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  1. FYI - The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority is switching to NovaBus. First units arrive in late 2020.
  2. D'oh! So sorry! That is a total mistake. First blatant error in the book! My apologies!
  3. Hey guys. Thanks for the kinds words. I did leave SCT and started at AAATA in Ann Arbor in mid 2015. The SCT history book did eventually get finished. It may come out in the Strathcona Library sometime in the future: "Public Transit in Strathcona County: The First 57 Years". Keep checking the library's on-line catalog. Over 150 photos back to 1949. If not for photo collectors throughout the years, we couldn't have done it. Martin gets photo credits along with Bill Luke, Brian Sullivan, David Onedera, Kevin Knoll, Paul Ledger, Peter Cox, and Peter McLaughlin. Thanks to you!
  4. Yes, we have had some long-time operators retire. We tend to hire full time from among current part timers, then hire new part timers.
  5. Where was the union terminal located? Pay toilets? Seriously?
  6. Does anyone happen to know when the existing downtown Edmonton Greyhound depot was originally built? And does anyone know anything about the older Union Bus Depot that preceded the current greyhound one?
  7. 8001 will return to service. Still in the show from collision in February (too long). The Prevost coaches are not repainted because they are being phased out soon and replaced with double-deckers.
  8. Bill Luke gave us a picture of Diamond Bus Lines owner Cecil Bradshaw and his new Prevost c. 1949. Have some others as well. Will put most in our on-line history. Interesting fact: bus service to Sherwood Park began in 1957, not 1965 as previously believed.
  9. Yes. Bill Luke came through with two pictures of Diamond Bus Lines c. 1950.
  10. I've sent an email to Luke's last known email address. We'll see.
  11. Thanks M. That's a fine compliment! SCT has indeed come a long way in a short time. The new terminal will have 1,200 parking stalls and over 20 bus bays making it one of the largest in the province. We also overhauled our specialized transit service (no more"SCAT"). One of our next tricks will be publishing the history of bus services in Sherwood Park. I'm hoping CPTDB members can help out! Off the corner of a few desks we've slowly amassed a great deal of milestones, notes and photos. Folks like Peter Cox, David Onedera and Chris Prentice thankfully raided their collections for us. But we are still short of pre-2000 photos, especially very old pre-1980 pics or back when Diamond Bus Lines first started c. 1963. We've tapped out the local library, museum, newspapers, known SCT veterans, and municipal records. We're probably headed to the provincial archives next. Do any of you have any older photos we could use/publish? Or have any suggestions about where else we could look for written/verbal history? We're starting to run out of obvious leads so any suggestions are welcome. We REALLY want to find out when Diamond service first started but records are very scarse. -Matt
  12. There are no plans to run them on weekends at this time.
  13. Starting Monday Feb 10, SCT will be increaseing double-decker service. There will be 2 units out all day, 7 more for AM rush and 5 more for PM rush. This is the new normal. Unit #s 8001-8014. Happy hunting!
  14. FYI - We are using M. Parson's shots to try to diagnose the fogging issue. May have something to do with internal airflow direction.
  15. Great pics and sleuthing everyone. These are the first I've seen of these units and they look nice. I think three more are nearby as well 8001 was indeed the unnumbered bus at the TransExpo in Calgary in november. It should have been delivered first, but a minor cosmetic defect was discovered at the factory in Falkirk, Scotland. While it was getting fixed, #8002 leapfrogged ahead of it. Both already had unit numbers matched to VINs and swapping # would have been a paperwork pain. That is the story of why the second bus got here first. Ironically, when 8002 was shipped to Halifax and driven cross country to save time, it hit a deer somewhere (I'm looking at YOU Manitoba) and needed weeks of bodywork. Now we have them shipping to Tacoma and driven hear via Victoria.
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