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  1. There is one charger at the depot. There are some issues, but this is still relatively new technology. Our system is also unique in that were using two different manufacturers which have some differences and two different enroute charges which are different as well. Several variables at play here as to why it's a bit of a struggle. There's a reason why the trial is 2 years instead of just 6-12 months. I'm sure once it hits the 1 year mark, all 4 will be running smoothly everyday.
  2. Providing a direct bus bridge could be considered crossing the picket line as the bus bridge would be providing the exact service that is on strike. The bus bridge for seabus was a bit different as it was all within the same Union and local 2200 (maintenance & seabus) was completely fine with local 111 (operators) doing the bus bridge providing it was not on OT.
  3. My assumption would be capacity. N17 is an artic while the 14 is just a 40 footer.
  4. 18014 as well as stated above. The front left is mostly uncovered.
  5. I'd say the next bus data just isn't working properly today.
  6. BC Transit is ordering some new units to replace their older units. And I believe they are going in with Translink to order so they both save money. Maybe they are checking out Translink's specs to have them the same aside from the livery of course.
  7. No sign of 19031 physically at HTC. 16002 was booked out for they block this morning. Not sure what's going on here.
  8. They said no to the bus depot and no to the Costco so I don't think the city even gave anyone a say in the sewage plant lol.
  9. The electric buses will not have designated blocks on the 100 which is why all ops at HTC will be trained on them, with priority going to those who signed 100's as mentioned above. All 100 blocks have double digit recovery times to accommodate charging. I would assume at first they will be on trippers then onto longer runs.
  10. STC will also no longer be using Orion's on the 503, it'll be artics and standard 40 footers so STC will have no Orion's at the start of September sheet.
  11. The 340 moving to HTC is likely the reason they are able to have earlier starts EB. HTC will be getting 18000's and/or 19000's as the 43 will be converted to RapidBus in January. Confirmed by service design when I spoke to them when they were at BTC on a road show. Any depot that will service RapidBus routes will have the 18000's and/or 19000's for the service along with regular artics for any other artic routes they serve. I have no confirmation on this, but they may send all 12000's to BTC and bring the 8100 hybrids to RTC. I spoke to the Bookout guy at BTC a while ago and he was trying to get that done because it just make sense for the routes. For the 503, there are two groups of blocks for the 503 linegroup. Lower block numbers will be 40 footers going to Aldergrove and higher block numbers will be artics for the trips to Langley. Source is the block reports I have for the September sheet. So if you get a 40 footer, it's going to Aldergrove and if your on an artic then it's only going to Langley at least that's the plan.
  12. Or driver barrier installs. That's happening slowly on all Xcelsiors pre 2018.
  13. From what I've heard, they will have 15 minute layovers at each end, 10 minutes for charging and 4 minutes for the computer on the bus to do it's thing (don't know the details at what it'll be doing) and 1 minute buffer I guess. I would assume they will have four blocks specifically for the BEB's and of course signable for any op wishing to do the work. Not sure if they will be all day or just trippers to begin with.
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