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  1. Peterborough Transit

    As to wheelchairs on the community bus, have heard that one person went to it but couldn't because his electric wheelchair wouldn't fit.
  2. Peterborough Transit

    talking with one of the van drivers and while the vehicle might have two wheelchair spaces by design, in the use it be effectively one space otherwise nobody will be able to get through. Oh and when they showed the bus on the news tonight - didn't appear to have any wheelchairs on board to show how they go,
  3. Peterborough Transit

    But not when you're the cutting out the hospital. Sure cutting one service would be reasonable but not both. I'm not disabled but I have used transit to get the hospital main entrance on occasions but glad I'm within walking distance. yeah if the community bus is on time and you're there when the services leave at 20 past the hour. I've had a look at the transit website and if they mention the route changes it's buried pretty deep - not under transit news or the section about the community bus. They should also remove to section about the federal tax credit since that ended last july (thanks justin & bill)
  4. Peterborough Transit

    And that's going to piss a lot of people off. Same as the Jackson Creek won't be going to in Hedonics while the community bus. I know of two person who are both visually impaired that will be directly impacted by this. The community bus is useless for them because it doesn't go to the bus station and getting the jackson creek becomes harder. Way to go Peterborough Transit. You're supposed to move forward with accessibility not go backwards.
  5. Peterborough Transit

    Then perhaps they should have scrapped the whole idea rather than spending the money on an unsuitable vehicle.
  6. Peterborough Transit

    Look at some pictures it pretty much confirms the rumours. It will only take two wheelchairs and if you've got two (there were supposed to be four) onboard it will be hard to for people to get by. Heads need to roll at transit for this stuff up.
  7. Peterborough Transit

    well there other terms but I think they would violate forum rules
  8. Peterborough Transit

    heard it was sitting outside last week and still hasn't had the Peterborough Transit decals etc added and yes was described as an overblown handivan.
  9. Peterborough Transit

    beat me to the punch or should that be post? Extra handivan will be good, fixing the inefficiencies and incompetence in the van office and management would improve things even more. I like the 20min peak services (it's good when I go out for the shopping) but will be interesting to see which routes get them this time around. Though jones would be in on the announcement today but seems to have been strangely absent (it was Vassiliadis who was interviewed by Chex).
  10. Peterborough Transit

    I know it would count as hearsay, but from a handi-van driver via a couple of friends who are wheelchair users, the bus purchased for the community bus only has 2 not 4 (as was the expectation) wheelchair spaces and if you have a couple of larger chairs onboard, anyone who uses a walker won't be able to get through. what an utter cluster flap.
  11. Peterborough Transit

    The city now has a survey monkey survey up to get people's views and showing two possible routes. $deity almighty - what a complete screw up. The proposed routes are trying to be everything to everyone with the result being a long and windy route. The first route option might not to the bus station but goes right down George Street to King Street. Think at the end of the day people will either book a van or take a regular bus route. Feel sorry for the new operations manager as he's somehow gotta make a silk purse out of kevin jones sow's ear.
  12. Peterborough Transit

    yep- for doing things that help riders and improve efficiency but not following their tablets a Peterborough Handi-van driver can be fired (and I have personally heard drivers state this). I don't think any have been terminated but there threat has been made. I can't say much in a public forum but less just say I'm yet to hear a positive thing say about the guy who oversees handi-van operations but if he left tomorrow, nobody would shed any tears.
  13. Peterborough Transit

    From what I've heard from some-one reasonable high up, the community bus is going to be concentrated around the lansdowne street corridor and I don't believe it will becoming intot he bus station (which would sort of defeat the purpose). Still think despite the efforts of others, this is going to be another kevin jones clusterflap. think the money that is spent on the community bus perhaps should he been allocated to addressing the existing problems. For example the community bus is supposed to alleviate issues with the demand for the handi-van service except if the van service was run more efficiently. Staff in the van office are still not doing bookings properly. I know of a recent book where 3 people were going from the same location to the same destination after event. instead of combining them together on trip, two were book so the driver was scheduled to pickup one person, drop them off, return and pick up the other two in lousy winter weather. I don't know if it's the software not allowing editting/combing of bookings or the staff just can't be bothered doing things properly. VAn drivers who radio asking if they can take an rider who they can drop off along the way saving another van from picking them up are often told no (by one van office staffer in particular) and if they do it anyway they at risk of being fired.
  14. Peterborough Transit

    Was downtown this afternoon when two buses went out - one was displaying "Wal-Mart", the other "Lansdowne place which I assume are extra bus services for the busy Xmas shopping period but has their actually been any announcements on these services and the routers they take. they also went out a couple of minutes before the regular services which were running late.
  15. Peterborough Transit

    Yet another recommendation from the transit review (lead by jones) that was supposed to have been done years ago. No wonder he was a consultant - the man can talk the talk but sure as chickens lay eggs can't walk the walk. The trasnit review was completed 5 - 6 years, jones has been transit manager for at least 3 years and other than holiday services I'd be hard pressed to think of anything else that's been implemented.