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  1. Today will be my last day in the forums, I'm leaving this site. Sorry but I'm now bored of this forums. Have a nice life, all of you after i leave this forums tonight.
  2. nice pictures. A question , why do truck and bus companys use those green or red "spikes" on those wheels?
  3. the real bus would be "city bus", "Tour bus", and "shuttle bus".
  4. school buses aren't real buses, there slow, weak, crap, they brakedown a lot and have problems always.
  5. A school bus van, wow, well the van looks better then those ugly/crappy school buses.
  6. Ok, Hvae a good day then.

  7. I'll consider it when you stop making useless posts about NovaBus!

    Have a good day!

  8. All of which will be retired by February of 2010 (next year). As for 2 NOVABus RTS, they are 9142 and 9145. 9145 is the best NOVABus RTS too bad there retired. IF MTA buys Designline, it will replace the remaing old buses made before 1996, but if more Designlines to replace, would it replace some 1996 NOVABus RTS? Since there cloud be more buses that they are ordering.
  9. Those 4500-4700 series are mostly retired.
  10. I know the grammar but I didn't feel like using it those .,';''; gammars. I know its my opinion. We all have dislikes/likes. Ok, Artics aren't perfect. I prefer artics over double decker buses anyday. I don't think double decker buses can handle streets for a TA but if they do fine for them, then they do fine for them. Also what ETS Artic ripped up the pole? did it happen? well either way, every artic will always have issues, they problary wouldn't last long due to artic joint isses and others. Double deckers may have more seating then 40ft buses. Do they have more seating then artics? Last time i heard artics had more seats then double decker buses. Also artics cost more money to maintain more then double decker buses, ok yes they don't take up much extra roads and whatever you said on facts. its true.
  11. well all i have to say is that I'm gald NYCT didn't order double decker buses, thats all.
  12. incorrect. Thats not why, you really need to shutup. you do not know what your talking about so don't you dare to b*tch about what i like or not. we all have opinions and you don't have to be rude to just answer for a perons question, because you cloud be wrong so dont try to be a jerk about it. If you don't like my post then you don't have to reply you know. Just like other people would. First off I don't like Double decker buses and i never liked any of them, there unsafe and not so great, plus they problary worst thing to mass transit. Plus I dont think they fit well everywhere and it would be an issue and there too big. and if this reason if not good enough for you then too bad and don't reply. Plus please don't listen to this user "MT0603" because he just being a jerk about it.
  13. I'm curious to know since what year this "Diesel ban" law was in effect for Southern california? Now as for that part, yes its true. Southern California has only order NABI BRT60 now. San Diego used to have 1993 D60HF but they are all retired but they do have D60LF, OCTA and LBT still has D60LF, and other TAs in southern california idk about if they have different artics besides NABI BRT60. If it hadn't been for the diesel ban then LBT would have ordered more artics since they had an option for 10 more but they didn't order it due to diesel ban, which the order for 10 more option for D60LF for LBT went to Golden Gate Transit in Northern California as assignable options and delivered in 2007. which is good that Golden Gate transit got NFI D60LF to replace their lousy 1990 D60HF (Ex-Samtrans). LBT may no longer order artics ever again.
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