals on these new buses and hope they choose consistency on these vehicles over the coming months and years.
  15. Guess it makes sense that the "CAUTION" with the arrows is just a sign code when the ramp is deployed - and that with the new color LED signs that it's possible the code for that particular sign when the ramp is deployed is different on these new buses. Pretty nifty stuff.
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