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  1. Traffic related delays are the only things affecting service.
  2. That's the only one left.
  3. My GF has driven 310 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Her back is taking a beating from it. The sooner the high floor buses are gone the better.
  4. The only bus that uses that stop now is the 32. It's already in effect. The routes that used to use that stop now observe a stop on Osborne at York instead.
  5. Funny. It makes me quite happy!
  6. The one I saw a few months back at Flyer was done in standard Winnipeg Transit white with black so any RT service will likely be rush hour. I can think of other daytime routes that could used them more.
  7. 312 and 329 are definitely retired (replaced by 800's). No driver will miss them.
  8. There was a Winnipeg scheme (black on white) D60LF in the New Flyer lot (west side) when I drove a 49 past there a few weeks ago.
  9. Roof has some great leaks and the ventilation sucks. Floor doesn't drain properly in many areas. Structure is fine.
  10. Those were GMC's (fishbowls) from Calgary. We had 10. They were retired in 1999. The rear seating was called horseshoe. Seat cushions were blue.
  11. Started using ELF buses, so before we had any D30LF buses. 101 and 102 were started first. 109 was a failed experiment, replace with the semi-old 91 and then the 109 when the loads slacked off. Briefly there was a DART in Westood, cancelled sure to resident complaints. Year, '87?
  12. Depends on the route! Cheque day can be pretty brutal (welfare, pension, family cheque, GST).
  13. Google is your friend. http://www.beaverbus.com/selkirkservice.htm
  14. Looks like they were close to being finished that today. Nice barrier put up between the lanes in the station as well today.
  15. Those buses were 30-35 years old when I started on the job, having had complete rebuilds once. Very solid buses bit their time was long past.
  16. 34 buses for the price of 30. Good deal for a bunch of crap, eh? Don't forget we did still have a decent fleet of fishbowls at the time and a lot of the parts were interchangeable.
  17. The driver's seat I'm talking about. Much too long ago to remember the brands. All air ride of course. One of them the driver would dial their weight in to get the proper ride from the seat. Can't remember if it worked well or not. Very rare that more than one of the three buses would be on the road at a time. All sorts of mechanical issues with those buses back them.
  18. All 3 were rebuilt at some point. They apparently debated retrofitting the newer heating system but didn't do it. Terrible buses on extreme cold days. All 3 had different seats originally to see which was better. They scrapped all 3.
  19. "Test Bus" is how the buses are signed up when our mechanics are test driving buses. It's not testing a run.
  20. The second storage facility at FRG won't be completeled until 2013 some time. Won't see any artics until that point.
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