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  1. My guess would be they shut down the power to that branch as a precaution.
  2. Just took a look and it's true. I'm going to assume the 601s will be serviced by standard buses only.
  3. I believe the list posted above is bidding opportunities for future planned projects. The Phibbs Exchange project has already been finalized, just needs to be started as far as I know.
  4. Trolley overhead has thier own facility on Skeena St near the Costco north of Grandview hwy.
  5. I think PTC has been doing trippers on the 145 for years. They also did some trippers on the 135, usually after doing a 190 or 160 into downtown.
  6. As of this morning it looks like the BC government is not willing to contribute it's full portion for this and the Surrey LRT.
  7. I believe this funding is designated by the federal government to be spent on the Millennium Line extension and Surrey LRT (or whatever method they end up building) specifically. Part of it is to stimulate the economy with jobs. Correct me if I'm wrong. UBC itself has enough density for the Skytrain to run directly there even if it would be the next stop after Arbutus. Kevin Desmond even agrees it should go all the way there, but now is not the time for that. The majority of the demand is along the Broadway corridor and the 99 could easily get to UBC from an Arbutus station in a short amount of time and frequently to pick up the slack. If they have the money, they should implement some sort of BRT for that short 99 to make it even better, but then again might not be worth it if they are going to expand the Skytrain to UBC eventually anyways.
  8. Long long time ago when I hadn't left VTC yet, 2009, there was a 17 run in front of mine on Friday nights that would frequently get booked out as an artic.
  9. Not seeing anything at a glance that would indicate scheduled trips to that location and it's not even listed as a location on the block report for the 22. My guess would be that it will be used as a designated short turn location. I think the was also mention of a rumour that the 145 was going completely to PTC which it is not. Still interlined with the 95. And our signup starts next week, but the sheet doesn't start until the end of April so I would expect it will still be a few weeks until the public informing will be available.
  10. The RFP currently just says TBA for both "awarded to" and "proposals received from". Curious why this seems to be taking so long with not much information available.
  11. Like Dennis mentioned, the full data that CMBC has at thier disposal is much more sophisticated and much more detailed. For the most part, it's all real time, but there can be delays depending on the network. Assoon as we call in from the bus, all the details are pulled up in front of the supervisor such as bus number, operator seniority, route/run etc. If we make a priority call then our bus gets highlighted on the screens. Also, they have the ability to see where every bus is on a certain linegroup, not just the actual routes they are on. For example, the 106 linegroup includes 106 110 144 430 (some trippers on other routes). Road supervisor's have access to much of the same information as does transit security and road mechanics. However, only tcomm can talk directly to the operator's on the buses. I'm sure there are much more details that I'm missing and there is a buzzer post from a while ago that talks about tcomm.
  12. Could also be there to have something installed that they want to test for future orders or add to current units. We may never know.
  13. Two things to mention, one I know will probably explode in discussion. There is a new RFP for bus exchange design services for Metrotown and Nanaimo. And now for what I'm considering just a rumor and nothing more at this point. There has been the topic of the north parking lot at BTC being converted for trolley's to run out of BTC. And in the same discussion where this came up, apparently there is what looks like trolley overhead going up around Kingsway & Edmonds and the possibility of BTC handling the west part of a split up 106 with trolley's. I'm taking this with a grain of salt and probably just somebody wanted to start a rumor of something that they want and will never happen. It just doesn't make sense unless there is a hidden order for some XT40s that no one knows about or a trolley route going completely diesel in Vancouver. Even if it is just someone starting a rumor with thier dreams of trolley's in Burnaby, it's still an interesting thing to discuss.
  14. There is a picture floating around somewhere of the damage. There is damage to the windshield and body on the right side. Nothing major I don't think, but still a bit of work to do.
  15. 992 was parked on the BO tracks at HTC this morning where the active buses are parked waiting for service. Not sure if this could be an indication of it being reactivated.