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  1. This is the biggy. Doesn't matter if people only have to pay $1 a ride, people won't want to ride on transit if the bus/train/tram never rocks up or the the routes are long so it takes 3x as long on transit as hopping in the car.
  2. Transit has either series management issue or a major shortage of drivers going by the number of recent cancel trips for "operational reasons" especially on the weekends. The 11/11A out to Trent seems to the hardest hit over the past week.
  3. Looks like at least one of the new batch is in service. 8121 was out this morning. Will be easy to tell the new buses - they have a white destination display instead of the orange. Council voted the final approval this week for the purchase of new ticket machines for the new buses though two of them were getting machines from older buses.
  4. I have seen that one around but either my eyes are getting worse or it's a different bus - the blue was lighter and I didn't see the pictures of the first responders.
  5. lease or livery change? (and maybe should have gotten a photo) Out yesterday and saw bus with the number 4808. the number was on the front window instead of the over the door and the bus was in a blue and white livery instead of the usual green though it had decals saying "Peterborough Transit". Checked the wiki but it doesn't seem to have been updated in a while and there is currently a bus 48 and it arrived in 2008.
  6. Peterborough Transit is getting 14 new buses this month but they won't be in service until next year because the city lacks the fareboxes for them. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/council/2021/09/02/587059-price-tag-to-install-electronic-fare-boxes-smartphone-system-in-14-peterborough-transit-buses.html Would have thought they would have been factored into the cost so they could be ordered for when the new buses arrive. Instead council will vote on the purchase Tuesday night. SCity staff recommends a no-bid contract from the vendor who's supplied the current units. The order will be for 12 fare boxes as 2 will come from buses that are being retired (one might be the bus that was t-boned a couple of months back and mentioned up thread).
  7. the city has formally announced the September changes. As noted above the Chemong will now terminate at Portage Place instead of going to Trent and the New 11 route is a Trent Express. https://www.peterborough.ca/en/news/september-transit-route-adjustments.aspx https://www.peterborough.ca/en/city-services/transit-routes-and-schedules-sept-2021.aspx There have also been other adjustments to various runs either in the scheduling or the routes to account for the changes to Chemong and the new 11 (Water) route.
  8. There was a similar map released a few weeks back when the proposal for going to a complete grid system (was in The Examiner article) and that maps looks pretty similar. Still protecting the community bus routes by not having either Lansdowne Place or Wal-Mart directly services by a route bus either when the former isn't the most effective route for people who've been shopping.
  9. I'm not sure I'd have put Keith Riel down as a pro-car but the point is valid. When they changed the bus routes to the current system the comment was made they didn't want to make any changes before April this year because students planning on going to Trent and Flemming would have planned their accommodation based on the bus routes as they were at the time (think it was our oh so wonderful mayor who uttered those words). Never mind that that Trent and Flemming didn't have in person classes starting last September. My comment in here at the time was they could have just put the Trent & Flemming express services back on the road and not send so many of the regular routes to those locations. Unfortunately I can only vote against 2 of the 3 architects of the current mess at the next municipal elections.
  10. A proposal for a full grid system went before Peterborough City Council on Monday night but was rejected because it would cost an extra $3.2mil to run. The extra costs would be operational as the consultants believed it could be run using the existing 50 bus fleet. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/council/2021/07/12/plan-to-spend-32m-more-annually-for-a-grid-system-for-peterborough-transit-rejected-by-city-council.html?rf https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/council/2021/07/08/grid-system-recommended-for-peterborough-transit.html https://www.scribd.com/document/515066395/Peterborough-Transit-Route-Review-Study-Recommendations#from_embed As a result the city has to decide which way to jump and stick with the current hybrid system (which 30% of riders says doesn't work for them) or revert back to the old radial system. However as the changes weren't planned to come into effect until next April, the current system will remain in place.
  11. Looks like Peterborough Transit will be down a Nova (one of the 2017 deliveries) for quite some time after it was T-boned this morning. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/peterborough-region/2021/04/21/photos-van-peterborough-transit-bus-collide.html Don't know enough about bus construction as to whether it will be viable to repair or the bus will be written off. For example how likely is there to be damage or twisting to the chassis (which is often a death sentence for vehicles).
  12. yeah - they started with the quarantine hotels concept long before we did so they've tightly controlled the numbers of Australians returning home at a given point in time. The husband of a friend of my mother has been trying to return to Australia from the U.K (was working there) for close on a year.
  13. Marc

    Boeing 737 MAX

    DoJ have completed their investigation in the 737-MAX. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01...ce-department-747-max-deadly-crashes/13041586 the company is going to be $US2.5billion out of pocket in fines and compensation. the criminal penalty for their actions is $US243Mil, $1.8Bil will go as compensation to the airlines who had to ground their planes and the families of the crash victims will share in $US500mil. They are also party to a deferred prosecution agreement which will last for 3 years relating to the 1 count of attempting to defraud the United States relating to lying to the FAA about the systems on the Max. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/07/boeing-settles-criminal-charge-737-max-456092
  14. Marc


    Westjet has dropped the 763's from it's fleet and will be selling them to Amazon (who are also purchasing the some from Delta). https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/amazon-westjet-1.5861635
  15. Marc


    WestJet has announced it's cutting services to Atlantic Canada which will see roughly 100 flights a week cancelled. Some routes are being halted indefinitely, others are being scaled back. Service between Toronto and Quebec City is also being reduced. https://www.thestar.com/business/2020/10/14/canadian-press-newsalert-westjet-cutting-flights-to-atlantic-canada.html
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