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  1. Ex-24-219 was at Atwater around 20:45. 24-242 was on the 105-W at Vendome around 21:00 tonight.
  2. I took 39-078 on the 80 yesterday. I don't understand why AN and SN seem to be swapping hybrids, both seem like they'd be high mileage garages (unlike the MR and LS swaps).
  3. The change off's on the 144 worked in my favour today: I took 25-226 on the 144-E at 13:15. It got changed off for 31-030 after this departure. I took 25-223 on the 144-W around 21:10. This one was a change off for 29-032 around 17:00.
  4. Spotted it on the 105 today. They fixed the headlight Also, ex-24-219 was at Atwater around 20:45 yesterday. I see this one almost daily.
  5. I took 40-217 on the 90-E this afternoon. Highest one I've ridden so far. 40-221 was on the 90-W.
  6. On the 171 now doing a regular trip. http://gtfstools.site/run.php?trip_id=226347508
  7. Walked by Frontenac last week and 24-248 was parked outside. Still seemed intact aside from some bumper damage. Had the barriers and fare box.
  8. I took 25-244 on the 51-E at 15:17. It wasn't tracking but was doing this added trip. There are two on the 51 around this time, meaning the 51 schedule from Montreal Ouest is as follows: 15:14 15:17 ADDED 15:19 15:20 ADDED 15:24
  9. Monday: I took 24-220 on the 105-E around 15:20. Yesterday: I took 24-231 on the 105-E around 13:30. 24-303 was on the 105-W near Elmhurst around 13:30.
  10. Thursday: I took 24-303 on the 105-E around 15:15. 24-220 was the 105-E after mine. Yesterday: I took 24-277 on the 105-E around 11:45. Same run that had 24-303 the previous day.
  11. I can keep my eye out as I have the "pleasure" of riding 40 series on a daily basis now. What's the lowest you've seen with it? - I took 40-182 on the 90-W last night. Highest one I've taken so far. The front destination sign was switching between "90 Saint Jacques" and some garbled mess (supposed to be the face covering PR message). The fare box was broken too...
  12. I took 24-242 twice on the 105 today. My first ride on a 22-24 series in 3 weeks. 105-E at 12:15. 105-W at 21:47.
  13. I took SD 26-002 on the 90-E around 12:40 yesterday. Nice surprise! There is a certain novelty to not knowing what bus I'm going to get.
  14. Went for a ride on 22-330 on the 215 this afternoon. The flap with the priorité sign came loose, so the driver ended up kicking us off at SL and getting another bus (30-241)...
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