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  1. Out comes a smart board. I insert a gerbil.
  2. That bus became my 162X a little later. (I discovered that my usual 162 is actually the 162X but most drivers don't put it on the display.) Today the driver did. (Because it is so long it said 162XWestminster)
  3. I think its 13-017 13-043, I can't remember the other one, but I passed there on the 215 on Sunday. I rode 11-081 on the 51 12-025 was on the 51
  4. Out squirts milk into my face. I insert a blow torch.
  5. Out comes a GM classic. I stick chewing gum on the machine, then I insert a battery.
  6. That brings me back a memory of seeing 11-004 on the 51X last year at the beginning of PM rush. I think it serves the High School near the Doug Harvey Arena. (I can't remember the high school's name right now, though. 18-040 on the 90
  7. 12-003 with the SPSL sticker arriving at Vendome on the 124X (Displayed Special.)
  8. 105: 14-028 (162 interline.), 14-084, 29-074 - 29-074 is probably the only third gen to still have the "Hell Bell" most have been changed to the new electronic tone. 162: 14-028 90: 18-040, 21-221, 26-027, and 29-094 - 29-094 is missing the wrap over the rear window. 104: 29-095
  9. Today's Sightings: Sunday, November 15 2009. If you like 3rd gens today is a good day for them, half the buses I rode today were 3rd gens. 90: 29-077, and 29-079. 105: 21-217, 21-218, 26-027, 29-088, 29-094, and 29-110. 211: 22-254, 24-242, and 29-102 200: 21-244, and 26-001 ----- I decided to give a nickname to 14-022, it whistles so much, that I will call it "The Whistler". ---- I forgot to mention, yesterday I experienced my worst 3rd gen ride yet, 29-076, the back has a very irritating vibrating sound coming from the back (I think the plastic that covers the engine in the back isn't on properly and is vibrating). A Tip: If you ever ride that bus, never sit near the back.
  10. ...out comes a first gen LFS. ( ) I insert a bomb...
  11. Because I don't want them in LA or SL.
  12. They have, but nobody has seen 29-072 in a long time, I looked through all the pages from when the third gens first came out till when I joined, I saw sightings of it a few times, but after I joined it wasn't seen.
  13. I was wondering, does anyone know if 29-072 has been in service yet, I don't recall anyone seeing it before.
  14. I forgot to add For today: 21-218, and 29-097 on the 90 today.
  15. Tom is a terrorist who photographs buses before blowin' them up!
  16. Out comes clean clothes. I insert .
  17. Great pic of the funmabus (I think thats how you spell it LOL) 10.
  18. ...Out comes a Ferrari 599. I insert a pie...
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