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  1. It was hanging around Spring Gardens this past Wednesday. Should have taken a picture but was driving.
  2. The land that that loop sat on was sold may years ago. There is two house that now sits on that location.
  3. PLC is not a Trauma Hospital. PLC is for minor emergencies only.
  4. Just a heads up! You will see Xcelsior bus parked in-front of every Co-op (with the exception of Downtown) this Saturday November 16th for the annual Stuff A Bus for the Calgary Food Bank. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/stuff-bus-help-calgarians-need https://www.calgaryfoodbank.com/stuffabus/
  5. This is the website for the company that there using for the fare system. http://www.masabi.com/justride-app/ Interesting who is on the list of "Customers"
  6. Yes the route 24 was busier due to the 75 being discontinued. I was driving it. People are not happy about it especially when I stopped at time points. The big one was the time point at The Bay sitting there for 7 minutes.
  7. Saw that bus at the "Hitch Shop" on 42 Avenue when i was going back to the garage. It was face first in one of the shop doors about 1/3 of the way in. Just fit in there bays height wise too.
  8. Was driving Southbound on Deerfoot Trail and there was about 20 Novabus and 7600 series New Flyers heading North from Spring Gardens to Stoney Trail Garage. About an hour ago (14:45ish) If i wasn't driving i would have taken a picture.
  9. One word "SAFETY" They don want drivers climbing to open the front roof vent and potentially falling and getting hurt. As for the back one I'm not sure why that one cant be opened!
  10. Unit 7921 involved in a major accident with a pickup truck and the Monarch Condo building near the McKenzie Towne Terminal. Several fire units involved.
  11. Okay thanks. Ya it has zero markings on it except that fleet number not even the CT logo that lets them use the Bus Lanes.
  12. Pretty sure i saw a all white Handi Bus with fleet number 6370 while I was driving the 3 south on Centre Street up in Beddington.
  13. 1865 was doing the route 35 during rush hour at least
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