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  1. I took AN 27-016 on the 90-E this morning (SN extra 460-66).
  2. Thanks for pointing that out! I associated it with the "SV" code they have now for Friday-only trips and made my claim without verifying. Worth noting that they took down this GTFS data we were looking at, so I wonder if it was just a draft. I hope not because I notice some definite service increases for me!
  3. I took 22-332 on the 90-E at 8:30 this morning (SL extra 90-18 running 20 minutes late). I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and was accompanied by great luck: On my way to there, I caught 22-323 on the 24-W at 14:15. It was an accessibility violation. On my way home, I caught 22-394 on the 105-W at 15:30. 22-215 was right behind 22-394, so I decided to ride it back to Vendome on the 105-E at 15:48.
  4. I took MR 30-050 on the 90-W at 20:43 yesterday. Almost felt normal, since it's specced the same as LS's 30-XXX, I took 29-108 on the 90-E this morning (90-22 - 7:36 departure from Elmhurst). This is just a tripper that does one short turn departure (St. Pierre to Atwater). First time it has received a bus since October 11th.
  5. 23-235 was on the 144 yesterday morning. I think it was running out of MR. I just missed 22-384 on the 90-W at 17:28.
  6. Yesterday: I took AN 30-105 on the 144-W at 9:25. I took 29-078 on the 90-W at 24:25. It was running 15 minutes late. Combine that with my just missing the previous bus, and I stood outside in the cold at Atwater for 45 minutes. Today: MR 30-070 was on the 90. I took 29-119 on the 90-W at 17:31. There were no more than 5 other people on it the whole way, mainly because there was another bus right in front. Interestingly, the 90 will be coming at a 4-5 minute frequency between 17:00 and 17:30 on Saturdays next board period (currently it's 6-8). It seems like overkill, but I'm not going to complain.
  7. I took 22-306 on the 144-E at 7:46, running out of MR. It was a complete surprise! I've been regularly taking this departure and I didn't check in advance. I took 23-210 on the 90-W at 21:02. This I orchestrated: waited an extra 10 minutes and skipped a 30-0XX.
  8. Pretty much all the night bus routes have extra departures on Friday nights, so there's that. They managed to provide that info in the past without duplicating everything though, so it is definitely odd. Given how ridiculously early it was released this time, I fully expect revisions before January. I am looking forward to the FR, LE, MR, SD, SL and SN extras on the 90 though! Every garage covered except AN.
  9. Yes, I could. However, it would be easier if I just update provided no one objects. The current period (October-January) will still be searchable, it's just the previous one (August-October) that will be gone. I skimmed through the trips.txt file myself today. It's noteworthy that there seems to be a whole separate set of trip_id's for Fridays now. Almost all the runs look the same though.
  10. Rumor has it, they want to initially deploy the New Flyer electric buses there, hence moving the route to Stinson (source: Charles Thibodeau on Facebook). I find it strange that the 66 is going to SD, while the 166 is going to SN. This is the first time in my memory that they haven't been at the same garage. By the way, I can upload the new GTFS to my webpage. However, this will make the old August to October trip_id's no longer searchable.
  11. AN 24-213 was on the 144-E at 17:30 Friday, running out of MR. I took 24-293 twice on the 90-E yesterday (7:31 and 19:30). It was running about 20 minutes late on the 19:13 departure. The traffic was horrendous due to Turcot-related closures, so this was the first bus for at least an hour (18:21 and 18:46 departures were cancelled).
  12. I took 23-222 on the 162-W at 16:42. 22-392 was on the 90-W at Ste. Catherine/Metcalfe around 19:50.
  13. The run numbers should be identical. I think the only route that changed schedule was the 747, which doesn't interline. It's technically a new board period though, so the driver assignments changed around a bit. - I took MR 30-057 on the 90-E at 9:47. It has the remnants of a blue wrap on the rear door. I took AN 28-003 on the 90-W at 17:53, it left 10 minutes late. The only reason why I take the 17:43 departure so much is exactly because it is late. It has to deadhead from the western 90 terminus (does the 16:03 WB departure as well). 28-703 was on the 90-E on Upper-Lachine around 18:15. It was completely full and not letting people on due to the 40-minute gap before it. The previous departure was cancelled, as 90-26 didn't get a bus today. EDIT: it did get a bus (29-043), but seemingly only from Vendome-Lachine at 18:29, so for one partial departure.
  14. Funny you mention that because I also took it twice that day! I took it on the 10:44 eastbound trip from Elmhurst and the 24:42 westbound trip from Atwater. I took 24-279 on the 90-E this morning (SN extra 460-65). Lots of cancellations this morning as well, the most I've seen so far.
  15. I took 22-292 on the 90-E at 8:20 this morning. It was running out of Lasalle.
  16. And there aren't any strikes or weather conditions for them to blame it on this time! It looks like 90-26 and 90-27 were cancelled altogether, but they only updated the STM website to reflect that after their last departures. 90-28 is cancelled now too, after only 1 departure. I guess there was an issue with 26-003. 90-29 is just a tripper, and as mentioned already, it was cancelled. So, none of the afternoon 90-XX runs made it out today. Final tally on 90 cancellations: EB (Elmhurst): 7:36 13:37 17:37 (90-26) 17:58 (90-28) 19:52 (90-28) WB (Atwater) 12:28 14:06 15:55 (90-27) 16:10 (90-26) 17:04 (90-29) 18:15 (90-26) 18:36 (90-28) 19:01 (90-27) 19:10 19:17 20:42 20:52
  17. Seems like we may be experiencing the beginnings of a bus shortage again: On the 90-E, the 7:36 departure from Elmhurst has been cancelled all week. On the 90-W, the 15:55, 16:10, and 17:04 departures have been cancelled for most of the week. All are fresh garage exits.
  18. I took 22-328 on the 90-E at 8:12 this morning (SL extra).
  19. I took 29-080 on the 90-W two days in a row. It's pretty slow and rattles a lot, definitely not my favourite choice of stalker bus. I took MR 27-017 on the 63-S around 13:20 this afternoon.
  20. I am currently riding 39-033 on the 51-W at 25:15. Weirdly enough, there's at FR extra at this time on a Saturday night! (Or Sunday morning) It has one of the new Opus readers.
  21. 22-271 was on the 144 yesterday morning, running out of MR. 23-206 was En Transit on St. Jacques near Cavendish around 8:30 today.
  22. How odd! And they sent it out again in the afternoon on the 485 (running that now). - I took 29-081 on the 90-E yesterday morning. It has blue rear fleet numbers, the same font and size as the ones on the front of hybrids. 31-170 was on the 105 this morning with a Fido wrap (FR extra 61-52).
  23. I took 23-235 on the 90-W at 17:43. I've been busy and haven't had the chance to update the spreadsheets in a while. Sorry about that, I'll try to do so tomorrow.
  24. I took FR 26-073 on the 90-W at 17:21 yesterday. I took MR 25-228 on the 90-E at 9:33 and LE 24-201 on the 90-W at 18:11 today.
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