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  1. Prince Albert Northern's Unit 173!
  2. Prince Albert Northern: Unit 172 caught in Saskatoon at Confederation Mall. Unit 171 called in to Saskatoon from Prince Albert to help with their mine contract at Vanscoy Agrium, Agrium has only seen 171 once so far lol. Feel free to use the images however you like.
  3. Prince Albert Northern has another brand new Prevost unit 171!! I wasn't quick enough enough to get a picture of it.
  4. http://www.facebook.com/SaskatoonTransit hey everyone, if you have facebook and wanna see a page im still working on for Saskatoon, click link and like
  5. those flyer artics from Ottawa are awesome to drive! in the winter time does the rear ends swing out? or are they safe like the novas?
  6. i think the artics are being renumbered like xcelsior said earlier in a post on this page, since the novas are 97's the numbers seem to be ok with us, as artic 6166 wasnt, so it was renumbered 0210.
  7. wow, good picture, can i take it? heres some pictures of a few of the novas from oc transpo, note i seen 9735 is also painted and sits inside saskatoon transit garage. the artic is ex oc transpo 6166 renumbered to 0210 at the brier.
  8. 5 more flyer artics! wow thats awesome, where they are gonna store them is another story lol yeah they like to number them after the year of the bus, so you have a pretty good idea of how things are done here.
  9. as far as i know i only hear of us getting smaller brand new buses, the city is saving money right now with used buses we recieved from OC transpo, the buses from oc appear to be still in really good condition versus the ones we got from montreal, our fishbowls should be around awhile longer.
  10. i drove ex oc 6166 at the brier, does it ever drive really nice! the interior lights are really bright compared to our nova artics, its numbered 0210 by the way
  11. i miss thoses d40 flyers, my favorite one was 733
  12. yeah no kidding heh, im thinking at least it doesnt look like tentacles grabbing it at the rear like some of reginas novas lol
  13. i hope it makes it for the brier, i might get a chance to drive it!
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