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  1. I took 23-235 on the 90-W at 17:43. I've been busy and haven't had the chance to update the spreadsheets in a while. Sorry about that, I'll try to do so tomorrow.
  2. I took FR 26-073 on the 90-W at 17:21 yesterday. I took MR 25-228 on the 90-E at 9:33 and LE 24-201 on the 90-W at 18:11 today.
  3. 24-232 is on the 15 currently. Should be out until after 5 am.
  4. Both of them are back in service today! I took 22-403 and 22-325 on the 90-E on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Both times it was SL extra 90-18.
  5. I took 24-242 and LE 24-234 on the 90 today. I was on 24-242 on its first trip out of the garage, and this was its first day back after being inactive for 3 weeks. Unfortunately I was very busy this weekend so I didn't get to ride the New Looks. Did anyone go?
  6. I took 23-210 on my regular 90-W departure today (17:43).
  7. Was this the 9:50 departure? If so, I was on it! I transferred from 31-056 on the 90. - I took 25-210 on the 90-W at 17:43 yesterday for the second time in a week. Both times, the iBus hasn't been working. I took 30-024 on the same departure today, and the iBus wasn't working either. I wonder if this driver just isn't signing in? There was a Proterra Catalyst at McGill today:
  8. SL 31-189 and MR 30-089 were both on the 90 around 21:00 yesterday.
  9. I took 22-284 on the 90-E around 8:35 (SN extra 460-65).
  10. I took 26-010 on the 90-W at 17:43. The transmission seems like it's in bad shape: irregular shifting patterns and jerky.
  11. I took 23-229 on the 90-E around 9:05 this morning. It was running almost 15 minutes late. This was the last active 23-2XX I hadn't ridden. Engine sounds a little tired.
  12. I took AN 30-218 on the 144-E at 9:50. MR 30-064 arrived at Atwater on the 138-E around 9:45.
  13. 23-211 was En Transit at St. Jacques/Elmhurst around 8:15. I think this is an SL extra interlining from the 196 to 103: trip_id's 204904841-204904843.
  14. A lot of them were showing up at other garages today. 22-403 was on the 90-E around 7:15 this morning (SN extra 460-62). 22-368 was also tracking on the 90 (SN extra 90-02). 22-325, 343, 349, 365 and 390 were running out of LS, there were a few more at SN, and quite a few at AN. I took 22-407 on the 51-E at 9:50. It was running out of MR and was an accessibility violation!
  15. Yes, since last Monday. One of those was doing a renfort on the 90 this morning as well. 39-002 IIRC.
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