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  1. Today's sightings STL 27: 0609@9:15PM | 0401@8:30pm~ ---- Also just wanted to let you guys know that I am terribly sorry about my childish behavior this past month, especially yesterday. I did a lot of reflecting and regret every bit of what I have done. I guarantee the existence of myself on this amazing forum, that it will never happen again. Sorry for ruining your experience and wasting your precious time. -Anthony D'Amico
  2. Alright, I totally understand stm_5307N. Anyways SMS if you see this, I will punish myself.
  3. Mark, you heavily misunderstood, the sightings are to come.... Those are just guaranteed routes I will see today. Scroll up a little bit. Do you see your sightings? looks a bit the same. In fact, that's what I was trying to do. I have been here for a few months now, I know what a sighting consists of.
  4. If only it were hard to find one with St.Laurent. Actually if only it were hard to find one without graffiti and fowl smells coming from the drive-train. 16-072 on the 202 this morning at 12:30am~ headed to du college.
  5. You don't happen to have a video of it, do you? *I'm hoping you do*
  6. I thought you had no Internet? ---- faster trains, more aerodynamic trailers,maybe electrification. More of a down to earth vision.
  7. Yea i know the whole story about how the Germans did it. I see it happening. A lot can happen in 1 year, 50-100 years is still a long time away
  8. I agree. the abbreviation ''IIRC'' hit me last week. Too embarrassed to ask.
  9. STM LFS Artic 08 / 04 / 10 30-811 - Route #467 - Run# ''09:)'' - 8:26am
  10. Me and you have the same sighting! I was on Rue St.Louis and Alexis-Nihon. 11-014-460-7:48AM *They put new bus numbers on the front*
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