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  1. I saw it heading southbound on Decarie near De Maisonneuve with passengers signed as "En Transit" around 17:10. The 102 and 104 don't interline, so almost definitely a renfort. Not the first time I've seen a SL renfort in NDG on a Saturday. Out of curiosity, how did you tell from the trip ID? My suspicion was that those 9XXXXX trip ID's @Frozen Yogurt pointed out were renforts. (e.g. SL 38-062 is tracking on the 160 at Cote Vertu with one of those trip ID's right now).
  2. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    I took 24-210 on a SL extra of the 90-E around 8:00. 31-224 crashed into a car that had cut it off near Vendome when I was riding it on the 24-W around 14:50. Everyone had to get off. The car was damaged but the bus was fine, and it was tracking in service an hour and a half later. I took 25-207 on the 90-E around 16:55. 25-224 was doing an MR extra in front and was running 20 minutes late. It had been tracking on A-20 for some reason at around 16:40. 24-262 was on the 90-W around 17:55.
  3. Gerbil

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    39-029 and 39-032 were tracking on the 141 during PM rush.
  4. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    30-069, 30-161 and 31-180 were on the 105 during PM rush. I took 31-180 around 17:05. The lines at Vendome for the 105 and 90-W wrapped around the station and nearly reached the 90/104-E stop. The 105 line quickly diminished after 3 buses arrived. The 90 line on the other hand was barely moving (2 buses are cancelled every day at 16:28 and 16:44, and the snow didn't help of course).
  5. 22-295 was on the 24-W near McGill around 16:00. 23-224, 230 and 237 were on the 105 during PM rush. I was at Vendome when both 224 and 230 were scheduled to depart but they were running late so I ended up with 31-180. 23-228 was on the 51-W near Montreal Ouest around 19:45.
  6. Gerbil

    Société de transport de Montréal

    It works fine for me. If it's because of their paywall, I'd recommend using an ad blocker. Here's an alternative story from Global: https://globalnews.ca/news/4941366/stm-buses-out-of-service/ TL;DR 30% of the fleet is at the garage for maintenance and the maintenance workers' union and STM executives are blaming each other.
  7. I took 22-422 on the 90-W at 17:40. The bus before was canceled (like it is everyday), but it wasn't overly crowded. Normally there's a backlog of people for a few departures. This bus sounds normal on the inside but is very loud outside.
  8. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    Everything went much more smoothly than expected today, I guess because all the schools were cancelled. On my way downtown around 8:05, there were max 10 people on my bus (24-295). 31-021 was tracking on the 90-E two buses ahead of mine, but it was parked at Vendome when I got there, so I'm guessing there was some problem with it (obviously not stuck in the snow since it was parked in the layover area).
  9. 22-400 was on the 90-W near Vendome around 7:35. 22-410 was tracking on the 18 during PM rush. No sightings of that one since October.
  10. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    I took 30-256 on the 90-W around 18:00. Some Anjou buses are probably going to start moving around now that they're receiving hybrids. I almost never take AN routes so I haven't been on most of their buses. 24-249 was on the 105-E near Vendome around 18:15. Also, there were slightly fewer cancellations today (between 7:00-8:30): 4 on the 90-E (compared to 5 last Thursday) 10 on the 406-E (compared to 16 last Thursday)
  11. Gerbil

    Société de transport de Montréal

    These cancellations have finally gotten some publicity: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/dozens-of-stm-bus-drivers-paid-to-twiddle-their-thumbs I love how the union and STM are bickering over this rather than working to find a solution... At least some of the drivers are getting a break as a result of this.
  12. I took 22-416 on the 24-W around 16:30. I transferred to 22-380 on the 105-W around 16:50. Had to run though! 23-239 was En Transit heading east on Sherbrooke near Benny.
  13. Gerbil

    Today's Sightings

    Today: 36-003 was on the 90 running out of Lasalle (90-27). It was tracking all afternoon and I saw it near Atwater around 17:00. 27-020 was on the 90-W at Vendome around 15:25. On my two round trips to downtown today I took buses from 5 garages: 22-368 90-E SL 27-023 24-W FR 37-026 105-W SN 37-086 90-E MR 30-034 90-W LS
  14. Yesterday: I took 23-226 on the 90-E at 7:22. It was doing Stinson extra 460-71. Today: I took 22-368 on the 90-E at 8:02. It was doing St. Laurent extra 196-68.
  15. Gerbil

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    39-028 is tracking on the 448 right now.