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  1. 41-024 was on the 144 this morning (MR extra), already missing an ad rack. The front fleet number only appears missing in the photo because of the lighting.
  2. Looks really interesting, I'll have to hunt it down one of these days! - I spotted Skyport 117, a white second gen LFS on the Concordia shuttle yesterday. Does anyone know the origins of this unit? They have the other two wrapped second gens, 112 and 113 which I've been seeing around regularly. 31-199, wrapped for Visa, was on the 51 this morning, doing an added trip (westbound only). Also, I spotted 40-113 laying over at St. Jacques/Elmhurst (westbound stop) around 7:15 signed as 90 école. It was an added trip (not within range of the published GTFS data), probably intended for Dalbé Viau high school at the western terminus.
  3. 25-220 was doing a 51 St. Denis extra around 7:30 this morning.
  4. 28-072 was on the 90 SL extra on Friday. It was running 10 minutes late and packed up to the front door when it arrived at Vendome. Lasalle put lots of older buses on the 90 this weekend, it was better than weekdays! I took 27-504 on the 90 around 23:00 yesterday. 27-503, 27-514, 28-064 and 28-708 were also tracking on it throughout the evening. I took 27-503 and 27-519 on the 90 today, and also saw 27-504, 27-513 and 27-514.
  5. I have a shot of it in the same place! I think the driver might have typed in the wrong route, haha
  6. 26-026 was on the 90 Mont Royal extra this morning. 26-054 was on the 51 all day, doing an accessibility violation!
  7. I saw 29-141 on the 104 this morning, doing a Legendre extra. Based on the tracker, 29-147 did one of the other 104LE trips. 30-163 was on the 90 this morning, running out of LS.
  8. 0105 and 0112 are being used at the Village Laval festival this weekend. I'm not sure for what purpose, there seems to be some aluminum inside.
  9. Skyport 420-204 was doing the Concordia shuttle today. It has luggage racks, so it's probably meant for use on their airport contracts. Also, I noticed on FleetStats that STL 1604 was reactivated. It was a test bus being converted to a plug in hybrid, and it hasn't been active for years. I think 1603 was also part of this project. Here's an article with a photo from 2017: https://www.danatm4.com/blog/quebec-phev-initiave-underway/ Something to keep an eye out for.
  10. I took 28-053 on a 105 Lasalle extra during AM rush today. Very rare to get a second gen on the 105.
  11. Maybe it's been assigned for driver SAAQ certification like 22-410 and 24-270 were?
  12. I can rename the other thread then if that's what everyone prefers. It definitely makes things easier since we don't need to write as many posts if we have both 25 and 26-series sightings. Took that one yesterday as well as 26-015 on the same run today!
  13. The Skyport Concordia shuttles are running again after being suspended in March 2020. I saw 112, 118 and 119 today.
  14. I took 26-028 on the 90 today. It has several vinyl seats and a vinyl cushion.
  15. I took 25-220 on the 144 both yesterday and today. At this rate, any 25-series ride on that route might be my last.
  16. I tried out the Montreal-Ottawa service today, and I must say I was impressed. Unlike Via Rail (which is seating people next to each other now) and Megabus (which has a $20 surcharge for a "socially distant seat"), Orléans Express is still putting one person per two seater. For my departure (7am MTL-OTT), they sent two buses: 6958 went took all the passengers going to the Ottawa Via Rail station, while 7062 did the other stops. This felt much more like a premium service than Greyhound or Megabus. I took 7062, which seems to be a nearly brand new 2020 H3-45 equipped with leather seats and tables. They distributed a form we could choose to sign if we wanted to give our support to them for their bid to permanently operate the route.
  17. The VIN's on the tracker might not be accurate. I went to Chambly today and waited for a bus listed as 1N9MNAC6XCC084081, but a Midi numbered 1682 showed up (probably ex Transbus 353 ). The AC was blasting hot air into the bus and it must have been 40 degrees inside. Up there as one of the least pleasant bus rides I've ever experienced. I also got to ride 1522, which was a 2015 Vicinity. Probably this one here: https://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Transit_Cape_Breton_7085 It wasn't tracking.
  18. I took 25-208 on the 51 this morning.
  19. Spotted 24-219 at Atwater this afternoon.
  20. Spotted the two Vizzy wrapped buses at Atwater around 18:35.
  21. I don't think any are assigned there, but they have shown up there on loan in the past (hence why a bunch have the FR checkered bumper). Also, technically SN already had all the 33-8xx and LE all the 32-8xx if that counts - I took 28-708 on the 90 this morning and it sounded horrendous. High pitched noises when accelerating/decelerating and tons of rattling on the roof. I filmed a clip from my ride. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GasZjF6ANdr770cO1BwdoNWyo7Ny3CPV/view
  22. I took 41-014 on the 51 yesterday morning. As expected, I didn't notice any interior differences compared to 40-062+.
  23. I suggest we wait until @MTL66gets his roster to avoid introducing any errors if the fleet numbers were changed. -- Speaking of exo CRC, here's a photo of 911 on the 401 yesterday. It sounded very rough.
  24. I took 26-086 on the 90 this morning, not tracking. 27-024 was on the 15 in the afternoon. 26-046 was parked dead at Laurier around 18:00.
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