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  1. Is it that rare to have a mid-board period service change with the ones that were hastily announced for October 4? I think I first saw the notice for it the Thursday or Friday before. There were also several school trips which were included in the Service Change whose departure times were adjusted to better match the afternoon dismissal. Wouldn't they have been worked out with the school boards before the school year started, or was the issue so pressing that they couldn't wait until the regular Service Change on October 25? Anyway, the October 25 Service Changes are now posted (see below) along with updated Weekday, Express, Saturday and Sunday system maps. Service changes take effect on Monday, Oct. 25, 2021 MiWay will be implementing service changes to ensure that our on-street service continues to adapt to customer needs and connect to new destinations. MiWay is committed to monitoring ridership levels across the transit network as travel patterns continue to evolve in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery framework. The following service changes will launch on Monday, October 25, 2021: Routes will be revised and schedules will be updated to service the new Churchill Meadows Community Centre 9 Rathburn will service (Mon to Sun) the Churchill Meadows Community Centre via Erin Centre Blvd and Ninth Line. 35 Eglinton will service (Mon to Sun) the Churchill Meadows Community Centre via Erin Centre Blvd and Ninth Line. 35A Eglinton-Tenth Line will be cancelled to avoid service duplication. Service coverage will be provided by the revised Route 35 – Eglinton. Reducing service where demand has decreased 49A McDowell-Streetsville GO will be cancelled due to low ridership demand. Customers can take Route 9 Rathburn to the Streetsville GO Station. Route 49 McDowell will continue to operate on weekdays with revised hours of service (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM). Please check for updated schedules. Adding more service where demand has increased There will be more trips on these routes: Weekday: 42 Derry (late night), 51 Tomken (rush hours and midday), and 53 Kennedy (rush hours and midday) Saturday: 66 McLaughlin (morning) Sunday: 22 Finch (all day), 42 Derry (all day), and 66 McLaughlin (all day). The hours of service will be extended on these routes: Weekday: 103 Hurontario Saturday: 23 Lakeshore, 26 Burnhamthorpe, and 39 Britannia Sunday: 1 Dundas, 5 Dixie, 11 Westwood, 17 Hurontario, 26 Burnhamthorpe, 39 Britannia, 42 Derry, and 103 Hurontario. Please check for updated schedules. Schedule Adjustments to Improve Service Reliability Schedules will be adjusted on these routes in response to changes in traffic conditions: Weekday: Routes 3 Bloor, 10 Bristol-Britannia, 26 Burhamthrope, and 46 Tenth Line-Osprey. Saturday: Route 39 Britannia. Please check for updated schedules. Revised Weekend Service to Sheridan College Route 61 Mavis weekend routing and schedules will change to service Sheridan College seven days a week. The weekend routing will be consistent with the weekday routing. Platform changes at the Westwood Square Transit Terminal Bus stop locations will change at this terminal to support service delivery using more, 60-foot articulated buses on Derry Road. 11 Westwood moves to Platform B (from Platform J) 16/16A Malton moves to Platform E (from Platform H) 42/42A Derry moves Platform H (from Platform 107 Malton Express: Platform K is renamed Platform I (same location on Morning Star Drive – stop #7100) Westwood Square Transit Terminal revised map. Next planned service change – Monday, October 25, 2021. I guess the Meadowvale Village/Financial portion the weekend 61 MAVIS was another victim of reduced ridership. I don't foresee the 57 COURTNEYPARK seeing weekend service any time soon. Perhaps once the Hurontario LRT is up and running as a feeder service? Though I'm not quite sure how well used the eastern half of the route would be on weekends. I did also report their typo on the next planned service change being the date of the one being reported on. I did not however catch their listing the 9 as 9 RATHBURN (again, one of the reasons to avoid repetitive route names) instead of the hyphenated 9 RATHBURN-THOMAS. There is also a page on the new service to the Churchill Meadows Community Centre (see below). According to the new route maps for the 9 RATHBURN-THOMAS and 35 EGLINTON they will display Churchill Meadows Community Centre on their desto, but likely shortened to Churchill Meadows CC though the system maps simply identify it as Churchill Meadows with the community centre icon beside it. The 49A McDOWELL-STREETSVILLE GO was the last of the GO shuttle routes to get axed. I think it survived this long by virtue of it being a rush hour variant of a regular route rather than being a standalone route. GO has restored all of the train trips on the Milton Line, but has rejigged them so that the trains are more evenly spaced. If ridership to the stations ever returns to pre-pandemic levels it may be easier for MiWay to serve with the GO shuttles since the trains are at an even headway. Service to Churchill Meadows Community Centre and Sports Park starts on Oct. 25 MiWay will be revising routes 9 Rathburn-Thomas and 35 Eglinton to service the new community centre, located at 5320 Ninth Line. You can load your PRESTO card inside the community centre during facility operating hours. The routing changes, effective October 25, are summarized below: Routes Hours of Service Service Frequency during Peak Hours Route 9 Rathburn-Thomas will service the Churchill Meadows Community Centre via Erin Centre Blvd and Ninth Line. Weekday: 5:00am-1:00am Saturday: 7:00am-12:00am Sunday: 7:30am-11:00pm 21 minutes 35 Eglinton will service the Churchill Meadows Community Centre via Erin Centre Blvd and Ninth Line. Weekday: 5:00am-1:00am Saturday: 7:00am-12:00am Sunday: 7:30am-11:00pm 11 minutes Service Area Map: Other service adjustments are summarized below: Route 35A Eglinton-Tenth Line will be cancelled to avoid service duplication. Service coverage will be provided by the revised Route 35 – Eglinton. 49A McDowell-Streetsville GO will be cancelled due to low ridership demand. Customers can take Route 9 Rathburn to the Streetsville GO Station. Route 49 McDowell will continue to operate on weekdays with revised hours of service (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM). Photo Gallery: There really isn't any indication where the bus loop is in relation to the new community centre but it's nice to see that it was planned for. As had been reported earlier MiWay isn't planning a cash fare hike next year and will actually be reducing their adult monthly PRESTO passes to be more in line with Brampton Transit's pass price. They are also looking to implement a Customer Charter which will among other things report quarterly on customer satisfaction. I will post an excerpt on ridership levels: WHERE IS RIDERSHIP NOW? After years of over 10 per cent growth in ridership numbers and plans expand MiWay service, the pandemic has cut Mississauga transit use down to half of what it was in 2019 for much of the last 18 months. August 2021 ridership numbers are around 62 per cent of what it was in the same month in 2019. While still low compared to historic levels, the recent August ridership is significantly higher than earlier in the pandemic. According to the strategy, October 2020 ridership was 45 per cent of what it was in the same month in 2019. The city is anticipating that bringing back ridership to something resembling historic levels may take years. Mississauga.com: No fare hikes: 3 things to know about Mississauga's plans to bring MiWay riders back or the free Outline version insauga.com: Mississauga residents will pay the same fare to ride the buses in 2022 One particular problem I ran into last week were last-minute detours that weren't communicated to passengers. When the QEW and South Service Rd. were closed last week I noticed on Transit55 that the 5 DIXIE buses were detouring along Dixie with no service on Ogden but no mention was made on the Service Update page aside from a general announcement about traffic-induced delays or on Twitter. The second which could have been foreseen was road work being done at the intersection of Erin Mills Pkwy. and Erin Centre Blvd. which prevented buses from making the right-hand turn to access the stop at Erin Mills Town Centre. (After all of the renovations the mall has been undergoing, they couldn't find a better location for it?!) Buses were instead using the internal ring road going all the way around the mall to get to the stop. A bit of an unexpected detour for some of the passengers! Finally, managed to snap a photo (again, uploaded sideways for some reason) of the sign at the Kipling Terminal outlining how on-street service within Toronto operates. How much longer until this is rendered obsolete with MiWay's takeover of TTC's 49 BLOOR WEST and 50 BURNHAMTHORPE? The Exception 2 example given: 11 WESTWOOD South to 1 DUNDAS West only makes sense if you're trying to get to Dundas and Neilson after transferring at Billingham. Using one of the Bloor or Burnhamthorpe routes after transferring at Kipling sounds more like a real-life example for second half of Exception 2. 2700
  2. It was either a risk assessment from a passenger injury and MiWay is looking to avoid further payouts or the passenger injury escalated (think Lepofsky and the TTC) and they were forced to remove those seats from service until they could be retrofitted. So it looks like they just deferred this plan by a year, but it remains to see if it will be implemented as originally planned or if they've come up with other revisions in the mean time. I'm thinking the recent elimination of Saturday service on the 90 TERRAGAR-COPENHAGEN might be partly foreshadowing the upcoming Service Change. Would a rush hour extension into Lisgar GO like the 32 LISGAR GO shuttle be a possibility here? I don't know what the schedules for the proposed 50 LISGAR-CHURCHILL MEADOWS looks like if there's enough room to make the extension vs. reinstating the 32 LISGAR GO when demand returns. Now when service begins to the Churchill Meadows Community Centre how will that be displayed on the destos? It's up there for length (one letter shorter than Mississauga Valley!) especially for the side desto. Churchill Meadows is already a street in the neighbourhood one "block" east and signing it to simply Churchill Meadows might cause confusion (Meadowvale anyone?). Ninth Line wouldn't convey the change to the 35 EGLINTON as that's what it's already signed as westbound. Likely Churchill Meadows CC on the front and some abbreviated form (Ch'hill Meadows CC like with the older destos when service first began in the area and the 49 McDOWELL was originally the 49 CHURCHILL MEADOWS). MiWay seems to like really long hyphenated route names which then runs into the problem of cramming them onto the destos even with the newer models. The restructured 10 BRISTOL-BRITANNIA has had much (half?) of its Britannia segment eliminated only running between Erin Mills and River Grove. The side desto only reads 10 BRISTOL while the front reads 10 BRISTOL-BRITANNIA. The 43 MATHESON-ARGENTIA gets truncated on the side desto to 43 MATH-ARGEN which was seemingly required after the western end of the route was changed to serve Argentia so the 27 MATHESON was abandoned. A number or name change should be enough to convey the change. A brand new identity seems like overkill. Conversely, the 9 has gone through a bunch of name changes over its history STREETSVILLE, RATHBURN-WINDWOOD, RATHBURN-THOMAS without the complete identity overhaul, perhaps due to its historic longevity. Personally, I think the RATHBURN portion of the name is redundant and potentially confusing with another existing RATHBURN route (which has since been extended to cover the entire length of its namesake street). Flipping the order of the name to THOMAS-RATHBURN would probably fix that in my mind and would also make it sound like a person's name! Thomas is also the longer of the two segments of the route, which will only get longer once the extension to the new community centre takes effect.
  3. With the Churchill Meadows Community Centre finally set to open next week, will that get the route restructuring in the Lisgar and Churchill Meadows back on track? Pre-pandemic it was originally slated for October 2020 (see the excerpt from the 2020 Annual Service Plan below as a refresher). Currently there is no way to directly access the new community centre by transit once it opens. It'll require a bit of a walk from the Ninth Line and Erin Centre stop to get to. At the rate things are being planned along Ninth Line (and probably better to implement once all of the road improvements are completed) it might make some sense to have a route running down it from either Meadowvale Town Centre or Lisgar GO down to the proposed terminal in the Laird/Vega area. It doesn't make much sense for Oakville Transit to service Ninth Line from a network connectivity standpoint unless it gets extended further south along Ford Dr. into Clarkson GO. Peak period to start and increase service as ridership builds.
  4. Steve Munro has outlined the TTC Service Changes for October 10, 2021 and there's no mention about the potential handover of service on Burnhamthorpe and Bloor in Etobicoke. Was there a timeline envisioned or are they still trying to work out the details (revenue and cost sharing) including amending the legislation to permit MiWay to provide the service within Toronto? I did notice a sign at the Kipling Terminal on how stops within Toronto are served. I've been on more than a few trips where passengers don't realize how the Closed Door policy works and then get mad at the driver for enforcing those rules. Placing the sign either more prominently in the Terminal or even at each bay might help as would an audio/visual message on board to the effect of "passengers may not exit the bus until reaching Mississauga" which on the 26 BURNHAMTHORPE wouldn't be played until it reaches Islington Station. I wonder if the change to the Closed Door policy will apply just to the routes replacing the TTC service on Burnhamthorpe and Bloor or if it will apply to any MiWay route operating within Toronto?
  5. I just rode one tonight. Aside from the lower level seating configuration, the dividers between seat (when they were present) were only at the head level and not down the entire length of the seat separating the two. A bilingual announcement comes on shortly after the bus left Union asking people to buckle up, it's the law. You then heard a few people complying. The couple sitting behind me seemed to think that if they don't need seat belts on the older buses why do they need to wear them now. I'd love to see random checks to try and scare people into complying. Now who would be liable, GO Transit or the passenger for not wearing their seat belt in the event of an accident? The whole seat belt stems from the bus crash that killed several players and staff of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. Another feature of the new buses is a USB charger at each seat. It's on the back of the seat in front of you. The positioning of the seat dividers unfortunately means you need to feel underneath it to find it.
  6. Based on the upcoming schedule change for September 4, 2021 the 29 GUELPH/MISSISSAUGA will have all trips originate from Kipling (so does the route name get updated to GUELPH/ETOBICOKE?) but not the 25 WATERLOO/MISSISSAUGA meaning people either catch GO's 29 or one of the many MiWay routes running between Kipling and Square One. I don't know if having both the Guelph and Waterloo services terminate at Kipling would be redundant or if another route on perhaps a different corridor got the slot at Kipling. I somehow doubt the 21 MILTON will get a branch to Kipling if they're not even serving Dixie on weekends and holidays. There's no indication on the updated 31 KITCHENER corridor about a service extension further west. Unless they're planning on making those extension later this fall, I have a feeling that it may be something Ford trots out closer to the Provincial Election next June to try and secure some seats. Plus, it'd make for additional promo material for places you can get away to on GO Transit with London and possibly Stratford added to the list.
  7. Since MiWay didn't announce any changes to their 20 RATHBURN route this September, I assume the handover of the 49 BLOOR WEST (and 50 BURNHAMTHORPE) are also deferred to later in the Fall or are they still negotiating the details for implementation in early 2022? A fare/transfer agreement would potentially benefit anyone travelling to or beyond Eglinton as you could access MiWay's express service between Kipling and Renforth stations and then transfer back to the TTC to complete their trip much faster than say taking the 112 WEST MALL. You could make the same trip right now, but would require the payment of two separate fares.
  8. The other is 2442. I spotted it on my trip into Union at Cooksville GO on Tuesday.
  9. Are the service reductions a result of reduced revenue? With things tentatively reopening I would have presumed there’d be more service to deal with the additional passengers. With schools returning to in-class learning, the high school specials should also be returning? The 4 SHERWAY detour I believe is a long-term one connected to the Dixie Rd. interchange reconfiguration. The detours for the Old Derry Rd. bridge will likely leave a significant section unserved as there are few alternate routes in the area. Given MiWay’s budget crunch I doubt they’ll have TTC-style shuttle service for the section of routing that is cut off due to the construction activity. The loss of Sunday service on the 68 TERRY FOX is likely the result of a death spiral, where reductions in service led to fewer people riding it. I would make more use of it if it has a better schedule. It already doesn’t see Holiday service, cutting Sunday service wasn’t a surprise.
  10. The pilot signage is at Mimico and Danforth. Again, why reinvent the wheel when they already have existing signage. How often (at least these days) will the train length vary day-to-day that a specific run will see a change in the number of cars? If they can't put the specific number of cars on the departure screen, could they simply indicate whether a train will be "short"? I've seen plenty of people with head/earphones on completely oblivious to the recorded announcements to move down the platform for a short train. Whether or not they'd pay attention to the departure board is another question but it would provide some additional crucial information to passengers. I used GO's Weekend Pass this past long weekend and had selected a station pair that gave me the most flexibility between local and express trips with the reduced weekend schedule. I did ask at Union about whether the pass was valid across the entire network or just between the pair of stations I had selected especially since it's being advertised as the latter. I used the example of using the Lakeshore West line instead of a bus to Meadowvale. Since the passes were so new they weren't sure, but a ticket inspector (or RPO, Revenue Protection Officer) came by and they checked with them. For the time being, while they are still a novelty, they will only be enforced for stations within the same fare zone or price. This leads me to believe that if I entered a pair of stations at either end of the network (say Peterborough and Niagara Falls or Barrie and Brantford) that should cover the itineraries I had laid out earlier. But I could run into the problem of how judiciously a driver will interpret the pair, especially if it's not on the corridor listed (say the Barrie-Branford pair and I try going to the Zoo). If they're still trying to encourage PRESTO card uptake capping fares on weekends would be the easiest from a passenger's perspective. Enabling it on the back end to give the cards that functionality is another question. I haven't bought a single trip or day pass online, but is it tied to your PRESTO account? Seeing as you can now load funds instantly with the app, I somehow doubt it meaning the online ticket wouldn't get the PRESTO discount.
  11. I looked into this with the long weekend coming up. If it's a flat rate, why do you need to select an origin and destination? Can I travel outside of that pair? Say if I wanted to go to Niagara on Saturday, Kitchener on Sunday and the Zoo on Monday which pair would I select?
  12. I finally managed to check out Mimico station, the departure screens don't display how long the train is, which resulted in people running to get onto a 6-car train (the entrance is at the west end of the platform, while the train takes up the east half of the platform). During the weekend Gardiner closure with the Milton and Kitchener buses rerouted to Port Credit there were repeated announcements that the trains would be short (6-cars) and that eastbound passengers should move east of the elevators. As I've mentioned there's already existing signage indicating the position of each car at most if not all stations. Why not just point them out and indicate on the departure board the length of the train? Especially at Union with the new screens instead of having someone directing people down the platform toward the shortened train. There's enough room on the departure board to add a column indicating the train length.
  13. I'm guessing these changes will be concurrent with the restructured 121 FORT YORK-ESPLANADE meaning it won't happen until next year? Or are they waiting until the end of summer service to Cherry Beach to at least implement it? I know people who are eager for the revised service to begin but are frustrated by the lack of details as to when it will be happening other than a vague 2021 which is now half over. The Waterfront Toronto meeting on the Waterfront East LRT alluded to potential service up Church St. once it gets extended south through the rail embankment. It is conceptual as per the disclaimer in the image, but I think another connection to the eastern waterfront shouldn't be missed. Theoretically, they could either/or add service on Jarvis as well if they're trying to create a finer grained transit network downtown in light of all of the development going on.
  14. The TTC is seeking the public's input for their 2022 Service Plan which includes the route restructurings as a result of the opening of the 5 EGLINTON Line. Here's the map of the Eglinton corridor with the affected routes: You can visit the survey site for more details and to submit feedback on the individual route changes.
  15. For posterity's sake here are the upcoming Service Changes for June 28: June 28, 2021 Service Changes MiWay continues to provide a safe and reliable transit system, and is committed to delivering the right service at the right time while being responsive to changes in transit ridership demand. Customer demand has grown on some routes and declined on others as many people have changed their travel patterns to work and school in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. MiWay is adjusting service frequencies across the network to ensure that service is available where and when customers need it, and the potential for overcrowding is reduced. MiWay is committed to monitoring all routes in the transit system network so that service levels are responsive to customers’ needs and can change with shifts in demand as travel patterns continue to evolve. MiWay will be implementing the following service changes on Monday, June 28, 2021: Adding More Service on Corridors where Demand has Increased: Routes 42, 51 and 61 Route 42 – Derry will provide more Saturday service. Route 51 – Tomken will provide more early morning service on weekdays. Route 61 – Mavis will provide more late evening service on weekdays. Service Frequency Reductions to Match Customer Demand: Various Routes Schedules will be adjusted on the routes below; these routes will continue to be monitored for changes in customer demand: Weekday: Routes 3-Bloor, 8-Cawthra, 13-Glen Erin, 20-Rathburn, 26-Burnhamthorpe, 28-Confederation, 42A-Derry (midday only), and 48-Erin Mills. Saturday: Route 3-Bloor, 26-Burnhamthorpe, 46-Tenth Line-Osprey, and 109-Meadowvale Express. Sunday: Route 109-Meadowvale Express. MiWay will monitor these routes so that service levels can be adjusted as needed in the fall. Service Changes due to Road Construction: City Centre Transit Terminal Bus Stop Changes and Route 44 Bus stop locations at the City Centre Transit Terminal will change due to upcoming construction on Rathburn Road for the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. Click here to view the terminal map. Route 44 – Mississauga Road will return to its original routing because the construction on Mississauga Road, between Burnhamthorpe Road and Eglinton Avenue, is complete. Click here to view the routing. Schedule Adjustments to Improve Service Reliability: Various Routes Schedules will be adjusted on these routes in response to changes in traffic conditions: Weekday: Routes 5-Dixie, 9-Rathburn-Thomas, 10-Bristol-Britannia, 23-Lakeshore, 30-Rexdale, 34-Credit Valley, 39-Britannia, 45-Winston Churchill, 45A Winston Churchill-Speakman, 53-Kennedy, 68-Terry Fox, 109-Meadowvale Express. Saturday: Routes 5-Dixie, 9-Rathburn-Thomas, 10-Bristol-Britannia, 13-Glen Erin, 20-Rathburn, 23-Lakeshore, 28-Confederation, 30-Rexdale, 34-Credit Valley, 39-Britannia, 45-Winston Churchill, 45A Winston Churchill-Speakman, 48-Erin Mills, 61-Mavis. Sunday: Routes 3-Bloor, 5-Dixie, 9-Rathburn-Thomas, 10-Bristol-Britannia, 13-Glen Erin, 20-Rathburn, 23-Lakeshore, 26-Burnhamthorpe, 28-Confederation, 34-Credit Valley, 39-Britannia, 45-Winston Churchill, 45A Winston Churchill-Speakman, 48-Erin Mills, 61-Mavis. Seasonal Service Changes: Summer School Routes and Canada Day Service Summer school routes will not operate this year due to summer school closures and online learning. Regular school service routes will continue to be suspended. On Canada Day (Thursday, July 1, 2021), buses will operate on a holiday schedule and the following routes will not operate due to low customer demand: Routes 28 Confederation, 35 Eglinton-Ninth Line, 46 Tenth Line-Osprey, 48 Erin Mills, and 68 Terry Fox. There are also revised Weekday, Saturday and Sunday system maps. With the seemingly same slate of routes not operating on Holidays, they could create a Holiday map as well. Perhaps they can just use a rush hour line treatment (hollow or dotted/dashed lines) on the Sunday route to identify which ones don't operate on holidays? Among the most notable change in bus stop locations at CCTT is that the 502 ZÜM MAIN bus will be the sole occupant of Platform O, currently the home of the 109N MEADOWVALE EXPRESS which shifts over to Platform N with the 20W RATHBURN. The 76 CITY CENTRE-SUBWAY takes the 91 HILLCREST's old spot at Platform B. While this makes for easier transfers between the 109 and other routes at CCTT, it will require the 502 change its routing in the area.
  16. I'm not currently advocating for an extension of the Spadina branch further north, but for those who are (much like with the Yonge branch) how far should it go? In light of the pandemic, Canada's Wonderland has been trying to figure out how to make the amusement park more of a year-round attraction. Ending the line there however doesn't seem wise. There is plenty of room in their parking lot for construction. Hence using Major Mackenzie as the "here and no further" point. Space has been set aside at the Cortelucci Vaughan Hospital for a transit terminal. I could also see it ending at Rutherford/Vaughan Mills if the idea is to link it back to the Yonge branch. It could connect with the Rutherford GO station and Hillcrest Mall. Local/VIVA Silver can handle the traffic to points further north. I'd only consider this AFTER the VIVA Silver has been implemented and has proven successful and a higher order of transit is needed along the corridor. Development will probably have sprawled up to Kirby Rd. by then, but hopefully the stretch up Jane will also have intensified somewhat. Of course if Del Duca's Liberals come into power this may get a bit of a nudge.
  17. Extending it up to Major Mackenzie would serve Vaughan Mills, Canada's Wonderland and the new Mackenzie Health Centre/Hospital. If they ever want to seriously consider closing the loop there's plenty of room at Wonderland to make the turn eastward to the Yonge branch. It would copy (or is that the eventual point?) the proposed VIVA Silver.
  18. Passed through Union Station earlier this week and noticed they had new Ride Guides available at the Customer Service counter. The cover artwork commemorates Indigenous Heritage Month and includes a panel on the TTC's 100th Anniversary and shows the renumbered 13 AVENUE RD. and 19 BAY. Apologies they seem to be uploading rotated to landscape instead of portrait. Will have to make another post due to the upload limit!
  19. Strangely there's no mention of it on MiWay's Customer Service Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  20. If/When the extension to Richmond Hill Centre/High Tech is built I hope Richmond Hill doesn't start clamouring for a further extension north into town. The tail tracks and storage are slated to extend north past the station, so "just a little bit further" isn't beyond the realm of possibility for future governments at various levels. Hopefully VIVA Silver along Jane is enough that there aren't calls to extend the Spadina end as well.
  21. Thanks! I don't recall hearing about it in the news. You'd think there would be even a brief explanation as to why the platform was closed. Again, a second entrance on the west side of Dixie would have eliminated the need for the closure. As to whether or not it would be an accessible entrance would be up to MiWay to decide if it was worth spending the funds on.
  22. Does anyone know the reason for the closure of the eastbound platform at the Dixie Transitway Station? Transit Toronto makes it sound rather vague as the source material from MiWay's Service Update has very little in terms of details regarding the closure. From Transit Toronto: MiWay has announced that, starting Friday, June 11, it’s closed the eastbound station building at Dixie Station on the Mississauga Transitway. It has not explained why it’s closed the station. All passengers must enter or exit the station through the westbound side of the station. Passengers who must exit the station or connect to other services can do so from the north station building. Security staff will escort eastbound passengers across the transitway roadway to and from the eastbound platforms. The elevator in the eastbound station building is also unavailable. The station closure affects eastbound passengers travelling aboard GO Transit buses along these routes: 19 Mississauga / North York; and 40 Hamilton / Pearson / Richmond Hill. It also affects MiWay passengers aboard buses along these routes: 5 Dixie; 73 Kamato; 74 Explorer; and 109 Meadowvale express. From MiWay: The Dixie Transitway Station building (eastbound) is closed. Click here for details. Staff will be on platform level to assist customers until further notice. Customers who need to exit the station or connect to other services can do so from the north station building. For customer safety, MiWay requires that all customers be escorted by designated MiWay/Security staff. The eastbound elevator at Dixie Transitway Station is out of service. In an ideal world, there would have been accesses from the northbound Dixie Rd. stop down to the Transitway platforms. It would create some useful redundancies and eliminate the need to either walk down to Eastgate Pkwy. to cross at the signal or the riskier dart/jaywalk across Dixie Rd. to get to the existing entrances to the Transitway station. A stop or a pair of them at the Transitway access road off would facilitate transfers between the 5 DIXIE and the routes using that access road without the need to access the station itself.
  23. There is the TTC Ride Guide thread which I suppose you could use since it hasn't seen much action lately. There are even older threads if you start going back through all of the pages!
  24. With GO Buses on a reduced schedule and MiWay revising service to Cooksville, I've been taking advantage of the 38 CREDITVIEW's new routing. (I'm on the bus anyway to Erindale GO, but the scheduling allows me to catch the same bus at Cooksville GO with a lesser fare to Union!) The operator change at Central Pkwy. is time-consuming and usually results in a delayed arrival which stresses out the passengers making the same trip as me. I've now factored it into my trips now as the trip planners don't! I'm all for the operators having a safe work environment, but some go into full decontamination when they switch on which makes me wonder what they think of their co-workers! MiWay also needs to either figure out the content they want to display on the screens at the GO stations that Metrolinx is installing or put a notice on the signs at the 28 CONFEDERATION and 53 KENNEDY bays that the buses only come by on weekdays. There isn't even a system map to tell you that anywhere (obvious) at the station. I had to tell someone waiting at the 28 CONFEDERATION stop on a weekend that she'd have to walk to catch her bus if she didn't want to wait for one of the other routes to take her there. I've already filled out their comment form regarding the operator changeovers and the signage at Cooksville. Just wondering how long before they take action.
  25. With MiWay poised to take over the 50 BURNHAMTHORPE (and the 49 BLOOR WEST) that's one less route needing a bay in the new terminal. All that would be left will be the 37 ISLINGTON, 110 ISLINGTON SOUTH and 937 ISLINGTON ROCKET. It will have a much smaller footprint than the current terminal and will hopefully be conducive to having something built on top to recoup the cost of both demolition of the existing terminal and construction of the new one.
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