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  1. I'm sure they will take the option, they would arrive faster than a new order. And the XN/XD40 order is done with the 16000s. They will have to make a new order which will take some time and that's why 2018 is the earliest the buses will be here. Hopefully the order will be all flyer, but they could do nova or part nova if flyer can't get the buses done within the time they want them.
  2. Not always noticible, but quite common. I've seen many buses with thier unit number written on various parts inside. It's more noticiable when the bus has been recently refurbished and they prefer to keep the parts with the same bus. If it hasn't been refurbished lately, two buses of the same model may have had the same parts removed and that's how they keep track of what goes to what bus. Another reason could be the part was sent to overhaul for repair while keeping the bus at its depot. No easier way to track parts than to just write where they belong lol. I'm just making an educated guess on this.
  3. Tunnel hight slipped my mind, which is 4.15 meter's. The super-lo would just barely fit.
  4. I believe that exchange will be completely rebuilt with the new bridge and it looks like the bus lanes and stops will be in the middle of the highway with pedestrian walkways to either side. As a temporary fix, they could just lower the bus lane to fit the double deckers under the Steveston Hwy overpass. Probably not to difficult to do.
  5. They've already started construction I believe. As far as I know, the construction for CNG won't take to long as they already made preparations for it when doing the upgrades. So it'll probably be done long before 2019, but the buses won't be here until then. I think they need to do a new RFP which will take some time.
  6. No. The buses go through inspections at a place nearby so they just park them at WVT so they are close. The XDs were spotted there a few times as well.
  7. I looked into this. There are 2 blocks on the 301 line for Saturday which the Orion's got booked onto and both blocks do "local" service before doing the 301 in the afternoon. For the morning, some 312 blocks do the 301. Sunday will be the same situation, but with only 1 301 block that only does 2 trips on the 301 for it's entire day. Other 301s are done by 320 blocks. Either they will keep booking out Orion's on those blocks or just book out flyers which would mean weekend 301s will no longer have any Orion service. Service optimisation at work.
  8. Just a note, there is an HTC run that does one round trip on the 130 to Kootenay Loop before going onto 106s on Saturdays.
  9. The 410 being split at Brighouse will help the most by making it a shorter route and possibly able to get more recovery at Brighouse than in steveston depending on how the headway will work. That would actually make things allot worse. The current configuration of the lanes won't allow for this to be easy and with how much the bridge gets backed up as it is, it would take buses forever to get to the bridge.
  10. The 407 goes through residential areas and passes 3 shopping hubs. Richmond centre, the new mall on alderbridge and IKEA and the transit hub at Bridgeport. Was probably just busy due to the Christmas season.
  11. The change was made a few weeks before the end of the last sheet. They didn't really need to change anything publicly, just an operational change and a minor change to our paddles for NIS. These Knight St trips, to or from, are "added" service due to the 100 transferring to HTC. The trips from Marpole to Knight St usually leave the loop a minute or two before a regular 100.
  12. They recently modified those trips to terminate at Knight St itself and the bus continues NIS along Marine Dr to HTC.
  13. I've heard that as well. I think they had originally planned for a bus loop there when building the Canada Line, but plans fell through from what I heard in 2014 when I was doing route training for RTC. The only thing they built for a bus loop in that location is a break in the median curving to southbound No 3 Rd just south of the crosswalk. Not sure how a bus loop could be configured there though.
  14. H16020 was booked out on a 106 block so that's probably one of the 430s, the other might be H16022, I saw it at HTC the other night. Also, H16019 was at 22nd St Stn this morning on a 410 Queensborough and I think that peice did C98s as well.
  15. I think the hybrids were sent to HTC for simplicity and to have a uniform fleet of Nova's instead of a mix. They didn't want the hybrids left at BTC so it was just easier to send them all to HTC and grab whatever hybrids from VTC. But if they wanted to do the switch now, they could easily over some time.