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  1. There is a new route planned between river district and marine drive stn and will travel along marine for a portion of the route. It will likely be a shuttle to start, but that may cause issues with those who need to go to river district as people along marine will likely use it unless they make it pick up only EB, WB wouldn't really matter. Or they will go straight to conventional to assist the 100.
  2. What they probably did was compare the schedules to find out which buses could share a bay without interfering to much with eachother. I've also noticed allot of 84 ops will layover in thier bay so that helps with layover space. Once the loop is completely finished I think there might be a few spots for buses to layover in the middle of the loop at least that's what the design showed.
  3. Saw this on the employee site a few weeks ago. It mentioned the test would start with 67 expansion buses at HTC. Made me think the new artics would run out of HTC for the test period.
  4. From what I've heard MTC will be its own depot so I'm not sure how that will work for trolley routes needing wireless buses either for long term or short term. There will be a 2 year gap between MTC opening and the earliest retirement time for the current trolley's and I highly doubt they would replace them before they reach 20 years of service.
  5. VTC will be the trolley depot while MTC will be the non trolley depot. I wouldn't be surprised if the 9600's at VTC get replaced with battery buses.
  6. They could also give PTC some more XN40's and send some/all C40LFR's to STC.
  7. I don't think any of the be B-Line's will launch in September. The last board meeting mentioned November at the earliest due to construction delays. The only route I know of for sure that HTC is getting in September is the 43 with only 18000 and/or 19000's. Plans could still change, but it sounds like a done deal at this point. The 340 and 130 to HTC have been talked about since it opened so who knows about those.
  8. Could have been a number of reasons. Without knowing the situation and it only being one bus my guess is either to take multiple students to the hospital instead of various ambulances, used for the injured to be in one central location for attention etc. Other uses for buses in emergencies can be shelter, blockade, transport of needed personal to an incident etc.
  9. As per the Wiki page for Alexander Dennis, they started building buses in the US in 2008 and in Canada in 2015. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Dennis
  10. Yes. Some of the D40LF's are being kept only for training.
  11. If any of the new B-Line's don't start on September 2nd, they won't enter into service until the December or January sheet. That is unless they have a separate signup for a special sheet from November to the December sheet, but I doubt it unless they really want to. They definitely will not put the current routes they are replacing on the spareboard from September to November, not enough manpower. However, regardless of when the new B-Line's come into service, any route transfers needed for said B-Line's will likely be done for the September sheet. Also, the 18000's and 19000's will be sent to the depots running these new B-Line's so the rumours of HTC, assuming the 43/41st B-Line will go to HTC, getting the DE60LFR's are false.
  12. Likely being put on thier own to prevent issues on interlined routes. Also makes me wonder if this is also in preparation for the 301 and 340 leaving STC. 301 we know is likely to be at RTC in September and the 340 has been rumored to HTC for quite some time.
  13. In emergency situations such as this event, sometimes emergency personnel will ask Translink for some of thier buses to be used for people affected by said event for a place to sit and relax or simply for a central place for paramedics to tend to people with minor injuries. Spoke to the op of 8140, my relief earlier in the day and he said no one used his bus at all likely because it was a nice sunny day.
  14. They also used a few buses for shelter just in case. 8140 is the only one I know of, came off the 43.
  15. Maybe for right now the 404 should terminate at Ironwood, but once the 418 goes to riverport it may be a useful connection. I known the 403 will be there, but who knows. Could take some pressure off the 410 and the 418 will likely be quicker. Since this is a dream thread, maybe even have a route from riverport to Ladner exch if it might be needed.
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