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  1. 29-121 was on the 105, I didn't see ANY other 3rd gen at all today, there were tons of classics on the 105. :angry:
  2. Just when I'm beginning to like them, this happens...
  3. I don't think any 3rd gen was out today!! I wonder i9f there is a problem with them
  4. I noticed two second gen 29s on the 105 today 29-044 and 29-050. That is kinda weird, I didn't see any third gens all day!
  5. 18-038 on the 90 18-040 on the 162 18-053 on the 51 Rode on all of them.
  6. The 251 is always a minibus because there is like no people, but an artic Plus, that is a Legendre bus!
  7. Pointe-sux-Trembles? LOL 14-147 HS at metro Villa Maria 15-088 on the 90 15-090 on the 24 26-022 on the 63 26-029 on the 105 28-005 on the 105 28-007 on the 105 29-106 on the 105
  8. 29-121 on the 63 Btw, Mark, did you get a picture?
  9. Detour and Delays on the 51 today, there was a big fire or something in a building at Queen Mary and Cote des Neiges. My bus was at the stop in front of St. Joseph Oratory, The bus had to do a U turn and head back to victoria, then he went up all the way to Cote St Catherine and went there to Cote des Neiges, he went down Cote Des Neiges back to Queen Mary, when we were turning I saw a 51 and a 166 both stuck in the blocked off area. In all my 51 was about 30 minutes late.
  10. 15-114 on the 162 (changed to a 105 later.) 15-113 on the 105 25-245 on the 535 28-127 on the 90 (29-027 was in front Lol)
  11. I saw two Sony Bravia wraps today, 26-034 on the 51 and a 24-xxx on the 535 (Sorry I was too far to see the full number)
  12. 29-117 on the 90 29-121 on the 166 I know its not the one with the new specs, but 29-107 on the 420 with a tag behind the chevrons. (I hate idiots who do that)
  13. The later third gens came with the Faraday, 29-072 - 29-08x have the two beep chime. Btw I noticed the new tone as I mentioned earlier on several other buses!
  14. Sorry about that, I was just wondering if it was in service. :angry: Now lets get back to topic!
  15. 11-081 on the 51 in am and pm rush. I see that bus on the 51 like EVERYDAY!!
  16. Oh another sighting, 13-083 on the 51 Btw is 15-058 still in service? Haven't seen it in ages!
  17. 15-089 and 15-090 (One after the other) on the 105 (rode them both.) 22-291 on the 90 (HUGE REAR INTERIOR FLEET NUMBERS!!!) 27-517 on the 90 27-506 on the 90
  18. Maybe it is better than the Lfs... If any of you get to ride one when BC gets them, tell us how it is! Check out what I found! http://www.eobus.com/bus/128.htm I think it looks really nice!
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