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  1. A new update was posted on the North Crosstown page recently: Interesting that they mention Brentwood and Saddletowne already having digital schedules. I haven't been to those stations in a while but i'm pretty sure the only digital signs are on the train platforms unless they added new ones to the bus terminals too? Also, the part about certain stops on 16th Ave remaining as they are seems worrisome. Hopefully don't just put up a fancy new pole with the "station" name on the sidewalk and call it a day...
  2. An update was posted recently on the City webpage for phase 2 of the BRT project. Looks like construction of the new bridge over the Bow River will start within the next few weeks. As for 17th Ave itself, I take the 305 along it everyday and nothing too exciting has happened yet but they've started installing wooden poles at all the main intersections for hanging temporary traffic lights across them. The existing lights will probably be taken down soon once construction officially kicks off.
  3. Looks like the same kind they had for the 17th Ave BRT back in December. They're gonna have a lot more ground to cover this time considering the length of the North Crosstown. Would be nice to see them work with places like the hospitals, SAIT and UofC since i'm sure there's a good chunk of existing NE <-> NW riders that would be good to get feedback from.
  4. Hmm, shorter headways are nice I guess but stuff like this makes it harder to memorize the schedule.
  5. I think frequency will definitely be key for these new BRT routes. If they wanna pitch these as an alternative for going across town without having to go through Downtown via the LRT, they have to feature a good frequency at all times of day. The new stretch of the 306 seems like it might become fairly popular. Existing service connecting Quarry Park and Douglesglen terminals to the Red Line is pretty lackluster in the off-peak.
  6. What kind of huge flaws are we talking about?
  7. They say this regarding both the North and South Crosstown BRT's. Existing service on the 306 isn't exactly that great with 25 minute headways during peak and limited service hours overall. The south crosstown BRT is pretty much the 306 with an extension to Quarry Park and Deerfoot Meadows. I'm not sure that alone is gonna drive a lot of new ridership to warrant the jump to 10 minute headways though. Is the 306 busy at all these days?
  8. I could see how it could catch some people off guard. Sign could've been moved further in maybe. Or maybe have like a right-only sign with the small "Except Transit" fine print. On a different note, are there plans for some kind of bus bay for the EB side of Memorial? Could be helpful for the larger disruptions so shuttles could bypass going through Bridgeland completely and stay on Memorial. The Zoo station kinda gets shafted though; not that the current stop on 12th St they tend to use is much better.
  9. There's no longer a #106. Didn't that used to be an express version of the 6 prior to West LRT opening?
  10. Is there any meaning behind the 400 series routes? 300's is the BRT's. 200's is the Red and Blue line and the random route 299. 700-800's is the school service buses. Surprised we don't reserve numbers for express buses instead of the current mix of random numbers like 64, 75, 103, 117, 151 which could be used for normal routes instead. Then there's also the 303/304/308 Stampede buses taking up numbers normally used for BRT's. I wonder what numbers the new set of BRT's will get (309/310/311/etc?)
  11. Oh cool, never actually seen one here in person!
  12. Does anyone know if our existing transit queue jumps incorporate those traffic signal lights with the white vertical/horizontal bar rather than the usual RYG colors? I wonder if we'll see them pop up along our new BRT routes coming in 2018 since they'll be incorporating bus-only lanes and new queue jumps.
  13. The 17 Ave SE BRT project is set to begin construction soon in the spring of 2017 and is expected to wrap up in late 2018. Originally, we were just going to get Phase 1 of this project completed which is between 28 ST SE and Hubalta Rd. Funding was announced in Sept 2016 and now phase 2 of the project from 28 ST to 9 Ave SE is also a go! Two open houses were held this week regarding phase 2 and presentation materials can be found here: Phase 2 From the presentation, it looks like construction of phase 2 is also set to start in 2017 and into 2018 and is likely to be complete at the same time as phase 1. What this means is that there will be a dedicated transitway from 9 Ave SE (at the Blackfoot Truck Stop) across the Bow River and Deerfoot Trail and connecting to the median transitway on 17 Ave SE. The very first of its kind in Calgary. There are renderings of what the new dedicated bridges might look like (they include a multiuse pathway) as well as what the BRT stations might look like. In December 2016, surveys were conducted in the area around the 17 Ave SE BRT regarding which routes users are taking among other things like which aspects of transit they value more (service hours, frequency, directness, etc.). There will be a review of the routes in this area in 2017 so that they better serve and connect to the new BRT once it's completed in 2018. Since a good chunk of this new BRT route (aside from downtown and 9 Ave SE) will be separated from other vehicular traffic, I suspect we might be treating this more like an LRT extension rather than "just another bus route". Marlborough Station is one the busier stations on the Blue Line LRT so the 17 Ave BRT should hopefully alleviate some of the pressure off the LRT. The biggest bottleneck on the current 1/305 routes is getting across Deerfoot during peak hours so having dedicated lanes and frequent service on the BRT should entice more people in the area to use it over the LRT. We can use this thread going forward to discuss the project and eventual bus route changes and share updates as they come up!
  14. As always, thanks for the insider info! Didn't realize that irrelevant survey responses and people abusing them for other service requests was such a big issue in the past. Nice to see that they're putting more emphasis on engaging people that actually use the affected service.
  15. I guess the challenge is getting in touch with non-riders. They wouldn't be hanging around bus stops or train stations. Nor would they really be bothering to check the CT website. I suppose you could mail a notice to everyone who lives in the affected areas but even then, most people are probably not likely to care enough to do it. Anyway, same gentleman was on the 126 again this morning handing out more surveys. The survey does ask which buses/trains people took on their current/last trip so I guess they're also interested in seeing how people are using the current routes to get around. I'd imagine some of these routes in that area have been around and have mostly stayed the same for a very long time now. Anyone know if they've done anything similar the last time there was major changes to bus service in an area (like the recent NW revisions)?