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  1. Strange how it skips like that... Probably an error that slipped through, as Stinson's trips mainly follow the regular convention. 22-346 was not changed off. I was up around 1:45 and it was tracking on the 161. - I took 22-392 on the 144-E at 7:46 today. Second time I've had a 2002 on this MR run! Also worth noting that despite my taking this run (144-07) several times a week since September, I've never had a 3rd gen or hybrid.
  2. Seems like this external maintenance contract is really helping out: We're up to 1315 buses available today, compared to 1247 last Monday(when they announced it). Haven't noticed a significant difference in terms of cancellations on my route though. 😕
  3. 22-408 is on the 162 this evening. Spotted it near Elmhurst around 19:00.
  4. I took AN 26-037 on the 90-E at 7:40 (SN extra 460-64). I took SL 30-233 on the 144-E at 8:16. The transmission was super jerky, making for an unpleasant ride.
  5. Friday: I took 22-394 on the 90-E at 8:05. It was running 10 minutes late run 113-46. 22-410 was on the 104E-W at St. Jacques/Beaconsfield around 8:15. Today: I took 22-343 on the 90-W at 18:48.
  6. To mitigate the bus shortage, the STM will be leasing 50 coaches starting January 6th. In addition, they're going to be subcontracting some of the maintenance. http://stm.info/fr/infos/etat-du-service/plan-daction-pour-offrir-le-service-bus-promis
  7. Yesterday: 22-346 was En Transit on Upper Lachine around 8:20. I took 22-324 on the 90-W at 17:50. Today: I took 22-410 on the 90-E at 7:56 (run 113-46 seems to get these all the time!) 22-365 was on the 124E during PM rush. Saw it at Vendome around 17:15.
  8. I wonder if 39-902 was actually put into service and the tracker is bugging, or if it's just being tested? Yesterday: I took 28-109 on a SL extra of the 90-E at 8:12. 29-093 was tracking on the previous departure but stalled out just before Westminster, then the departure ended up cancelled. I took FR 26-045 on the 144-E at 8:46 (running out of MR). SL 28-028 was on the 162-E near Concordia around 20:00. Today: LS 32-017 was tracking on that SL extra that does the 90, but ended up cancelled after its first 401 departure. 28-056 was on the 90, not tracking.
  9. Not a single cancellation on the 90 during AM rush today! However, the website says only 1247 buses were available today (compared to 1263 on Friday). I took MR 25-237 on the 90-E at 7:46. I took AN 26-032 on the 90-W at 17:50.
  10. Yesterday: I took 23-210 on the 90-E at 10:55. I took 22-324 on the 90-W at 18:30. Today: 23-210 was on the 104-W on Upper Lachine around 8:10.
  11. Yesterday: I took 26-025 on the 90-E at 7:24. First (and only) time it wasn't cancelled this week. Today: I took 26-048 on the 90-E at 7:14 (SN extra 460-62). iBus system wasn't working. I then took LS 28-067 on the 144-E at 7:46. Finally, I took 28-706 on the 90-W at 23:00. iBus system wasn't working on this one either.
  12. They're keeping track of the number of available buses currently: http://stm.info/fr/infos/etat-du-service/plan-daction-pour-offrir-le-service-bus-promis So they were short 159 buses for AM rush today. It will be interesting to keep track of this. There's also a new twitter account to address bus service disruptions, @stm_bus
  13. Yesterday: 23-225 and 23-229 were laying over on the 105 at Vendome around 17:45. Today: I took 22-274 on the 90-E at 7:56. This is the same run that I rode 23-201 on Monday (and 23-210 on Friday)!
  14. The person on Facebook mentioned its license plate was removed. Unfortunately we can't see from your picture, but I wonder if it got a new one? - I took FR 38-008 on the 90-E at 7:50 yesterday (SN extra 90-17). The same bus was doing the same departure today.
  15. 39-124 was on the 124E during PM rush. It was also on the 90 during AM rush, but I passed it up for 23-201 15 minutes later.
  16. With all these 22-XXX and 23-2XX shifting around, there are more active ones at Lasalle than St. Laurent this morning! I took 23-201 on the 90-E at 7:56. 22-271 was on the 104-W at Vendome around 8:10.
  17. Spotted it on the 90-E near Elmhurst around 18:50. - I took 23-206 on the 90-W at 20:23 today.
  18. It doesn't help that almost half of the 28-7XX are out of service right now. I also took 32-020 today, on the 90-W at 18:43. Same run. Announcements were working but it wasn't tracking. SL 28-121 was on the 63-N leaving Atwater at 18:41.
  19. I actually have a later one loaded up. Based on the time and location, it seems like it caught fire on the 44.
  20. Sunday: 22-384 was on the 138-W at Atwater at 9:40. 23-206 was on the 104-E at Cavendish/St. Jacques at 18:20. Yesterday: 23-210 was on the 90-E at Elmhurst around 8:29. Today: I took 22-335 on the 90-W at 17:55 (12 minutes late on 17:43 departure). 22-384 was on the 90-E at Ste. Catherine/Dorchester around 18:05. 22-384 was on 90-26, which has been cancelled all but twice in the past 3 weeks.
  21. Since you seem to ride the 107 often, I'm impressed you've managed to go this long without riding one! Lasalle has so many these days, I usually end up taking them several times a week (3 rides this past week, for example). - I took AN 30-215 on the 90-E around 8:00 Monday. I took FR 26-048 on the 90-W around 18:32 yesterday, running 9 minutes late. The 18:15 departure was cancelled due to the bus shortage, so there was a pretty big backlog of people. Blasphemous, I know but I passed up a crowded 23-210 yesterday morning in favour of an empty 29-112. 29-112 was on a departure (8:29 90-EB from Elmhurst) that is cancelled most of the time. In fact, it was cancelled today and 4/5 days last week. I took MR 30-068 on the 90-E at 8:07 this morning.
  22. I was lucky to have passed by there before 7:00, so I got through with no issue. - I took AN 24-217 on the 90-W at 17:15 today. It was reported by Patrick Gélinas on Facebook that 24-220 has been retired. I hope I can manage to ride all the 24-XXX before they're gone, I still have yet to accomplish that with a series. I'm basically missing most of the Anjou ones and 24-226. Fortunately, I've ridden all the ones that have already been retired.
  23. That leaves 24-251 and 24-252 as the only 24-XXX that have been at LS their whole service life. - Some photos of 40-001 courtesy of allroadmtl on the MdeM forum: https://www.flickr.com/photos/185527703@N05/shares/1Cp417/ It had LED headlights, luminator destination signs, full roof-line, reverse camera. I find it odd how there seems to be a space for a destination sign in the rear window. Also, the placement of those USB ports above the wheelchair zone cushions seems ridiculous.
  24. @Frozen Yogurt Lasalle in contrast has gotten better, I think because there's a higher proportion of front ramp buses (lost a lot of 24-XXX to SN). I keep track of several runs that I see/ride frequently so I can give a few stats: 71-05 (out 5:38-20:17) 45/49 front ramp 90-06 (out 5:00-17:48) 52/56 front ramp 191-57 (out 5:05-22:35) 49/53 front ramp Compare to some similar ones from the Spring: 90-09 (out 6:04-19:11) 26/54 front ramp 90-10 (out 5:15-17:55) 24/53 front ramp 90-11 (out 5:30-17:37) 28/54 front ramp - Seems like there were some pretty major delays today, but I didn't suffer through them. I got on 29-120 on the 90-E around 8:35, running 28 minutes late. I then transferred to 29-040 on the 144-E at 9:10, running 24 minutes late. It ended up taking me the regular amount of time, I was just on late buses.
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