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  1. I'm currently on Southland 3549 (On-It service). It has the number 1126 inside. Could it be ex-Greyhound 1126?
  2. I took 28-050 on the 90-W at 22:07. It was announcing just the stop name, without saying "Prochaine Arrêt". I like this better, since it means the announcements are significantly shorter.
  3. Today: 23-229 was En Transit at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue/St. Jacques around 8:00. 22-215 was arriving at Vendome on the 105-E around 8:15. It didn't have ads on the curb side or rear. Edit: sorry, wrong thread
  4. Yesterday: 22-400 was leaving Atwater on the 138-W at 10:27. Today: 23-234 was arriving at Atwater on the 104-E at 10:40.
  5. The Planibuses for the routes that go to Vendome all say "Arrêts déplacés à la station Vendôme", but the construction causing that was supposed to be over on August 26th (and based on my observations, it looks like it should be ready by then). They should have had that notice on the Summer schedules, since it lasted for the entirety of it. Also, here's my document to search for extras (Fall 2019): Trip Search F19.docx You can use it in conjunction with the tool linked in my signature to find out when a departure is.
  6. I took 24-228 on the 90-E at 7:09 (SN extra 90-05). Only the second time it's had a second gen. Just like last time when I took 27-514, I had planned to take this departure the day before, so it was pure luck.
  7. 22-400 was on the 90-E near Vendome around 20:05.
  8. I took 22-274 on the 90-E at 8:20 (SL extra 196-63). There's a SL extra on the 90-E next board period at 8:12, so the fun will continue.
  9. When you look at the schedules for LS routes, there are just way too many accessible runs. The 90-E is all accessible departures from 14:55 until the end of the day (20 different runs), for example. - I took 24-243 on the 90-W at 17:46 today. Guess what? Also an accessibility violation. This was the last LS 24-XXX I had no record of riding. I'm mostly missing AN's 24-XXX now. I've been on all the 24-XXX from LE except 24-234, 24-264 and 24-271, and most of the SN ones.
  10. I took 24-258 on the 90-W at 17:59. It still has the TopoDyn transmission, so it makes for a unique ride: quieter than the other 2001-2004 models. It also has a high pitched bell. The floor has buckled behind the front curb-side wheel. It's been patched over with duct tape.
  11. @Eli Plourde posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook of seemingly retired 22-XXX, 23-2XX and 24-237 parked at SD. Also there are: 22-235, 22-242, 22-290, 22-308, 22-345, 22-364, 22-376, 22-378, 22-386, 22-401, 22-409, 22-411, 22-424, 22-425, 23-221, 23-223. It looks like none of them have their fareboxes or license plates and 22-345 was in a serious accident. I actually took 24-237 only two days before it was last active.
  12. I took 28-009 on the 90-W at 20:30. It left Atwater 19 minutes late! The bus scheduled after (29-067) left a few minutes before and was packed when we passed it. Also, the schedules and GTFS data for the fall are out. I'll update my site in the next few hours.
  13. I took 28-018 on the 90-E at 8:20 (SL extra 196-63) this morning. This run has mostly been getting ex-LS 2008's lately. Very dull. This one was marginally interesting because it's an ex-AN bus I'd never taken before.
  14. 30-065 was deadheading SB on Atwater signed as "919 Trainbus Mont-Royal/Namur" this morning. I guess this will be a new route once the Deux Montagnes line stops going through the tunnel.
  15. When I was taking 31-068 on the 90 yesterday morning, I noticed it showing "Départ dans 2 minutes" a few times at intermediate stops. We were ahead of schedule. I think this is new, as I've only seen it at termini in the past.
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