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  1. I can somewhat confirm this information for September. I say somewhat because the sheets are just drafts at this point and will be final in a week or two. Signup starts in about 4 weeks for September. The 49 is confirmed to be going back to RTC, in its entirety, and it would only make sense that the artic's follow. I think this could mean RTC will operate it on weekends as well. There aren't enough artic's that I know of to add them to routes that don't currently use them. Unless they have some in storage that we are not aware of. Also, VTC needs the space for other routes to have increased service, more below. 84 and 25 is getting some service increases so they need space for more 40 footers which is why the 49 needs to move back to RTC with the artics. The 100 is showing on the draft block reports for HTC and is not planned to go back to VTC and I don't think it will at this point, even with the electric bus trials coming in. Many reasons for this such as relief at 22nd, interlining at 22nd and then increased service WB from Knight in the AM and EB to Knight in the PM which would be more complicated from VTC. I haven't seen any 340s on the draft sheets for HTC, but that doesn't mean it won't transfer. I've been hearing rumours of this from HTC and STC so it's a good possibility. And it just makes sense, it would make 22nd completely HTC aside from the 388 which doesn't get relived there at all. The301 was also rumoured to be transferring to RTC, I haven't seen anything much on that however. The 134/136 are being considered for transfer to PTC, but not at this point. Likely sometime next year. The 410 is staying at HTC as it is for September and not leaving any time soon. The 410 being split at Brighouse is most likely happening in January from what I've heard. The 106 split at Edmonds is happening in January from what I've heard as well. Part of the new loop at Metrotown will be operational for the September sheet as far as I know.
  2. Apparently they were sold out by this afternoon. Kevin Desmond mentioned they were quickly selling out during his message at the board meeting today and that they probably wouldn't last the day. They sold over 10,000 on Thursday alone.
  3. There is nothing directly confirming that the next batch of buses will include highway buses. As per the minutes from the board meeting today, double deckers are being considered to replace the Orions. Until the trial is over, I don't believe any orders will be replacing the Orions. Also per the minutes, the RFP is in the final process of being awarded for 94 40' and 52 60'. Included with this RFP will be an additional 105 buses (94 40' and 11 60') for fleet expansion. This is a total of 146 beginning to arrive early 2018 I believe, with the 105 additional arriving late 2018/early 2019. The latter 105 will be hybrid so deffinetly not for the highway. The 146 arriving first were called to be CNG for the 40' and deisel for the 60'. I don't believe CNG would be ideal for the highway.
  4. From the minutes of the board meeting today. The RFP's for this order, I'm guessing, for 94 40' and 52 60' are in the final stages of being awarded. Also funding has been approved for an additional 105 buses (94 40' and 11 60') to be with the RFP. These are expansion buses and will all be hybrid. I would assume that these expansion buses will replace the "retired" buses being put back into service in September on top of adding more to the system. On a somewhat related note, CNG expansion at STC will be completed for September so we could see some CNG buses out of STC by then, nothing confirmed, just a reasonable guess.
  5. The board notes mentioned there will be two of them. Curious if both them will be on the 555 or one of them at RTC.
  6. The on street loop will be partially open for the September sheet, but I wouldn't expect any artic's on the 430s any time soon. I think higher frequency would benefit the 430 over artics in my opinion.
  7. What it comes down to is how the bus is programmed to work. They have them set for the best economy possible to save the most money. The Xcelsiors also have the ZF Eco Life which is one of the most economical transmissions they can get, it's meant to save money.
  8. I will confirm that the 214 will remain CMBC conventional. Where is it confirmed that WVT is getting hybrids? If that is the case then CMBC will be getting more hybrids since West Van gets thier buses from CMBC orders.
  9. What's your source for June 21st? I only ask because an internal memo says June 30th.
  10. Along with 15001 there were some XNs from HTC and a few LFSs from BTC. 15001 is out on the 96 today and was before being used as a SkyTrain special. I'm guessing it got out there by bringing a load of people from Surrey when the delays started and they just kept it.
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to going to the open house on the 22nd at city hall. What I'm most curious about is who will operate it. Will it be a new subsidiary, BCRTC, city of Surrey under contract or CMBC. I mention CMBC as it's not unusual in many city's with LRT for bus operators to also operate the LRT. I'd love the opportunity to be an LRT operator without having to change jobs.
  12. S15001 is a SkyTrain special. Just left Edmonds a minute ago. Wanted to add this. 15001 was pulled off the 96 and the GPS is still reporting so you can track where it is. Also, the is a crew working on the tracks above the power station on Stewardson way across from the Petro Can.
  13. 1. I think they may be looking at all door baording for various routes or at least at terminus's that are loops. This may just be wishful thinking on my part though as they have removed the rear compass readers on most of the 16000's, but that could be a result of extra buses being on the road with the service increases. 2. They are currently looking at doing an overhaul of the fare structure such as distance based fares that could do exactly this. 3. This is a neat idea, maybe limited use passes for a discount such as 3 trips per pass or it will last 3 days after first tap. 4. BC Transit joining compass would mean upgrading thier equipment on all buses in surrounding areas such as Victoria, Nanaimo, Squamish, Whistler, Abbotsford and Chilliwack. However, if they were to consider this, I could see a limited rollout to test this on the following routes: Victoria ferry bus, Squamish connector to Lower Mainland if/when it happens if Translink doesn't run it and the FVX. I believe there has been talk of BC Ferries adding the ability to use compass. 5. Translink is already looking into doing this. The system is fully capable of this, just a matter of activating it which would be quite simple from my understanding of it. 6. I doubt this would ever happen unless ridership goes down a huge amount which is unlikely. Although this could be useful to get people to use new service if it isn't doing well. 7. Translink is already looking into this. The system is fully capable of this, just a matter of activating it with payment processing. 8. Going to a cashless system has always been the intention of compass. It's just a matter of time. One thing I would like to add as a wish which I know is a possibility of the system is to use your compass card to make regular purchases with your balance such as McDonald's etc. They do it in Hong Kong I believe, they can use thier transit card to buy almost anything.
  14. Some are governed to 100kph, the D40LFRs are for sure and the 7400 D40LFs are as well I believe and most of the Nova's. The Orions are not governed at all and some of them ride and drive so smooth that it's easy to go over 120kph without realizing it, more so when traffic is going that speed. Easier to notice when your alone on the highway though. Yes, the trolleys are governed to 65kph due to the overhead speed restrictions. Sometimes we can a little more speed by double tapping the accelerator at full speed. Trolley's can go over 100km/h easily if they are set to.
  15. Like maege mentioned, those 112 trips are when SkyTrain is not operating. The trip starting at Boundary has probably been the same for a long time as it would enter service the same way from BTC. The trip that loops around Patterson Stn meets with the N19 Metrotown at EB Kingsway @ Wilson Ave and takes those passengers further east while the N19 bus goes NIS back downtown for another trip. That 112 trip used to become an N19 to Surrey at New West, but I think it's changed. Also want to add about another odd trip early AM on Saturday's. There is a 27 that starts service WB Kingsway at Boundary.