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  1. I wouldn't mind an artic on the 100, needs it for sure. As for the Trapp routing, maybe a new route that would serve the new River District could make the trip down there either every trip or same frequency as the 100. The route would continue the same as the 100 down Southridge, but to Marine Way then into and around the River District then back the same way. Would be a quick and easy way to serve the area even with the Trapp routing.
  2. They could also transfer a few routes to HTC to make room such as C9, weekend 134/136 and 156, possibly 169
  3. 2018/2019 Electric Bus Project

    In the video, it was mentioned that they can increase the charging speed if needed if the bus is running late. Also, the range is about 30-40km and the 100 route is 15km each way so if the bus doesn't get a full charge, it still has allot of battery left to get to the other end without issue. The XE60 was probably here just for the announcement, saw on another Facebook group a photo of an XE40 somewhere in the USA the other day being looked at by a transit agency so the 60 was all they had I'm guessing. And why not show it off, if the trial goes well, XE60's could be a possibility in the future.
  4. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Saw photos of this on Facebook. Looks like Translink may be testing out an XE60. One was spotted on a flatbed WB Marine @ Oak late last night.
  5. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Probably just a temporary transfer to fill the space for buses under maintenance. Probably not an issue if needing certain work done at STC that HTC can't do. Lately I've noticed HTC occasionally has LFR's, XDE60's, LFS's etc in the shop. If anything, HTC seems to be the "extra" depot for maintenance.
  6. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    7290 being on the 130 just doesn't make any sense. It looks like 9658 was last seen on tcomm at 1342 and 7290 did a tripper on the 410 in the AM and was out of service at 0809 then NIS back to HTC. My only guess is that BTC didn't have any extras at all and needed an HTC bus.
  7. 2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    From what I've heard, XN60's won't happen for us. While they are great buses and the XN40's are ok for our road network, the XN60's aren't ideal for all routes in our system and they would rather have buses that can be used anywhere at any time. Not every depot will be equipped with CNG either. VTC and I'm sure Silvertree will eventually be 100% electric due to Vancouver's commitment to have 100% electric vehicles by 2050 or so. BTC probably won't get CNG and any future possible North Van depot, or West Van take over (just speculation, nothing solid) will not be CNG.
  8. 2018/2019 Electric Bus Project

    Yes I believe the 4 buses were mentioned as being purchased during the last board meeting. They want to do a 2 year trial for these buses so they will be more than worth the purchase price and the cost is being spread between a few parties as far I know. Next board meeting is this week so hopefully we will find out more information soon. Wanted to add in that City of Vancouver has made a commitment to be 100% electric by 2050 I believe so these 4 buses will go through some serious testing as they could be future orders for VTC and Silvertree for diesel and trolley replacement around 2026.
  9. The 129 is best left at Patterson Stn, there is just too much traffic at metrotown. And the 129 isn't really a split, it's just a renumbering of a portion of the route. The headway is basically the same with 0-2 minute layovers at Holdom which is usually how long we need to wait at that timing point if we happen to be a bit early. My guess for this is they may be planning ahead on a future split. With that being said, the Patterson/Holdom portion should have been the 133 to better match with routes in North Burnaby in my opinion. Matches closely to the 130 and the renumbering of the C1 and C2 to 131 and 132.
  10. The Compass Project

    Several HTC buses have them, must have done a sweep last night.
  11. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    Doesn't look like this has been posted here yet, the RFP for 32 double deckers. https://service.ariba.com/Discovery.aw/ad/viewRFX?id=5255315
  12. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    They will be retired unfortunately. The XN40's are direct replacements for the D40LF's and the Nova HEV's are all expansion. Some 95/96/98 D40LF's may stick around even after all 153 XN40's are in service depending on when the Nova's start arriving. I'm sure the 2000/2001's will be safe for a few more years.
  13. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    No. The original plan, as far as I know, was for 10 of the 104 Nova HEV's for expansion to be sent to WVT, but they decided that all 104 would go to CMBC and send 10 current XD40's to WVT. The XD's will do much better in West Van than hybrids.
  14. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Last I heard officially, the 104 Nova HEV's (10 were going to go to WVT, but they decided to send 10 XD40's from RTC to them instead) were set to be expansion and all to VTC which would push most of the current Nova's elsewhere for expansion with some being for VTC expansion itself. But that was with the XN40 order being 106. Either the 153 is the full order with only 106 this year and the rest later or they switched some of the Nova's to the XN40's to make it cheaper as part of the cost is covered by the carbon tax and possibly a kickback from Fortis BC. Won't know until the orders arrive or the next board meeting in March.
  15. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Seen some photos of S18101 being looked over at the factory, nice and shiny lol. In one of the photos, the destination sign has the SR # and says 153 XN40, but only 106 were mentioned in the release and the board meeting minutes unless I've missed something. Curious if some of the Nova's got switched for XN40's. Also, since these are 181** series so 18101-18253 assuming they come in that order, Nova's and artics (if they start arriving this year) will probably be 180** and 183**.