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  1. Peterborough Transit

    I know it would count as hearsay, but from a handi-van driver via a couple of friends who are wheelchair users, the bus purchased for the community bus only has 2 not 4 (as was the expectation) wheelchair spaces and if you have a couple of larger chairs onboard, anyone who uses a walker won't be able to get through. what an utter cluster flap.
  2. Peterborough Transit

    The city now has a survey monkey survey up to get people's views and showing two possible routes. $deity almighty - what a complete screw up. The proposed routes are trying to be everything to everyone with the result being a long and windy route. The first route option might not to the bus station but goes right down George Street to King Street. Think at the end of the day people will either book a van or take a regular bus route. Feel sorry for the new operations manager as he's somehow gotta make a silk purse out of kevin jones sow's ear.
  3. Peterborough Transit

    yep- for doing things that help riders and improve efficiency but not following their tablets a Peterborough Handi-van driver can be fired (and I have personally heard drivers state this). I don't think any have been terminated but there threat has been made. I can't say much in a public forum but less just say I'm yet to hear a positive thing say about the guy who oversees handi-van operations but if he left tomorrow, nobody would shed any tears.
  4. Peterborough Transit

    From what I've heard from some-one reasonable high up, the community bus is going to be concentrated around the lansdowne street corridor and I don't believe it will becoming intot he bus station (which would sort of defeat the purpose). Still think despite the efforts of others, this is going to be another kevin jones clusterflap. think the money that is spent on the community bus perhaps should he been allocated to addressing the existing problems. For example the community bus is supposed to alleviate issues with the demand for the handi-van service except if the van service was run more efficiently. Staff in the van office are still not doing bookings properly. I know of a recent book where 3 people were going from the same location to the same destination after event. instead of combining them together on trip, two were book so the driver was scheduled to pickup one person, drop them off, return and pick up the other two in lousy winter weather. I don't know if it's the software not allowing editting/combing of bookings or the staff just can't be bothered doing things properly. VAn drivers who radio asking if they can take an rider who they can drop off along the way saving another van from picking them up are often told no (by one van office staffer in particular) and if they do it anyway they at risk of being fired.
  5. Peterborough Transit

    Was downtown this afternoon when two buses went out - one was displaying "Wal-Mart", the other "Lansdowne place which I assume are extra bus services for the busy Xmas shopping period but has their actually been any announcements on these services and the routers they take. they also went out a couple of minutes before the regular services which were running late.
  6. Peterborough Transit

    Yet another recommendation from the transit review (lead by jones) that was supposed to have been done years ago. No wonder he was a consultant - the man can talk the talk but sure as chickens lay eggs can't walk the walk. The trasnit review was completed 5 - 6 years, jones has been transit manager for at least 3 years and other than holiday services I'd be hard pressed to think of anything else that's been implemented.
  7. Peterborough Transit

    Oh well done transit management /s How do they expect people to know about these extra buses? Could have sent out a mybeat message at the very least. I know they've had extra buses to Lansdowne Place for Black Friday in the past but don't recall them on the Chemong route before.
  8. Peterborough Transit

    This is another example of the utter incompetence of jones (who when attending his first transit meeting said he wasn't going to be like Jim Kimble). Originally it was slatted to come with the 2016-17 budget then the 2017-18 budget now it's 2018-19. I really don't know how he's manage to keep his job given the level of incompetence and laziness he's shown. Letting managers and supervisors get full pay yet only have to work 4 hour days has probably wasted 10s of $1000 if not it to the 100s And agreed about the stupidity of not having the community bus route planned out well before the vehicle arrived. That's utterly indefensible given it's been in the works for at least 2 years. jones must go.
  9. Peterborough Transit

    Does this mean the transit manager had to get off his butt and actually do something for once?
  10. Air Canada

    Big step up from the Embraers to the 787-9s. Though surprised they didn't look to other jets in the fleet before added a few extra short cycles to the -9s.(a model that next year will start one of the longest non-stop trips in the world - Perth (Aus) to London (U.K).
  11. Peterborough Transit

    Looks like a lot of people might get pissed off then. Its now up on the examiner website. http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2017/10/20/peterborough-transit-drivers-could-go-on-strike-oct-29
  12. Peterborough Transit

    anyone else heard of possible strike action by Transit drivers due the city not coming up with a new pay deal?
  13. Peterborough Transit

    the ARBOCs can be found here http://www.creativecarriage.com/product.php?prodid=56 They list 4 modems but 3 of them would come under the heading of the "12 passenger van types". they are also low floor/flip out ramp like the old ELF handivans which weren't exactly anyone's favourites. Not sure if the city would been keen to revisit that style again.
  14. Peterborough Transit

    Don't hold your breath. The community bus is arriving soon but not going into service for a while yet. have heard a rumor that transit management hasn't finished all the planning even though the thing is several years late (like almost everything else under the current top management).
  15. Peterborough Transit

    Seems the oldest vans in the fleet will be going in the near future and replaced by new ones. No increase in capacity - simply replacing the old with the new.