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  1. Today: LE 24-273 was the 90-E in front of mine this morning at 7:40. It was doing SL extra 196-62. I took 24-281 on the 144-E at 8:17 (LS extra). Possibly my last 2002-2004 ride on the 144 for a few months. There is a FR extra next board period doing the 6:48 EB departure, but that's a little early for me. SN 24-226 was laying over at Dorval as the 485X. This trip interlines from the 202I and is the only 485 departure to start at Dorval (westbound). It is a SL run. FR 26-041 was the 90-W after mine at 17:23. FR 26-055 was on the 51 this evening. It has the old style FR bumper.
  2. The final mural bus is 22-408, which is unsurprising since it was the only 2002 left at FR. This one will have a marathon theme. I got a front shot this time since the sun wasn't out and they were busy taping the back. I had the day off so I decided to head over to the west island again (land of 22-XXX). 22-286, 22-309 and 22-369 were at Cote Vertu on the 177, 70 and 64, respectively around 10:45. I took 22-281 on the 215-W at 10:57. It arrived at Cote Vertu as the 468 and left Fairview as the 208. 22-242, 288, 370 and 373 were parked outside SL (among many others mentioned before). 22-365 was being loaded onto an STM tow truck at SL. I doubt it's going to the scrap yard, because I'd imagine it isn't the STM truck that brings them there. Perhaps they're going to fix it or harvest it for parts. 22-306 and 22-396 were on the 201 and 203, respectively around 13:40. I took 22-362 on the 419-W at 13:47. It has fabric seats. 22-292 was on the 200. I saw it multiple times. 22-404 was also on the 419. I took 22-394 on the 405-E at 14:38. 23-206 was on the 211-W in Beaconsfield around 14:45. I took 22-406 on the 90-W at 17:16. This is the third day in a row this run has had an Anjou bus (24-279 and 24-233 on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively). 22-407 is already back in service! It was tracking on the 178 earlier. 22-281 runs exceptionally well and looks fantastic. It was really shiny compared to sister bus 22-286 which it was parked next to at Cote Vertu. I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the last 22-XXX to survive, since it probably got a new engine after the fire in 2015. I had a good opportunity to take a photo of 22-394 laying over at Terminus MacDonald, since it was unattended and the sun angle was perfect.
  3. Yeah, I noticed that too! Your bus was behind mine (23-214), I presume? I doubt we directly crossed paths since I walked away quite quickly after getting off. I was hungry for lunch (pizza from that place in Ste. Anne de Bellevue)! - I took 22-339 on the 90-E at 8:22 today (SL extra 90-13).
  4. Yesterday: I took 26-054 on the 90-W at 18:18. The driver was in training. Today: 32-023 was doing driver training on the 63-N leaving Atwater around 8:55. It was about 10 minutes late. 30-236 was on the 24 during PM rush. I took AN 24-233 on the 90-W at 17:21. We left Atwater 5 minutes late and two other buses ended up catching up (28-703 and 29-057).
  5. I saw it on the 202 at Fairview today. It's noticeably shinier than the other 38-XXX. I guess because it's basically still brand new (only saw a week of service in July). Speaking of buses recently returned to service, 24-266 arrived at Atwater to do the 90-W around 17:00 (scheduled as the 17:30 departure, so a very generous layover). It's been gone since early January. It had no ads and the back flap was open. 26-030 and 27-015 were on the 105-W at Vendome around 17:20.
  6. Saturday: I took 23-205 on the 90-W at 16:39. The farebox is still broken. It has been for at least 3 weeks now. I wonder if they will ever fix it. Today: I took 22-345 on the 105-E at 7:57. It ended up at Lasalle for PM rush. 23-222 was on the 105E-W near Wilson around 8:10. 23-225 was on the 105 all day. I saw it around 8:10 and again around 17:30. It was on 105-25, a run I've taken this exact bus on twice already. I took 22-387 on the 485-W at 11:03. 22-306 was on the 209 at Dorval around 11:25. I took 23-214 on the 200-W at 12:16. 22-292 was on the 200-E at St. Charles/A-20 around 12:30. 23-207 was laying over at Terminus MacDonald around 12:55. I took 23-206 on the 405-E at 15:50. It arrived from the other direction about 40 minutes late and left on my departure 15 minutes late. 22-394 was on the 405-W on Beaconsfield around 16:00. It was supposed to be the departure after mine. 22-397 was on an unknown route at St. Jean/A-20 around 16:15. It wasn't tracking. 23-205 was laying over on the 491 at Lionel Groulx at 16:50. The second mural bus is 22-407, with the Alouettes theme. I haven't seen any photos of the finished 22-323 on social media.
  7. My bad, I forgot to label weekdays for LS. I updated the file in the original post. And I see it occasionally, but the 15 runs usually are very long since they interline to the 358, so I guess they prefer not to put 2nd gens on them. The 15 run that does the 104 seems accessible to me: trip_id 200659769.
  8. It looks good! The only thing I dislike is that it's harder to read the notes now since I have to scroll over and read the corresponding number. Possible solutions could be to have a hyperlink to the cell containing the note, or to just have one column like before so there's room to have the note adjacent to the vehicle in question. - Thursday: I took 24-236 on the 90-W at 16:32. The iBus wasn't working, so it wasn't tracking. Yesterday: AN 30-208 was on the 144. Today: I took 24-261 on the 90-E at 10:30. The iBus wasn't working on this one either. 24-249 was on the 102. I've seen this bus fairly frequently over the past few months, even taken it, but the iBus hasn't been working so @West Island Transit Fan's spreadsheet lists it as being last active in February. I took 24-294 on the 90-W at 17:09. This is the bus I've ridden the most (12 times since I started counting).
  9. Here is the Trip Search document for Summer 2019. Trip Search E19.docx SL's trip_id's seem more intelligible now: the times make sense and they skip by 3 at the end of a run. Of interest that I've noticed is a FR extra on the 104-E at 7:56. My guess is that it will be getting wrapped buses very frequently since it interlines to the 15, then 358 and is out until after 5 a.m. the next day.
  10. @West Island Transit Fan No, I haven't. I'll try to do it over the weekend. Ideally when I get the time I'll write a script to search for extras instead. If anything, it'd be less complicated than the one I wrote to get the times. I took 22-282 on the 90-E yesterday morning (SL extra 90-13). It doesn't sound good. The motor is rough and it has that turbo whistle like 23-205. The first mural bus is 22-323 (pride theme). I walked by around 8:15 and they were already prepping the front.
  11. Yesterday: 22-380 was on the 90-W at Elmhurst around 6:55. Today: I took 22-284 on the 90-E at 8:25 (SL extra 90-13). I took 22-307 on the 90-W at 17:30. The STM used to have very few extras in the Summers (almost none), but they seem to have foregone that this year. There will be a SL extra on the 90-E at 8:20, so I should still get occasional 22-XXX rides. 22-423 returned to service today after being gone since February. Someone on the French forum had mentioned it was parked with some other retired-looking buses, so I had it marked as retired. 22-413 was on that list but also came back. The first bus is going to get painted for the mural festival starting Friday. I'll probably pass by there early in the morning to find out which one it is. Usually they've been buses that had been inactive for a while beforehand, so it will be interesting to find out. Hopefully they have better luck with their choices: 22-336 barely made it out after getting painted and 22-357 only lasted until September.
  12. We were 25 buses short in 2018 (supposed to receive 125), so the total this year should be 25 + 125 = 150. The first few 39-XXX arrived in December, so technically they're the last buses of the 2018 order.
  13. That is true, but there are some routes that aren't considered accessible (e.g. 112, 123, 200, 204) so all departures have a value of "2" for that field. 22-339 did in fact do the 200, but went out of service after that. You can also look at the planibus and no departures are bolded (oddly enough this seems to be the case for June 2019, not March 2019 but my statement still holds about those routes). I guess this is a relic from when there were Classics and they were gradually designating routes as wheelchair accessible. Almost all routes were by the time the Classics were gone, but there were a few that got left behind. And as for riding a lot of 22-XXX: my route is very frequent so there's usually at least one during rush hour. I'm almost guaranteed one between 8:00 and 8:30 on weekdays.
  14. Again, it seems like the trip_id sequence is inaccurate for SL. 38-063 is doing the 19:53 departure. It was previously on the 177 with trip_id 197158293. As further evidence that the order seems semi-random for SL trips, check out this sequence of trip_id's from further down: - The 90 didn't operate from 8:00-13:00 today. I was curious to see if the same buses remained on the same runs after the service returned. Before 8:00, the 90 had the following buses: 32-024 on run 90-01 (normally returns to garage before 13:00) 25-205 on run 90-05 (same bus returned to service after 13:00) 26-046 on run 104-11 (same bus returned to service on the 104 around 12:00) So the answer is yes.
  15. It seems like it either got changed for 31-107 or the 19:25 201-N departure was the start of a new run. Hard to tell with the way SL trip_id's are laid out, unfortunately. - Yesterday: 23-205 was on the 63-N at Ste. Catherine/Greene around 10:30. I took 22-380 on the 90-W at 17:37. So I took at least one 22-XXX for 7 days in a row. I finally ended that today.
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