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  1. I saw a few examples on the wiki that don't seem to follow that pattern though. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was a 2022 given how clean it was. It was $33, so cheaper than either Orléans Express ($50) or Via Rail (select departures starting at $45, and I took that to come back).
  2. Not related to the Chisasibi service, but I figured I'd post here since it relates to Maheux. I tried out the Maheux service from Montreal to Ottawa via A50 over the weekend. I did the 6:30 am departure from Montreal with bus number 2704. It was rather quiet with about 10 passengers, about half getting on at Berri and half at Cartier. The drive from Berri to Cartier was very long and slow, although there isn't really a better way to do it. Perhaps they'll consider moving to Ste. Dorothée REM station when it opens, since that's near A13? This could also allow them to add a stop in St. Eustache. The coach seemed nearly brand new (although I have no idea what the model year is), with probably the best equipped interior I've seen: wooden floors, plush leather seats, tables and charging ports. The trip was much more scenic than A40/hwy 417, and I'd definitely recommend this over that routing if you have the time (or are going to Gatineau). As for the scheduling, we arrived in Gatineau about 30 minutes early, so they could probably reduce the run time to make themselves more competitive with Orléans Express and VIA.
  3. I took 26-052 on the 90 Frontenac extra this morning, not tracking. This one hasn't tracked since June!
  4. The 105 was like that on Sunday. I took 40-911, but also saw 40-903, 40-910 and 40-918. 40-921 and 40-928 also tracked, but I didn't see them. 40-911 already rattles quite a bit...
  5. There have been consultations regarding this over the past few years. The STM has their consultations available here: https://parlons-en.stm.info So far, there are more concrete proposals for Île-des-Sœurs: https://parlons-en.stm.info/media/default/0001/01/7270037f723ad8aa2f51aefa1de063dc4fa480f5.pdf The RTL has their proposed changes available here: https://www.consultationrtl.ca/phase2 Exo has been doing consultations as well, available here: https://consultations.exo.quebec. Here are some proposals for CRC, Le Richelain and Roussillon: https://exo.quebec/Media/Default/pdf/section7/Consultations/REFONTE_CRC-LR-R_CP2_Réseaubonifie_avril2021.pdf
  6. 0413 was involved in some kind of photo or video shoot at Dawson today. It still had the fare box and there was a STL supervisor on site.
  7. 25-242 and 246 were on the 51 this morning. They parked right next to each other, which made for the perfect photo! A bit later in the morning, I saw 26-015 and 26-001 laying over next to each other. These were both on all day runs.
  8. I took the 90 MR extra today and got none other than LS 30-042. Quite the disappointment.
  9. 25-242 was En Transit on Cavendish Tuesday morning, reactivated after being out of service for over a month.
  10. I saw Fredericton Transit 8221 testing in St. Eustache this afternoon.
  11. This seems to have been the first day for XE40's to run on the weekend. Three of them went out: 40-906, 40-923 and 40-927, and they were on very long runs compared to weekdays. I took 40-906 on the 105-E around noon.
  12. 26-007 (not tracking) and 26-035 were on the 51 around noon. I went for a quick ride on 25-208 (reactivated after being MIA since October) on the 97 this afternoon.
  13. I took 26-030 on the 90 at 18:42 today. It was not tracking.
  14. I saw that one laying over at Atwater between doing the 97 and 104 at 19:30 I took 41-008 on 144MR this afternoon. It certainly manages the hill better than the diesel buses. I took 27-513 on the 90 around 19:30. This one also was interlining off a MR route, the 427.
  15. I took 40-906 for a short ride on the 105 this morning. It was a very nice ride, however there was one glaring issue: the driver's plexiglass barrier swings outward when the front doors are closed to improve the driver's visibility (same as on the STL units). However this creates delays on a busy route like the 105, where people run after the bus: people get on and fumble around for their fare, and the driver can't close the door and leave until they have paid and crossed the yellow line. Hopefully they disable this feature. So I actually take this run I had 40-906 on pretty regularly, and I can confirm that it was the regular driver at the wheel. Maybe they do the Batisse's in other cases though, 40-904 did a mixed assortment of 115 and 105 trips from different runs the other day.
  16. I took 25-246 on the 51 during PM rush. Also on the 51 were 26-007 (not tracking) and 26-014.
  17. Yesterday: 26-030 was on the 150, not tracking. 26-048 was on the 34 all day. It tracked on the route again all day today. Today: 26-074 was on the 100 in the afternoon, not tracking. 26-028 (15, not tracking), 26-029 (90) and 26-031 (150) were all at Atwater around 17:30. I took 26-029, which has lots of vinyl seat inserts!
  18. 26-038 was on the 144 this morning, Frontenac extra. 26-025 was on the 150.
  19. I saw a Candiac train full of people going towards Montreal around 19:00. Seems like there was a major incident and some trains got cancelled or turned around.
  20. I took 28-704 on the 211 today, not tracking.
  21. 37-050 and 40-040 were doing driver training at Vendome today.
  22. Lots of white STM 41-series were parked at Nova Bus today. The highest I saw was 41-115. There was also 41-013 and an STL hybrid out there with their liveries, and demonstrator 1499 (was STM 33-999).
  23. I've come to like the 40/41-series. The lack of inner plastic layer makes it easier to see out the windows, especially at night. IMO the 38/39-series were the worst in terms of the interior. Maybe I only like them because I don't have any other choice? - Stinson had a lot of cancellations today. Two 465-N's in a row were missing, as was the 119-N I intended to take. Today's 465-N schedule is on the left, while the theoretical one is on the right. Made for a crowded 165 ride on 29-805!
  24. I rode 41-014 and 071 on the 51 today. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it before, but they're missing the radiators inside in the back. It'll be interesting to see if they're cooler in the winter.
  25. Yesterday: I took RTL 20504 on the 170. Considering how terrible the service is and that I was going against peak, the ridership was pretty good (about 10 other people). Today: I took 28-707 on the 90 around 17:00.
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