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  1. They should have a spare at every major loop for any depot just in case. As for distance, BTC isn't really that far from phibbs, but I would assume this would be just in case the bridge gets messed up and a bus needs to be changed. When I drove out of NVTC, it was common to get a bus change every time I had a BO bus even for a farebox issue.
  2. The HVAC in the XN40s is much quieter in my opinion, probably has to do with the fact that the main unit is at the back and not directly behind the drivers area. I do agree with the struggles in temperature though. It would be nice if we could set a temperature ourselves for the system to maintain. I do believe that is an option on the Xcelsiors in general.
  3. Article also says "105 new diesel-hybrid buses, 25 gasoline vehicles and equipment upgrades on 99 older buses.". The media doesn't always get things correct, so I'm not sure if this was a media mistake or Translink is deciding to go with hybrids instead of CNG as the RFP requested CNG for 40 footers. And the artic's were requested to be just diesel so only time will tell what exactly will be ordered. The obvious manufacturer would be New Flyer as they have XE40s XDE40/60s and XD60s so they could get everything from one manufacturer. The 25 gas vehicles are shuttles I'm going to guess so probably similar to the units we are getting now.
  4. S7312 S7351 B8042 B8033 are sitting at HTC near the west end of the yard. Haven't been at the depot since Wednesday last week so I'm not sure when they showed up or what the status could be. They are away from the deactivated buses.
  5. Agreed. Even less chance of me getting Nova's lol. It seems they aren't being replaced with anything at the moment so that leads me to believe the buses in storage could most likely run out of HTC.
  6. 40 footers aren't unusual on the 96. A D40LF on the C9 is very odd though, are you sure it didn't just drop off and/or have a short layover in that bay?
  7. Honestly, HTC should send the hybrids to VTC and take the diesels in return. My reason being that VTC has mostly flat and more frequent stop and go on thier routes, but HTC has mainly hilly routes with not so much of the stop and go outside of peak hours as well as the 410 on the highway which the hybrids can handle just fine, but a deisel would be better.
  8. Most likely a transfer. As far as I know, the 22 is only served by VTC.
  9. Spotted S7451 pulling into Lougheed at about 0700 coming off the 555. It wasn't logged into tcomm for a shift today so I'm going to assume it was a standby from STC that was asked to cover a run that poco couldn't fill or a breakdown needing to be covered.
  10. Spotted 8033 being towed westbound Marine drive about 30 minutes ago. Last saw service on March 31st so not sure if it's a retirement or something else.
  11. Aren't they actually stored inside for the most part?
  12. Odd, it's listed as a stop on tcomm for all buses on the run, but not on Translinks schedules. Not even the one valid April 24. It's possible that it will become a stop eventually and is coded into the trips, but not publicly displayed yet. I'm guessing there is a glitch in the system that it's somehow showing in the data that tcomm gets from Translink.
  13. 3101 looks to be an LFS. This is a screenshot of a webcam on Capilano Road SB at about the time it should have been there on its SB 236 trip.
  14. Not sure what exactly will replace the fareboxes. With the compass project, the intention has been to remove fareboxes and cash transactions from buses all together. But it would be interesting to see fareboxes on the bus that will accept cash and I would assume they will definitely dispense compass tickets at this point.
  15. I'm all for the barriers. The main thing I'm looking forward to with them is people staying out of my bubble and not shoving the address they need to get to in my face while I'm driving. But on a serious note, the addedd security will be nice. However, not all of us are on the same page. The nice thing about the barriers chosen is that part of the plexiglass glass can slide back to give a more open feeling while still providing security. It will also have a cupholder which I hear is in a good location and a big improvement on the current Xcelsior cupholder.