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  1. Almost all rush hour extras on the 90 are operating as SN extras. Spotted 37-075 on run 102, 37-095 on run 104, 38-030 on run 109. Based on that logic, 24-297 should have been 90-101 (I took this, see other thread). FR seems to be doing extras on the 35, and there are a few others.
  2. I had the misfortune of needing to ride transit to do an essential errand.. At least I got to ride 24-297 on the 90-E at 7:17.
  3. Today: 24-261 was on the 90-E at 8:45 (LE extra 460-76) 24-282 arrived as the 108 then became the 138 at Atwater around 8:45. I took 24-227 on the 144-E at 8:46. 24-288 was on the 63-S arriving at Atwater around 18:40. 24-257 was on the 90-E near Vendome around 18:50.
  4. Saturday: I took AN 24-277 on the 90-W at 17:30. Today: I took 24-201 on the 90-W at 18:04. 24-202 was on the 90-E near Elmhurst around 18:30.
  5. I took 31-090 on the 144-E at 9:18. It wasn't tracking. 28-061 was on the 90 during PM rush, not tracking.
  6. Wednesday: I took 24-202 and 24-256 on the 90-E and 90-W at 8:24 and 16:56, respectively. Yesterday: 24-250 was on the 104-W at 8:35. It was a SD extra. Today: I took 24-266 on the 90-E at 7:47. 24-247 was on the 104-E around 8:20. It was doing that same SD extra. 24-287 was laying over at Atwater on the 90 at 17:15.
  7. I took 24-283 on the 90-E at 7:35. I took 24-288 on the 90-W at 18:04. It was an interline from the 138.
  8. We're on the March break schedules this week. Seems like the run configurations are different, as you'd expect. I took AN 27-011 on the 144-E at 9:18. 32-014 was on the 57 heading SB on Atwater around 9:15. It has a shiny front end. I took 27-501 on the 90-W at 17:18. An alarm started going off when we were near Girouard. We sat at the stop for a bit while the driver reported it, but we kept going. The bus seemed sluggish afterwards.
  9. 39-050 is a test bus for cameras replacing mirrors. Note the white cameras on the top next to the destination sign.
  10. 39-050 was testing on Atwater around 7:00. The mirrors have been removed.
  11. Yesterday: I took 24-266 on the 90-E at 7:58 I just missed 24-287 on the 90-W at 17:24. Today: 22-325 was broken down at Atwater. It was supposed to be doing the 144 but never made it out on its first trip. It eventually drove away on its own power. I took 24-246 on the 144-E at 7:14. It was the change off for 22-325. 24-289 was on the 90-E during PM rush.
  12. Friday: I took 24-205 on the 90-E at 8:19 (LE extra 460-76). This one is odd as it interlines to the 24-W after. Today: I took 22-400 on the 90-W at 19:49. I didn't think of it, but I could have gotten off at Vendome and transferred to 22-215 on the 105. 😕 Oh well
  13. I took 25-211 on the 144-E at 7:14 yesterday. Tracker wasn't working. I took LS 28-050 on the 144-W at 21:10 today.
  14. I took 24-267 on the 90-W at 21:30. My first 22-24 series in over 2 weeks! Kind of sad considering I used to ride them almost every day. Farebox didn't work, iBus screen was stuck reading "novembre", axle makes a lot of noise and sounds loose, and the bus shakes above 3rd gear...
  15. Haven't posted in a while... Mainly on account of LS being pretty dull nowadays. 29-003 was on the 144 yesterday. It wasn't tracking. I took MR 30-075 on the 90-E at 6:10. It was very crowded despite the previous bus being over 5 minutes late. Clearly the 90 could use a service increase at this time. MR 30-056 was on the 63-S right behind when I arrived at Atwater. I took LS 27-530 on the 144-W at 16:55. It was running about 15 minutes late.
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