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  1. Technically, no. But the name of this thread is antiquated anyway as the "CIT" systems were folded into different exo sectors. I don't think SJSR, STC, STSV and MRC de Joliette are big enough to warrant their own threads, and their operations are similar enough (third party contractors, which usually operate exo sectors too) that they fit pretty well with the other content of this thread. Perhaps it should be renamed? - Actually on the topic of STC, I did a trip out there a few weeks ago. They finally have minibuses operating on their local routes: 3614 was on the orange line. It is in McGill University Health Centre livery, and I was told this is temporary until the minibuses they ordered are delivered. Last time I went in April, they were using vans. La Québecoise 1254 in exo livery was at the Concordia Loyola campus on a charter yesterday.
  2. Thanks for the update! It matches about what I have observed. I had 6351 listed on the wiki because of @gmnewlook's photo I found from 2020: https://www.flickr.com/photos/48803885@N00/50522303897/in/album-72157669295823255/ However it isn't in the full livery like the others, and 6460 (also in his album) is at exo TM now. I spotted the 35 when I was in St. Jérôme last year but I am unsure of the number or origin of that unit. I think I can see M9 on it (through the driver's window). For Chartrand, 8065 is definitely missing. I have seen it several times on the 125. What I'm uncertain about is whether it was renumbered from unit "125" or is another bus. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Autocar_Chartrand_8065-a.jpg
  3. I've been trying to update the MRC de Joliette section of the wiki. I think I have all the coaches Keolis is using currently in MRC de Joliette livery. Does anyone know what happened to 29374 and the 295XX coaches shown here? Are they still running somewhere? I did a few visits to Joliette on the 50 in the past few months and got Chartrand 8058 and 8061, as well as Keolis Académie 7705, but I haven't seen any 295XX. For the 125, Chartrand had a coach numbered "125" that they used on the route, but it seems to have vanished to make way for 8064 and 8065. Any info on those (model year, VIN) is also appreciated.
  4. An old looking Van Hool T2145 from Florida made its way to downtown Montreal yesterday afternoon. The fleet number on the curb side at the front was 7702.
  5. 28-702 was getting towed at Montréal-Ouest this morning.
  6. I was lucky enough to catch exo VR 307405 (ex-Guelph Transit 187) on the 200 this morning without planning to. They very rarely send these buses out. It's amazing how far ahead Guelph Transit was for the time. The bus basically meets the criteria of a current STM bus: it has air conditioning, two wheelchair spaces, a front ramp, and vinyl seats.
  7. Went over to Radisson this afternoon to spot the La Québécoise buses on exo Assomption. 2898 (2008 J4500 white, see @citfan2020's post) on the 100. 1182 laying over (2011 H3-45 in Vacances Dragon livery). 1688 (2016 J4500 all white) on the 200. Also, Chartrand 8059 (newer H3-45) was on MRC de Joliette 50, covering for Keolis.
  8. Someone posted a photo of it operating on the 804 in a Facebook group I'm a member of. So it should be in service.
  9. They had 2898 running today. 2008 J4500, seems to be ex-Swiftrans. Didn't see the route, but based on the timing and the fact that it didn't track, it may have been the 500 to Marieville.
  10. Seems like I took the set led by 701 on its last ever trip (train 80 yesterday morning). It went out of service afterwards and got replaced with a 3-car multilevel set led by 3017 for PM rush. The other 3 consists (705, 707, 708 as cab cars) were all at Lucien L'Allier this morning, and I took the one with 708.
  11. I must have been there around the same time as you. I saw 343 pulling in around 17:25. Also, 2101 (2001 H3-45) was on CRC 400. It did the 17:20 departure.
  12. There are several coaches missing too. 1022 gone since February, 1150 gone since May and 1248 gone since November 2021. Meanwhile there's only been one new bus, 2937, which appears to be a transfer from Groupe Swiftrans. It first tracked in April 2022. Their J4500's sound horrendous compared to the other ones around at TCV, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're having lots of mechanical issues. (photo from last month)
  13. Cleaning up a few more parts of the Québec section: I notice that someone created individual pages for Transdev Québec 8135, 8136 and 8140, all MCI E4500's. Based on what I've been able to track down with their VIN's and internal configuration/markings when I have ridden these vehicles, all of Transdev Québec's E4500's were transferred from Compass Transportation (a California-based Transdev division) in 2021. They are split into two groups: 8136-8137, both 2008 models with adjacent VIN's. 8132, 8135, 8139, 8140, 8142 are all 2009 models with adjacent VIN's. I propose the following renamings and deletions: Transdev Québec 8136 to Transdev Québec 8136-8137 Transdev Québec 8135 to Transdev Québec 8132, 8135, 8139-8140, 8142 Delete Transdev Québec 8140 I can deal with all the edits related to their background once the pages have been renamed.
  14. Not exo sightings, but they relate to exo operators, so i'll post them here: Limocar resumed their local line along R112 last month. I saw it yesterday morning being operated by 512521, a Ford minibus. Based on this photo from Transdev's website, it was originally at Transport Collectif MRC de l'Érable. Now it's white with a limocar logo on the side. Spotted 9210, a H3-45 in plain Keolis livery, on A40 west of Montréal yesterday evening. Perhaps it was the KLM shuttle from YUL to Ottawa? Does anyone know the origins of this bus? There are also 9200 (ex-Skyport) and 9205 (???) operating at MRC de Joliette, from photos I've seen. Do 9201 to 9204 and 9206 to 9209 exist?
  15. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Corporation_de_transport_Joliette_métropolitain_1001-1005 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Corporation_de_transport_Joliette_métropolitain_1006 Could these be changed to Groupe Gaudreault 1001-1005, and 1006? That is the company which operates them. The transit agency rebranded as Transport MRC de Joliette, so renaming it to the operator name will allow me to link those pages to the Transport MRC de Joliette page. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Orléans_Express For the same reason, I think the Orléans Express bus pages should be renamed to Keolis Canada: e.g. "Orleans Express 6351-6357" to "Keolis Canada 6351-6357". Orleans Express is one division of Keolis Canada, and the older units get cycled to their other operations. I'd prefer to have one page for the buses, rather than needing to make a new one every time they move around. I can include the current division on the page itself.
  16. Keolis 212-501 (2012 J4500 ex Orleans Express 6258) was training at Radisson this afternoon. It was in exo orange livery. I haven't seen orange exo buses at any operator other than Keolis. Also, since they don't have trackers: I saw 6352 (2013 H3-45 ex-Orleans Express), 8301 (2013 H3-45 ex-Murray Hill), 8402 (2014 H3-45 ex-Murray Hill) and Chartrand 8060 (?? H3-45) on MRC de Joliette route 50. The Chartrand one was covering for Keolis I presume. A shame exo isn't doing this... Chartrand 8065 (?? H3-45) was on MRC de Joliette route 125.
  17. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Société_de_transport_de_Montréal_41-001_to_41-178 Can this one be changed to end at 41-129? That unit was the highest to enter service and the 42-series are already in production.
  18. Hmm, interesting. Does this mean we'll be unlikely to see New Flyers again if exo is doing the orders? (aside from used ones of course) The YRT method makes more sense, that way they don't have to mass retire the buses when the contract changes, and the new contractor doesn't need to get a whole set of new ones. I have noticed some differences in the 2021 LFS specs across agencies. Transbus 1250-1255 have a slightly different seating layout, and fold-up rather than fold-down seats in the wheelchair area. Keolis 221-201 to 210 have frameless windows (and I have never seen the interior). Never taken the Dufresne ones. Also strangely, Transdev is using 310821 on the SJSR contract.
  19. Decided to check it out since the shuttle was free and I'd never been to Kahnawake before (aside from the parts along the 132 and 138). I wasn't expecting it to be so busy either! Ended up in the front next to the wheel well on the way back. The schedule is designed such that it could be done by one bus, I wonder if that was the original plan? It was my first time on one of the Transdev 2021 LFS'. They seem identical to the La Québecoise ones inside (and those have consecutive VIN's with these ones).
  20. You're right. At the very least, they should temporarily reduce the schedules to match what they are able to consistently provide. That way, passengers aren't left with the uncertainty of whether their trips will be cancelled on any given day. Obviously, the long term solution is to increase the drivers' pay. It just isn't a strategy to win the contract since they need to have the lowest bid. My cursory research indicates that the STM starts at $25.72/hr for drivers, versus $19-21/hr for most exo contractors. Not to mention that you have no job security in the event that they lose the contract next time. It really does not seem appealing given the level of skill and training required for the job. Related to this, I've noticed that some of the contractors (Paquette, Transcobec, Dufresne) do not have these staffing issues. Are their working conditions/pay that much better?
  21. exo SV operated by Transdev seems like a complete disaster based on their first weekday. I went through their twitter and counted the cancellations on the 700. The 707/709/710 also had cancellations. It comes to a total of 26 cancellations, 14 eastbound and 12 westbound. The service in this state seems borderline unusable. Hopefully exo has mitigation measures like they did for Transdev in Ste. Julie last time this happened (although the mitigation measures ended and SJU is still riddled with cancellations).
  22. This one is actually 811412. Confirmed visually this morning.
  23. The STM received their four BYD midibuses in 2019, but has never used them... They are the same model as the ones currently operated by the RTL. Transbus ordered 3 Vicinities last year for exo Sorel-Varennes. The new contract starting tomorrow requires that they no longer use minibuses as they have been on the St. Amable routes. That would be my guess as to what you saw. https://ceo.ca/@accesswire/vicinity-motor-corp-receives-order-for-three-vicinittm
  24. Sorel-Varennes: I took 1223 on the 710 and 1232 on the 700 this evening. Because of the operator change on Friday, most Transbus vehicles don't have fare boxes. As a result, you can visit their territory for free. I highly recommend checking out the 700, my favourite route in greater Montreal. Here's 1223 at the temporary Contrecœur terminus. The 710 used to be minibuses but switched to coaches in April 2022 when it got extended to Contrecœur. It was really strange driving along the tiny residential streets in Verchères in a coach.
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