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  1. 40-098 entered service today and I spotted it on the 90 around 12:50. 40-090 was also tracking on the 110 this morning.
  2. I had the reverse today: rode LS 32-019 on the 144. The fare box wasn't working. also took 25-206 on the 90-W at 20:12.
  3. I've done pretty well with the 90 lately: I took 24-258 on the 90-W at 17:47 on Monday. Still has TopoDyn. I took 24-288 on the 90-E at 14:18 yesterday. I took 24-256 on the 90-E at 13:17 today.
  4. I get the impression that some people have forgotten that transit isn't free. Probably a third of passengers on the 144 this week have been walking right past the fare box without paying, or even acknowledging that they should be paying... I've also seen a lot of people trying to get on through the back or get out by the front. It's quite the mess. 29-052's fare box was fixed when I took it yesterday (Tuesday). 29-047 was the other 144, which still didn't have the barrier. Today, the 144 had 25-213 and 25-217 and I rode them both!
  5. My first front door boarding experience was on 29-052 (144) this morning. The fare box was broken 🤦‍♂️ I'm going to miss sitting in the front seats. 27-523 was on the 90 this evening, not tracking.
  6. The other side is yellow and says 'embarquement par l'avant'. - I took 24-282 on the 90-E on Saturday afternoon. I caught 24-292 on that 90-37 tripper tonight at 21:02. The driver never signed into the iBus so it wasn't tracking. I'm going to have to pay more attention to this run!
  7. Spotted 40-901 leaving MCI around 14:30.
  8. I took 24-295 on the 105 this afternoon. It has the plexiglass.
  9. Caught 24-257 on the 90-W at 21:02. It has the new mirror. Pretty lucky since I've never seen 90-37 have a 24 series before, although it often doesn't track. Also, it's quite odd to have a tripper this late.
  10. I took 29-109 on the 144-W around 18:00. It has the barrier.
  11. Had a bit of spare time today, so I did a round trip on the 48/49 with 22-413 and 24-239, respectively. Both of them ride really well, and I like both the routes too. It's a shame I never have a reason to head out there! Now I've been on every active 22/23/24 series. Still missed a lot of AN units.
  12. This info has been available for a little while, but I'll mention it here for posterity: Highlights: Front door boarding will resume on CT Frontenac and St. Denis routes as of July 20th. Barriers are currently being installed. The new card readers will be put into service by September. We will soon be able to see the number of people on each bus. The number of passengers is already visible in the API of the STM website. It seems accurate (@Frozen Yogurt and I tested it while I was on a bus).
  13. I took 29-040 on the 144 both yesterday and today. Yesterday it had no plexiglass barrier, today it did.
  14. Update to the 'Search Schedules' tool: Rather than selecting the schedule (weekday, saturday or sunday), now you select the date. This allows you to see the vehicle assignments for previous dates.
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