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  1. If the cover hasn't changed for the Spring 2022 issue, I'm guessing they're banking on the Eglinton Line to open at some point this year and will use the Centennial cover to mark the occasion. If it's running a few weeks late, they may just go ahead and include it on the map even if it isn't in service at the time of printing.
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    I've seen the buses along the Harbourfront, do they not have a display with the destination? Not even a paper sign in the window? Given their limited destinations from Toronto it shouldn't be a problem as long as they're all separated by time.
  3. I'm speculating here by reading between the lines of the City Budget. I assume the lack of ridership hurt the budget, so the City simply allocated the same amount on transit this year as last, with any service improvements coming at the expense of other routes. The 100 and 185 have yet to return as well. The 104's resources were reallocated to the 42A while the 101 and 110 have local service equivalents (for the most part) during the periods they are not running. A demonstrated increase in ridership could possibly trigger some additional service without cannibalizing it from elsewhere in the network, but ridership would need to rebound substantially for there to be enough revenue to start restoring service next year. Most of the service changes so far this year have been fiddling around with the schedules to try and better use the resources already in place. Changing the Sunday routing of the 5 DIXIE to match the rest of the week likely didn't cost anything aside from printing new maps and putting up notices about the change. The 18 McLAUGHLIN-DERRY was a reallocation of resources. We saw the corresponding routes getting service reductions at the same time the route was introduced. Any significant (net new) changes will likely be deferred to next year.
  4. I don't know that the trip planner factors in the detour. At least it didn't on Sunday. I saw the notice for Union Station but didn't read it and rushed to catch my bus only to be told by Metrolinx staff that the Bus Terminal was closed (they didn't say why) and directed me into the train station. I guess there are also alternate GO bus routes via Finch, Sheppard, Yorkdale and Hwy. 407. Could Kipling be used as a diversion point in the future? MiWay has fewer routes operating on weekends and GO still has a platform or two that aren't used. The signage at that terminal still leaves much to be desired. The ongoing construction at Port Credit for the Hurontario LRT is probably a bit of an additional inconvenience for the diversion. I do wish they'd put more departure screens on the approaches to both the Bus and Train stations. Granted they're not necessarily on Metrolinx property at that point, but something should be worked out with the property owners for the sake of passenger convenience. The Bay St. Teamway could definitely use a bus terminal display, as you don't see the first one until you enter the bus terminal itself, and it's off to the side along the wall when you enter. You'd walk right by it if you didn't know it was there.
  5. With the ongoing labour protests that have shut down GO Bus service out of Union Station Bus Terminal in the afternoons and evenings is there a contingency plan for an alternate location downtown? The end of Bremner Blvd. is usually the default whenever the previous Union Station Bus Terminal (north of the tracks) couldn't be used but it's currently configured for Jurassic Park and soon to be Maple Leaf Square. Running into the problem this past Sunday was particularly bad as the only GO service out of Union Station was the Lakeshore West line. Without the co-fare, truncating GO Bus service to the extremities of the the TTC subway network is a drain on time and finances. The reconfiguration of Front St. also eliminates going back to the pre-bus terminal setup without turfing the taxi stand/passenger pick-up and rerouting service. I can only imagine what the backlog of traffic will be like trying to go north onto York St. from Harbour St. after exiting the Gardiner. Perhaps going around the block instead of making that left turn? FlixBus might be on to something serving passengers at York and Queens Quay.
  6. Cross-posted from the Eglinton LRT thread: Toronto Star: How often should the Eglinton LRT run? TTC, Metrolinx disagree Non-paywall version Metrolinx wants to run higher frequency service (as often as every 3 minutes, 10 seconds), while the TTC who will be operating the service, in light of reduced ridership from the pandemic wants to initially run it at 5 minutes all day increasing along with ridership. Given the delays, I can see Metrolinx trying to get the optimal service from the start. The TTC on the other hand is in a funding crunch due to the reduced ridership. This will be the first joint project in the GTA and people are closely watching how the partnership will play out for the rest of the projects.
  7. Not sure if this should go here and/or in the general News thread, but: Toronto Star: How often should the Eglinton LRT run? TTC, Metrolinx disagree Non-paywall version Metrolinx wants to run higher frequency service (as often as every 3 minutes, 10 seconds), while the TTC who will be operating the service, in light of reduced ridership from the pandemic wants to initially run it at 5 minutes all day increasing along with ridership. Given the delays, I can see Metrolinx trying to get the optimal service from the start. The TTC on the other hand is in a funding crunch due to the reduced ridership. This will be the first joint project in the GTA and people are closely watching how the partnership will play out for the rest of the projects.
  8. The ongoing musical chairs of Platform reassignment due to LRT construction! Once the full-on construction (after the utility relocation wraps up) how long before the route reconfiguration begins to avoid the active work sites? I just noticed new system maps in the bus shelters dated for April 25. They include the 18 McLAUGHLIN-DERRY (which didn't merit a new shelter map when it was introduced) and the revised Sunday routing for the 5 DIXIE.
  9. Not exactly getting longer, but another station on the YNSE is announced - Royal Orchard, as an election goodie perhaps? Given the complaints from the neighbourhood leading to the line going deeper to mitigate vibrations, this is going to be a fairly costly station to build due to the access requirements. I wonder once this and the Ontario Line is built which station will be crowned the deepest? CP24: Ford government will build second station in Thornhill as part of Yonge subway extension CBC: Ontario formally announces massive condo project in York Region while critics sound alarm Toronto Star: Province drops the puck for massive transit hub project in York Region amid controversy OR Non-paywall version BlogTO: An extra station was just announced for Toronto's next subway extension If Ford feels that Willowdale might flip on him, maybe he'll throw in some funding for the Drewry/Cummer station that was also cut to save money on the project? Given this is one of the streets that changes names when it crosses Yonge will they keep the compound name or go with one or the other? The juvenile will probably opt for Cummer, which also has it's length vs. Drewry going for it similar I guess to Collge being chosen over Carlton. Development in the area, similar to what's planned for Bridge and High Tech stations can go towards offsetting the costs for this station. I also posted this in the YRT/VIVA Thread, York Region is considering future extensions of Line 1 up to Major Mackenzie at both ends of the line with its 2051 Plan. If and/or when they do even out the ends of the line is it worth closing the loop?
  10. Weird seeing that my responses are in German! I grew up with the TTC and Mississauga Transit, so those were the systems I witnessed first-hand. Failure of the system is usually tied to the GPS system on the bus which means it doesn't know where it is and thus cannot announce the stops. The secondary problem with that is apps and websites relying on that GPS feed to predict/indicate where a bus is are left with a "ghost bus". It's been a while since the stop announcements were automated. The drivers have probably become so reliant upon them that they don't know to call out the stops in the event the system isn't working. MiWay is the only system I know that has implemented a backup (which I mentioned needs a bit of updating). Short of providing a printout for drivers I don't know what or if there are alternatives in place for other agencies in terms of manually calling out stops. GO Transit has a different problem where drivers turn down the announcements likely to avoid having to listen to the repetitive customer relations messages in both English and French. I have seen some drivers turn the volume down just for the French messages and then return the volume to normal, which must be distracting while driving! I'm sure they're a well-placed complaint away from taking that option away from the drivers, but I do get their point of view if they have to listed to it all day. On the other hand, most drivers on the late-night trips will make additional announcements to try and wake any potentially sleeping passengers. They usually ask where the passengers are going as they board to make sure they get off at their stop. It also dictates which stops they serve as they usually tend to be stop-on-request rather than serve each stop. The schedules are indicated as such if the trip is drop-off only (usually the last trip of the day).
  11. The Toronto Star: Which are the TTC's most dangerous bus routes? Non-paywall version And the answer to the clickbait-y headline: TTC bus routes with most incidents The routes with the highest number of criminal and bylaw offences, 2016 to 2021 36 Finch West 75 52 Lawrence 73 32 Eglinton West 73 29 Dufferin 73 35 Jane 71 89 Weston 53 320 Yonge Night Bus 40 7 Bathurst 39 45 Kipling 38 41 Keele 37 SOURCE: TTC TORONTO STAR GRAPHIC Tuesdays in the afternoon rush hour in May and July are when most incidents occurred. No one's quite sure why.
  12. Is there a glitch in the Triplinx schedules or has MiWay abandonned the terminal at Dixie Outlet Mall in light of the construction related to the Dixie/QEW Interchange project? There's no notice about it and the terminal still has a page, but the schedule indicates that buses skip or don't serve that stop. It's easy enough to figure out what time they do if it's just a glitch. I've checked both directions and for different dates and they all have an arrow for the Dixie Outlet Mall terminal. I do wish they'd either include the stop number in the schedule or since Metrolinx has gone to the trouble of giving every stop in the Triplinx system a unique stop ID they showed that (you can see it if you hover over the stop name) in conjunction with having a single toll-free number to call to check on the schedule/arrival of the next bus. With the plans to redevelop the mall along with the related changes for the Dixie/QEW Interchange project, I would have hoped for a more convenient location for the terminal. At the very least, I hope the bus lane exiting the terminal gets some sort of separate signal phase similar to what's done at the Bramalea Centre Terminal. It's going to be needed to prevent collisions with traffic turning southbound onto Dixie Rd. from the realligned South Service Rd. It would also preclude bus service going to Ogden Ave. from the mall with this proposal. The 5 DIXIE is slated to remain on Dixie Rd. south of the mall with an extension of the 14 LORNE PARK (perhaps becoming the LORNE PARK-ATWATER?) to cover most of the lost service on Ogden Ave. The 14 would have to loop within the mall to exit where it came in at the newly signalized intersection or proceed on the internal roads to a different exit onto South Service Rd.
  13. Brampton Transit seems to be poised to restore most of their services on April 25, with only a handful of routes (mostly the Züm branches and express routes) still waiting for ridership improvements: 501 Züm Queen Weekday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 2 Main Weekday, Saturday and Sunday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 3/3A McLaughlin Weekday, Saturday and Sunday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 6 James Potter Weekday, Saturday and Sunday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 10 South Industrial Weekday service level restored 11 Steeles Saturday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 12 Grenoble Weekday and Saturday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability Sunday frequency: 60 minutes 13 Avondale Weekday and Saturday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 14 Torbram Additional Weekday PM trips northbound from Westwood Mall at 1:10 pm and 1:30 pm Additional Weekday PM trips southbound from Torbram Road and Father Tobin Road at 1:58 pm and 2:20 pm 16 Southgate Weekday and Saturday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability Sunday frequency: 60 minutes 17 Howden Sunday service restored 18 Dixie Saturday and Sunday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 19 Fernforest Weekday and Saturday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability Sunday service restored 20 East Industrial Weekday service level restored 23 Sandalwood Weekday evening service adjusted to improve service reliability 24 Van Kirk Weekday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 25 Edenbrook Weekday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 26 Mount Pleasant Weekday service level restored 27 Robert Parkinson Weekday service level restored 29/29A Williams Weekday service level restored Saturday and Sunday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 31 McVean Weekday service level restored Sunday service level restored 32 Father Tobin Weekday service level restored Saturday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability Sunday service level restored 33 Peter Robinson Weekday service level restored 35 Clarkway Weekday service level restored 36 Gardenbrooke Weekday service level restored 50A Gore Road Weekday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 51 Hereford Saturday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 53 Ray Lawson Weekday service level restored 54 County Court Saturday and Sunday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 57 Charolais Weekday service level restored 60 Mississauga Road Saturday and Sunday service restored 115 Pearson Airport Express Weekday AM Peak service adjusted to improve service reliability Saturday and Sunday schedules adjusted to improve service reliability 199 UTM Express Service Cancelled and will resume September 06, 2022 Routes cancelled until further notice (including weekday and weekends): 501A/C Züm Queen (501 still operating) 561 Züm Queen West 18B Dixie (18 Dixie still operating) 21 Heart Lake 58 Financial Drive 65 Seniors Shopper 92 Bramalea GO 104 Chinguacousy Express 185 Dixie Express Resource availability and ridership will continue to be monitored and Brampton Transit will restore services as soon as possible. There was a detour notice the other week for the routes serving Sheridan College. They had used their default satellite map to show the detour and affected stops. Why not use the terminal map they have (had?) in their transit map? Sheridan isn't one of the terminals you can view online however. The same goes with Bramalea GO, with BT relying on the station map provided by Metrolinx. Given the ongoing changes at Bramalea GO, I don't expect them to create a new map every time the bus platforms change, but it would be nice to eventually have some consistency.
  14. The extensions to Major MacKenzie are both shown as needed further study. There's going to be a point where they're going to have to say no further extensions on the subway line. With the improvements to GO's service within the same timeframe I don't think it's necessary. Higher order bus/VIVA service is already planned on the Jane corridor and already exists on the Yonge corridor (though very initial plans have the subway following the Richmond Hill rail corridor). Light rail should be a proven concept with examples in the GTHA by that time, perhaps they could go with that as a cheaper alternative to the subway. The VIVA Next plans I had posted a while back which had the Major MacKenzie corridor ending at Don Cousens Pkwy. makes sense now if they are envisioning a GO station there (in addition to Mount Joy? Perhaps with the electrification of the line and improved service frequencies YRT is assuming the Stouffville Line will operate like London's Overground service). The Seaton Line is even vaguer in terms of planning progress, but it would seem ideal to plan for some sort of connecting service along Don Cousens while the land is still available to accommodate a VIVA Rapidway.
  15. Follow-up to the VIVA Next post earlier, York Region has released their Transportation Master Plan which looks to the next 30 years. The extension of the Major Mackenzie VIVA corridor seemingly south on the 427 to Rutherford then west to Brampton (which will connect with the extended Züm Bovaird corridor) so that it can also intercept a potential Nashville GO station. An Elder Mills GO station at Rutherford would make for a more likely eastern terminus for the Züm Bovaird route given its proximity to the border. I'm just surprised that there isn't a GO station in historic Woodbridge, settling for one at Steeles instead. The potential Seaton GO line has the potential to supplant the yet-to-open Cornell Terminal. As for extending both subway lines up to Major MacKenzie...
  16. I've gone back 6 pages/5 years trying to see if we had a thread for the Ontario Line. This is the closest thing we had. Wasn't sure if a new one should be created or this one simply renamed or amended to include the successor Ontario Line. Anyway, the first set of preliminary technical drawings for the entire line (we've only previously seen segments of it - at least I have) are now available: https://www.metrolinxengage.com/sites/default/files/appendix_c_-_ontario_line_profile_drawings.pdf All but three of the stations (Exhibition, Flemingdon Park and Science Centre) have an island platform. Two of them are terminus stations which runs counter to the TTC's usual policy of having island platforms in that case. Then again, since this isn't a TTC project... I don't know what the trade-offs were for these 3 stations. Still, Flemingdon Park and Science Centre are also elevated stations, meaning they will need 2 sets of elevators for both stations. In Exhibition's case, based on the station rendering it looks like pedestrian circulation will be over the tracks for both the Ontario Line and the Lakeshore West GO Line. You could possibly see an exit directly onto street level for the eastbound platform, but will still need a separate elevator to access the other side of the tracks to get to the GO train station or Exhibition Place itself. The Queen/Spadina station building itself backs right onto Grafitti Alley. Any guesses on whether or not it will influence the design or possible permanent name for the station? It would be interesting to have a back door from the station literally opening onto Grafitti Alley.
  17. What would be the pros and cons of having a garage next to a place like Wajax currently 2 (vacant) doors down? It's been known that the Queensway garage is the smallest, a land swap should have been attempted if they wanted to remain in the area. Granted, the new garage would likely have to be built first before the swap could take place, likely impacting the viability of such a deal. The old Raid factory is about the same size as the Queensway property and would sit across the Gardiner from 2 similar multi-level car dealerships. Well, the Queensway garage (the building) itself is about as wide as the Raid property, meaning if the TTC wanted something even bigger, they will have had to negotiate for part of the old Norampac factory.
  18. I thought I'd repost these here from the Ride Guide thread as it seemed more appropriate for those who haven't seen it yet.
  19. Coming into downtown on the GO Bus and noticed the old Norampac factory (green outline) has been razed along with the SC Johnson factory (orange outline) that for the longest time advertised Raid insecticide. Has the City considered a possible land swap to get a bigger chunk of land to be able to expand capacity at the Queensway garage? I don't know that they'd be able to get all of the land, but could secure a significantly larger facility on the other side of the Canpa Sub. The smaller Queensway Garage property could make up for the size with proximity to the Gardiner and Kipling Ave. depending on what they had in mind for the redevelopment. Being hemmed in by the Gardiner, Canpa Sub, Evans and Kipling means there's no way to expand the garage.
  20. Was able to swing through Union Station today, there was no one in either of the collector booths on the south side of the station. I did notice a stack of Ride Guides and Mini Ride Guides along with the Tourism Toronto city maps on the counter at the Information desk since they've removed the racks the maps used to sit in. Both Ride Guides were the summer 2021 edition. So it looks like they haven't printed the commemorative Ride Guides yet. Perhaps waiting for the Spring or Summer edition? What are the chances that they're holding off for the opening of the Eglinton Line? The 150 EASTERN and 174 ONTARIO PLACE-EXHIBITION will be new routes on the map along with the seasonal return of 172 CHERRY BEACH and 175 BLUFFER'S PARK. Not to mention routing changes to the 8 BROADVIEW and 65 PARLIAMENT among others planned for this year.
  21. Beat me to it! There are a few headscratcher routes on this map mostly in the 905 agencies. If this map is meant to identify cross-border routes running into Toronto, then there are a few routes in Mississauga that shouldn't be identified on the map. If it's meant to show cross-border routes crossing ANY municipal boundary then it's missing a bunch of Brampton Transit routes. The MiWay 8 CAWTHRA meets neither, so I don't know why it's shown. The MiWay 38 CREDITVIEW just barely meets the criteria but is missing the southern portion of the route. What's the short portion on Avenue Rd. north of Eglinton? I can't imagine a high school tripper running from there all the way to Renforth Stn. The DRT routes need some updating (service to McCowan and Centennial College), but hopefully their full service is restored quickly as things rebound from COVID. By the time full inter-agency integration takes place, would it make sense for the TTC to turn over service on Rexdale Blvd. to MiWay and focus on improving frequencies on Islington, likely in conjunction with the Eglinton Line opening? There's no provision for a bus loop which would make splitting the route problematic.
  22. I'm guessing the Cirque de Soleil returning to Ontario Place is the impetus for the new service. It will also be reliant on transfers as I doubt anyone in Parkdale or Liberty Village who will walk to the Ex will bother taking the bus the rest of the way. It could very well be faster walking through the Ex grounds than taking the bus around it depending on the traffic along Lakeshore! I presume this is also just a seasonal route? Aside from the 171 MOUNT DENNIS and the 176 MIMICO GO (which I forgot about) are the 170-series appear to be seasonal and all are relatively short shuttle/connector routes. The upcoming 170 EMMETT would also fit into this category. This only leaves us with 173, 177, 178 and 179. I wonder if they'd consider renumbering the 99 ARROW RD. to 179 in keeping with this apparent theme freeing the 99 for a more substantial route?
  23. They seem to be a standard feature on the Novas as other GTA agencies have one built into the bulkhead behind the driver. Brampton Transit used it to put their route schedule/timetables, which given how the buses are allocated throughout the network meant more than one set in the racks. YRT uses them for their system maps. MiWay did use them during COVID to distribute flyers promote proper mask-wearing before there was concern about COVID possibly being spread by physical contact. I don't know what the other agencies did with them. The TTC has hooks similar to what MiWay had to distribute In Transit when they were still printing them.
  24. Strange the 174 ONTARIO PLACE-EXHIBITION didn't come up in the previous TTC Board Meeting in February where the Annual Service Plan was discussed. None of the other changes have been implemented yet aside from the reconfiguration of the 121 FORT YORK-ESPLANADE into the 121 ESPLANADE-RIVER last fall. This may have been a follow-up to deal with the loss of service for the western half of the old 121 routing. Given its name and that only one bus is required I'm not sure how long this route will be. The other 170-series route the 171 MOUNT DENNIS is a connector shuttle that also runs in a loop and the return of the 172 CHERRY CHERRY BEACH as a seasonal connector to Union Station. With the Jays returning to playing at the Rogers Centre this year I doubt it will connect with Union Station as that's where it experienced most of its delays. One interesting thing I noticed with the map showing cross-boundary routes from the same Board Meeting report (page 44 or page 8 in the Cross-Boundary Service Integration report) was that it covered all of the area the previous GTA Ride Guide did with a slight expansion westward to cover more of Mississauga and Brampton while also showing Pickering up to Squires Beach Rd. It's a bit less in the north cutting off just short of Elgin Mills/Teston when the Ride Guide went just past Bernard Terminal to make sure the end of the 224D VICTORIA PARK NORTH at Honda was shown. This would be an ideal starting point for the Toronto portion of a GTA set of Ride Guides. It may only need to go as far as Major Mackenzie in the Toronto version, as long as the major routes (if not all of them) from ALL agencies get an indicator at the edge of the map as to their final destination similar to what's currently done on the Ride Guides north of Hwy. 7 and west of Pearson. Maps with that kind of coverage area should be able to cover Halton/Peel (with Etobicoke for overlap) in a single map. York, Durham and Hamilton already have maps that cover their entire service area with overlaps into adjoining agencies. GO would be the only one needing a map (or a bunch of insets) to show their entire network. Do the GO train-bus services count as local service or as they were depicted in the last GTA Ride Guide as express? The way their bus services are structured it's hard to make a delineation between local and express. The 16 HAMILTON/TORONTO EXPRESS likely being the only true express service (it's even in the name!). There are express branches for some routes (some of which have yet to be reinstated post-COVID).
  25. The Service Changes for April 25 came out yesterday (I think): Service Changes on Monday, April 25 On April 25, 2022, MiWay will be implementing service changes that include a seasonal service reduction on Route 107 Malton Express, a routing change to Route 5 Dixie on Sunday and schedule adjustments on several routes to improve service reliability. Seasonal service reduction on Route 107 Malton Express Due to low customer demand during the summer academic term, Route 107 Malton Express will not travel to the Humber College North Campus in Toronto. It will provide weekday service between the City Centre Transit Terminal and Westwood Square Transit Terminal. Customers can continue to take the Route 22 Finch to the Humber College North Campus. Consistent routing on Route 5 Dixie The Route 5 Dixie routing will be revised on Sundays to match the current routing on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday schedules will be updated. View the revised routing. Schedule adjustments Schedule adjustments will be made on several routes to improve service reliability: 24 Northwest (weekday) 26 Burnhamthorpe (weekday) 28 Confederation (weekday) 35 Eglinton-Ninth Line (weekday) 36 Colonial-Ridgeway (weekday) 42 Derry (weekday) 43 Matheson-Argentia (weekday) 44 Mississauga Road (weekday) 66 McLaughlin (Saturday) 101/101A Dundas Express (weekday) Holiday service On Victoria Day, Monday, May 23, 2022, buses will operate on a holiday schedule. Some routes will not operate due to low customer demand, including: 28 Confederation 35 Eglinton-Ninth Line 46 Tenth Line-Osprey 48 Erin Mills All routes in the transit system continue to be monitored regularly so that service levels are responsive to customers’ needs. Service levels may continue to change with shifts in demand as travel and traffic patterns evolve in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery framework. There's the typical truncation of the 107 MALTON EXPRESS from Humber College to Westwood, along with changing the Sunday/Holiday routing of the 5 DIXIE to match the rest of the week (continuing up to Cardiff instead of looping at Derry). When Sunday service was introduced on the 42 DERRY why wasn't the 5 DIXIE changed back then? Previous to that the 5 DIXIE continued east on Derry to Westwood. The 6 CREDIT WOODLANDS appears to have picked up enough ridership to keep running on Victoria Day and it looks like they may have gotten the memo about the 68 TERRY FOX not being an option. Though (I'd be glad if I'm proven wrong) I think the notices and advisories are probably put up by different people who aren't all on the same page, hence the conflicting messaging. The bridge work at Old Derry Rd. and the Credit River should be done by now (based on the traffic coming off Old Creditview), I take it no one's complaining too loudly about the loss of service through Meadowvale Village. I would have thought the Credit Valley Conservation Authority would have been the most vocal about having some service along Old Derry Rd. Extending the 42A past Mavis to Financial even if it's only rush hour service would be a starting point to restoring service (once budgeting allows as it would like require another bus to maintain the headway). I know not only MiWay, but also Brampton Transit and GO Transit would like a single terminal which they could serve the Financial Dr. area. Looking at the satellite maps from Google there's one vacant parcel of land across from the RBC towers, but I don't know if it's already been sold and just awaiting construction. The only other alternative for a facility would be to take over part of an existing parking lot along Financial, which in light of the work-from-home phenomenon might work. Any increase in on-site staffing could be countered by having a transit terminal at their doorstep. All of this to say that we probably won't see service on Creditview north of Argentia until such a facility is built. The bridge over the 401 has been open to vehicular traffic (but not pedestrians, despite proof to the contrary) since December. It looks like separated bike lanes are being built (likely to connect the Culham Trail past the 401). Not knowing the passenger demand in the area, I don't know which is more feasible: running both 38 and 38A CREDITVIEW during the week (likely with a modification to the 43 MATHESON-ARGENTIA), a 38 (B?) rush hour branch to Financial or an extension of the 68 TERRY FOX to Financial possibly restoring two-way service along Bancroft. The loss of a north-south connection from Financial with the re-routing of the 61 MAVIS may have been masked by the pandemic.
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