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  1. Just wanted to say thanks again to Kevin for organizing the charter... it was very enjoyable, with excellent photostops and excellent weather! And thank-you to both of our drivers as well!
  2. Yep, still planning to be there and looking forward to it! See everyone Sunday!
  3. Put me down as a yes for the fishbowl charter! I'm not sure about being able to make it for another charter on the saturday though...
  4. All of the NW Loop routes are a 90 minute round trip on Sundays, so no interlinings. Also 1754 was on the 16/84/39 yesterday.
  5. According to twitter, 8134 was on a charter for a wedding yesterday... didn't see it though.
  6. Fall service revisions have been posted: http://www.calgarytransit.com/html/fall_se...sions_2011.html Interesting to note that they're getting rid of the short turn on the 3 during the day, meaning 10 minute frequency on the whole route... seems like a waste of service hours to me. The ridership south of Heritage barely justifies 15 minute frequency, let alone 10, and now they're decreasing service on the north half of the route... Also a new route, 425 Sage Hill.
  7. Just broke into my own house after I locked myself out. Always wanted to come home through the window! FY!
  8. Yeah, that's like 45 second headway!
  9. 1770 deadheading east on 17th Ave in Killarney this morning.
  10. That's interesting... what hours does that shuttle run? I think I saw that bus on Blackfoot/9th Ave around noon yesterday.
  11. 7769 dead on Elbow Drive this morning near Anderson rd.
  12. Rode 7757 today on the 56 and it has an Axion control panel for the destination sign. Keybox, side sign, and rear sign are all still Balios.
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