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  1. Today's Sightings

    Probably. The iBus usually has it set automatically to "124 Victoria - École," but it's possible the driver manually changed it to "Spécial" to avoid picking up other (non-student) clients along the route. Stinson also typically operates some 104 and 105 school specials if it was around 15:30. 460-21 is a Legendre run that does a tripper in the morning. Drivers don't always set the run box properly when doing short runs, so it could still have been a Stinson extra (no SD runs on the 460). 22-290 was a Stinson bus. Lasalle doesn't have any 22-XXX normally. All the ones that do show up are loaners from other garages. The last time I saw 22-402, it was running out of Legendre. I haven't seen any of the others you listed though. - MR 26-056 was on the 90 during AM rush. 23-231 was parked at Atwater as the 15 around 8:45. There actually is a non-accessible non-camera requiring run (15-03) this board period, which is rare. Typically, the 15 is operated by two buses for the entire day which interline to the 358, so they usually get 2011+ with the occasional 2006+ second gen. 24-201 is back from Legendre. It was on the 107 this afternoon. I took 37-066 on the 420 around 15:10. This run (128-83) has an interesting timetable. It does one trip on each of the following routes: 103-O>105-E>420-O>103-E>162-O>427-E>128-N. It also spends AM rush on the 51 and does the 369 at night.
  2. Today's Sightings

    Though long, I don't think the 51 would be a bad route to drive. The timetables are quite well made, so buses are generally on time even during rush hour and the layovers are long, unlike many other routes where drivers lose their layovers due to delays. The 144 was majority second gens yesterday morning too (including an accessibility violation)! SD certainly sent out a lot of them. - I took 22-252 on the 144 yesterday morning. It was covered in pink strike stickers. 23-212 was on the 66 or 166 with stickers as well. LS 28-708 was doing 90-17 (Stinson extra) this morning. LS 26-007 was on the 124E this morning. I took LS 24-297 on the 144 around 9:15 (accessibility violation). 22-251 was on the 124 around 18:40.
  3. Today's Sightings

    That one is a Lasalle bus now. Stinson sent 31-046-054 to St. Laurent and 31-055-059 to Lasalle in the summer. -- 22-383 was on the 90 on Sunday. 22-300 was doing 104-02 (Stinson extra) yesterday. 37-037 was on the 51 yesterday displaying the message "Ligne Prolongée". I'm pretty sure it was an interline off the 171 (171-85), so I'd assume this is the PR message they use on the 171 departures that go to Bois-Franc. Nevertheless, it's the first time I've seen the message. There are two consecutive 90 departures (6 minutes apart) that deadhead from the western terminus to Atwater during PM rush. I've noticed that the first one (90-28, which was 24-288 today) seems to always follow the 90 eastbound routing as "En Transit" while the second one (90-35) probably takes the highway (usually arrives at Atwater from the south; I'm pretty sure this is the standard routing). 90-28 is always late and often has to short turn into service at Vendome, while 90-35 usually arrives at Atwater with a few minutes to spare. Strange that 90-28 takes this obviously slower route. LS 28-708 is on the 105 this evening. 36-019, 024, and 026 were also on the 105.
  4. Today's Sightings

    There certainly are. I've seen 36-018, 022, 025, and 027 in the past few days. Also, 30-084 was on the 105 today. I haven't seen anything new at MR to replace them; only 30-048 to 053, which have been there for a while. 23-217, 218 and 219 are Lasalle buses. I'm pretty sure 23-216 used to be a Lasalle bus too, but I haven't seen it in a few years. - LE 22-384 was on the 90 during PM rush yesterday. I took 30-032 on a 420 extra yesterday afternoon (420-109). This bus was still out on the 420 during PM rush, so I guess these extras circulate on the route rather than running as trippers. I took LE 22-380 on the 90 today.
  5. Today's Sightings

    Yesterday: LS 28-054 was on the 17. I took 23-222 on the 144 during AM rush (accessibility violation). This bus was very slow, we fell to about 5 km/h heading up the Atwater hill. 24-237 was on the 63. I took 31-124 on the 51 during PM rush (LE extra; 19-01). The upper window panes are tinted. Is this the case with the rest of the 31-119-124 series? I rarely see or ride them so I can't say I've ever noticed. 24-253 was parked at Montreal-Ouest as the 51. I'm uncertain whether it was a Lasalle extra or not. Today: I took 22-216 on a Stinson extra of the 90 during AM rush (460-66). Stinson seems to send more interesting buses out on the 90 than it does on some of its own routes.
  6. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    I took 21-226 on the 90 during PM rush (Stinson extra; 90-38).
  7. Today's Sightings

    It was on the 90 again today. I took it in the morning. 22-201 was also on the 90 yesterday; took that as well. 24-236 was on the 123 yesterday. I took 22-279 on the 90 this evening.
  8. Today's Sightings

    Once again, two older LFS running back to back on Stinson 90 extras this morning: 22-216 (90-21) and LS 24-244 (90-17). I took 24-244. I wonder if 90-17's driver requests interesting buses. That run has gotten 21-XXX a few times, a fair number of 22-XXX, two LS 24-XXX and even a MR 36-XXX. I took SN 22-252 on the 144. SL 22-343 was also on the 144. AN 22-422 was on the 66. SL 22-331 was on the 123 this afternoon. I wonder if MR is short on buses. 90-41 seemed to have been replaced completely by a renfort (it's out from 15:30-18:15). I took it (29-092) during PM rush and saw the 756-1XX on the driver's console as I was getting off. In all likelihood, the same was true for 29-118 earlier this week.
  9. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    21-226 is back at Stinson. It was on the 105 near Vendome around 16:55.
  10. Today's Sightings

    Yesterday: 22-271 (90-17) and 22-247 (460-66) were running back to back on Stinson 90 extras in the morning. I took 22-247. Today: I took LS 24-205 on a Stinson 90 extra (90-17) this morning. 22-219 and 22-400 were on the 90.
  11. Today's Sightings

    104-02 is a Stinson extra. I see it pretty frequently. It does 2 round trips during AM rush from 6:00 to around 9:15. - 29-118 was doing the MR extra on the 90 during PM rush yesterday. The run box was blank, so it may have been a renfort for all I know. I saw it twice though, and this run (90-41) only does 3 departures. 29-118 was on the 123 today, so it made it back to Lasalle. According to the STM website, there was a rear ramp bus on the 105 late this morning. I was excited and headed out to catch it hoping it was a 2001. To my disappointment, it ended up being 37-004... At Lasalle, 29-092 and 29-093 both seem to be incorrectly labeled as rear ramp buses. I've been dissapointed by them on several occasions. A rear ramp bus, 22-248, did legitimately show up on the 105 for PM rush. 30-052 was on the 51 around noon.
  12. Today's Sightings

    24-289 must have been sent there recently. It was on the 123 Thursday night. I actually took 22-287 today around 18:00. Some of Lasalle's old 2002's have been showing up there again, but none have stayed for long. 22-240 was at Lasalle a few weeks ago but I saw it on the 51 on Friday (SN extra). I also took 22-249 at Lasalle a few weeks ago, but last I saw it was at Frontenac. 29-072-108 and 30-030-046 definitely seem to have moved to LS; I haven't seen anything above 30-046 at LS, but 30-048 and 30-050 were at MR a couple of weeks ago. - Friday: I took LE 23-220 on the 90 in the afternoon, LE 24-262 was also on the 90 but interlined to the 63. Yesterday: I took 24-274 on the 90 in the evening. I like the sound of this one; the transmission is loud and whiny.
  13. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    Thanks! I'm sure we'll have threads tracking which buses are retired for future series, but I mean that the GTFS real time data will allow us to find out which buses are in service without having to actually go out and take sightings. It'll definitely be a more effective way for tracking buses, just it lacks the element of surprise.
  14. Today's Sightings

    Saturday: LE 24-267 was on the 90. LE or AN 24-234 was on the 63. Yesterday: I took LE 24-266 on the 90 both Saturday and Sunday. I took LE 22-400 on the 90 yesterday evening. Today: 22-380 and 30-025 were both parked blocking the 63/90 stop at Place Alexis Nihon around 17:00 today. I'm not sure what either of them were there for, since their run numbers didn't correlate with anything that was supposed to be on either of those routes at the time. 22-380 moved to the layover area at Atwater shortly after. 29-106 was either a change-off for 90-16 or a renfort. I saw it during PM rush with the run box set incorrectly, and it wasn't tracking on iBus (also the STM site indicated 90-16 as a rear ramp bus today). 25-218 was doing 90-28 during AM rush, while SL 22-343 was doing the same run during PM rush and this evening. SL 28-094 was on the 90 during PM rush.
  15. Today's Sightings

    Yesterday: 31-059 was on the 123 with a new front end. The fleet number is now placed far to the top left, near the headlight. I took ex-Stinson 22-260 on the 144 around 9:20. It was an front ramp violation (rare at SD), and the app even indicated it as a front ramp bus. Today: I took 22-239 on a Stinson extra of the 90 this morning (90-21). MR 36-016 was right behind also doing a Stinson extra (90-17). ex-SN 22-249 was on the 24 during AM rush. This one was at Lasalle a couple of weeks ago. 29-099 was on 104-44 this morning, while 31-062 was on that same run this afternoon. These all day 104 runs (43 and 44) seem to have a lot of change-offs.