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  1. Ah, that is indeed the case, I got too excited and fixated on the peak direction trips. If you include the other direction, AM to Chestermere would depart 1 St SW @ 5:01am and 6:01am. PM departures back into Calgary @ 4:56pm and 5:56pm. I can't really imagine too many people who would be wanting to travel from Calgary to Chestermere at that hour in the morning.
  2. The two AM and PM Max Purple Chestermere trips are also beginning this signup! AM trips at first stop in Chestermere (not a time point) at ~5:42am and ~6:42am. PM trips leave 1 St SW at 4:13pm and 5:13pm. Both inbound and outbound trips will stop SB East Hills Sq SE.
  3. https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/se-express-routes.html
  4. Was able to catch the Max Purple today going both inbound and outbound. Can confirm they're just redo-ing the asphalt in the area. Looks like they might've prioritized getting the transitway paved before reopening tomorrow because a lot of the travel lanes are still looking pretty rough. Operating in the regular lanes wasn't any slower at all (although it wasn't particularly faster either), in both trips, bus was right on schedule. Going outbound, it felt super satisfying being able to just turn right onto EB 17th Ave from 19 St SE instead of sitting there up to 2 minutes.
  5. The optimistic part of me was thinking that too but it's likely nowhere near that exciting. If I had to guess, it's probably just asphalt and concrete rehabilitation or something along those lines. Also, I might be mistaken but I thought that the existing setup already has like the sensors embedded into the concrete which is how the lights know when a bus is waiting, at least at the big intersections like 19th, 26th and 28th St. The issue always seemed to be more that they don't want to give higher priority, not that the lights don't know a bus is there. On that note, looks like a Max Purple might've been involved in some incident last night. Not sure what happened here but that's one reason they're probably cautious of having really high priority for buses. I can only imagine there would increase in collisions if the lights were to just randomly toggle on people half-way through the light cycle. People manage to get hit by the LRT all the time despite the flashing lights, bells and arms so it's not exactly something they can easily "fix" either.
  6. I wonder what kind of maintenance work is being done that requires a full week of closures along the entire stretch of transitway. I also wonder if trips could possibly end up being faster (outside of peak hours) from buses not using the transitway and avoiding all the dedicated signals and not having to wait for left turning traffic. I would think that it'd be a good opportunity for them to collect that kind of data if the maintenance is happening anyway to be able to compare the travel times between operating in the dedicated lanes versus the regular traffic lanes.
  7. Lots of flash flooding on 36th and 52nd St as a result of this evening's storm. Couldn't help but notice this scene of #6080 on Max Orange (thanks to transit55) on one of city traffic cams. Not the most effective of detours.
  8. There's finally a page up on the City website with info and designs for the 52 Street SE Transit Improvements. 10 intersections are getting an upgrade, 7 of which are in the NE. Decent stretch of bus only (and right-turn only) curb-side lanes between 26 Ave NE and Memorial Drive. Work expected to finish by the end of 2021.
  9. Hah, beaten right as I was typing this but yeah, it would've been #7739. https://transit55.ca/calgary/block/5964416 It would've passed 52nd St Station about 10 minutes before that was posted. Hopefully everyone was okay. Wouldn't be surprised if someone decided to pull a u-turn there and didn't bother to look and swerved right into the median. I've seen that a few times at that intersection. One of the few intersections along the avenue where you can't legally u-turn but a number of people want to access the parkade for that condo building on the north side.
  10. Technically, the current 1 and MP setup is already branching off two ways in the east end. I think you're greatly underestimating the ridership in the Penbrooke area. On average, i'm willing to bet that the east leg of the 1 sees more passengers per hour than the east leg of the MP. I'd say the MP is definitely doing better than the old 305 though. For what it is now, service to East Hills is plentiful. I see the buses driving by over Stoney regularly and they usually seem to be empty or maybe a handful of people on them. As new homes start to go up in the new community east of 84 St, we'll hopefully see some extra riders outside of just shoppers and employees in that area. My initial curiosity raised earlier this week was more regarding the logistics of combining a BRT service with what is effectively a conventional community bus loop with frequent stops. For getting the ball rolling with only a few peak hour trips, that probably is the most cost-effective way. Especially during the pandemic with downtown being less of a destination for people, I am mildly skeptical how well only a few peak trips will perform though. If you're looking to connect Chestermere residents to shops and businesses at East Hills and along 17th Ave, you would at least need some midday service.
  11. I'm curious how they'll go about organizing the schedule once the route is extended. Currently, Max Purple is more or less non-stop service between East Hills and 1 St SW. Let's ignore the one timepoint on 9th Ave @ 8 St SE for sake of simplicity. Currently, travelling EB, if MP is running super early (few passengers, hit all the green lights), by the time it reaches East Hills, it can kill off that extra time plus all its scheduled layover time without really disrupting any passengers since it's the end of line. However, if the route is extended and your destination is Chestermere but the bus is say 5 minutes early arriving at East Hills, that's 5 minutes you gotta kill before the bus can depart. The other thing to remember is that because it's a one-way loop through Chestermere, there's not really a clear "end of the line" to be able to throw in those long periods of scheduled layovers. I remember reading that it would only start off with a few trips during peak hours and not a full day service which might make scheduling a bit easier. During morning peak, scheduling extra time at the first stop in Chestermere whereas during afternoon peak, you could schedule more time at the end of the loop after everyone has been dropped off.
  12. Don't all the Max Purple stations have CCTV cameras they could review?
  13. Adding a quick note on the page would go a long way to minimize confusion despite there being an explicit list of what's affected. For all intents and purposes, the BRT and MAX routes are technically express buses.
  14. 8020 and 8233 have been stuck on Applewood Dr within a couple of meters of each other since this morning. Both have wound up perpendicular to the roadway in their attempts to break free. Unless there's been other buses brought in doing short turns bypassing Applewood, haven't seen any 87 (or 67) service on T55 all day. Edit: Managed to snag a few pics, excuse the quality, i'm no photographer hah. Operators are both gone and both just sitting abadoned now. Poor dude was at the nearby stop hoping a bus would miraculously appear.
  15. AB Government approves $152M in infrastructure projects for Calgary Of note to those of us here: There's not too much info on this yet but apparently all the proposed projects are shovel ready. I haven't read anything from the announcement yesterday that would indicate that we're getting a complete MAX level upgrade along 52nd St SE (although i'd love to be wrong). But whatever gets introduced will likely be a nice improvement for the 23 and 302.
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