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  1. It is also an election year. You could press the candidates for increased funding. I'm hoping ridership has recovered enough that they will have recouped most of their COVID fare losses and will be able to increase service next year. On a separate note, on my morning commute on the Transitway, Transit55 tells me there's a bus running non-stop (obviously Not In Service) from CCTT to Kipling as a 9 RATHBURN-THOMAS becomes a 70 KEATON. Would it be possible to turn that into a revenue service? I'm sure there are plenty of people travelling between the two to make a non-stop service feasible. I'd have to look at the schedules to see if there are other trips that could operate the service aside from this single tripper.
  2. A shared route along Steeles with YRT and TTC splitting the costs and accepting each other's fares/transfers is I think the second phase of the fare integration project. Still waiting to hear word on when Phase 1 will start, but it would likely involve increases in frequency and a supposed change in routing for the 20 RATHBURN to provide more service along the Bloor corridor. As for BRT service along Steeles, at the rate YRT is expanding its services, the YNSE will probably be complete (barring a Crosstown-esque delay). Will the TTC maintain their express services along Steeles with the 960 and 953 or will they hand that over to YRT for a VIVA service of some sort?
  3. I went by the Union Station info desk and they had the centennial Ride Guide lite and mini versions available yesterday (Sept. 29), but the full Ride Guide was still the Spring (? I think, it was the one with the green triangle in the corner or does that denote summer?) 2022 one with the indigenous artwork.
  4. This sounds like MiWay truncating Meadowvale Town Centre To just Meadowvale even though there's room on the desto, even if it's as Meadowvale TC. The confusion arises as there are several Meadowvale: Town Centre, GO, Blvd., high school, library/community centre, arena and theatre. Not all of which are in close proximity to each other. Pickering GO and Pickering Pkwy/Town Centre despite being connected by the world's longest enclosed pedestrian bridge are still quite a ways apart. DRT also has the habit of shifting routes from one "Pickering" terminal to the other. Perhaps it's future-proofing?
  5. Given the size of the Lakeview redevelopment, I would have terminated the 8 CAWTHRA there instead of looping at Lakeshore. There are still a bunch of unfulfilled ideas from the last MiWay 5 plan and still no word on the next one. Unless the 35/35A plan comes with increased frequency, the 87 will still be needed as the 35 EGLINTON runs doors closed pretty much east of McLaughlin until Dixie during AM peak.
  6. The new board period would have had the Cornell Terminal changes in effect which is what I was looking for. When I was up in York last year I had tried at the Dufferin Clark Community Centre with no luck. Unless they keep a rack of maps in the lobby, I didn't think the offices on High Tech would be open by the time I got there. I get the printed maps were somewhat of a casualty of COVID where they were trying to limit touch points, but I still find it easier to deal with than trying to view it on my phone. Given how large York Region is, it's nice to see the big picture! I wonder if there'd be a few copies available at York U somewhere? The summary of Service Changes posted inside the bus shelter (uploaded rotated again?!?) seems like a poor compromise to the onboard flyers YRT used to distribute, again likely another COVID or even a cost-saving measure. I don't know how much of the riding population still doesn't have convenient access to the internet, but forcing people to check doesn't seem like the most equitable solution.
  7. I guess they were still trying to use up the old stock at the Info Desk at Union Station as of this past Tuesday (Sept. 20) when I checked. They do have the mini Ride Guides there if anyone's looking for them (with last year's Indigenous design on it).
  8. If Line 6 winds up opening before Line 5 will they need to renumber them? (Not sure if I'm being sarcastic here!) Or will Metrolinx manufacture a delay to ensure they are opened sequentially seeing as all the signage has essentially been finalized?
  9. You might want to add whomever is in charge of procuring the extra curves in the network that would make streetcar diversions much simpler. Does a collective groan from the public carry the same weight as a targeted approach? People like Steve Munro have been pointing it out through repeated track replacement projects but it never seems to get to the right person or in time for procurement.
  10. I'm just posting this for posterity's sake since it hasn't been posted here yet. Given the new connection point with Milton Transit at Lisgar GO, how long before it appears on MiWay's map (as MT?)? Apparently Milton Transit had hoped to use either Meadowvale Town Centre or even Meadowvale GO as a terminus, but due to the limited space at both they were forced to use Lisgar GO. Their next regional route will run via Britannia since GO has the Derry corridor covered. I wonder where the Mississauga end of that route will be? Halton's plans say Erin Mills Town Centre, but I'm thinking MiWay will force them to either use an on-street loop or go down to Churchill Meadows CC or even Winston Churchill station on the Transitway if they want a GO connection. Updated Weekday and Express Maps. Service Changes on Monday, Sept. 5 Starting Monday, Sept. 5, 2022, there will be MiWay service changes that include adjusting service levels in the transit network to match growing ridership demand along key corridors, resuming regular service to post-secondary and high schools as students return to class, and allocating blue buses on two local (non-express) routes to help redistribute resources and improve service reliability. Service increases due to high demand Some routes will have increased service to respond to ridership growth and provide more capacity where and when customers need it. These routes include: 35 Eglinton-Ninth Line (weekdays) 42 Derry (Saturday and Sunday) 61 Mavis (Saturday and Sunday) 66 McLaughlin (weekdays) 107 Malton Express (weekdays) Service to University of Toronto Mississauga Routes 101/101A Dundas Express will both service the University of Toronto Mississauga on weekdays, as students return to in-person learning on campus. Weekday schedules will be updated. Route 110 University Express will also provide regular service to and from campus. The Route 110 bus stop at the City Centre Transit Terminal will be relocated from Platform O to Platform L due to HuLRT construction. Service to Humber College North Campus Route 107 Malton Express will resume service to Humber College North Campus as students return to in-person learning. Weekday schedules will be updated. Service to high schools 300-series routes to high schools will resume service; however, the PM trip on Route 304 Father Goetz-Mississauga Valley and the Route 335 Glenforest South will be cancelled due to low demand. Students can view a list of all the bus routes that travel to their school. Blue buses will operate on two local routes Blue buses will be allocated to Routes 11 Westwood and 66 McLaughlin on weekdays and weekends to deliver a consistent customer experience, as orange 40-foot and 60-foot buses are reassigned to busier routes to support service reliability and address overcrowding. Service reductions due to lower demand Service will be reduced on several routes where customer demand and ridership is consistently low. These reductions were identified after a comprehensive review of ridership across the MiWay network. The resources saved from these reductions will be reinvested elsewhere in the network to address overcrowding and increase capacity where needed. These routes include: 4 Sherway Gardens (weekdays) 28 Confederation (weekdays) 29 Park Royal-Homelands (weekdays and Saturday) 36 Colonial-Ridgeway (weekdays and Saturday) 76 City Centre-Subway (weekdays) Schedule adjustments Schedule adjustments will be made on various routes to improve service reliability as traffic and ridership patterns continue to evolve throughout the city. MiWay will make further schedule adjustments as needed to ensure that services remain responsive to customer needs. These routes include: 9 Rathburn-Thomas (Sunday) 13 Glen Erin (weekdays) 38A Creditview-Argentia (Saturday) 42 Derry (weekdays, Saturday, and Sunday) 57 Courtneypark (weekdays) 61 Mavis (Saturday and Sunday) 66 McLaughlin (weekdays) 101 Dundas Express (weekdays) 101A Dundas Express (weekdays) 103 Hurontario Express (weekdays) 107 Malton Express (weekdays) Holiday service On Labour Day, Monday, Sept. 5 and Thanksgiving Day, Monday, Oct. 10 buses will operate on a holiday schedule. Some routes will not operate due to low customer demand, including: 28 Confederation 35 Eglinton-Ninth Line 46 Tenth Line-Osprey 48 Erin Mills On National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Friday, Sept. 30, 2022, buses will operate on a regular schedule. Please check for updated schedules. Next planned service change – Monday, October 24, 2022. Provincial moment of silence MiWay buses and operations will pause service at 1 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 19 for 96 seconds (the age of The Queen at the time of her passing) to observe the provincial moment of silence. Learn more: City of Mississauga Pays Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II The funeral for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to be Streamed Live at Celebration Square Since MiWay's budget for the year means no net new services, they've just been reallocating services based on demand. Hopefully ridership has rebounded to a point where we will see some net new service next year. The municipal election in October mean a bit of a delay in getting that new service, but I'm hoping that it will come at some point next year. The LRT construction is getting to the point where alternate routes will have to be beefed up, but the QEW, 403 and 401 are all chokepoints.
  11. From the CBC: GO bus drivers in legal strike position Oct. 1 if union and Metrolinx can't reach deal This isn't the same as actually taking strike action. Talks are still ongoing, but the main issues are job security and the ramifications of Bill 124 which limits public sector wage increases to 1% per year, far below the current rate of inflation. You would think with the surplus recently announced they'd be willing to modify or repeal Bill 124 which also affects nurses and teachers. Pissing them off will bring an immediate reaction from the general public if they all decided to stop working. Is Ford banking on his increased control of Queen's Park to get his way? Any possible GO bus strike would also impact several projects Metrolinx has going on right now that require shutting down rail service and using buses in their place. If the ad hoc bustitutions on the 21 and 31 this past summer were any indication, a full scale shutdown would be a complete disaster. University and college students would also unfairly face the brunt of any strike. The Japanese strike solution, whereby drivers continue to work but refuse to collect fares would be ideal here. Penalizing the riding public doesn't seem fair.
  12. Does YRT still stock maps on their VIVA buses (or print them in general)? On my annual trip into YRTland this past week I didn't see any. The on-board screens showing the next stops and ETA flipping to the connecting route ETA is a nice feature, but they're displaying the internal route numbers with an A being an extra 01 appended to the route number like 9101. They also use the internal route numbers for the VIVA routes 601 for Blue and 603 for Purple, which with the A branch gives you 60301 on the display. The tracking/scheduling at the VIVA stations seems to be slipping. I was planning a layover based on the next arrival displayed. The layover ran long, so I wound up planning to take the local option as recommended by Triplinx. Both were delayed and I wound up on the wrong side of the street to be able to catch the delayed VIVA route. The real-time map could probably pick up a few things from sites like Transit55. Clicking on a route opens a huge dialog box that needed to be re-scaled to be able to read or close and the information was minimally useful showing the ETA for the next 3 stops but not how delayed it was. Leaving me to gauge the length of the delay based on the position on the real-time map. Coming from Dufferin & Centre and trying to get back to Mississauga, I was torn between heading east to Richmond Hill Centre or west to Highway 407 Terminal. Seeing as I had missed the eastbound trip I opted to go west on the 77 HIGHWAY 7 since the VIVA Orange doesn't make a direct connection to the 20 JANE. Until YRT and TTC have worked out an arrangement there really needs to be an easier way to get to Highway 407 Terminal. Route at least ONE of the three routes along Hwy. 7 (VIVA Orange, 77 HIGHWAY 7 or 501 ZÜM QUEEN) down to connect with the GO Bus services there if they can't increase the frequency of the 20 JANE. The future VIVA corridor along Jane seems to terminate at VMC instead of Highway 407 Terminal. Is YRT so cost-conscious that they won't send another route into that terminal to avoid having to pay to use it?!
  13. You have a handful of routes which have the same start and end points but using different ways of getting there: the 110/120 and 405/410, which require a passenger pay extra attention to the route number as that's the only thing distinguishing the displays for the two routes. My experience with OC Transpo predates the opening of their LRT, but only having the route number meant having to consult the map or ask the driver if the route went along a certain road. Granted, on routes that travel on several roads naming can be problematic. Naming them after neighbourhoods seems to make the most sense. MiWay in their infinite wisdom decided to rename a few routes after one of the endpoints. Which seems counter-intuitive when the route is travelling AWAY from that endpoint! Also, DRT re-released their System Map, one dated September 6, 2022 and the other dated September 19, 2022. I haven't had time to pore over the two maps, but what's the difference between the two that they needed to update it 2 weeks later and why have both available if only one is the most up-to-date?
  14. Do they have enough crew on the weekend (with the other lines not running) to increase service at least between Union and Port Credit when western bus service gets re routed there? It would at least cut down on the waiting for transfers since they seem intent on maintaining the outbound bus schedules along the rest of routes 21 and 31. Question about GO Transit policy (are they listed online somewhere?): there's a driver I get on weekend mornings who always makes an announcement before getting onto the highway that GO has a no eating or drinking policy on any of their vehicles or facilities. I've never heard this mentioned anywhere else and some stations sell food which would be a contravention of that policy unless it was stated you couldn't consume your purchase. I've seen the fare enforcement officers walk past people eating but will point out people who have their feet on the seats. Is this actually one of GO's policies or bylaws or is the driver just trying to keep his bus clean by scaring passengers into compliance? (I do have a recording of his announcement but it's too big to attach here)
  15. I don't know if the modified schedule for the Ex had anything to do with it or whether GO's figured out how to properly run their service, but when bus service on routes 21 and 31 were rerouted to Port Credit on Sunday night both branches of the respective routes were waiting when the train arrived. People had gotten so used to having to wait that there was a mad rush for the buses and the drivers had to repeatedly yell "Don't run! We're waiting for you!". Once the train had left and they were sure everyone who wanted a connecting bus got one did they signal for the drivers to leave. The construction along Hurontario made for predicting arrival times tricky. Glad to see GO attempt to accommodate the passengers rather than their schedule with this latest detour. The schedule's gone out the window already, no use trying to force it back into place. Once the bus reached its first stop I could calculate how long approximately it would take to get to my stop. In other news, I spotted 2 halves of a GO train seemingly waiting to be coupled together on the Obico sub south of Kipling this morning. Is this a regular occurrence or a one-off? Seems odd to be doing that there at that hour as I was catching the last inbound Milton train.
  16. Gil

    Milton Transit

    Looks like MiWay has beat Milton Transit with the announcement as there currently isn't anything on the new service on Milton Transit's website. MiWay: New Milton Transit connection in Mississauga New Milton Transit connection in Mississauga Travelling to or from Milton? Starting Sept. 6, 2022, MiWay will connect with the new Milton Transit Route 21 Steeles at Lisgar GO Station. This new Milton Transit route will operate between Milton GO Station and Lisgar GO Station. This route will have stops at the Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills as well as the Amazon Fulfillment Centre on Winston Churchill Boulevard in Brampton. Transfers If you are transferring from Milton Transit to MiWay: Show the MiWay transit operator your Milton Transit paper transfer. MiWay will accept Milton Transit paper transfers and the 2-hour transfer window will be honoured. No additional paper transfer will be issued by the MiWay operator. If you are transferring from MiWay to Milton Transit: Show the Milton transit operator your PRESTO card and tell them that you are transferring from MiWay. The Milton transit operator will provide you with a paper transfer. Transfer locations MiWay customers can transfer to the Milton Transit Route 21 Steeles at the following bus stops: Argentia Road west of Winston Churchill (stop #3801) Argentia Road west of Winston Churchill (stop #3800) Argentia Road east of Tenth Line (stop #3812) Argentia Road at 3050 Argentia Road (stop #1850) Lisgar GO Station (Platform 6) Route availability The Milton Transit Route 21 Steeles will operate on weekdays from 5:57 AM to 10 PM and on Saturdays from 7:27 AM to 7:40 PM. This route will not operate on Sundays or holidays. Visit the Milton Transit website for more information. As mentioned, the link to Milton Transit won't do you any good as they haven't updated it to reflect the new route. Their update is for the service change from LAST Labour Day. I also find it a bit disconcerting that Milton Transit would use the same number as GO Transit for their connecting service to Mississauga. Milton's 21 STEELES will, as the name implies, travel along Steeles between Milton GO and Lisgar GO. GO Transit's 21 MILTON service travels along Derry from Milton GO to Meadowvale GO and points beyond depending on the branch, though it does bypass Lisgar GO for some reason. I think the 30-series is (was?) the late-night on-demand homebound service, so why not start at 20 for the regional/cross-border route since it will run on Steeles and leave the 21 for service along Derry regardless of who is providing it? I know Milton opted not to go with the PRESTO card, but given that it now has connections to both MiWay and Brampton Transit at Lisgar GO, will they reconsider or will that come with Milton's own route down to Oakville and a connection to Oakville GO? Still waiting to hear whether or not Halton Hills (Georgetown and/or Acton specifically) will get a connection to Milton pending their transit review study.
  17. I have a feeling it's this latest crop of new hires that I've run into where they've skipped requested stops, not seen people standing at a stop and continue past it or who are driving well below the speed limit as they are still getting used to driving something as big as a bus (let alone an artic). On my commute into work today I got to see all 3. I also witnessed a senior with her presumably 12-year old granddaughter board a bus. She paid a $1 and let her granddaughter go on for free. The driver told her she had to pay. Did grandma assume she was boarding a TTC or GO bus where kids are free? She said she didn't know (about the child fare), but she knew about the $1 fare. She was muttering something to her granddaughter that I didn't catch, but still got away without her paying.
  18. Bit of a rant with the bus service detoured to Port Credit due to the Caribbean Carnival parade (will it always be Caribana, like the Skydive?), the trip planner warns that since it's a diversion the schedule can't be posted, but there was someone there with a clipboard with the schedule so GO simply isn't disclosing it. My rant stems from the scheduling. Instead of planning for outbound trains from Union and having the buses all leave at about the same time, they've instead adjusted the schedule to maintain the existing one but with time to leave from Port Credit. Granted it would mess somewhat with the return trips (could they not have an extra bus waiting to start the return trip while the regular bus becomes the extra in case of crowds?), they are already warnings about changes due to the detour. While the wait to transfer onto the GO Train is at most 30 minutes, you would hope the drivers know the train leaves at the top and bottom of the hour and try and make the connection. I've had some drivers oblivious to the train schedule, take their time and then miss the connection by a few minutes. If this happens enough, a modified detour schedule should kick in that people can actually see and follow so they can plan their trip. With the detour and scheduling my connecting bus trip was 50 minutes AFTER the arrival of the train. Had I known, I would have made alternative arrangements. There were plenty of other people in the same situation, to add to the chaos at Port Credit there were people getting picked up (privately or with rideshare) blocking the buses. The ongoing construction didn't help either. When train service on the northern lines (Barrie, Stouffville) are detoured to Hwy. 407, is the TTC fare discounted? Route 31 services could be routed to Kipling, especially on weekends when the GO bus platforms see less service. Plus it would be a closer starting point to get back onto their routing from Union (by getting on the 427 at Dundas). Having a listed departure time for the GO Bus would definitely help in this situation so people can actually plan their trips properly. Once the Hurontario/Hazel McCallion Line is done, will the GO Buses still detour to Port Credit or will the Route 21 passengers be funneled up to Cooksville? Hopefully there will be more frequent service on the Milton rail corridor that we won't need to find out, but barring a seismic shift in negotiations, I won't hold my breath!
  19. Is DRT doing away with route names? None of these schedules looks to have one on them and I've seen the few DRT detour notices on Transit Toronto where they simply list the route(s) affected by their number "Route ###". YRT runs into the issue of having routes with the same name but different number (their Bayview, Leslie and Major Mackenzie, the first two don't overlap, while the Major Mackenzie ones do). DRT for the most part, given how currently compact the service network is doesn't have to worry about north/sout or east/west segments of the same corridor. All of the cross-regional routes run the full (developed) length, and while they may have to deal with multiple names in some cases (which could be simplified by using the first and last segment, with the middle ones implied to avoid multiple hyphenation) I find route names are easier to convey the area served rather than just a route number.
  20. I haven't seen any notices, but with Caribana back this year will there be the additional rail service on all lines to Exhibition Station again? Also, spotted this at the Union Station Bus Terminal (uploaded sideways again for some reason), but would be useful if they rolled it out to all of the train stations. The PR messages playing on the PA ask to pre-purchase tickets/passes but don't mention the ability to do it online which would dovetail with the signage.
  21. On the Milton Line where trains only run in the peak direction and the station is only staffed in the morning until the last train leaves they need to do a better job with signage that it's bus service when trains aren't running. The message on the train departure screen says to consult the schedule. Meanwhile the bus departures are on a separate screen altogether. A case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Integrating the bus and train departures on the same screen would probably be more useful as everything is in one place rather than having to hunt for the screens. I've seen people waiting on the train platform long after the last inbound train has passed. The screens on the platform just run PR messages instead of advising people to take the bus. The GO schedules at least distinguished between the train (in colour) vs bus (black & white), while the Triplinx planner uses symbols to differentiate, which might not be as clear to some people. Cooksville GO has a problem of the TVM being in the waiting area which is not by either of the stop the GO Buses use which is next to the station building. The foyer which is open at all times has the PRESTO readers to tap on/off and a reload machine but no TVM. There should be signage indicating that e-tickets can also be purchased on your phone. If GO was really trying to push people to pre-purchase their tickets they should place the TVMs in easier-to-access locations or have signage pointing to where they are. Square One could use a pair of TVMs at the other end of the terminal near the Union-bound stops. There are ads for the weekend passes, but nothing about the regular e-tickets.
  22. All-day service on the 43 MATHESON-ARGENTIA would duplicate the 39 BRITANNIA while also impacting the 87 MEADOWVALE-SKYMARK. The whole Matheson-Britannia corridor was identified by Metrolinx as a priority bus corridor. I just wish they'd take the 87 MEADOWVALE-SKYMARK off the Transitway already (the construction is over) just so a reasonable transfer can be made at Dixie. Granted there are quite a number of people who use the Crestlawn stop on the southbound (eastbound?) trip who would likely either transfer onto the 5 DIXIE or walk from Eglinton. There is no corresponding stop in the other direction for return trips in the afternoon. I'd almost advocate for both the 38 (along Meadowvale/Meadowpine via Financial) and 38A (via Argentia) running during the week for the CREDITVIEW route, while a shorter circulator route covering Kitimat and Millcreek. That just leaves the segment of Matheson between Kennedy and Terry Fox without a through-route replacement. They could go back to the earliest 5 Year Plan iteration with the 54 MATHESON-ARGENTIA (?) ending at Traders and Kennedy. As for the realignment of services in South Mississauga, it was alluded to in the last 5 Year Plan, but never implemented. Still waiting on word for the next 5 Year Plan. The 14 LORNE PARK was to continue eastward to Dixie Mall (via Atwater and Ogden) and Sherway with rush hour service to Dixie GO. The 5 DIXIE would remain on Dixie down to Long Branch after serving Dixie Mall. The 8 CAWTHRA would remain anchored at Port Credit but its northern terminus would be the Cawthra Transitway station. Other tweaks related to reconfiguring the Transitway stations to allow for non-Transitway routes to connect with them (presumably the 10 BRISTOL for example) will leave small network gaps where historic service is removed. Given the priority service they're trying to implement along Lakeshore in anticipation of the Lakeview redevelopment, I don't know why they don't change the routing of the 8 CAWTHRA to Long Branch instead to make up for the rerouted 5 DIXIE which just misses the redevelopment with the stop at Ogden. Rush hour service on the 23 LAKESHORE is already prone to delays, likely due to the length of the route. Having a service that covers most of Lakeshore West (leaving the gap between Cawthra and Hurontario to the 23 LAKESHORE) would give passengers another hopefully on-time option. My guess is that restructuring around the routes serving Dixie Mall are contingent on the completion of the interchange rebuild. The Transitway terminals are in response to the Hurontario LRT and the desire to minimize routes having to cross into the construction zone. The completion of the LRT will also lead to a bit of restructuring and reallocation. Perhaps the return of the 185 DIXIE all the way down to Dixie Mall as planned? I wonder how Brampton Transit will reallocate the 502 ZÜM MAIN? They are looking to add additional corridors, some into Mississauga. We'll have to see the impact of increase ridership as a result of higher gas prices and the subsequent provincial transfers related to gas taxes (which have increased along with the prices, but have been paused for the latter half of 2022) will have on MiWay's ability to increase its operating budget for next year. The current freeze in spending means MiWay is just reallocating its resources and not adding any net new service to the network.
  23. Looks like it will be the same format as the weekend e-ticket passes. Waiting for them to be able to load these directly onto your PRESTO card. While the federal government scrapped the transit tax credit, hoping a future government or the provincial one will re-instate it. Having the trips count toward your monthly count will help when it comes time to claim the credit. The current setup as an e-ticket means the system doesn't know how many trips you made with it. It should be treated just like any other period pass that you can load onto your PRESTO card.
  24. Something I've been ruminating while riding the 39 BRITANNIA to work. The City is planning on adding bus bays at Cawthra Transitway station, presumably to extend the 8 CAWTHRA. With the route consolidation in the industrial area along Matheson, Timberlea lost service, but I still notice a lot of passengers getting on/off there and presumably walking. Instead of routing the 8 CAWTHRA into the Transitway station, could it serve it from the street and the run east on Eastgate to Tomken then loop via Timberlea (or the old routing via Pantera and Everest)? It would provide more service hours than the previous rush hour service. Given the shifts of the industries in the area it may be more useful for the passengers. Otherwise either a rush hour extension or a separate rush hour route operating out of Cawthra Transitway station?
  25. Layover bays on eastbound Queensway in front of the hospital would not serve the 103 HURONTARIO EXPRESS if they plan on keeping it around after the LRT is completed. Both it and the westbound 4 APPLEWOOD (SHERWAY GARDENS as a route name negates the western terminus and a good chunk of the route as well) are laying over on Queensway across from the hospital. In the case of the 28 CONFEDERATION it will still need a place to turn around after stopping at the eastbound stop unless it's going to continue around the block to get back to Confederation.
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