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  1. I think they've somehow made the transitway light timing worse at 26th and 28th St SE recently. Those two intersections used to be in sync such that in both directions, after you cross the first intersection, stop at 26th St Station, then pull up to the second intersection, it's not too long of a wait. Lately, i've notice that going east, the wait for the 28th St light is much longer than before. Meanwhile, going westbound, the timing for the 26th St light seems to be a lot tighter. If more than 2-3 people need to be picked up or the driver is slow to pull up to the intersection, the bus is more likely to miss its turn. The exception is when there is an eastbound bus that has already triggered the signal, in that case, the westbound bus is able to sneak in with a few seconds to spare. To be fair, the timing before wasn't exactly the best either and there's the occasional times currently where it seems to be faster. I'm just kind of shocked that almost a year since launch, they still can't get the timing right for these intersections. Crazy considering we're set to launch the second transitway in the city soon.
  2. Fortunately for me, none of my regular routes got hit. However, it's definitely gonna suck for people that actively use transit on weekends, particularly those working late shifts. It's strange that they posted the changes without enabling the new schedules; it would be nice to take a deeper look at some of these changes. I still think they had an opportunity to optimize a lot of weekday trips rather than go straight for the weekend cuts. I've had a chance to take a few off-peak weekday trips for the past two weeks and there's definitely times where they could easily cut certain trips. Of course, summer ridership isn't indicative of regular ridership during the school year, but there's definitely routes that have a bit too much service at certain times of day.
  3. Looks like the 147 is on detour this morning. 50th Ave is where the actual derailment was. They must've decoupled the train enough to unblock 36th St SE and Peigan Trail for this morning.
  4. Pretty crazy detour for the 58 this evening due to a CN Rail train derailment at 50th Ave near 25th St SE. It must be blocking the tracks at 36th St as well. https://twitter.com/calgarytransit/status/1156389256073490433?s=20
  5. Good timing since the Fall schedule usually starts up around that time anyway. Although I wonder how many of the changes were already going to happen versus ones that are directly a result of the budget cuts.
  6. Interesting that they mention off peak hours in particular. We've seen it happen with the 1 already. I suspect other busy routes will see similar cuts if they're currently in the 10-20 minutes off-peak range. E.g. 15 to 20, 20 to 25-30. I really hope feeder buses arent hit too hard. 30 mins really should be the bare minimum. When you get higher than that, transit really becomes an inconvenience especially if you're dealing with transfers.
  7. I guess I was also thinking that they bump the frequency of the 68 to 40 minutes. - For the industrial area, I really think we would be better off with similar routes to the old 409 versus the new grid routes. Sure, the grid allowed them to service new areas east of 52nd St but the overall service in that area has probably decreased significantly given that a few industrial routes have very limited evening and/or weekend service. Let's use the 147 for example. 50th Ave on its own is pretty dead. Back when the old 23 was running, 50th Ave still had decent service including late night and weekends. Not because 50th Ave is a big destination itself but because it connected to big destinations on both ends. Now that we have a bus solely dedicated to serving 50th Ave, the lack of ridership is a lot more apparent. Perhaps that level service on 50th Ave isn't warranted, but the old 23 did allow for decent service without them really needing to go out of their way to do so. I think the same applies for some of the other routes as well. On their own, ridership is low, but if you can find a good way to combine them, the busier areas help to offset some of the less busier areas while still making it possible to provide service to the less busier areas. Edit: Perhaps 50th Ave was a bad example. After staring at a map, I remembered how much of 50th Ave the old 23 didn't actually cover.
  8. I won't comment on routes I don't use or frequently see on a regular basis but a few cuts I could suggest are: Remove 440, extend 68 and force transfers to MP 17th Ave SE really doesn't need 4 routes running on it You technically have better connections with the various routes crossing 68th St which all connect to the Blue line Trim the 135 during peak hours (either service span and/or frequency) Service in Erin Woods is honestly a bit overkill and the 43 already covers service on 36th St 58 to 17th Ave is maybe only a few minutes slower than the 135 Trim east leg of 155 Maybe it's busier in other parts of the route but this bus is almost always empty whenever I see one on 17th Ave Trim peak hour end times for 1 and MP Ridership tends to drop off quite a bit after 6pm, we really don't need the 12 minute frequency continuing for another hour If they wanted to be really aggressive, trim down peak frequency for both routes to 15 minutes. Average wait if they space out the 1 with the MP and 305 is still 7-8 minutes Trim frequency of 42 and 49 Every 10-12 minutes during peak for both directions and every 20 minutes all-day for much of the day including weekends is a bit much It's never really that busy aside from school start/end times Obviously, having to cut service is not ideal but there are some routes with excessive service span or frequency here and there. If you scale this across the city, making the smaller cuts does add up a bit. Of course, it's always easier to put the frequent mainline services up on the chopping block first so they tend to do that first.
  9. Luckily, Stampede is over. Unfortunately, the construction this weekend which has EB 9th Ave closed between 3rd and 4th St SE isn't doing the 1/MP any favors.
  10. There's really two main types of fare evaders: Those who don't have the means to pay and are typically the ones who pose a safety concern Those who absolutely have the means to pay but choose not to because they can so often get away with it; not the most honest people but these generally won't pose a safety concern Ideally, we would have the resources to capture both types. Given that's often not the case, depending on your goal, you really have to shift your focus to one of the two.
  11. I guess some some of the recent frequency cuts may be here to stay, or perhaps may get worse.
  12. Hah, i'd love to see them take over the SE. I've only gotten to ride one of them once. 😐
  13. Ah, good to know, thanks!
  14. Shortage of artics today? Only 1 of 4 artic blocks on MP as well.
  15. I'm about to get on a 1 in 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure that sign has been up for a while on the station pole despite the 1 not using the platform. I feel like the Twitter is wrong unless they randomly "fixed" things overnight. Edit: Can confirm the station signage has the 1 on it. Can also confirm the 1 most definitely picked me up curbside. Two takeaways here, as has been discussed numerous times on this board, take these kind of responses from Twitter with a grain of salt. Also, if they ever make this change, it would probably wouldn't be midweek and would be officially posted beforehand.
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