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  1. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    From their last update before the winter shutdown: They're currently saying that peak service will be 10 minutes. I'm more curious what the off-peak service will be like. Suppose it's off-peak or the weekend, will it really be much faster to take the BRT from say University to Rundle or Saddletowne (or vice versa) versus the existing method of taking the Red line downtown and jumping over to the Blue line. The BRT would probably be a bit faster if you consider actual time spent on the bus/train but then you have to factor in the waiting time depending on the frequency. The LRT is always every 10-15 minutes. Based off existing evening/weekend frequency we see on popular routes like the 1 and 301, I would guess that off-peak frequency for the BRT will be anywhere from 20-30 minutes.
  2. Calgary Transit

    Aww, lucky kid. I wouldn't mind having a birthday party on a bus!
  3. General Route Discussion and History

    Was just reading CT tweet about the Christmas service and it occurred to me that this could possibly be the last year with the usual batch of Christmas routes. New BRT service, plus potential changes to the 1, 20, 72, 73 as discussed above could mean a somewhat different looking Christmas service for 2018.
  4. Calgary Transit

    I also noticed that they've started to include more and more of these odd frequencies. e.g. 22/32 minutes on the new 100.
  5. Calgary Transit

    Really glad to see that the cuts didn't go through. Outright cutting service hours isn't the way to be saving on costs. If anything, they should first be looking at how they can cut down on any overlaps and redundancy in certain routes.
  6. Calgary Transit

    That's actually a very good point and a more important one than just being harder to remember the schedule now that I think about it. So not only would frequencies be worse but the connectivity to other routes as well...
  7. Calgary Transit

    Not to mention these super weird frequencies make it harder to tell what time your bus is scheduled at without looking at a schedule.
  8. Calgary Transit

    That is really rough for some routes. If ridership was already low on some of the routes to warrant cuts in the first place, it's gonna start tanking even more. For people that need to get around during evening or weekends, 40-60 headways just isn't very appealing at all especially if your trip involves connections to other routes. Perhaps i'm a bit biased since I live in an area where our bus has always been minimum 30 min headways, but that really needs to be the bare minimum to be considered viable. Any more than that and you're really better off just driving if you want to get around anywhere in a reasonable time. Of course, that's not an option for everyone and it's those people that get affected the most.
  9. General BRT discussion

    New update on the North and South Crosstown BRT: I believe work is also starting to wrap up for the winter along 17th Ave SE as well. Construction has started ramping down in the last week. So far this year, they've completed: The roadway on north and south side of the avenue between 30 St and 36 St The roadway on the north side between 36 St and 47 St (but won't be open until the spring) The roadway on the south side between 47 St and Hubalta Road No actual station construction has started yet since roadway needs to be complete on both north and south sides before they can work in the median 28 St station area is dig up Work on the supports for the Deerfoot, Bow River and Canal bridges is ongoing
  10. General Route Discussion and History

    The northwest area routes were all changed in Sept 2016. Does anyone remember when they first published the initial set of proposed routes for the Northwest and started taking feedback on them? Wouldn't be surprised if they're aiming for a similar timeline. If some of the changes mentioned above are true, I can already picture some opposition/dissatisfaction to some of them.
  11. General Route Discussion and History

    A lot of those make sense although some come as a bit of a surprise. No more 72?! Does this mean the end of the two circle routes? Also the 18/63, I assume they're planning for MRU students to take the Blue line to Westbrook and use the BRT. Not sure Lakeview folks would be happy with the 63 gone either - not until the Southwest BRT is open at least. Going back to circle routes, it'll be interesting to see how they're gonna fix the four mini circle routes (42/49/50/51) in the Marlborough area. Those always felt weird and horribly inefficient. Kinda remind me of the four northwest loops which were adjusted last year.
  12. General BRT discussion

    Yep, that's right. Pretty much the same as current 305 with the addition of 28 St. You can see what the area between 30 St and Hubalta Rd will look like under "What will 17 Ave. S.E. look like?" - including the location of the regular non-BRT bus stops along the avenue. http://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/TI/Pages/Transit-projects/17-ave-se-brt-phase-1-28-st-se-to-hubalta-rd-se.aspx
  13. General Route Discussion and History

    Is it really going to be THAT drastic? I was expecting them to maybe cut down on any overlap with the BRT's and improve connections. But it sounds more like a complete overhaul across the city. Do we expect to hear anything about this publicly anytime soon or are they waiting until 2018?
  14. General Route Discussion and History

    That's awesome! It's interesting seeing how a lot of the routes have more or less stayed the same in the last 27 years.
  15. Calgary Transit

    Neat! It's a diagonal white bar signal. So, with the way this is designed, I assume this means buses are only allowed to turn left when the transit signal is active. i.e. If the EB light is green and there isn't any other traffic in sight, you still wouldn't be allowed to proceed.