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  1. 6 hours ago, haydenrab said:

    Although arguably a better fleet than SN, my luck with SL has not been great. I’d honestly rather a 3rd gen (I can’t believe I’m saying this) over the sea of plastic seat 38s and 40s I take each day. I’ve had few 28s surprisingly (the ideal SL bus). Definitely not as exciting as pre-covid when I’d get 22s, 23s, 24s, 28s almost daily. The hybrids are good, just leave me feeling stiff for the day. I vote massaging seats for Gen 5!

    I've come to like the 40/41-series. The lack of inner plastic layer makes it easier to see out the windows, especially at night. IMO the 38/39-series were the worst in terms of the interior. Maybe I only like them because I don't have any other choice?


    Stinson had a lot of cancellations today. Two 465-N's in a row were missing, as was the 119-N I intended to take. Today's 465-N schedule is on the left, while the theoretical one is on the right.


    Made for a crowded 165 ride on 29-805!

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  2. On 10/23/2021 at 11:14 PM, Matt Demers said:

    If you saw this around 18h15 which it looks like you did, well.... I was there too! 🤯 The bus left a few minutes late. Runs really well and has the new card reader working.

    I was on that departure. My photo is timestamped at 18h12! I was first in line, I sat in the second-last single seat and I did the full route.

    A shame I didn't notice you taking your photo!  I wasn't looking in that direction because I was concerned about where the driver was, as the 51 is frequent and I've had bad experiences trying to get on a specific bus at Laurier. It was close: we ended up leaving 4 minutes late with a 6 minute frequency...

  3. On 10/4/2021 at 10:22 PM, yikeslol said:

    I saw 1604 at the cartier bus terminus and it looks WAY different from what it used to be. It now has the BRT-style roof fairing, the middle back roof fairing that hosted the batteries looks different from what is used to look like. It looked like the pre-2020 RTC hybrids and was actually recharging on the recharge station on the terminus. On the side of the roof fairing, it's says in french that it's propulsing with electricity, which probably means that this bus was converted to a full on electric bus. The destination sign said it was doing the route 20.

    Looks really interesting, I'll have to hunt it down one of these days!


    I spotted Skyport 117, a white second gen LFS on the Concordia shuttle yesterday. Does anyone know the origins of this unit? They have the other two wrapped second gens, 112 and 113 which I've been seeing around regularly.


    31-199, wrapped for Visa, was on the 51 this morning, doing an added trip (westbound only).


    Also, I spotted 40-113 laying over at St. Jacques/Elmhurst (westbound stop) around 7:15 signed as 90 école. It was an added trip (not within range of the published GTFS data), probably intended for Dalbé Viau high school at the western terminus.

  4. 28-072 was on the 90 SL extra on Friday. It was running 10 minutes late and packed up to the front door when it arrived at Vendome.


    Lasalle put lots of older buses on the 90 this weekend, it was better than weekdays!

    I took 27-504 on the 90 around 23:00 yesterday. 27-503, 27-514, 28-064 and 28-708 were also tracking on it throughout the evening.

    I took 27-503 and 27-519 on the 90 today, and also saw 27-504, 27-513 and 27-514.

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  5. Skyport 420-204 was doing the Concordia shuttle today. It has luggage racks, so it's probably meant for use on their airport contracts.


    Also, I noticed on FleetStats that STL 1604 was reactivated. It was a test bus being converted to a plug in hybrid, and it hasn't been active for years. I think 1603 was also part of this project.

    Here's an article with a photo from 2017:


    Something to keep an eye out for.

  6. 2 hours ago, Montreal_Bus_Fan said:

    I’m fine with that.

    I can rename the other thread then if that's what everyone prefers. It definitely makes things easier since we don't need to write as many posts if we have both 25 and 26-series sightings.

    3 hours ago, Frozen Yogurt said:

    26-031 was on the 144 yesterday midday.

    Took that one yesterday as well as 26-015 on the same run today!

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