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  1. It may have been in the Anne Golden report or some related article, but yes. AD2W on Richmond Hill by 2016 & through the other lines until Kitchener last in 2023. Found the link: http://stevemunro.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Project-Costing-Jan-13-2014.pdf
  2. Really not liking the new colours on the double deckers or the trains at all! On the regular buses it's ok though
  3. Wasn't the plan for Kitchener all along to start with 2 trains each way and then eventually grow to 4 or more in the coming years as ridership grew? Also, while the work being done in the corridor through Toronto at present is necessary, there's more to be done through Brampton especially before AD2W is possible even as far as Mount Pleasant, let alone Kitchener. Believe me, I would love to see more service ASAP or even by next summer when all they are doing now is supposed to be done, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. This is a burr under my saddle as well. Metrolinx still hasn't pinned down exactly what kind of Go Train service the Kitchener corridor will see as of Opening Day 2015 except to say about 10 more trips added to what we have now. There is a bottleneck at the 401/409 tunnel which has just gone to design stage for widening. Then there are still issues with the corridor north of the UPX branch off which have to be addressed before "all day 2 way Union-Mount Pleasant" service can be implemented. I read somewhere in the recent past about 2018 as a general date for more potential service. Now there's a report that full service is coming around 2023 but some effort was involved in seeing that report. It wasn't very well publicized. Long story short, there may not be a need to lay a fourth track right now.
  5. The TTC uses a company called NextBus, among others, that gives real time GPS based arrival times at the stop nearest to you and it's accurate pretty much all the time, even distinguishing between branches of the same routes (I use the 32 Eg. which has 5 different branches). I think Brampton (and all of the other municipal agencies, for that matter) could do worse than have them come in and set their systems up with the NextBus platform, including their back room & computer systems. It's off the shelf and more or less ready to go for any transit system. St. Thomas, Thunder Bay & Guelph also use them in Ontario, as well as numerous agencies across North America, including NY's MTA. I find it very annoying using BT's system because you either have to know your bus stop # or you have to go to the bus stop to get the #. I actually showed a couple of staffers a little about how NextBus works on my cell (iPhone) and they seemed genuinely impressed. Even at Brampton City Hall, where we were (I was there to see a future routes pic presentation), NextBus gave me arrival times for the TTC's route 58 at a stop in Malton. Somewhere near Airport & Morningside, which would have been the closest TTC stop to our location. The reps told me that their GPS info is open to anyone who wants it, but they don't pursue specific entities to use it. With NextBus, Brampton Transit would have to go to them & there would be some cost involved. I would have no idea how much, but I'm sure it would be worth it to BT to at least ask some questions. But NextBus is far better than anything BT has now & having one system across the GTA obviously has its advantages. Maybe even Metrolinx could be the party that goes to Nextbus on behalf of any & all interested municipal transit agencies. JMHO anyway.
  6. It may not be possible to do a bus-only left turn lane at Hurontario north to Steeles west. Those double turn lanes were put in long ago because traffic levels were too high. At Bramalea, those lanes were introduced just after the 501 expanding single lane to double lane. Just have to grin and bear it for now. I agree the left turn on to Main is brutal. Improving that light would help immensely. But, hopefully within a few years, these will all become moot points with the Hurontario Main LRT!!
  7. As for why they are moving those routes out, there may be new west Brampton routes coming in serving the new residential areas between Chinguacousy & Mississauga Rds, including an extension of the 501 west & north to Mount Pleasant. Spoke to a rep at an open house recently. Nothing concrete yet (as of then), but possible plans in the works. Also, I think BT could get away with turning Nelson St from Main to George into a transit-only or no-car zone/mall, adding space that is much-needed and making it easier for buses to get in and out of the terminal. Just my thoughts
  8. Yes the 502 runs straight down Main. Even the Zum stations at the Downtown Terminal are on Main street under the Go rail bridge, not in the terminal itself
  9. In downtown Four Corners, it will be what it will have to be. Parking shouldn't be an issue as there is plenty of off street and sheltered/underground parking all over the place down there with special deals attached like first hour free and free after 5pm. I've seen people complain about losing their on street parking but they really shouldn't. What I have heard and read is the stretch between Nanwood at the Etobicoke Creek bridge and Wellington is the issue as people don't want the LRT shoehorned in or to share traffic lanes with trains etc.
  10. Agreed. I personally wouldn't mind if they did the dedicated lanes from Nanwood up to Wellington and then a one way loop on Wellington, George & Nelson back to Main, converting Nelson from George to Main into a transit-only mall. I can remember when that stretch on Main St. was only 3 lanes wide-and the complaints when it was pushed it to 4.
  11. Fennell's issue with the LRT is it's alignment north of Steeles Ave. Actually north of Nanwood (for those of you who know Brampton a bit). Main St. goes down to a narrow 4 lanes and some people question how the LRT is gonna fit because it would have to be shoehorned in i.e. mixed traffic, 2 dedicated lanes LRT-2 lanes traffic or appropriating property to widen the road through what is a designated heritage district. Also, her suggestion of running Zum to Port Credit was made in response to Metrolinx's continued hedging on what kind of Go train service Brampton is going to get once the UPX work is done in 2015. She wants a direct connection to the Lakeshore Go trains which are about to go 30 minute frequencies all day every day. I'm not in favour of her views btw, just clarifying a bit. On another note, if they were gonna use BRT north of Sq One, it would have to be full BRT with full dedicated lanes. Between Steeles & Sq One there are two express routes (502 Zum, which BT may soon be expanding to all 60' artics pending arrival of new vehicles, & 103 MiExpress) + 2 local routes (2 Main south to Hwy 407 & 19 MiLocal with its 3-4 branch routes). Imho, Hurontario is more than ready for full LRT from downtown Brampton right through to Port Credit.
  12. Metrolinx did mention a "doubling" of current service as recently as the round tables they held earlier this year. I don't think 2 more trains a day is enough. Just back-of-a-napkin speculation on my part, but at the very least, there should be 1-2 round trips around the lunch hour/early afternoon, as well as at least hourly service to Union during the afternoon rush (3-6pm) and a handful of trains up to Brampton during the evenings (up to at least 10-10:30pm). That's 10-12 trips per day! And no morning reverse or weekend considerations yet which there should be.
  13. On the Kitchener line, the infrastructure north of where the UPX branches off to the airport is already ready for 4 tracks as far as Bramalea Go, with the exception of the bottleneck at the 401 tunnel. Maybe some one knows more than me why that wasn't upgraded, especially during the recent 401 construction that just happened in the area. And Go does own the track up to again, Bramalea Go on the Halton Sub. North of Bramalea Go Station, infrastructure is in place for three tracks as far as Mount Pleasant, except around downtown Brampton & Brampton Go, which is double tracked and the Go station recently upgraded to double platform. So they could conceivably go with something approaching full service at least as far as Bramalea, with better-than-now, if somewhat more limited service to Mount Pleasant as of 2015. But surely they can do better than just a few extra trips.
  14. Glad to see that somewhere some one is getting more trains. At the same time it's disheartening to constantly hear all day two way plans for the Kitchener line (as far as Brampton at least) continue to be scaled back, now down to "a few extra trips". As I sat in traffic on my way into - I repeat into! - downtown TO last Wednesday afternoon sitting on the train-bus for an hour plus, I couldn't help but look wistfully out a window, pondering a 40 minute commute by train and wondering if we'll ever get to that level of service at that time of day. I saw a tongue-in-cheek post the other day about some one heading out to Cooksville stn at 9am on a Friday waiting for a train into TO (that would not be appearing until the following Monday). At least from Cooksville, it's a quick bus trip down to Port Credit for a train that would actually be coming. For all the investment (over $1 billion) being made in the Georgetown South Project - and I get that the UPX (ARL) is an important factor in that - shouldn't Brampton commuters also be expecting a little more of a benefit than "a few extra trains"? Like an hourly train throughout the day? Or even 1 train running back and forth from Union to Mount Pleasant or even Bramalea? Is that really too much to ask?
  15. General question: TTC now uses Nextbus.com (among other bus tracking GPS sites and apps) to allow passengers to track up-to-the-minute bus and streetcar arrivals at their location. No bus stop #s needed or numbers to call or text. Simply allow the application to see where you are and when the next few buses are arriving at your location in real time, and on all routes. Other Ontario communities like Guelph and Thunder Bay also use this site. Do Brampton Transit (or any other GTA municipal transit agency for that matter) have plans to go to this format as well? Or is BT going to keep trying with their relatively primitive Next Ride system, which requires knowledge of specific bus stop #s etc? (Especially annoying when bus stop #s are not posted or when one is somewhere warm on a cold day and has to make their way to a bus stop just to get that #)
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