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  1. Caught 24-257 on the 90-W at 21:02. It has the new mirror. Pretty lucky since I've never seen 90-37 have a 24 series before, although it often doesn't track. Also, it's quite odd to have a tripper this late.
  2. I took 29-109 on the 144-W around 18:00. It has the barrier.
  3. Had a bit of spare time today, so I did a round trip on the 48/49 with 22-413 and 24-239, respectively. Both of them ride really well, and I like both the routes too. It's a shame I never have a reason to head out there! Now I've been on every active 22/23/24 series. Still missed a lot of AN units.
  4. This info has been available for a little while, but I'll mention it here for posterity: Highlights: Front door boarding will resume on CT Frontenac and St. Denis routes as of July 20th. Barriers are currently being installed. The new card readers will be put into service by September. We will soon be able to see the number of people on each bus. The number of passengers is already visible in the API of the STM website. It seems accurate (@Frozen Yogurt and I tested it while I was on a bus).
  5. I took 29-040 on the 144 both yesterday and today. Yesterday it had no plexiglass barrier, today it did.
  6. Update to the 'Search Schedules' tool: Rather than selecting the schedule (weekday, saturday or sunday), now you select the date. This allows you to see the vehicle assignments for previous dates.
  7. Took 26-029 on the 715 with the plexiglass installed.
  8. I took SD 29-010 on the 90-E this afternoon. I took 29-086 on the 90-W this evening. It seems like it doesn't have TopoDyn anymore. It was very fast to accelerate in contrast to 30-001 which I had yesterday at the same time with the same driver.
  9. I took 30-053 on the 51 on Friday. It wasn't tracking. SD 29-024 was on the 63 today, also not tracking.
  10. I took 24-304 on the 440 during PM rush, it wasn't tracking. My first time on the route, and it was a pleasant ride. Pretty fast and empty. 24-306 was on the 469, not tracking.
  11. Add 31-165, 36-027, 36-036, and 37-010. Seems like the new mirror is on most buses I take now. I wonder what the advantage of it is?
  12. I took 28-014 on the 195 around 24:30. It also has the new driver mirror.
  13. I saw 39-506 on Saint Jacques this morning. It's different from 39-518 in that it doesn't have a destination sign.
  14. Seems like a lot of LS buses have them now. I've seen it on 28-701, 29-072 and 29-145. - I took 36-012 on the 51 this evening. Bad luck for me, since it was one of only 2 MR buses out that didn't have AC. At least I was the only passenger most of the way. 39-114 was also on the 51, not tracking.
  15. AN 24-240 was on the 162 yesterday. 24-256 on the 90 today, not tracking again. Strange because it did track on the 411 yesterday.
  16. New features: Vehicle tracking history (shows for past 5 active days). Search runs (dynamically generated based on data from previous days). Clicking the trip_id now brings you to the "search runs" page. Clicking the vehicle_id now brings you to the "tracking history" page.
  17. 24-256 was on the 104 this afternoon. Like sister bus 24-258, it wasn't tracking.
  18. 24-258 was on the 90 this afternoon, still not tracking.
  19. I added 'Today's Bus' to the applicable schedules and to 'Search Trips'. Right now, it only shows trips that have already started (no predictions). I'm hoping to add a date picker in the near future. Thanks to @FelixINX for providing me with the processed real-time data! The 90 looks like it's been pretty dull so far!
  20. You might recall that I had a website for searching STM trip_ID's. Since my privileges for that server expire soon, I took the opportunity to make a more advanced version on a new server. It is available here: http://gtfstools.site/ A detailed description of all the provided information can be found on the 'About' page. In addition to the neater display, there are new features: get the schedule of a route at a specific stop get the schedule of a trip If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for changes/new features, feel free to post here.
  21. 'E' It seems to be common on many of the STM's vehicles. 39-402 had it as well, and I've seen it on support vehicles. According to Charles Thibodeau on the Facebook group, it stands for Essence.
  22. Spotted some new cutaways on the 212. 39-402: 39-518:
  23. The wiki has all the fleet numbers and details about the buses. It's time consuming to update, so that's not done frequently. @West Island Transit Fan's spreadsheet has more up to date information on bus activity. And you're correct about the run number. Although it often isn't set correctly if the bus is only out briefly for rush hour.
  24. A run (also known as a block) is a collection of trips. In general, there exists a different set of runs for weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and each holiday. Obviously, this changes every time the schedules are updated. The run is assigned a specific bus for the day and is given an identifying number. Run numbers: The format for run numbers is XXX-YYY (e.g. 15-01) where XXX is the route on which it spends the most time, and YYY is the identifying number. No two runs will operate on the same route if they have the same number. Priority always goes to the route with the lower number. For example, if 15-01 does a trip on the 24 the lowest 24-XX run number would be 24-02. The number assigned is the lowest possible following the above rules, in order of dispatch time. Trip ID's: Each run completes a sequence of trips. Each trip is assigned a unique 9-digit identifying number in the STM's open data (GTFS). Trip ID's for buses currently in service can be obtained on @FelixINX's site transittracker.ca. Depending on how the STM decides to export the data, the trip ID's may be arranged in order of their respective run. If so, my tool can be used to predict where the bus will be. If all the timings make sense, then it likely does represent a run, but you can't 100% trust it. The above image appears to be a 191-XX run, although the 191 trips aren't perfectly ordered. To get the XX would require actually spotting the bus. The run numbers are essentially irrelevant now, but some of us find it fun to figure them out. They used to be published in the STM open data before we had real time tracking (before March 2018). In Toronto, the TTC still does this and you can see it on TransSee: Other transit systems publish their runs in an open data field called "block_id", which allows sites like Transit55 to include this information.
  25. Spotted two CFTR training buses in my area today (near the Montreal-Ouest train station). I apologize for the horrendous images. They caught me by surprise. 6005 drove by while I was looking out the window. The D40LF is numbered 6008. Does anyone know the origins of these buses? EDIT: Facebook discussions suggest the New Flyer is a Ex-London Transit 2006 model
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