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  1. I took 25-248 on the 51 around 16:30. I took 25-223 on the 144 around 21:45.
  2. I took 25-240 on the 51 this afternoon. So I've managed to ride every 25-series now. 25-246 was also on the 51.
  3. 25-235 was En Transit at Sherbrooke/Cavendish around 9:00. I took 25-243 on the 144 this morning, running out of SD and not tracking.
  4. I took SL 28-132 on the 144 LE extra today.
  5. I took 40-001 on the 90 this evening. Unlike 40-002+ but like the older hybrids, it has the plastic inner layer on the windows. The 39-90X have the plastic too. Based on the VIN's, 40-001 was built immediately after 39-150, before 39-901-904 or the other 40 series. 40-084 was getting its wheel replaced at Atwater.
  6. I took 26-040 and 26-055 on the 715 this afternoon. Until this week, they had adjusted the schedule to only use one bus with a 90 minute frequency. Fortunately, it's now back to full service. The area around the back window of 26-055 doesn't seem to have been repaired well. It was leaking quite heavily in the rain, and the back seats were soaked. I took 26-005 on the 144 tonight.
  7. Unfortunate that you missed one 24-series, haha - I took 25-233 on the 144 this morning. 25-225 was on the 144-E at 17:59, first departure after exiting the garage. This is a very late garage exit.
  8. I took AN 30-183 and SL 28-034 on the 144 yesterday.
  9. The 144 has some strange interlines this board period. Last board period it had the same two buses all day after 10:30 am. I took 31-226 on this Legendre run: The new card reader was operating, and it's the first time I've noticed that.
  10. Is this the first time you've completed a series? I have a similar thing going, but with rides rather than photos. I never completed the 21-22-23-24 series, but I've taken every 25-series except 25-240 since 2017. 25-240 seems inactive now, so hopefully it comes back. - Yesterday: 25-205 and 25-206 were on the 51. 25-214 was on the 55. Today: I took 25-213 on the 144.
  11. I spotted 24-301 twice today. First on the 105 around 11:30, then on the 711 around 18:00.
  12. Yesterday: 25-204 was on the 491. Today: 25-205 was on the 51. 25-229 was on the 144.
  13. I took 38-083 on the 90-E around 14:45. It's a SL extra, and there won't be any starting next week. I've got to enjoy the slightly different hybrids while I can, haha 26-069 was on the 90-W around 15:00, MR extra. It wasn't tracking. 36-031 was on the 430, not tracking.
  14. As @@nthony2005mentioned in the Today's Sightings thread, 25-212 may be retired. We can start posting our 25 series sightings here. For the current roster, please check @Blue Hybrid Bus' website, FleetStats. I'll start with some sightings and photos: 25-202 and 25-238 were on the 410. 25-222 was on the 445. I took 25-230 on the 144. -- For posterity I've quoted @@nthony2005's post with photos of 25-212.
  15. I took 24-301 on the 51-W around 18:50 tonight (SN extra). 24-231 was also tracking on a Laurier route, 47SN. It would have made for an interesting picture having them there together: 24-231 did 47-E 16:27 and 24-301 did 51-W 16:31.
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