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  1. Streetcar News

    Would putting railway crossing barriers at the portal be an option. If it's triggered by an outbound streetcar from the Queens Quay station and/or a streetcar crossing York St. eastbound there should be enough time for the barrier to go up before the streetcar gets to it. Short of putting those tire shredding spikes at the portal itself so the removal would be easier, we're running out of options.
  2. York Region Transit \ Viva

    They had originally planned to use different numbers for the routes taken over from the TTC with the opening of the subway. For whatever reason, they decided to use the same route numbers instead but revised the route name. 107 KEELE NORTH was to become 29 KEELE, 35 JANE was to become 35 JANE LOCAL (which was eventually axed), 165 WESTON RD. NORTH was to become 65 WESTON and 105 DUFFERIN NORTH was to become 75 DUFFERIN and be routed into Pioneer Village Station.
  3. MiWay

    Each agency has its own Sightings thread, it's just that they're not actively used and so sink further down the list of threads. Here's the MiWay one which hasn't seen a post in 3 months:
  4. TTC Ride Guide

    Managed to grab a new Winter 2017-2018 Ride Guide Lite last Saturday a week before the opening. Looks like they've extended the map up to Highway 7 meaning along with Vaughan Metropolitan Centre you can also see the 160 BATHURST NORTH in its entirety. The ledger setting was the only one that could fit the entire map for scanning. Wasn't sure if they were supposed to be out as I haven't seen any since. I'm guessing the TTC will switch their system map to this one once the extension officially opens. Other than the 160, it looks strange seeing no routes going into Vaughan. TTC Ride Guide Lite W17-18.pdf
  5. Harbour Lead railway

    Metrolinx is going to the trouble of realigning the Harbour Lead while they expand the Don Yard with the proposed Wilson Yard, which leads me to think it isn't being abandoned completely. Scroll down to the Concept Design.
  6. MiWay

    MiWay has officially announced that it will begin serving Renforth Station on November 22. New station map here. Routes 7, 39, 107 and 109 will serve the station directly while the remaining routes will serve a restructured Skymark Hub. I brought up the redistribution of the bus stops at the MiWay5 meeting at Meadowvale Town Centre last fall. Currently I'll ride whatever bus I can catch from Kipling up to Skymark and then catch either the 39 or 87. Now, as of next week, the bus I catch at Kipling will have an impact as to which bus I connect with at Skymark/Renforth. With the Eglinton bridge detour still in effect would it make sense for the 35 to enter the Transitway directly off of Eglinton rather than make the loop to serve Skymark Hub? In an ideal world all of the routes (whichever ones eventually survive the MiWay5 restructuring) should run out of Renforth Station to avoid all of this confusion.
  7. TTC Ride Guide

    With the extension of the subway into Vaughan, does the coverage get extended on the Ride Guide/Ridge Guide Lite or will it just be shown as in inset or worse, like bus routes into York Region as a line running off the map with the final destination labelled? I do miss seeing everything from a regional perspective with the other 905-agency routes. Especially with PRESTO, it kinda blurs the boundaries, moreso if the TTC can ever sort out a transfer arrangement with those agencies.
  8. GO Transit

    Stations like Square One where you can have heavy passenger turnover both boarding and disembarking can be easily thrown off by 15 minutes when you throw in a wheelchair, especially depending on when they make themselves known to the driver. If they wait until the last moment, then you're left re-arranging the passengers on what is usually an already packed bus. The odd time when the bus has reached capacity inbound to Union at Square One and a relief bus is available it will run express to Union (at this point it has probably arrived late at Square One due to passenger loads at other stations upstream). But if not, then the driver has to continue along the route informing the rest of the passengers that the bus is full, putting the trip further behind schedule. There's much to be asked for at Square One that could make the passenger experience better. The permanent ticket office was a step in the right direction. Having more of the TVMs which can load money onto your PRESTO card, having balance verifier, digital screens at each platform similar to Union Station which tells you when the next bus will arrive and a simple list of which bus serves which stop would be nice.
  9. MiWay

    I'm heading there myself right now. I assume it's inside the mall like what they did at South Common last year. It should be clearly signed from the bus terminal or any of the entrances.
  10. MiWay

    The two of us might have known about it, but based on the inactivity, I doubt many here did as it had gotten buried by other thread. It's relevant to what's going on in this thread right now so I doubt you'd get any hassles for bumping an "old thread" which is to say it should be more active than it currently is.
  11. MiWay

    Believe it or not there is a Mississauga Transit Sightings thread in that section that hasn't seen a post in nearly 3 years! The fact that it hasn't been renamed to MiWay goes to show how seldom it's been used, at least recently.
  12. MiWay

    There was a 97 express during the Para Pan Am Games in 2015, but it ran from Port Credit GO to the Hershey Centre via City Centre, but the exposures don't match up with the route:
  13. MiWay

    They also show the 109 running along the 427 as rush hour only, which started showing up on their 2020 maps last year. They also seem to be randomly changing the route colours on the 2020 map. The 9 RATHBURN-THOMAS is now a third colour similar to the 19. The 38 CREDITVIEW route is one colour while the route marker at Erindale GO is another. The 2020 map in the slide deck is also from last year! With the elimination of the 37 ERINDALE GO and the subsequent removal of the 38 from Bancroft is there room for creating a branch running between Bancroft and Burnhamthorpe via Erindale GO? It'd maintain service and provide beefed up service along the core of the route serving St. Joseph high school, Roseborough Centre, Erindale GO and the various shops and businesses at Burnhamthorpe. There's a medical college of some sort there that's a definite passenger generator. Even if the route only runs one way along Bancroft (clockwise like the 37), if the route ran further east to Mavis or Boyer it would be able to serve Heartland. Still not a fan of running south on Erindale Station Rd. to get to Westdale in the name of streamlining. Woodlands is the only passenger generator along that segment, and the school's boundaries go only as far as the 403. Unless they are trying to cut down on the number of transfers it takes to get to Rathburn, Wolfedale seems more likely to generate ridership throughout the day.
  14. Streetcar News

    Steve Munro is reporting that streetcars on the 509 HARBOURFRONT route have begun using their pantographs as of this past Tuesday. Got tipped off that day by a friend and snapped 4418. In a somewhat related note, as a cheaper alternative to getting streetcars on Queens Quay East instead of rebuilding the tunnel at Bay, could they just run the line up York and east on Harbour (which has room with the Gardiner ramp gone, but is slated to become a bike path) to Yonge or Freeland and then south to Queens Quay? It'd also create a bypass in the event the tunnel needs to be closed.
  15. Mississauga doesn't appear to be displaying any buses on the map (which also took some time to load on my phone). Something go wrong?