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  1. I took 25-208 on the 51 this morning.
  2. Spotted 24-219 at Atwater this afternoon.
  3. Spotted the two Vizzy wrapped buses at Atwater around 18:35.
  4. I don't think any are assigned there, but they have shown up there on loan in the past (hence why a bunch have the FR checkered bumper). Also, technically SN already had all the 33-8xx and LE all the 32-8xx if that counts - I took 28-708 on the 90 this morning and it sounded horrendous. High pitched noises when accelerating/decelerating and tons of rattling on the roof. I filmed a clip from my ride. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GasZjF6ANdr770cO1BwdoNWyo7Ny3CPV/view
  5. I took 41-014 on the 51 yesterday morning. As expected, I didn't notice any interior differences compared to 40-062+.
  6. I suggest we wait until @MTL66gets his roster to avoid introducing any errors if the fleet numbers were changed. -- Speaking of exo CRC, here's a photo of 911 on the 401 yesterday. It sounded very rough.
  7. I took 26-086 on the 90 this morning, not tracking. 27-024 was on the 15 in the afternoon. 26-046 was parked dead at Laurier around 18:00.
  8. I saw 41-003 on the 47. There weren't any noticeable differences to the interior (although I didn't get on it).
  9. I took 25-220 on the 144 today. The rear door has a green light like on the 27-5xx to 33-8xx. (apologies for the orientation of the image, it flipped when I uploaded it)
  10. Since most of the La Quebecoise buses were used before for other services and have their VIN on the wiki, I compiled this list of fleet numbers for the ones that have tracked at exo CRC so far (rightmost columns). 2154 is a guess because the VIN is 1 higher than 2153, and La Quebecoise seems to use the numbers from the VIN for the fleet number. Shall I submit them to @FelixINX's form, or should I wait until they're actually spotted? Also, based on photos I've seen since the change, there are quite a few others not tracking (like the midis).
  11. Fixed it. Sorry about that, I updated some of the internals of the website the other day and that broke the home page. The other pages were working fine though if you had a direct link.
  12. I went for a ride on exo Ste. Julie 310105 (2005 D40LF ex-Kingston) today, on route 1. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets replaced with something from Rousillon or CRC next week.
  13. 24-219 is still alive! Spotted it at Sherbrooke/Peel this afternoon.
  14. I took 25-239 on the 104 this afternoon. It was an added school extra, so probably running out of MR.
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