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  1. 40-055 was on the 90 during PM rush. The run box said 90, but I guess that was just the driver. It should have been run 19.
  2. I took 24-267 on the 90-E yesterday (LE extra 460-76). The iBus screen just said "novembre". 24-231 and 24-307 were on the 105 during PM rush today.
  3. I took 26-007 on the 144-W at 17:12. It wasn't tracking.
  4. Yesterday: 22-328 was on the 179 arriving at Acadie metro around 17:50. Today: 24-259 was on the 90 during PM rush. It was running late so its departure from Atwater (17:03) was cancelled. I took 24-255 on the 90-W at 17:24. 22-379 was on the 90 during PM rush. Its departure from Atwater was also cancelled (17:18). It skipped ahead to Vendome, and 24-255 eventually caught up to it.
  5. I took 22-275 on the 144-E at 9:18. 23-225 was on the 105-W at Vendome around 16:50. - Shall we start noting down 24-XXX sightings, as they're 16 years old and two are already retired? I can update the title of this thread.
  6. 22-365 was on the 144 this morning (same run that had 23-222 yesterday and an accessibility violation, I might add)!
  7. RTL 21818 drove by Atwater around 9:45 today. It had passengers. Maybe a charter? I took 39-141 on the 90-W at 17:51.
  8. Seems like they're in the process of moving some. 22-274, 22-306, 22-328, 22-337, 22-349, 22-365, 22-368, 22-403 and 22-404 are all at St. Denis. Recall that I took 22-404 at SL yesterday. I took 23-222 on the 144-E at 8:46 this morning. I'm really glad SD got the 144, sure beats MR. I should be getting these buses quite frequently while they last.
  9. So it seems like SD got most of their old buses back, except the 26-XXX that were sent to Anjou. They also got Lasalle's 2005 and 2006 models. I'm going to miss those. 😕 26-009, 28-090 and 31-014 were on the 144 today. I took 30-009 on the 90-E at 8:12 (SD extra 460-66). I probably won't get one of these again since there are no SL extras on the 90 except mid afternoon. It seems that those deleted trips I had previously mentioned were just errors. 28-090 was doing one of them, and I spotted 29-131 doing a deleted 90-E departure. They even track, but their trip_id's are invalid.
  10. I took it today on the 90 (doing driver training), and those 211 papers were still there. - In addition to 23-205, I got to ride a lot of 22-XXX today: 22-328 on the 144-E at 9:18. 22-282 on the 215-W at 14:01 22-366 and 22-309 on the 419-E and 419-W, respectively. 22-404 on the 216-E at 16:07. Saw quite a few as well: 22-333 was on the 64. 22-418 was on the 215. 22-344 was parked at Fairview (likely renfort) 22-284 was on the 201. 22-332 and 22-324 were on the 72. All sightings but 22-328 and 23-205 were shared with @Frozen Yogurt
  11. It's worth noting for anyone using my site that Lasalle's data makes no sense, even though it appears otherwise. It seems like they redid the schedule after posting the GTFS data, so the same bus will have highly variable trip_ID's throughout the day. I'm hoping this is rectified when they release the updated version without the 919, 964 and full 968 service.
  12. It seems like LaSalle may have received 27-501-515. I also spotted this unusual seat pattern on 37-061 today. ] Finally, when I checked what was on the 55 this afternoon 11/17 buses were 2004 models or below! Unfortunately for me, the 105 was all 37-XXX hybrids (hence my riding 37-061).
  13. I took my first 40-XXX today: 40-037 on the 90-W at 18:06. Its fleet numbers are placed kind of low like 31-053 (with bigger numbers obviously). Weird having such a high-numbered bus for my first ride. Shows how fast they're arriving. My first 2017, 2018, and 2019 rides were on 37-002, 38-004 and 39-001.
  14. Are you sure this one is 22-254, not 22-253? @Matt Demers previously mentioned that 7022 was 22-253, and there's a photo to corroborate that on Facebook. Thanks for the information though!
  15. 22-343 was En Transit at Gouin/Laurentien around 16:40. 22-365 was on the 468-W near Cote Vertu around 16:50. I took 22-418 on the 90-W from Vendome at 17:35. Same run I had 22-284 on the other day.
  16. I did my seasonal trip to the West Island to ride these today: 22-358 was on the 209 at Dorval around 10:30. 22-349 was on the 202-E at Dorval around 10:30. I took 22-271 on the 204-W at 10:41. 22-333 was on the 72 at Fairview around 11:35. I took 22-332 on the 200-W at 11:45. 22-335 was on the 204-W arriving at Fairview around 11:50. 22-337 was on the 203-W on Hymus around 11:55. 22-368 was En Transit on A40 near St. Charles around 15:50. I took 22-371 on the 225-E at 16:04. 22-365 was laying over at Cote Vertu around 17:05. I took 22-284 on the 90-W from Vendome at 17:35. Finally got a ride on 22-371, which was the last active SL 22-XXX I hadn't ridden. The driver seemed to have a super tight schedule. She arrived and left Fairview on time without layover and pulled directly into the 170 stop when we reached Cote Vertu, departing immediately (also exactly on time)!
  17. Correct. I should have specified that it was the interior lighting. I don't think the driver has control over it, because all other hybrids I've been on have had the lights turn off when the door closes. - I took 29-108 on the 90-E this morning. It seems to accelerate quite quickly for an EPA 2007 third gen. Not a bad ride at all. It got changed for 27-023 later in the day though. I took 28-126 on the 485-W after that. It still has that awful bell. 24-203 was on the 211. SL 28-023 was on the 90-W at Vendome around 17:30.
  18. 40-015 was on the 215 leaving Fairview at 11:20. 40-008 was on the 225 around 16:30.
  19. I took 28-705 on the 90-E at 8:20 yesterday morning. The tracker wasn't working. There was an ex-STM cutaway operating on a construction worker shuttle near Atwater: 39-149 was on the 90 today, so I decided to go for a ride on the 15:35 EB departure. The highest I'd taken so far had been 39-036. There was a note from the manufacturer of the ad rack: Notably, the lights on the curb side stayed on even when the front door was closed. I also rode SL 28-018 on the 90-W around 12:15.
  20. They released an updated set of GTFS data yesterday. 919 and 968 are now listed as SN routes. Everything seems nearly identical for LS (trips seem the same but with new numbers at a constant offset). However, a few departures seem to have been deleted. Namely, the 90-E departures at 7:22 and 8:15 (Elmhurst). However, there is a large gap in trip_id's where those departures were, and now it displays a 15 minute gap between buses which violates the 10 minutes max guarantee. So it could be a mistake.
  21. 22-408 was on the 24-W near Peel around 17:40. 23-235 was on the 90-E at Vendome around 18:10.
  22. I made a similar mistake yesterday. 26-020 was marginally busy and running late on the 90-E, so I decided to wait an extra 2 minutes and take the SN extra which wasn't tracking. Lo and behold, it was 30-012. The bus after ended up being 26-068, so I could have waited for that! Later on, I went to take the 17:17 WB 90 departure (run 90-21). Earlier in the day, 26-016 was tracking on this run but it unfortunately got changed to 29-107. It's missing the double seats across from the rear door. Today, I rode two 2008's and a 2016 hybrid (28-066, 28-009, 36-032). A significant improvement, but not very interesting.
  23. It is. Either that or the dispatcher at MR likes putting old buses on the 144. 144-65 also always gets second gens and 144-86 frequently has accessibility violations. In comparison, 29-033 is the only second gen out of 18 buses on the 51 right now. That one has been gone for almost a year and a half! I wonder where they've been storing it all this time, since many others retired later have been scrapped or sold.
  24. Likely 40-005, as someone on Facebook mentioned seeing it on the 55. It probably doesn't have a tracker yet. Almost definitely not running out of Lasalle like 40-001, since they don't do any extras on the 55.
  25. I took AN 27-526 on the 90-E at 7:14. It was doing SN extra 460-62. AN 27-532 was tracking on a later 90 departure (SN extra 460-65).
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