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  1. The pandemic has a lot of agencies rethinking the optics of plastic or vinyl vs. fabric. I'll take padded vinyl over the hard plastic any day, but that plastic seat salesman is seemingly doing a pretty good job.
  2. Weren't 137 and 141 previously the "Silver Bullets"? I thought that entire series was retired early? Those were Kalihi buses from what I remember. And it is certainly possible that artics were moved around with the last of the 890's arriving. Which I have to say are pretty nice artics. My understanding is that the 30's have seats above the curbside wheelwell similar to the Nova's. I also heard that those buses are particularly nice from a driver friend. They've hit a sweet spot in my opinion on specs for both Gillig and New Flyer - some of the nicest buses in the country off the factory l
  3. With the new scheduling it appears that PC is covering some of the Route 1 trips. Super interesting to see PC drivers make sense of Kalihi's runs...
  4. Honestly I think it indicates a lack of current charging capability along with the inability to furnish the vehicles in the timeframe that replacement buses are required. 100-116 are 2002 (?) buses and will hit their 20 year mark next year - considering they retired 132-141 (the "silver bullets") years ago tells you that these buses are more than ready to be sent to pasture (or recycle). In a typical agency, the mid-life rehab of buses occurs around the 6-7 year mark - these were repainted in at least year 12 of their lives. TheBus has a big issue with the 300's being a 65 bus fleet, the 800's
  5. Hate to be that guy or open the can of worms, but are there any opinions related to these three options? I'd be excited to see the ECR Rapid return, but that's all that generally impacts my life
  6. Still coming - I believe the first bus in the order comes later this year with the rest to come in 2022. Exciting times for Portland - diversifying the fleet just when the D40LF's are being retired. They are calling the Desert Rose a "mid-life" rehab, which implies that TriMet will have a D60LF in their fleet for years to come. Maybe they will try to source additional units if this test goes well!
  7. Has anyone heard if TheBus is anticipating purchasing "off the shelf" driver barriers for their buses? I was in town over the past few days and was shocked to see that the shower curtain (looks like a COVID curtain to me...) is still being used. Are there plans to replace these? Is the other barrier (one with the door knob on the outside) an actual purchased solution or is that something that was engineered in house? I often forget that TheBus thrives using rubber bands...it's just surprising to see that after a year of the pandemic this is the best they have been able to do. Also, with t
  8. The 22, 500, and 522 are run with all 60-foot articulated buses (outside of extra service assistance - which often comes in 1000-series Gilligs). I have seen on rare occasion a 60-foot bus on the 23 (usually on Sundays). Reports were that the articulated buses would jackknife at turnaround stop at Lockheed Martin so the implementation of articulated buses lasted a day or so of the introduction of the 523. Also of note, it appears the majority of the 4300's and 8300's have permanent driver security barriers installed on them - these are similar to those in LACMTA buses where the top panel
  9. That is correct - 4301 is the only non-blue 4300 in the fleet. It is my least favorite due to the wrap obstructing the view out of the bus, which would make me very excited to see the wrap removed.
  10. The wrap of 4301 covers the sides of the bus, which still retains the maroon and blue stripes reminiscent of the 4400's. The evidence is at the rear of the bus where the stripes are visible. Obviously the front of the bus was wrapped with the new logo, and as a 4300 series bus this vehicle sees most of its action on the 522 despite its white livery.
  11. American heavy duty transit bus manufacturers are scrambling to catch up to European and Asian scale of electric bus manufacturing. After visiting The Netherlands I would say it is clear that they continue to raise the bar of what transit could and probably should look like in many cities around the world. Because of Buy America requirements here any international bus purchases would not receive federal funding, which funds the majority of bus procurement here in the states. From what I have seen there have not been any real success stories with that approach (thinking AC Transit in Oakla
  12. Yeah this seems to be a nationwide issue - the technology just isn't where it needs to be in terms of mass producing, and when transit agencies are hesitant to go with the electric only manufacturers (which I am glad that TheBus has been) it leaves Gillig and New Flyer scrambling to make electric buses en masse, which can lead to technical failures and other quality lapses. My best guess is that any delay gets blamed on COVID, or they can take the TriMet approach and look at CCW electrification mid-life (also not a huge fan of). Have there been any confirmed 2021 orders? With the 800's re
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed previously, but what is the destination sign convention for SFMTA buses? Is it the yellow route number and orange destination text on the front headsign with the orange side destination signs? I feel like I have seen a number of different styles, including all orange front signs and yellow side destination signs. I know there was a lot of refurbishment talk that was going on, and was curious if they intend to stick with a single sign manufacturer/convention. Thanks!
  14. Hmm, that wrap will take some getting used to...
  15. Any clues on what the livery will look like or how many will be in this order? Is this new livery just for the electric buses or is it a new paint scheme for all future bus deliveries? Wow so no service to Ilikai, Prince Waikiki, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hale Koa, or Beachwalk hotels like Trump Tower and Halekulani? This seems like it must be a temporary change for the Tourist Express (Route 8)...
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