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  1. I took it too, on the 17:37 90-W departure though. - Today: I took 23-232 on the 90-E at 10:35. 23-236 left Atwater as the 90-W at 11:03. I took 22-215 on the 105-W at 17:42. I wonder what happened to 22-215 that had it out of service for so long. It seems fully original (no repairs from accidents). It still has duct tape on the front vent.
  2. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    I took SN 24-220 on the 90-W at 21:27 yesterday. The iBus system wasn't working and we left 2 minutes early. I guess it's harder for the driver to leave exactly on time if he has to rely on his own watch. I took 29-080 on the 90-E at 9:20 this morning. The iBus wasn't working on this one either; the command line was displaying on the driver's console.
  3. Wednesday: I took 22-384 on the 90-W at 17:38. Today: I took 23-210 on the 90-W at 17:37. This bus must have been used as a prototype for the installation of speakers. There are housings all over the ceiling (2 different models). Most of them are empty.
  4. Saturday: @Matt Demers I was on 23-228 when you saw it. The departure before was supposed to be 22-290, but it was a no show. 22-378 was on the 90-W leaving Atwater at 16:32. Sunday: 23-205 was on the 90-W leaving Atwater at 18:19. I took 22-379 on the 90-W at 18:29. Today: I took 23-205 on the 90-W at 18:11. It doesn't sound too good. The turbo was whistling loudly. This was another case of nearly no layover. It's scheduled to finish the 166 at Guy Concordia at 18:01, so it has 10 minutes to get to Atwater and leave on the 90.
  5. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    There were no cancellations on the 90-W today, probably for the first time since January. Still two eastbound departures though, 7:36 and 7:52 from Elmhurst, but they're both trippers so it's understandable.
  6. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    Thursday: 37-059 was on the 24 with the FR bumper. Yesterday: The 90-E at 7:52 (Elmhurst) wasn't cancelled for the first time this board period. I went out to take it and ended up with 31-073 doing a renfort (run 756-126). Today: LE 24-214, SN 24-224 and AN 30-163 were on the 90. I also took 24-249 on the 90. The iBus doesn't work.
  7. Wednesday: 23-202 was on Sherbrooke in front of McGill signed as "Navette". It was probably doing the shuttle for the 61/168 which is usually run by cutaways. I'm guessing SL operates this route. 23-233 was on the 24-E at Sherbrooke/Vendome around 14:15 22-397 was on the 90-E at Vendome around 15:40. Yesterday: 22-330 was doing the 61/168 shuttle on De Maisonneuve at McGill College I took 22-414 on the 90-W at 17:30. Today: 23-205 was on the 90-E at Vendome around 15:25. I took 23-239 on the 105-W at 15:30. 22-317 was on the 420-W at Sherbrooke/Cavendish around 15:40. I took 22-379 on the 90-E at 16:55. I took 23-234 on the 90-W at 18:03.
  8. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    I took AN 30-108 on the 24-W around 14:00. AN 30-134 was on the 90-W at Vendome around 14:20. LE 31-043 was on the 105 in the afternoon. LS 24-256 was on the 51-W on Fielding around 17:25, running out of MR.
  9. 22-295 was on the 30-N at Saint Joseph around 16:35. I took AN 22-317 on a LS extra the 51-W leaving Laurier at 16:46. We left 11 minutes late, but made it to Montreal Ouest on time. The bus was empty the whole way too! 22-317 had been inactive for over a month. 22-235, 261, 308 and 314 have been missing for quite a while as well. EDIT: 22-231 is tracking on the 90 right now! The GPS is showing it at CT Legendre though and that departure (which was 27-003 before) is listed as cancelled.
  10. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    Based on the 38-XXX delivery watch thread, 38-057 first entered service in July! I wonder what happened to it. - Recently reactivated 24-234 was on the 104-E at Vendome around 7:40. AN 27-003, 27-009 and 29-007 were tracking on the 90 today. 27-003 vanished after one round trip and the other 3 departures for that run were cancelled.
  11. At Vendome by chance? I saw 23-239 there on the 105 while I was on the 90 (27-029). - Yesterday: I took 22-398 on the 90-E around 8:45. We made record time: 15 minutes from Elmhurst to Atwater. 23-217 was on the 90-E at Vendome around 18:10. Today: 23-228 was arriving at Atwater on the 150 around 18:00.
  12. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    Friday: I took 27-534 on a MR extra of the 90-W. Yesterday: I took SN 31-086 on the 90-W around 18:00. Today: I took MR 27-029 on the 90-E around 7:30. AN 30-163 was on the 90-W at Vendome around 7:50. 27-029's driver wasn't letting people on even though the bus wasn't full. It was moderately busy, but there was plenty of room (no cancellations ahead of it or anything). He had the sign as "Special" and was stopping away from the bus stops so he could let people off without letting anyone on. I ran up to it and caught the rear door as it was closing, so I managed to get on. Luckily this guy isn't the regular driver...
  13. Yesterday: 22-402 was parked at Vendome at 8:45. Today: I took 22-295 and 22-398 on the 90-E and 90-W, respectively.
  14. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    Spotted this tracking this morning. It must be an error.
  15. Yesterday: 22-400 was on the 90-E at Vendome around 18:15. Today: I took 22-275 on the 90-E around 7:40 (SL extra 196-62). 22-400 was on the 104-E at Vendome around 7:55. FR 23-209 was on the 105-W at Vendome around 17:00, then on the 162-E at Montreal-Ouest around 18:50.