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  1. CN7066

    CN Locos

    Dear god, no. Noisy and cramped.
  2. CN7066

    CN Locos

    Me and that crew beg to differ.
  3. Britannia Beach on the Squamish Sub. http://youtu.be/u5t55aLabF0
  4. Don't go to Renfrew St crossing, trains are few and far between there.
  5. CN7066

    CN Locos

    GTW SD40-2 5934, a former UP unit waiting at Brunswick for the Rocky Mountaineer.
  6. CN7066

    CN Locos

    The remote's horn cannot be sounded from the lead.
  7. CN7066

    CN Locos

    They got a more extensive rebuild than the second hand GE's. I would rather have them than the SD40-2's. Especially during the summer as they have working A/C. Thundercabs are go. An SD70M-2 makes a rare appearance on the 546. Waiting at Brunswick for the passenger RMR 8014 north.
  8. CN7066

    CN Locos

    Train 546 on different days. 1) at Squamish, and (2-4) at Brunswick waiting for the RMR.
  9. CN7066

    CN Locos

    They seem to be wandering the system now, we've lost them all off the former BC Rail with 2.2% grades where we could really use them. We're back to mostly crappy old DC power.
  10. Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway in 2001, only 6 months before they stopped running to Port Alberni.
  11. CN7066

    CN Locos

    Good, hopefully that's where they'll stay. We don't need anymore EMD junk out here!
  12. CN7066

    CN RTC Toronto

    Cascade sub RTC is CP. Trains on CP track talk to CP RTC and trains on CN track talk to CN RTC.
  13. CN7066

    CN Locos

    Great...more junk.
  14. One of those two buses was used in the PNE pyro show in 2011.
  15. CN7066

    CN Locos

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/13252585@N05/9342527287/ Southbound on the Squamish Sub along the Cheakamus river near Squamish.
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