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  1. It seems like a lot of the weekend 419 drivers don't realize that the route is extended to Terminus MacDonald. 22-205's driver turned the motor off after I got off at John Abbott this afternoon. The same thing happened the last time I took the weekend 419 a few weeks ago with a different driver. 29-079 was on the 206. 30-161 was on the 201.
  2. Yesterday: 21-215, 21-216 and 21-224 were on the 105 at different times throughout the day. Today: 21-221 was on the 105 around 9:45. 21-258 and 21-272 were on consecutive 24 runs throughout most of the day. 21-271 was on the 66 departing Guy Concordia around 16:45.
  3. 24-244 was on the 51 this morning. I caught 31-183 on the 24 around 11:15. A man in a wheelchair wanted to get on but the ramp didn't work, the motor driving the ramp wasn't strong enough to counteract gravity, so it only lifted part way. Later on, I caught 31-073 on the 90 and noticed that most of the speakers were covered with duct tape.
  4. I have yet to notice any 2005s without cameras. I try to verify whenever I ride them, and can confirm that the majority of them do in fact have cameras (I can provide specific fleet numbers upon request). I think Mont Royal had pretty much all the 25-2XX before the hybrids arrived.
  5. Saturday: 21-270 on the 24 eastbound near McGill around 16:25. Today: I caught 21-231 on the 105 around 11:15. 21-253 and 21-272 were on the 24 near noon. 21-272 appears to have a tag on the back in the middle of the ad rack.
  6. I'm pretty sure that they did have cameras installed in the same place as on the 2005-2008 models, hidden behind the iBus screen. I haven't been on one in a long time though so this isn't with 100% certainty. 28-118 was on 90-13 today. 22-304 was on the 105 this morning (run 64-06) with a shiny new front. I caught 28-707 on the 90 today. In scouring through my sightings (that I take systematically), I noticed that I haven't seen 28-708 since at least before my hard drive crash in February. Does anyone know if something is wrong with this bus?
  7. 31-058 was on the 90 this morning, so it must have been moved to Lasalle. This means they have the continuous set from 31-055 to 31-075 now. I caught 22-348 on the 90 this morning as well. It was recently at St. Laurent as I caught it on the 204 last Saturday. Yesterday afternoon, the 162 was operating entirely with camera-free buses: 21-232, 22-250 and 22-300. This is a fairly rare occurrence these days because most routes have at least one late night run at any given time. For example, 22-348's run on the 90 today (90-01) is the only non-camera-requiring run on the that route from about 11:00 to 15:30 on Saturdays, and the only run earlier than 90-01 which can receive buses older than 2005 is 195-35, which does one eastbound departure at 10:19.
  8. Yesterday: 21-235 was on the 105 around 10:45. (run 64-06) 21-211 was on the 24 around 11:05. 21-204 was on the 24 around 14:10. Today: 21-222 was on 105-18. 21-232 was on the 162 in the afternoon. 21-217 was on the 17 near Vendome around 17:30.
  9. 21-222 was on the 105, doing the same run that I caught 21-226 on the other day (105-18). 21-249 was on the 141 at Honoré Beaugrand around 12:15. 21-238 was on the 86 in the afternoon (I saw it several times). 21-215 pulled into Vendome around 17:15 being driven by a mechanic (he was wearing a reflective vest).
  10. I went to the east end today for the first time in years, and I was unlucky enough to get Lasalle's 24-206 on the 487. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago when I decided to take a Legendre route (460) and ended up getting 27-521. 22-228 was on the 141. It sounded similar to 21-232 (extremely loud, like something is wrong with it). There was a white 1st gen LFS driving around as well. I saw it twice, once at Honoré Beaugrand around noon and once on Sherbrooke in RDP around 13:00. The fleet number on it appeared to be 2-01, but I didn't get a great view of it either time.
  11. 28-096 was back at St. Laurent on Saturday. I saw it on the 204. I caught 22-306 on the 90 yesterday, and Stinson's 22-287 was at Atwater waiting to do a subsequent 90 run. I actually caught 22-287 on the 162 last week, so this must be a recent move. 30-057 was on the 51 today with a wrap for Poppers Ice coolers. 31-148 was on the 166 this afternoon. I caught 22-393 on the 90 this evening. It's always nice to catch buses older than 2003 at Lasalle, since they don't have any of their own. (All of them seem to be loaners from other garages).
  12. Yesterday: 21-225 on the 105 at Montreal Ouest around 8:35, then again at the same place on the 162 around 10:50. 21-232 on the 105 at Montreal Ouest around 10:00. I caught 21-226 on the 105 around 10:50. The rear door didn't close properly and the driver had to physically force it closed before he could depart from the stop. I don't know if this was an isolated issue or if he had to change the bus because the rear door was only used once for the entire trip. Today: 21-219, 21-232 and 21-228 were on the 105 in the morning. Both times I've seen it, 21-232 has sounded horrible. It's particularly loud and reminds me of an older dump truck or similar vehicle.
  13. Yesterday: 21-225 on the 124 at Vendome around 16:25. Today: I caught 21-244 on the 92 around 17:45. 21-219 was on the 16 around 18:25.
  14. Yesterday: 21-219 and 21-231 were on the 105 in the morning. 21-258 and 21-272 were running consecutively on the 24 in the afternoon. 21-243 was on the 66 at Guy around 16:45. Today: 21-230 was on the 105 mid-afternoon. 21-235 was on the 105 at Vendome around 17:05.
  15. Some of them are at Lasalle though. I mentioned seeing 31-055 on the 405 the other day. I also saw 31-057 on the 123 on Wednesday, and 31-059 on the 123 today. 31-056 was on the 104 today. Other sightings: 28-096 is at Frontenac now, it was on the 24 yesterday. 24-259 was on the 144 yesterday afternoon. I caught 24-289 for the fourth time in two weeks on the 90 yesterday.