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  1. Looks like express buses (albeit fewer trips) and weekday only routes are still in service to get people to work. Most other routes look like they roughly have a regular midday level of service during peak hours. (e.g. 15 -> 30 minutes for feeders, 4-12 -> 15-20 minutes for busier mainline/crosstown routes)
  2. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/reductions-transit-service Looks like certain trips will be removed starting tomorrow. No revised schedules on short notice but if I had to guess, the routes with <= 10 minute frequencies during peak are definitely gonna be cut. Certain express trips may see cuts as well.
  3. I haven't been out this week to say for certain but judging from some of photos posted online of how empty stations are and how early a large number of buses are running during rush hour based off transit55, I don't think crushloads are a concern. Ridership has dropped off considerably this week.
  4. Only the airport routes? I guess the only thing stopping them from doing it system wide is that you would have to forego fare checks for it to be effective.
  5. Amidst of all the school and facility closures, and workers slowly moving towards working remotely, many buses are running ahead of schedule across the system. For those still out and about, please make sure to give some extra time especially if not at a timepoint.
  6. Not just the frequency increase, but the spacing between timepoints is still the same for MY on weekends. Not sure if it's an error but it would be weird to chop off time during peak hours and all day on weekdays but still leave tons of time between timepoints on weekends.
  7. This issue is also seen on transit55. It's a bug in the schedule adherence data that they publish. Buses arent actually running that late. It does make it tough to track the ones that actually are late though. It's been broken for the 1 since the start of this signup.
  8. After taking a further look, I can't help but feel like the route 1's schedule may be padded out a little too much. Here's an example during morning rush hour. Technically, yes, non timepoint times are just estimates but let's just assume for a second that it does in fact take both routes 10 minutes to get to 52nd St. Somehow, it takes the MP 3 less minutes to get to 9th Ave Station. For that 7:05 trip, assuming that drivers actually wait for the full amount of time at the 9th St timepoint, the MP would be 5 minutes faster despite both routes arriving at about the same time at 52nd St. For trips where the route 1 sneaks ahead of the MP and ends up picking up the bulk of passengers, that could be interesting. For reference, the current time between Penbrooke Terminal and 9th St SE is 28 minutes and the new schedule is about 32 minutes. I do know a lot of operators tend to just ignore the 9th St timepoint if they're only a minute or two early. I usually take the MP in the mornings which is currently scheduled 4 minutes after each route 1 at the 9th St stop and there never seems to be a route 1 in front of us that is consistently running late.
  9. Well, I totally didn't see that coming. They did in fact balance out the midday schedules between the two routes but now there's all sorts of overlapping schedules during peak hours. After having looked over the two schedules, it's not completely awful but there are times where both routes are scheduled at the exact same time or within 1 or 2 minutes. The evening schedules are actually not too bad. At 25 and 26 minute headways, the spacing between them is about 10-15 minutes throughout the evening. You know what would really solve some of these schedule adherence issues though? Actually giving buses proper signal preemption along the major transitway intersections. One could argue that it can be disruptive during peak hours with buses in both directions at such high frequency but it seems like a no-brainer during midday or evening periods.
  10. I'm fairly certain reduce implies it going down to 20. They often use words like "improve" or "increased" for increases in frequency. That and it makes too much sense for it to be 20!
  11. Nice to see a lot of improvements this time as well as reversals of some of the service cuts from the previous signup. 4 minute frequency on the 301, that's nuts! It's a shame this area isn't going to see the Green line anytime in the near future. 6-7 minute frequency on the 145 is also quite surprising; that area is developing very quickly. Good to see improvements to MAX all around. Thought we might've seen a frequency bump for MO but I guess a lot of the demand is one-directional during peak hours. Having all that extra slack time transformed into higher frequency for Max Yellow is great as well. I don't think they would've needed to add an extra key as well to make this happen as it sounds like there was a lot of slack time at timepoints. The schedule adherence tracking on transit55 is sometimes a bit flaky but more often than not, the Max Yellow seems to be running early. Can't say for certain without seeing the schedule but Route 1 having midday frequency parity with Max Purple is great news. Theoretically, having the same frequency should allow them to space the two routes evenly during the midday so there could effectively only be 10 minute gaps along the transitway. That 1 minute difference in frequency meant that the two routes would always overlap on various trips throughout the day. The decrease to 25 minutes for the 1 during evenings and weekends still kind of sucks for the west end but I find that it's drastically improved operations in the east.
  12. Looks like either an EB 1 or MP sideswiped another vehicle pretty hard at the transitway crossing at 26th St SE this afternoon. Not entirely surprised given the close calls I see on a regular basis at these intersections. People are really bad with obeying those no right turn restrictions used during the u-turn light phases all along 17th Ave as well. Anyway, there was a pretty big emergency and transit response, hopefully everyone was okay.
  13. That is true but you have to consider that if they do build a station just south of that intersection at street level, it'd be hard to imagine how they would grade separate it in the future. Unless they want to tunnel 16th Ave underneath Centre St someday, you would need either a trenched station or build the station significantly further south of 16th Ave so that there's enough room to cross under 16th Ave in the future. Nothing presented thus far seems to indicate that the former is happening. The latter is still possible would make connections to Max Orange (one of the benefits that they're promoting) more difficult if the station is 2 blocks away.
  14. I've always had mixed thoughts about phase 1 only reaching out to 16th Ave N. With these latest proposals to run at-grade down Centre St, taking up two travel lanes, as well as having to cross 16th Ave at grade in the future, I honestly don't think it's even worth building this across the river. Given that all those buses running up and down Centre St today are still going to be required if this is built, this is going to be a downgrade with Centre St becoming more of a bottleneck. As much as some folks want to see LRT being built, if it's going to be some half-assed attempt which is still going to cost a ton, i'd rather not see it at all. Save the money, put it towards extending the Green line further south as well as putting in a proper MAX line for the north. The funding for a properly built North Central line is probably a long ways away. I'd rather see a decent MAX line being built along the whole north central route as opposed to have a partial LRT built which still requires the current BRT to exist. Just my $0.02.
  15. Hmm, if that artic is managing to max out and has to leave people behind, that is pretty darn good for ridership. Although that would suck having to wait 16 more minutes only for the next MO to be full as well! From the NE, I suspect that the MO route is currently most attractive to those whose destination is either 16th Ave, SAIT, UofC or the two hospitals. These same people are probably either: Living within walking distance of a MO station Taking a feeder bus which takes them to Saddletowne or Rundle stations This is a main one since if someone is already taking a bus to one of these two stations, they're not really going out of their way to catch the MO compared to someone who gets dropped off at a neighboring station. (See below). However, i'm curious what the percentage of people outside this category is. For example, there's many feeder buses that intersect with the MO on 52nd St as well as connect to nearby LRT stations like Whitehorn or Mcknight. How many people heading to those NW destinations are getting off and taking the MO at 52nd St or taking the train down to Rundle, getting off and taking the MO as opposed to just taking the Blue line downtown and transferring to the Red line. At the current frequencies, the MO may not be as enticing as just taking the train if you factor in the wait time. It sounds like a bump in frequency is warranted now. But taking the above thoughts into account, I wouldn't be surprised if a higher frequency also helps to attract additional ridership as well.
  16. Keep in mind that only one key on MO is using an artic. That particular trip might've been a regular bus and wouldve filled up quickly if so. Also, I doubt we'd be seeing changes unless buses were seeing extreme overloads on every trip on a consistent basis. Ridership can be a strange beast. Certain MP trips are often packed to the brim on some days. Those same trips are sometimes nearly empty on other days on the same day of the week.
  17. My wording might've been bad. I was saying that there WAS training for the MAX routes with transitways prior to launch. I assumed that operators needed this training before they would be able to drive these routes and not just ones pulled randomly at the last minute. Maybe in this case, no one else was available or perhaps the operator was just having an off day and made back-to-back mistakes on the same trip.
  18. I thought that operators needed to be trained on how to use the transit-ways? Although technically, it's just a regular road but wasn't there training done prior to the launch of MY and MP.
  19. Especially on a week like this, I can see why students would be upset. Compared to before, there's not really an upside to having to walk an extra few blocks in addition to not being able to wait inside an actual building. I can't help but feel certain MAX stations could've benefited from having large shelters given their location. MRU, SAIT and UofC for example.
  20. I haven't really been on 5th Ave much since they removed the 126. I would always go out of my way and walk further west to avoid the stop at 1 St SW though; always a big mess and super crowded. I can't imagine what it's like these days with multiple additional routes using 5th Ave. Another big thing is a lot more routes needing to turn right at 1 St SW (1, 7, 13, MY, 305). The express stop is almost right up to the crosswalk. With buses and other traffic trying to turn right, buses on layover, express buses trying to stop and proceed straight, that whole block and intersection is quite a mess.
  21. For what it's worth, MRU students are a sizable percentage of the expected ridership for the Max Yellow. It should be interesting to see how much busier it gets. A 7 minute mid-route layover does sound rough though, especially if someone had to endure the 4 minutes at Southland as well. The stretch along Crowchild/Glenmore is tricky. You gotta find the right balance of slack time based on the average amount of traffic. Once they get a general sense of ridership patterns and average waits at timepoints, we'll likely see appropriate tweaks in the next schedule. Thanks for the updates though; it's nice having a regular user of the service sharing their thoughts!
  22. It's possible for them to revise schedules prior to the next signup. However, it's not very common and i've really only seen it happen when buses are exceptionally late on a regular basis. Buses running super early and spending excessive time at timepoints isn't ideal but it's arguably better than being late all the time.
  23. If the verbatim comments from the recent and last year's service reviews are anything to go by, many complaints are often completely invalid or irrational. Way too many times there would be comments about a route being removed as if there was going to be no replacement whatsoever. In many cases, the replacement route was almost the exact same if not better. I swear there's people that would flip out if you changed just the route number. 😂 IMO, the only main complaint I would expect out of Lakeview is the need for an extra transfer to head east to Chinook. If anything, downtown travel is improved now that you have all-day service between Lakeview and downtown.
  24. I'm going to guess that the schedule has a lot of slack time built in as they monitor things like ridership, signal timings and travel times. On the bright side, you won't run into terrible schedule adherence issues that were present in the previous MAX rollout. Although, the downside is that if you're waiting like 5 minutes at every timepoint, that also makes the route seem excessively slow. Also, if the wait at Heritage is anything like the waits at 19 St SE on the MP transitway, I wouldn't be surprised at all. Between that and the turn at 75th Ave, perhaps that's why the Max Teal had a slight decrease in frequency? I get that they want to utilize the 75th Ave and Heritage Park stations but it definitely slows down the route compared to just using 14th St directly.
  25. I would've assumed that MT and 20 operators would get trained on the transitway in addition to the MAX Yellow operators. Although to be honest, I don't think this particular stretch of the transitway is particularly tricky. 17th Ave SE was unique in that it was the first ever median bus-only road in the city as well as the first set of U-turn signals. There's also the weird way the 1 has to enter and leave the transitway at 52nd St. For the most part, the MY transitway is kinda just off to the side away from other traffic outside of intersection crossings.
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