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  1. Hey all, as you have probably realized with these 35 Smeal Engines entering/in-service all of the 98's/00's and probably most, if not all the 04's Engines will be retired from service. That means the 04's (if not retired) 06's/08's and possiably some 2010's will become Spare Engines. With this of course the 2010 Rosenbauer's are also being moved around the city. So I am asking you to help me tract these Engines and if possible, help me update the CFD Apparatus roster on firewiki: http://fire.wikia.com/wiki/Calgary_Fire_Department In particular I am looking for fleet numbers on Engines: 15,25
  2. Some Apparatus movements to tell you about.. 23 Highrise has moved to Station 5 32 Rescue moved down to Station 12 12 Aerial went to Station 23 FRP2 relocated to Station 10 27 Engine is in 31 Station The new CFD Headquarters is operational And there should be a few more changes come soon.. like an Aerial to Station 32!!!!
  3. I was at the CFD shops recently taking pictures and I was told CFD has put an add on order for 10 more Smeal Engines. 5 of the 16 original Engines ordered are at the CFD maintenance facility waiting to be put in service. The new Hazmat's should start arriving in the city in the spring time I think?
  4. Here is the new MRU 1. The fleet number on it is MR0216 - there is another one sitting at the shops right now
  5. Beautiful Shots!! I especially love the one of Engine 48
  6. CFD apparently didn't have much of a choice.. all city business units are to change to this colour scheme, or at least something very similar to it
  7. This is a look at the first of the 16 new Smeal Engines.. The new Engines come with a 2 stage 7,070 Litre per minute pump (about 1,500 imperial gallons per minute), Booster tank is 2500 Litres or 550 Imperial Gallons, Smeal SG09 anti-idle auxiliary power unit, fold-down arrow board, 2 exterior light up water level gages, lock-in levers on the pump panel, fold down ladder rack, CAFS, and a deck gun... which is not mounted yet because they are on back order (the deck gun is mounted on the rear drivers side just like the 2010 Rosenbauers) Also the rear hose load looks like it will change a bit..
  8. That is one of two new roll off "Pod" trucks for the CFD. I believe there are 4 "Pods" in total, all are for Hazmat.
  9. 25 Bronto was on scene and operating at the 3rd Alarm in downtown this afternoon
  10. I have only seen at Station #25, I've heard it on the air a few times - #25 Tender cross staffs it. I do believe it is just a stand-by/special event truck for the CFD right now
  11. I love the pictures BTC-3122-D800-10240!!!!! Thank you for sharing. I wonder why CFD crews were using the Bush Buggy and not there regular boat tow..
  12. Apparatus that I was able to shoot this weekend while in Calgary.. Some of these pics are of Apparatus in the Flood Zone units:: Quint #39, Boat Tow/Jet Boat #39, Heavy Rescue #9 & Engine #32 Air-Light/Support #7, Spare Aerial #1 and High-Rise #23... all Pictures are are from my Iphone 4s, sorry for any quality issues!!
  13. Station #40 has been fully operational for a few weeks, just waiting on the grand opening.... This Station is at 12920 Symons Valley Road N.W P.S, CFD is pretty far behind in up-dating there website P.P.S, hopefully CFD will move Tender #35 to this Station and maybe even add an AHS medic
  14. Don't quote me 100%, but I believe they actual Bronto Arm assembly failed. No one got hurt or anything. But you could not extent they arm up or out. I do know that the Bronto Skylift has been plagued with electrical problems since the Calgary Fire Department has had it. The truck even caught fire once when it was being towed away tot the maintenance shop!!!
  15. Yes, the Bronto is back!!! I haven't seen it around nor has anyone said anything until now. I would think everyone has to get used to and or re-trained on the truck, as it has been gone for far to long. At least now CFD has another Aerial in the fleet. It should be interesting to see where the 100' Smeal platform goes to now
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