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  1. It may be ex-Autobus Maheux. It fits their numbering scheme, and it is visible in one of their Youtube videos.
  2. Spotted this bus running for a numbered company based here in Montréal. It appears to be ex-Charter Bus Lines of BC. This Marcopolo from Mexico was parked in the Old Port as well. Leduc 3949 was parked at Concordia University, presumably transporting the Carleton University team for a Rugby game.
  3. I think this move was partially in response to Adirondack adding service on the line when the Amtrak service was suspended. Adirondack added 3 daily departures to their roster, of which two new ones are overnight. In particular, the overnight trips seem to be the most popular. I took Greyhound on one a few months ago and the bus was completely full. Adirondack now has 3 overnight runs (22:00, 22:30 and 23:00). Greyhound previously just had the one (23:45), but now there is a second overnight Flixbus run (22:00). *All departure times listed are from Montréal.
  4. Indeed, Skyway is now operating the Flixbus service into Montréal. I spotted 9662 arriving at the bus terminal from New York early this evening. It seemed quite busy. With 4 Greyhound, 2 Flixbus and 5 Trailways departures per day, the service frequency on this route is better than I've ever seen it.
  5. I believe Flixbus has entered Québec piggybacking on Greyhound's license. 2 new daily Montréal - NYC Midtown (not Port Authority) trips were added. The website lists them as Greyhound but then has a note saying they are operated by Skyway Coach Lines as Flixbus. I will try and spot one of the departures next chance I get.
  6. After 13 years' hiatus, I decided to start organizing my photos online again. I mainly got the Flickr account so I can more easily keep track of my own photos, but I figured it would be fun to share. Hence, I present to you: Gerbil's Transit Gallery - Version 2 I still have some organizing to do, but you should find it a comprehensive set of photos mainly from the Montréal area, taken from 2020-2023.
  7. Maheux 3741 doing the 13:15 Montréal -Ottawa run today. And for good measure, ex-Belca Tours 776 running for exo in Delson. They barely made an effort to remove the old livery.
  8. I see three more US units tracking on Canadian runs now: DD728, DD737 and DD776. To be confirmed if they've been renumbered.
  9. I would recommend the Brossard REM station during rush hour if you want to get everything in one place. La Québécoise operates coaches, minibuses, MD30's, and Vicinities on their exo Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan routes out of there, from what I have seen in the past week. For coaches, you get a good variety on many of the routes, especially exo Le Richelain-Roussillon. Pretty much every route there has some frequent options you can use to get back. Just be careful where you get off, as you might experience a long walk or a long wait. I would avoid taking photos there, as the security I've encountered there have been hostile towards it.
  10. The Bilevels are on the St. Jérôme line, and only a few specific departures. I am unsure for the morning ones, but for the afternoon they are the following from Lucien L'allier (occasionally there are changes though) : 16:35, 17:10, 21:10 All the other lines and the other St. Jérôme line trains are multilevel.
  11. In my experience the Côte-Vertu routes (144, 151, 713, 744) are among the best for older buses, especially the 151. It's worth noting that a lot of the older 2003-2006 model buses seem to be stored for the summer. Otherwise I'd recommend Montmorency over Cartier. The 26 is frequent and not accessible, plus you have a few other non accessible routes. Cartier I barley ever see anything old.
  12. Great to see! I took this route with Greyhound on a Tuesday in May and we were a full load, even with the train in service at that time. As much as I'd rather take the train in terms of comfort, the bus just makes more sense given how slow the train is.
  13. To add to @eclair14's suggestions, exo Sud-Ouest line 1 to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield is worth checking out too. Most of the route is along the river and you get an excellent view of the hydro generating station in Beauharnois. Highly recommend the poutine at Restaurant La Pataterie, among the best I've ever had. The ride out there isn't particularly scenic, but Chambly is also worth a visit (either from Longueuil or TCV/Brossard depending on if it's before or after REM opening). There is a nice walking trail along the Chambly basin and the canal. There is also the Fort Chambly historic site right in the centre of the town, which was built by the French in the 1700's. The bus fleet is quite diverse too.
  14. The site is functional again. Due to a dispute with the previous hosting website, I was forced to change the domain. It is now https://gtfstools.com For now it's only the static GTFS, resuming the real time updates will come later.
  15. My apologies, I have been working on fixing the issues with real time updates the site has had since January. I am currently away, so I don't have the time to work on it. I should have it back up next week.
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