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  1. General Route Discussion and History

    Hmm, maybe replaced wasn't the right word to use for the 19. They'll obviously be keeping the local service through Renfrew/Vista Heights/Sunridge areas and probably along 16th Ave still.
  2. General Route Discussion and History

    It's interesting to see that a lot of our longer crosstown routes are either being split or soon to be replaced by BRT/LRT. Up until last year, the 10 used to be one of the longest routes in the city wasn't it? 1/305 (Soon to be the 17 Ave BRT, the east half at least. Wonder if they're gonna split it.) 19 (Soon to be the North Crosstown BRT) 23 (Will eventually be the 52nd Street BRT someday) 301/302 (Future Green Line)
  3. Calgary Transit

    How does the automatic passenger counters work? Do it just count the number of people walking through the door and does the driver need to do anything?
  4. Calgary Transit

    Good to hear that they're making these types of decisions to tackle redundancies between services. Going through Inglewood and 17th Ave every weekday, it's crazy seeing the overlap in service between routes like the 1, 125, 126, 305, 411 and 440 for example. Too often i've seen things like people heading downtown ignoring the 126 because it's not a 1/305 or people travelling just along 17th Ave and totally ignoring the 440.
  5. Calgary Transit

    Damn, that's a lot of mainline / crosstown routes that are getting nerfed. I wonder what this means for the new BRT services if similar existing services like the 1 or 19 aren't doing so hot. They're promising 10 minute headways during peak hours but who knows what off-peak service could drop to.
  6. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    Ooh, didn't think they'd end up putting the stations there! Is it there for both directions?
  7. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    Do we know where the University stations are going? I'm guessing it's just the existing WB 32 Ave @ 31 St and the EB 32 Ave @ 33 St stops?
  8. Green Line LRT

    Don't recall where (or from who) but I remember it being mentioned that existing buses would continue to connect downtown even when the Green line is operational and going up to 16th Ave. So if you were travelling to/from downtown on a 3 or 301 for example, you wouldn't need to do a bus-train transfer to complete your trip.
  9. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    Am I reading that right, you mean to say that the Crosstowns could be up and running as soon as December 2017 or is that just the area service reviews? Seemed like the goal was always Fall 2018 based on the project pages at least.
  10. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    Can't believe we're still over a year away before we'll be able to see these new routes in service. Although it's still not really true BRT (in terms of having fully dedicated lanes), the fact that we're actually building "stations" this time with signage, real time info and heated shelters is a step in the right direction compared to our existing "BRT" service. Any insiders have any info on when we can expect to see bus service reviews conducted in the BRT areas like they did with the NW recently? I keep getting told later in 2017 for the 17 Ave and Marlborough area. I suspect we'll be seeing similar changes for the areas near the Crosstowns around the same time?
  11. 17 Ave SE BRT

    If anyone wants to follow along, they've had webcams setup for a while now even though nothing's really happened in the last month or so. View Overlooking Deerfoot View Overlooking Bow River
  12. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    Hmm, is that on the north side of 16th where the Centex gas station is? I'm not sure where the south station would go though. There's not really a sidewalk on the south side of 16th where the overpass is so the station would have to go further west of the overpass closer to 19th.
  13. Calgary Transit

    Those signs are pretty slick. It'd be nice to eventually see them at all major bus terminals/stops. I believe we'll be seeing some pop up at the new BRT stations that currently being built for the North and South Crosstown. The new transitway stations for the 17 Ave SE BRT should all have them too.
  14. General BRT discussion

    You gotta keep in mind that the 301 is so successful because for much of North Central Calgary, the 301 is essentially their equivalent of an LRT line. The thing with the 302 and the deep SE area in general is that almost all the feeder buses there feed into the Red line LRT. During the off-peak/weekends, people have the choice of the 302 every 26 mins or the Red line every 10 mins. The Red line also isn't as packed during the off-peak. Unless you're living within walking distance to a 302 stop, having to rely on a good connection between your feeder bus and the 302 means that the train will be a safer transfer for most people. I'm just making a guess here but the fact that they decided to go from a 30 minute to 26 minute frequency indicates that transfers to/from the 302 isn't a very big priority. You could argue that they could increase the off-peak frequencies but then I think a lot of buses would be quite empty. Since much of the route is through the industrial areas means ridership isn't going to be very high outside of commuting times. With the addition of the South Crosstown BRT, I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually see more buses feeding into the Douglasglen terminal to encourage connections to that service.
  15. General BRT discussion

    It's great to hear that this is the case! Along with your comment from the bus pullout thread about there being a big change up coming in 2018, it has me excited for what's in store. Outside of the 301, our existing BRT service is kind of disappointing in many ways: The 302 does well during the peak (enough to warrant artics) but then ridership drops off so heavily during the off-peak that only shuttle buses are warranted. Not exactly a great display of what the future Green line can be. The 305 has slowly seen decreasing headways and service hours. The main flaw with the 305 is its redundancy with the Route 1. They follow almost the exact same route (except at the ends) and the 305 only ever skips 1-3 stops so the time savings isn't very huge. I've been taking the 305 since it was created in 2008 and it's very evident that most people tend to take the bus that comes first. It's a game of leap-bus every day between the 1 and 305s. The current 306 is essentially one chunk of the South Crosstown but headways today aren't that great and there is also some redundancy between a few local routes like the 20 or 72/73 which come much more frequently than the 306. The plan is for 10 minute peak service for the South Crosstown. Apparently, such headways aren't warranted today and just extending the route down to Douglasdale isn't going to magically attract ridership all of a sudden so there's going to have to be changes made for it to work. Overall, it'll be interesting to see what kind of changes are in the works to encourage better use of the BRT's over local routes. The fact that we're getting "stations" built with things like real time displays should help with making them stand out more than just a regular bus. The 17 Ave SE BRT is getting its own dedicated transitway, the first of its kind in the city, which should help give it more of an LRT feel. Advertising and branding can play a crucial role in getting more people aware of these upcoming services. Our primary system map (like the ones you find on the train) should include the two LRT lines as well as the BRT routes and their transfer points.