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  1. Marc

    Peterborough Transit

    What are they doing on stops that serve both regular transit routes and Trent or Flemming services or is just where a stop might be mistake for a regular transit when it's only served by a Trent or Flemming bus?
  2. Marc

    Peterborough Transit

    they'd better get in quick while the provnice is handing out the money. If ford cuts the gas tax that's a lot of money for transit that's not going to flow to municipalities.
  3. Marc

    Peterborough Transit

    in a case of praise be to $deity, there's movement on the transit app front but there won't be anything on our devices until March next year. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news-story/8629752-city-set-to-offer-new-transit-app-for-peterborough-bus-riders/ Seems city staff spent 2 years researching on the different types of apps that could be used here but I doubt there was any sort of hurry-up from the transit management.
  4. Marc

    Peterborough Transit

    Are there still major mechincal issues with some of the buses given the frequency of delays due to bus problems?