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  1. Peterborough Transit

    This is another example of the utter incompetence of jones (who when attending his first transit meeting said he wasn't going to be like Jim Kimble). Originally it was slatted to come with the 2016-17 budget then the 2017-18 budget now it's 2018-19. I really don't know how he's manage to keep his job given the level of incompetence and laziness he's shown. Letting managers and supervisors get full pay yet only have to work 4 hour days has probably wasted 10s of $1000 if not it to the 100s And agreed about the stupidity of not having the community bus route planned out well before the vehicle arrived. That's utterly indefensible given it's been in the works for at least 2 years. jones must go.
  2. Peterborough Transit

    Does this mean the transit manager had to get off his butt and actually do something for once?
  3. Air Canada

    Big step up from the Embraers to the 787-9s. Though surprised they didn't look to other jets in the fleet before added a few extra short cycles to the -9s.(a model that next year will start one of the longest non-stop trips in the world - Perth (Aus) to London (U.K).
  4. Peterborough Transit

    Looks like a lot of people might get pissed off then. Its now up on the examiner website. http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2017/10/20/peterborough-transit-drivers-could-go-on-strike-oct-29
  5. Peterborough Transit

    anyone else heard of possible strike action by Transit drivers due the city not coming up with a new pay deal?
  6. Peterborough Transit

    the ARBOCs can be found here http://www.creativecarriage.com/product.php?prodid=56 They list 4 modems but 3 of them would come under the heading of the "12 passenger van types". they are also low floor/flip out ramp like the old ELF handivans which weren't exactly anyone's favourites. Not sure if the city would been keen to revisit that style again.
  7. Peterborough Transit

    Don't hold your breath. The community bus is arriving soon but not going into service for a while yet. have heard a rumor that transit management hasn't finished all the planning even though the thing is several years late (like almost everything else under the current top management).
  8. Peterborough Transit

    Seems the oldest vans in the fleet will be going in the near future and replaced by new ones. No increase in capacity - simply replacing the old with the new.
  9. Peterborough Transit

    Speaking of buses going to the scrappers, going past the works yard on the weekend noticed one the handivans sittings there without any Peterborough Transit decals. Friends who use the van service haven't heard of any units being delivered (new vans had been rumoured/promised for 3 years now) so does that mean the vehicle in question is going?
  10. Peterborough Transit

    Talking to a few drivers and they seem to like what they've seen so far and think he's going to give things a much needed shake up. Have heard that under Noakes the supervisors were getting fulltime pay for part time work (doing 4 hours a day) and had gotten quite comfortable with that arrangement. Having to work full time to earn their pay check isn't sitting too well.
  11. Peterborough Transit

    Seems the new replacement for Gary Noakes is shaking things up already. He's implemented a system where supervisors are now having work rotating weekends and split shifts and it's not sitting well with some. One supervisors who's been with transit for many years has handed in their notice. Sounds like this guy could be just the broom Peterborough transit needs.
  12. Peterborough Transit

    Guess you could turn off High Street at the entrance where the Monaghan comes in and then back out where there the lights are (I guess you could call it the Keg Entrance). It be looping a bit but only a few dozen metres. Don't know if there would be enough slack in the timetable to allow it though. Major Bennett is quiet passenger wise but it's still got distance.
  13. Peterborough Transit

    That seems to be trend now for the long weekends in summer. Lansdowne Street goes from mad to totally nuts and it throws things off with the buses. Then again Thursday wasn't much better. Wonder how viable a direct shuttle would be for Lansdowne Place. Most people to the mall seem to get off a the stop outside Sears on Monaghan Rd then back on at the food court stop with seemingly little in between. There's also the Lansdowne and Major Bennett buses which go past. In theory the later could be utilized for mall shoppers but practicality is another matter.
  14. Peterborough Transit

    Vassilidais might want it in place but whether Jones can deliver is another question. I'm waiting to see if the low income earners ticket makes it into the budget for 2018. Jones didn't have the documentation etc. ready in time for it go when council was doing the budget for 2017 so it didn't start this year. Given what I've heard on another transit matter involving documentation that's coming up on 12 months late I'm not going to hold my breath.
  15. Air Canada

    next time she's up for a major check (C Check?) they'll probably send to the Arizona boneyard prior to be turned into scrap. Though in terms of years she's not much older than the ex-QANTAS 767s WestJet bought but I guess it comes down to the cycles.