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  1. I took SD 26-002 on the 90-E around 12:40 yesterday. Nice surprise! There is a certain novelty to not knowing what bus I'm going to get.
  2. Went for a ride on 22-330 on the 215 this afternoon. The flap with the priorité sign came loose, so the driver ended up kicking us off at SL and getting another bus (30-241)...
  3. Had a bit of a déjà vu tonight. Got it again on the same departure! edit: also coincidentally posted this at 10:19 PM both times
  4. Took 24-258 on the 90-W around 21:30. It's the only 24 series at LS. May very well have been my last ride on one on the 90
  5. Saw the elusive 24-225 on the 105 this afternoon. Couldn't pass up the perfect opportunity for a photo
  6. Since LS has next to no 24 series left, I've been taking the 105 lately. And SN has been treating me well! Tuesday: I took 24-303 on the 105-E around 16:30. I took 24-228 on the 105-W around 20:30. Wednesday: I took 24-302 on the 105-E around 11:40. Thursday: I took 24-222 on the 105-W around 18:50. Today: I took 22-282 on the 162-E around 11:45.
  7. Wednesday: I took 24-254 on the 90-W at 20:32. Thursday: I took 24-241 on the 105-E at 18:29. 24-297 was on the 105-W at Sherbrooke/Girouard around 18:40. Friday: I took 24-221 on the 105-E at 12:51. Yesterday: 24-288 was on the 211-W with passengers at St. Jacques/Cavendish. Pretty long detour!
  8. 37-055 and 40-109 were both broken down at St. Jacques/Cavendish this morning. 37-055 was in front of the Tim Hortons at the 90/104-W stop. 40-109 was blocking the left turn lane from St. Jacques EB to Cavendish NB.
  9. I went for a ride on STL 0006 on the 903 today. Also saw 0001 in service (didn't note the route).
  10. 24-288 was on the 405 today, not tracking.
  11. I took 40-015 today and can confirm that the roof hatch is the same as 40-085 (and there's only one).
  12. I took 40-085 on the 90-E this afternoon. It already has a black tag on the curb side next to the chevrons. 😕 Also, it has only one roof vent/emergency exit (in the back). The vent is manual like on the 29-114 and below. Has it been like this for all the 40-series? I'll definitely pay more attention next time I ride one.
  13. 22-284 I'm guessing? 24-284 has been inactive since October. - I took 24-257 on the 123-S around 17:15 yesterday.
  14. I took 24-292 on the 90-E at 11:18 yesterday. I took 24-258 on the 90-W at 19:52 today (63-07). First time I've seen 24-series on either of these departures. 63-07 had a 24-series once before (that I've seen) but it got changed off before 19:52.
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