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  1. No an unknown incident but it's a worry (same for the reverse where pilots have to taken off from the taxi way) given that taxiways don't have landing lights, threshold markings etc etc have to wonder how pilots manage to line up with them - especially with instruments and navigational aids in a modern aircraft. Perhaps additional markings are required (say a big red cross at the end of the taxi way)
  2. . redundant.
  3. have heard comments that transit hasn't replaced gary noakes yet and generally seem very quiet on the issue that at least 4 drivers submitted job applications for the position. rumors still going around about the possible departure of kevin jones.
  4. transit management really doesn't instill me with much confidence.
  5. Given there was no screaming sirens etc and the bus could be scene as we pulled out of walmart the bus could be seen sitting on chemong road without emergency services in attendance. Secondly notifications of delays due to MVC involving buses have been sent out in the past such as a couple of months back when the a bus hit a pedestrian. No quite a MVC but notifications were sent out twice last week when there was medical emergency on two difference buses at two difference times.
  6. Anyone know who's responsible for sending out mybeats on transit issues? Waiting for the Chemong bus at Walmart this afternoon and 2 buses were a no-show. A person who'd been waiting since 3:15 said the 3:20 bus didn't show up and neither did the 3:40 but what was believe to be a #2 went down Chemong Road at 3:52. The driver who on the bus that stopped at 4:00 said the other bus had been involved in an accident but there was absolutely no mybeat message about the situation. Given that weather/road works and mechanical issues are playing major havoc with the transit at the moment, maybe management should pull the finger out and keep the riders better informed. The facility is there but they aren't using it fully.
  7. read the report on the Aviation Herald and was dumbstruck. How in the 7 hells do you have procedures that don't require pilots to monitor distance and altitude on final approach? Heads need to roll at Air Canada and I'm not necessarily talking about the flight crew's Airbus is being sued by Air Canada over the accident with claims about not having particular equipment aboard and it's also being sued by the passengers. Given that the lawsuits from the passengers is probably following on from Air Canada's it will be interesting to see where things go. Other than points 6,7 & 8 under section 3.2 I'm not seeing anything that really supports legal action against the manufacture. Point 6 about impact absorption could applied to just about any aircraft from any manufacture and something I don't know if we currently have the designs or technology to do anything about.
  8. not related to the acceleration problem the TTC experienced with their articulated fleet?
  9. There seems to be a number of runs either delayed or cancelled in recent weeks due to mechanical issues. One wonders if there's some sort of wide scale problem or (more likely) just one particular bus that has a problem.
  10. the affordability program is going in next year's budget - seems like on so many other things transit management couldn't get itself organized on the issue in time for 2017 budget. Was interesting that they decided to have the announcement made at the bus yard. wasn't going to be there initially and members of the public were invited (include some from the disable community - then it comes out that it's going to be at the bus yard and that's not open to the public). And do we really need new handi-vans? Went pass the bus yard during the week (mid-afternoon) and there was 5 vans parked by the fence and one by the shed (which probably meant it needed repairs). Pity the money can't go to more service with what we have before new stuff is bought.
  11. Jones might be the covering Noake's job but at the end of the day he's the transit manager for the city of Peterborough (his mail sig says "Manager, Trasnsportation") Gary Noakes was the Manager of Transit Operations. Can't say the departure of Jones would be in anyway a bad thing. From bits and pieces I've heard he's utterly unwilling to fix the problems with transit with the problems being compounded by less that stellar management by those down the ladder (handi-van service in particular) Think he only go the job because of his involvement in the Transit review that was done a few years back (and come to think of It not sure if any recommendations have been implemented other than peak services?).
  12. it was also covered in the examiner as well. Not sure they kept the bus fitted with it exclusively on a Trent run then again not much with transit management is making sense at the moment.
  13. Sorry should have been clearer - Coburg's system allows riders to see where there bus is via cellphone etc so riders know if it's late before heading to the bus stop. The mybeat messages aren't always timely so real time tracking etc would be more helpful.
  14. Oh there are definitely management issues from what I've heard (coming from people who've had direct contact with transit management). I have seen a few new drivers on a couple of different runs - some solo, some under supervision, On Chex last night they had a report on how Coburg Transit has introduced a system so riders know where there buses are. Suprised Peterborough Transit hasn't come out with something similar.
  15. Don't know if it's the weather, driver shortages or mechanical issues but there have been quite a of service cancellations over the past couple of weeks.