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    Brewster Inc.

    It'll be interesting to see what colour that unmarked Brewster comes out.
  2. Greyhound Canada's 1134 was in a single vehicle crash on BC's Hwy 97 North of Hixon this morning. I've been trying to post the link to the news story without much success.
  3. A brand new H3-45 has arrived this week numbered 5212. Keep the eyes open for this one and a few others to hit the road soon.
  4. They should never have discontinued the 2nd TCH schedule in the first place. But I'm sure they'll find some reason not to put it back over the summer.
  5. http://globalnews.ca/news/2418390/sea-to-sky-highway-closed-in-both-directions-due-to-crash/ This is certainly not good. I'm assuming the one seriously injured was the driver. Praying for a speedy recovery
  6. A few years ago during a labour dispute, Pacific Coach Lines removed the apportioned plates from their buses meaning that they can't leave the province of BC. At this point they began funnelling the charter work to Cantrail. I know the union filed a "Common Employer" complaint with the Labour Relations Board but I never heard the outcome of that complaint.
  7. Yup. She was retrofitted about 8 years ago with the ZF ASTronic Tranny. 1159 also got this retrofit.
  8. Not anymore. After they cut one Trans Canada eastbound out of Calgary, schedule 5000 became the busiest.
  9. 5055 has is a Friday and Sunday only service from Kelowna to Vancouver. There has never been a 6pm Kamloops to Vancouver departure. 5153 departs at 5:00pm and 5053 used to depart at 4:30. A 10:30 depature to Kamloops sounds like a restart of schedule 5020.
  10. 86081 turned up in Vancouver on Wednesday. This is the second GLI Prevost X3-45 that I've seen in Vancouver. I wonder how many more will turn up. I also wonder about the newer model of D4505's that are running around in the US.
  11. The Whistler contract comes up for bid next year according to sources I've spoken with. Time will tell.
  12. Interesting development yesterday that may put PCL's future in doubt. We've received word that PCL will no longer be operating the Vancouver-Victoria schedule as of January 1. There is no word yet on who will be running the service. Apparently BC Ferries said they weren't running enough trips on their ships. Speculation at this point has Wilson's taking over. But I'm sure there will be an announcement coming soon.
  13. This one( Prevost X3-45 86060) is definitely a GLI coach. And she's been stuck in the Vancouver-Seattle circuit for the last week at least.
  14. WOW!!! Look what turned up at Pacific Central Station in Vancouver. 86060 was loading up the 10:30 departure to Seattle today.
  15. I saw their J4500 in Delta yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't get close enough fast enough to get anymore information on it though. I'm really Curious about this J now after reading all the discussion about it.
  16. Now here's something you don't see everyday: Greyhound 6052 in Powell River BC. Here's she's pictured resting at the Town Centre Hotel in Powell River this afternoon.
  17. I may have spoken too soon when I said all five H3-45s operating between Seattle and Vancouver have been transferred to bolt. I can confirm 6667, 6669, and 6670 are definitely now Bolt buses. However, I haven't seen 6668 in a while and I saw 6666 last week in Seattle and still a GLI white bus. I was told that they were all being transferred but that now seems in doubt, at least in regards to 6666.
  18. airwolf

    BC Ferries

    Here's a video I shot August 29, 2015 from Coastal Celebration as we approached and transited Active Pass.
  19. Odyssey Coach Lines from Saskatoon SK has a nice looking Prevost H345 in Surrey today. Unit number is 707. I'll post photos when I get home.
  20. 6669 is indeed one of the Prevost H345's from coach America that has been running out of Seattle for GLI. All five have been transfered to Bolt.
  21. The BC plated reference is in reference to the BC Passenger Transportation Board license plate that you will find on the front of any Greyhound coach licensed to operate in BC
  22. 6064 has found its way to Portland OR on a charter.
  23. 1265 rolled off Hwy 16 near Mcbride about four years ago.
  24. Kamloops and Kelowna have an over abundance as well. And so does Vancouver. PG seems to be the only BC division with about the right number of drivers. Vancouver has 17 drivers on the board working an average of one to two assignments a week.
  25. The H3-40? They have two or three of them now.
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