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  1. Today's Sightings

    22-208, 22-398 and 24-276 were on the 90 yesterday. I took 22-398. SL 28-078 was on the 105 both days this weekend. The STM app was indicating it as a front ramp bus. MR 30-067 was on the 105 this morning. I took 30-079 on the 51 this morning. It's been unwrapped.
  2. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    21-226 was on the 104 and then 90 Wednesday afternoon (Stinson extra). I was waiting to post that because I wanted to accumulate more sightings, but I haven't seen a 21-2XX since.
  3. Today's Sightings

    I saw 30-074 operating on the 90 around 16:30 with the interior lighting off. I'm pretty sure the drivers aren't able to turn it off, so it must have been an electrical problem. I wonder if the driver got that changed off. That run had a few hours left on the 427 and 97 before it had to return to the garage. 31-202 turned onto Ste. Catherine from a side street in Westmount... Odd. Stinson didn't send many second generation LFS out today. According to the STM site, the 105 was front ramp only from 8:25 to 22:43 westbound and from 8:48 to 23:47 eastbound. That's impressive for such a frequent route!
  4. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    I took 21-253 on the 24 during PM rush today. It's back from Anjou. I just missed out on seeing two other 21-2XX today.
  5. Today's Sightings

    I think 22-324 and 22-325 are both SL buses. The wiki says so and even though it hasn't been updated for a long time, SL's 2002's haven't moved for the most part. You're right that it was probably originally at Lasalle though, there's a break in the VIN numbers between 22-325 and 22-326. If I'm not mistaken, 22-325 is the last bus with the old Nova BUS logo. I'm not sure about 22-303. It could also be a SL bus, but I don't recall ever seeing it there. They received 305-307 from Lasalle quite a few years ago. - 24-230 and 24-298 were on the 90 yesterday. They're back from FR and SD, respectively. I took LE 24-209 on the 90 early yesterday morning. This was my first time taking one of those blue light buses in the dark. Blue lights are far nicer than those banana yellow ones some 31s and 32s have. I took 30-003 on the 90 as run 756-115 (renfort) during PM rush yesterday. The iBus screen had "Lachine" on the top line and "Detour en cours" on the bottom one. Does this mean it's the renfort assigned for the Lachine area? Or could it just be that it was doing the 491 earlier(since the route name is "Lachine")?
  6. Today's Sightings

    Based on my sightings this weekend, it's evident that Lasalle still has a lot of them. Yesterday: LE 22-388 and 22-393 were on the 191. SD (?) 22-263 and LE 22-395 were on the 211. I took 22-263. Today: I took LE 24-210 on the 90 around 9:20. LE or SD 23-235 was on the 104 around 9:30, then the 90 in the afternoon. AN or LE 22-237 was on the 57 in the morning. SL 22-325 was on the 162 for most of the day. LS 28-052 was on the 51 around 17:30.
  7. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    Yesterday: 21-273 was on the 105 near Vendome around 9:45. Today: 21-256 was on the 90 in Westmount around 16:05.
  8. Today's Sightings

    I wouldn't be surprised. I saw LE 24-260 and 24-272 on those routes this afternoon entering the highway at Fort. Meanwhile, I caught the last non-camera bus on the 90 eastbound (22-271; Stinson extra) around 16:40 since the 4 other runs that could have older buses didn't get them. 28-115 was on the 166 around 7:40. 37-002 was on the 165 at the same time. LE 22-208 was on the 108 today. 30-070 was parked with police and STM security around it at the Elmhurst loop this afternoon. 28-099 was on the 90 during PM rush. It seems like Lasalle is getting the first 10 28-XXX from Stinson and St. Denis is getting the subsequent ones.
  9. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    Yeah, we did! I got on at Vendome. - Yesterday: 21-238 was En Transit at McGill around 11:15. 21-230 was En Transit at Vendome around 17:05. Today: 21-256 was on the 123 near Montreal Ouest around 14:30. 21-235 was on the 105 at Vendome around 16:55.
  10. Société de transport de Montréal

    As of this week, the STM has added 175 departures on the following routes: 37, 51, 58, 71, 103, 105, 107, 112, 113, 168, 406, 411, 491, 495, 496, as well as an additional train on the Green line. http://stm.info/en/easy It's a little odd for the infrequent routes (37, 71), since the schedule isn't slated to change until January and the times of these extra departures haven't been published. I'm disappointed they haven't done anything about the missing 90 departures around 17:00... I certainly sent enough complaints, and I imagine other people must do so as well.
  11. Today's Sightings

    22-241 was doing a school special on Sherbrooke yesterday morning. It does get into service sometimes! MR 30-077 was on the 105 today. LE 24-271 was on the 108 around 16:40. I didn't see too many 2001-2004 LFS out at Lasalle today. 24-271 was pretty much the only one I saw; I didn't see any on the 90 in the morning or during PM rush. This is quite the contrast to the summer when those older buses were doing almost every departure.
  12. Today's Sightings

    It was at Stinson for the past few years, then moved to Lasalle for a few days, then Frontenac. Who knows where it will end up next? - 29-074 was on the 51 during PM rush yesterday. I'm pretty sure the only Stinson extras on the 51 are during AM rush, so this one was probably operating out of MR. I took SL 22-326 on the 90 this morning. MR 27-018 was doing a Lasalle extra on the 24 this morning. Kind of funny how (probably) the only 27-0XX at Lasalle got sent out on a route that has lots of them.
  13. Société de transport de Montréal

    The STM is testing new seat models on a bus: I'd certainly welcome a change in seat design. The current ones aren't particularly comfortable. Does anyone know which bus this is and if it's going to be used in service like this?
  14. Today's Sightings

    I was actually at that stop at the mall when 27-533 passed. The three departures before it at 16:55, 17:02 (28-039) and 17:08 (25-208) are no-shows pretty much every day, so the 17:14 departure (27-533 yesterday) is extremely busy every day. I decided to skip 27-533 and get on 24-288 which was operating as the next bus at 17:26. (The 17:20 departure was late and didn't come either). I doubt I would have fit on 27-533 anyway. The last 406 is supposed to be 37-10. 31-002 was probably a renfort: that's what those 3-digit run numbers are typically for. Lasalle usually uses 747 buses for them. For example, 30-002 was doing a renfort on the 63 yesterday during PM rush. There were a fair number of 2002s out at Stinson today: 22-216 and 22-252 were on the 105, while 22-300 was on the 124.
  15. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    Yesterday: 21-226 was on the 105 in the morning. I saw it again on the 124 around 17:45 (different run). It should have been out until about 22:30. Today: I caught 21-256 on the 90 around 17:25. It still has a large black tag on the back. This was a nice surprise. I hope more of them show up at Lasalle.