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  1. http://www.philadelphiatransitvehicles.info/Current_fleet_Assignments.php Look at Frankford and Callowhill routes. That page hasn't been updated since July so it is off, many more have retired since. Frankford has the most at the moment, so you would likely find them on routes in the Northeast out of Frankford Transportation Center, Arrott Terminal, ect. Use the Septa app or realtime.septa.org to track routes, then you can click on each bus to see the vehicle number. Also use this tracker to see where all 2001-2002 D40LF's are: Link
  2. The D60HF's are my favorite buses in Seattle. The M11 in them is so loud, I love it! I was recently in Seattle and rode 2557 on the 8 and some of the hills near downtown brought the bus to a crawl. The same with the D40LF's and hills. I also like them, am a fan of Voith in New Flyer's.
  3. I was just in Seattle two weeks ago and looked for them in Everett but did not see them.
  4. Are B0106-0107 still running?
  5. MCI turning in Oakland by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  6. Panhandle Train by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  7. 3065 in the snow by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  8. RIP, the DD50 powered Neoplan AN460's retired Friday. My last ride was Thursday, but saw 2 on Friday including missing riding one because I was on the other side of the street. Last remaining Neoplan's are the Metroliner's and 3100 Series AN460's with DD60: 2nd oldest bus Port Authority in Pittsburgh operates by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  9. There are a few differences like a slightly larger rear destination sign and an altered braking system that is easier to work on and increases stopping ability (says people on Facebook). Both the 32 and 33's have the same front face.
  10. Yes, the same gold, blue, and red as the previous 2012's. Here is my photo from today of a blue 3300:
  11. 5907 on the 16 by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  12. Blue Line at I-485 Station by jayayess1190, on Flickr Blue Line at 7th Street by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  13. Cromwell bound LRT in Baltimore by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  14. Maryland MTA New Flyer Xcelsior Hybrid from above by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  15. 839 Four Car Silverliner V's at Fern Rock by jayayess1190, on Flickr
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