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  1. Man, just about time to stick a fork in her, she's done
  2. Sadly Enviro 500 is not correct. Ever notice posts being deleted without a word?
  3. Here's my very first pic from 2017, CNR 3083 leading 2295 mid-train, westbound
  4. Last yellow aerial now missing from Westwood disposal Last yellow ATP/Bush Buggy 812 and last yellow rescue 712 at Westwood disposal Spotted D21 as a B&W SUV. Replaces D21 the 2nd B&W Crown Vic. So about 250 units in 5 years... The Paterson Compound where all new deliveries of EPS units is now empty. Wonder if the Coronet shops are gonzo too? Possible new EPS deliveries are now going to that new location just off Belvedere station?
  5. Not a problem, too bad that is all I have left of my old Seattle pix. Glad you enjoyed them, too bad the source material is over 40 years old (July/August 1976) I'm gonna play with the last one a lot more, tried to kill the yellow tinge (like the space needle pix) and it's way too bright right now. Have a GReat 2017!
  6. Found a few of my old antique shots from Seattle in 1976, a pocket Argus 116, scans are from the actual photo, so quality is well... First off the shot from the Space Needle, bet I can't recognize anything from that view today My first ACF trolley coach, excuse the angle An Old Look, the old downtown with another trolley coach
  7. cool, free transportation. How many amps on that puppy, mine is getting old, too old...
  8. Indeed, Ugh!!! What? I dunno? Maybe he prefers the lovely smokey dirty noisy polluting visuals/sounds/odours from those diesel units they are running?
  9. Well, maybe you do, depends on where you are taking them, public property or private property
  10. That old AMG sure brought back some memories for me, they were the first bus I saw on my trip out there. Up in the space needle I saw an outdoor storage yard with lots of red busses, can't recall the name, but saw old looks as well as and ACF Trolley.
  11. Suspect it could be part of a reverse translation program into english
  12. It says 98% of the voters were in favour How many eligible voters/members are there?
  13. It's good that they ask the current riders, but I've always wondered why they can't somehow find a way to ask those not using a service, "why not?" "what will it take to get your backside on transit"
  14. Gotta agree with you, just doesn't look right
  15. Gotta admit, you're on top of Saskatoon Transit. Heard the new garage is open in January, how is the transit access there, can't be as good as the old shops