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  1. Gil


    An overnight fatal accident has closed the intersection of Eglinton and Mavis. Along with the ensuing traffic spilling over onto Creditview and McLaughlin routes 34, 35, 61 and 87 are being detoured. The Alert page is only specific for the 61 southbound detour routing: Route 61 (South) Attn all OP due to a road closure on Eglington and Mavis Please use the following detour Route 61 South From Eglington Right on Winterton Left on Hetherleigh Ave. Cross Eglington onto Sandford Farm Dr. Left on White Clover Right on Mavis Route 61 Due to road closure on Eglington and Mavis all routes are detoured from area,,,affected routes are 34, 35, 61 and 87 all direction...no bus stops serviced in the intersection due to road closure...Please go to previous intersection. Based on tracking from Transit55.ca the affected routes are using some combination of Guildwood, Winterton, Heatherleigh, Sandford Farm, White Clover and Huntington Ridge. Why isn't this information posted as well? (Side observation, Guildwood and Winterton are the only streets that don't change names when crossing an arterial road.)
  2. Gil


    Happy New Year everyone! Tonight could be the last time the 7 AIRPORT and will be the last time 34 CREDIT VALLEY will be offering New Year's Eve service with it being slated to be truncated or eliminated in 2020. If they replace it with the 35 EGLINTON will they force people travelling from Celebration Square to Malton to transfer at Islington/Kipling unless they add the 107 MALTON EXPRESS or 42 DERRY. Why is the 23 LAKESHORE split into two different routes at Port Credit GO? Due to the road closures around Celebration Square, the 26 BURNHAMTHORPE is effectively running on the weekend/holiday routing. Technically, New Year's Day is a holiday so do they switch the routing over? Route Direction Departing From Stop Number Last Trip 1 Dundas East Vega Boulevard 1661 2:52 am West Islington Subway Bus Terminal – Platform E 1303 4:05 am 3 Bloor East City Centre Transit Terminal/Square One – Platform G 1403 3:15 am West Islington Subway Bus Terminal – Platform B 3150 4:05 am 5 Dixie* South Eglinton Avenue at Dixie Road 2008 2:45 am North Long Branch GO Station - Platform A 0446 3:16 am 7 Airport South Westwood Square Bus Terminal – Platform C 2853 3:35 am North City Centre Transit Terminal/Square One – Platform K 0766 3:37 am 10 Bristol-Britannia South Meadowvale Town Centre – Platform J 2266 4:09 am North City Centre Transit Terminal/Square One – Platform O 0597 3:55 am 11 Westwood South Westwood Square Bus Terminal – Platform J 2848 3:34 am North Islington Subway Bus Terminal – Platform B 3150 4:08 am 13 Glen Erin South Meadowvale Town Centre – Platform F 0780 2:59 am North Clarkson GO - Platform 5 0101 3:23 am 19 Hurontario* South Hurontario Street at Britannia Road 1968 4:35 am North Port Credit GO – Platform 6 0342 4:37 am 23 Lakeshore * East Clarkson GO – Platform 7 0139 3:41 am West Port Credit GO – Platform 7 0314 3:48 am East Port Credit GO – Platform 8 0348 3:56 am West Longbranch GO – Platform A 0446 2:48 am 26 Burnhamthorpe East South Common Centre – Platform K 1089 3:32 am West Islington Subway – Platform D 1306 4:18 am 34 Credit Valley East Erin Mills Town Centre – Platform B 3402 4:05 am West City Centre Transit Terminal/Square One – Platform K 0766 4:47 am 61 Mavis* South Mavis Road at Derry Road 1138 4:53 am North City Centre Transit Terminal/Square One – Platform I 0664 5:19 am 66 McLaughlin South Sheridan College Davis Campus (Brampton) 6624 3:48 am North City Centre Transit Terminal/Square One – Platform H 0364 3:48 am Work is already underway for the next round of MiWay5. Currently there's a public survey seeking input. Here's their timeline to getting it out for implementation: Study announcement MiWay Five Transit Service Plan 2021 to 2025 has finished this stage Oct 2019 Data collection/existing system evaluation MiWay Five Transit Service Plan 2021 to 2025 has finished this stage Oct to Dec 2019 Public input survey: What would make you take transit more? MiWay Five Transit Service Plan 2021 to 2025 is currently at this stage Available until January 20, 2020 Development/evaluation of strategic directions this is an upcoming stage for MiWay Five Transit Service Plan 2021 to 2025 Jan to Feb 2020 Plan development this is an upcoming stage for MiWay Five Transit Service Plan 2021 to 2025 Feb to Mar 2020 Public Information Centres this is an upcoming stage for MiWay Five Transit Service Plan 2021 to 2025 Mar/Apr 2020 Recommendations to Council this is an upcoming stage for MiWay Five Transit Service Plan 2021 to 2025 Spring 2020
  3. Gil


    Now that I think about the last time it went down it was around the same time in November. If it's a scheduled update, it seems odd to do it during the day. The outage on November 22 from the chatter from dispatch was the iBus system going down. Drivers were having to radio their positions and when they were going into and out of service. Dispatch was also pleading with drivers to follow their manual run guides to stay on schedule. I happened to be on one bus where the driver was essentially speeding along the route if the bus couldn't be tracked there'd be no penalty. Eventually someone figured out how to manually sign into the iBus system. How long it took to disseminate that information probably explains why a lot of buses were still not connected past midnight. (First image is a screenshot from 9pm the second from 1am) Have they become so reliant on technology that drivers can't figure out how to pace themselves on their routes without a display? It's not like it's the first time they've ever driven those routes. I guess it's a little trickier if you don't wear a watch to gauge your time!
  4. It's probably just poor resolution. Along with what looks like the 54E, I guess were actually Bs.
  5. At the risk of seguéing this topic, Metrolinx' plans (as I remember them) for a stop at Park Lawn called for keeping both Mimico and Park Lawn and operate a skip-stop type service where some trains would stop at Mimico while others would stop at Park Lawn. I guess transfers would have to be made at Long Branch or Exhibition if you got on the wrong train. I guess the track geometry and/or land constraints precluded a station straddling the Gardiner (similar to Langstaff or Oriole) being accessible from both Humber Loop and Park Lawn. Pushing it further east from Mimico would be an additional means of justifying its construction. I certainly hope the TTC or the City are in talks with the developer of the old Mr. Christie factory lands to set aside some land for a proper loop or terminal facility to serve the community and the station.
  6. I don't know if I'm missing something, but the branch to Morningside and Ellesmere (will they just run around the block on Kingston similar to what's done on Eglinton?) looks like it's labelled 178E. I assume the 178 would be the westbound designation heading back to Scarborough Centre.
  7. When this story broke I thought about my (then) recent trip to Boston where the MBTA has the same offer for their commuter rail service on weekends. $10 Commuter Rail Weekend I thought PRESTO was beginning to catch up with other agencies in terms of fare offers. Boston has a similar fare card, but the passes can't be loaded onto them similar to the situation here. Normally there's a premium to paying on board the train, looks like it's waived for the offer.
  8. Gil


    Routes 15, 42 and 104 had detour notices posted: Route 42 (East) Route 42 eastbound, 15 eastbound, 104 eastbound on detour between Derry/Tomken and Derry/Columbus due to road closure/collision. South on Tomken to left on Midway to left on Columbus to right on Derry to normal. Route 42 (West) 15 westbound, 42 westbound, 104 westbound on detour between Derry/Cardiff and Derry/Tomken due to road closure/collision. Turn right on Cardiff to left on Tomken to Derry. Meanwhile there were also several routes (1 DUNDAS, 3 BLOOR, 19 HURONTARIO, 26 BURNHAMTHORPE, 35 EGLINTON, 42 DERRY, 61 MAVIS, 101 DUNDAS EXPRESS, 103 HURONTARIO EXPRESS) that had this message posted: Some trips may not be available. Please check www.miway.ca for real time information. We apologize for the inconvenience. Anyone know what was going on? I definitely noticed the lack of 35s at the tail end of rush hour tonight. I don't think there's a common denominator among the routes affected aside from the garage allocation. Almost as bad as when the iBus system went down a few weeks ago and a lot of scheduling went out the window!
  9. With MiWay wanting to extend the 185 further south, how will the cost-sharing agreement work? If BT ever decides to extend the 185 further north I could see something like the 502/103. As for the 177, there is this YouTube clip with a bit of an explanation for those who don't know.
  10. Will the Stanley Green route be a standalone one or will it run as a branch of say the 120 CALVINGTON? I guess with all of the extra room at Wilson they could give it it's own route. Makes getting to the Humber River Hospital a bit tricky on the way to Wilson Station with the left turn and making the necessary transfer.
  11. I probably should have read the article, but friend who was at the press conference (for a completely different reason) told me that Ford seemed to be taking the credit for it. Ford is calling it a subway extension in his tweet (and the media are going with it; don't know if the press release was worded that way), so he's already misrepresented the truth.
  12. It's a BlogTO story, but other media have reported it as well. Doug Ford has thrown in some additional money to get the "subway" from Renforth Station to Pearson's new transit hub. How far along in the process are they in getting it from Mount Dennis to Renforth first?
  13. I spotted it at Long Branch last night (Dec. 2) likely doing its burn-in as it was NIS. There have been a lot of freight trains at Lambton (possibly a ripple effect from the CN strike?) since last week, so it's possible that it arrived and it was obscured by the other trains in the yard.
  14. I spotted a 144 DON VALLEY EXPRESS this earlier this evening (Nov. 28) around 6:40 on Richmond at Sherbourne. I wonder if the driver was wondering where all of the passengers were since the route's been rerouted onto King? There were maybe 3 or 4 people on the bus. I guess someone didn't get or read the memo or no one thought to correct the driver. It wasn't a matter of the driver missing the turn onto Parliament as per the new routing as it kept going west past Jarvis. I'm curious how many people missed their bus if the driver continued along the old routing on Adelaide for the trip out of downtown.
  15. Gil


    1137 is still displaying 68 WINDSOR HILL to Bristol which was confusing passengers thinking it was a short turn. If it's taking this long to reprogram the destos they should have a sign in the window saying TERRY FOX. With the route being so new I had to check that there were indeed no scheduled short turns on the route. I did discover the rush hour extras don't do the complete route when ending their runs. I guess the designated end point of northbound service is Creditview and Britannia (at the Tim Hortons). The entire trip the driver was asking boarding passengers if they were going to Bancroft since he wasn't. Ideally the desto would read Britannia and not Bancroft on this trip. My question is where does the bus presumably turn around to head south on Creditview to the garage? I hadn't paid attention after getting off the bus, but Transit55 did track the bus going southbound on Creditview a bit later. There's also an unannounced stop at Terry Fox and Windsor Hill. It seemed strange to have a gap in stops between Winterton and Bristol. That stop last existed when the 10 MEADOWVALE ran before Bristol Rd. was open between Terry Fox and Mavis.
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