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  1. Transit Fan

    General CTrain Discussion

    I love that we've slowly been transitioning to the Red & Blue line names. However, I don't think i've ever heard those terms in the on-board announcements. Do they ever plan on adding that? Thinking something along the lines of: "This is a northeast blue line train. Destination Saddletowne." "This is a northwest red line train. Destination Tuscany."
  2. Transit Fan

    General CTrain Discussion

    I really wish our train doors weren't so lenient. Obviously, you don't want them chopping off limbs or injuring anyone but their existing behavior is just way too easy to take advantage of. It'd be nice if they didn't re-open all the way when there's an obstruction. Just enough that whatever is stuck can get unstuck but then slowly force their way closed once that happens.
  3. Transit Fan

    General BRT discussion

    The first few layers of asphalt for the 17 Ave transitway lanes have been paved between 30st and 35th Street. They're also currently putting in what looks to be red concrete for the section of transitway in front of the future 33rd Street stations. It seems a lot more complicated and costly to install this versus just laying down regular asphalt but it would've been nice to see the entire transitway be the distinct red color instead of just the parts by the stations. I also noticed the queue jump for the NX at NB 36 St and 16 Ave NE is also using the red concrete instead of regular asphalt. Has anyone seen this at any of the other queue jumps? I wonder if it's being done for all of them or just select areas.
  4. Transit Fan

    Calgary Transit

    "Stranded" might be exaggerating a bit. Technically, the 131 will still provide them with some form of bus access. Although I do admit it might be a bit more effort for them to get to Marlborough with the new routes compared to the existing 57.