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  1. Looks like Peterborough Transit will be down a Nova (one of the 2017 deliveries) for quite some time after it was T-boned this morning. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/peterborough-region/2021/04/21/photos-van-peterborough-transit-bus-collide.html Don't know enough about bus construction as to whether it will be viable to repair or the bus will be written off. For example how likely is there to be damage or twisting to the chassis (which is often a death sentence for vehicles).
  2. yeah - they started with the quarantine hotels concept long before we did so they've tightly controlled the numbers of Australians returning home at a given point in time. The husband of a friend of my mother has been trying to return to Australia from the U.K (was working there) for close on a year.
  3. Marc

    Boeing 737 MAX

    DoJ have completed their investigation in the 737-MAX. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01...ce-department-747-max-deadly-crashes/13041586 the company is going to be $US2.5billion out of pocket in fines and compensation. the criminal penalty for their actions is $US243Mil, $1.8Bil will go as compensation to the airlines who had to ground their planes and the families of the crash victims will share in $US500mil. They are also party to a deferred prosecution agreement which will last for 3 years relating to the 1 count of attempting to defraud the United States relating to l
  4. Marc


    Westjet has dropped the 763's from it's fleet and will be selling them to Amazon (who are also purchasing the some from Delta). https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/amazon-westjet-1.5861635
  5. Marc


    WestJet has announced it's cutting services to Atlantic Canada which will see roughly 100 flights a week cancelled. Some routes are being halted indefinitely, others are being scaled back. Service between Toronto and Quebec City is also being reduced. https://www.thestar.com/business/2020/10/14/canadian-press-newsalert-westjet-cutting-flights-to-atlantic-canada.html
  6. Late to the party, but wife is in a wheelchair so have seen the lifts in action first hand when we took the VIA from Oshawa to Kingston last year (pre-booked and advised she was in a wheelchair) they are stored at the station as it's large hand cranked platform that gets wheeled out. On the way down we were in one of the silver carriages and there's no way it would fit past the vistibule (it's a manual chair maybe 26 inches wide - the seat cushion is 18x18) so she they had to bring a travel chair from the other end of the train) seat and then the chair taken apart for storage). Not
  7. Marc

    British Airways

    Well that should save a few from the scrappers and BA will probably be able to get them at a good price.
  8. Marc

    British Airways

    Could it be part of a last hurrah for the 380s before joining the 747s in retirement? Or could it be the demise of the BA 747s that will keep their 380s in service a bit longer?
  9. Council last night voted to Transit restore the stop outside of Brooklawn Hall on Donegal St. Some councillors voted against it was micro-managing transit and that it should be up to staff to make the change. Except it's pretty obvious that staff haven't listened. Think also the are going to have an issue with the bus taking them nowhere. Prior to the changes they were serviced by the Highland on the outbound. The 3 - Park doesn't go to the terminal though they could detour the 4 - Well going McDonnell, Murray, Donegal, McDonnell. https://www.thepeterboroughexamine
  10. Read that BA are also calling on the British government to provide benefits to airlines to encourage them to scrap older planes and move to more fuel efficient models. At first thought this would be double dipping because they would also get some scrap money for the old aircraft (engines are usually worth several million each) but given the sudden rather than phased withdrawl of 747s the market for second hand engines will be flooded and that's going drive the price down. Might even reach the point where the return for the aircraft is little more than raw materials value where everyt
  11. city council is proving to be utterly useless with the transit changes and seem happy to let the mess continue. Crs Papas and Riel spoke out out about it last night but nothing is happening. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/council/2020/07/14/peterborough-city-hall-expected-to-reopen-in-august.html the line is is still being pushed that this is due to covid-19 laurie stratton was on chex last friday night saying that transit had been getting calls from people congratulating them on the changes (at the same time I've heard from a reliable source that they
  12. City staff where directed to by council to prepare a report on how they came up with the new routes by the 13th which is next Monday. Not sure how much time council will give to discussing it though. There was also another letter in the examiner from a resident in the south end about how transit moving a stop has created a major safety issue.
  13. There might be times put in the schedule but I don't know how well they are being kept. Went to catch a bus today for an appointment but ended up missing it because it ran early. The nearest time had the bus scheduled for 3:20 and was about 2minutes from where I was catching the bus. Walking to the stop, around 3:17 the bus goes sailing by. Peterborough transit running early. Who'd thought it would ever happen. Councillor Keith Riel copped a spray in the examiner's editorial which I think was way off base and missed an important point His comments about consultation rela
  14. Marc

    Air Canada

    Wonder how much longer before the 777s start heading to the scrappers in large numbers? Read the other day that Delta is phasing out the it's 777s in favor of A350s
  15. That's BS. Once the drivers are behind plexiglass they could simply re-introduce fare payment. If they want to go about the trent buses then they could simply restart the expresses but I doubt many would traveling to Trent (and Flemming) and last I heard there was still no guarantee that in person classes at either location would start in September.
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