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  1. Honestly, if they really want to promote these new MAX lines as being an integral part of our primary transit network, it's in their best interest to include them for special events like Christmas or New Year's Eve where there's limited or extended service.
  2. From the MY schedule, here is rough travel times estimates at different times of day: Inbound Weekday 7am: 54 mins Weekday 12pm: 49 mins Weekday 4pm: 53 mins Weekday 9pm: 46 mins Outbound Weekday 7am: 48 mins Weekday 12pm: 47 mins Weekday 4pm: 54 mins Weekday 9pm: 45 mins Weekend times are similar and range from 45-52 mins depending on time of day. I'm sure after last year's 1 and MP scheduling disaster at launch, i'd imagine the MY schedule is a bit more conservative even with the transitway in operation. Arguably, the biggest bottlenecks on the route are probably downtown, Crowchild and Glenmore.
  3. I think something may be wrong with the current schedule. A bunch of the new transitway stations appear to be missing in the schedule as well. First inbound trip is 5:35am: https://transit55.ca/calgary/block_explorer?id=304&date=2019-12-23
  4. The upcoming MAX Yellow changes have been made public: http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/2020-transit-network Unfortunately, it looks like a number of existing routes (including 2, 3, 24, 135, 300, MAX Teal) will be taking a frequency hit.
  5. Given the huge crowds of students I see waiting for the 18 every morning, 10 minute frequency seems about right. Also, it's worth noting that Max Yellow should see decent ridership in both inbound and outbound directions compared to the other Max routes. e.g. Most ridership on the MP is inbound in the morning and outbound in the afternoon. MO and MT are similar to a degree with most of their key destinations being on the west end of the route in the mornings as well.
  6. Not really familiar with much of the SW area to comment but here's a few thoughts: Max Yellow: 10 min peak frequency would make it the highest of all the MAX routes. The weekend evening frequency being at 35 is a bit disappointing though. 6: From the "General Route Discussion" chat, I guess that one person that was flipping out over the #6 changes in the service review comments isn't going to be happy! 😆 20: I guess people using the 20 REALLY wanted access to FMC. I'm not convinced this route is exactly what they had in mind though. It's a pretty lengthy walk to the intersection and the 20 wouldn't be able to make use of the Max Orange stations either. 106: Good chunk of the route seems like a dead zone along Blackfoot Tr which isn't exactly a pedestrian friendly stretch of road. They really should've had it run though Acadia. 302: Not sure i'm a fan of another frequent bus going along 3rd St SE. That left turn from NB 3rd St to 6th Ave SE is rough at times. In the mornings, you may only have like 1-3 cars get through per green since there's no advance left signal, lots of pedestrians heading to Bow Valley College and lots of cars travelling SB on 3rd St. Lastly, from the new Rapid Transit Network map, there's clearly a big gap between NE and SE now. Can't wait to see the 52nd St SE BRT fill that gap in the future.
  7. For westbound to northbound turns, I think there's going to be a small cutout to make right turns easier. Turning left onto Heritage would be a bit more interesting. Unlike the 17th Ave transitway at 26th and 19th St SE, I think there's a larger gap between the 14 St SW/Heritage intersection and the transitway intersection so it's more like two back-to-back intersections really close together. This is just based on the project maps though; I haven't actually seen it in person. So unlike 52nd St SE where the 1 needs to cross the entire intersection, the 20/MT technically would just need to turn left into that small gap between the two intersections when there's no oncoming MY bus. Here's a bold prediction, this change will probably slow down the MT by a small amount depending on how much green time the traffic on Heritage Dr gets. Going north, rather than just making the right turn and merging onto 14th St, it now needs to wait to cross 14th St. The 20 may actually a bit better off since it needs to service Rockyview anyway.
  8. Based off transit55, it looks like the 3 and 301 have been downgraded to 40 footers for the day for the most part. A few artics on the 23, 60/61 and a few other random ones here and there. I wonder, do they put in extra buses on the 3 and 301 routes to compensate for the smaller buses?
  9. Awesome; looking forward to hear your impressions! Are you within walking distance of the Woodbine station? Will be interesting to see if there's major time savings expected versus what your current commute would be.
  10. I wasn't able to make it out last night unfortunately. But it sounds like those that went had a great time. I'll try to make it to the next one if possible (as long as it's not another 6+ years from now when we have decide to have another meetup 😂).
  11. Maybe now we'll start to see better than 16 minute frequency during rush hour. It's good to hear the MAX routes are gaining traction amongst rider at least. Purple's been bustling since the school year started as well. I've also heard Teal is often packed with students as well.
  12. As of 8:30 via transit55, there's artics on: 21/55/71 60 61 All 145 ~5 23 Was there issues at the garage and they needed to get out whatever buses were available? On a route like the 145, wouldn't artics have a bigger chance of getting stuck on the smaller roads? Note: The delays are from heavy traffic on Metis Tr.
  13. Where did this number come from? For reference, I wonder how this compares to other MAX or similar routes.
  14. https://globalnews.ca/news/5949618/calgary-max-purple-development-international-avenue Via Global News, ridership along the MP route is doing well. The 30 minute commute reduction claimed by the one student seems horribly exaggerated though. On a good day, trip times are shaved off by a few minutes at most. Any real time savings would likely come from the high frequency of staggering the 1 and Max.
  15. A service that stops at East Hills (transfers available to Max Purple) and then proceeds to Rundle station (transfers available to Blue line and Max Orange) wouldn't be a bad idea. With limited stops, it could take Stoney and 16th Ave to 36th St. Not every service should revolve around making direct connections to downtown Calgary. With a properly built primary transit network, we shouldn't need dozens of extra buses funnelling into the downtown.
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