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  1. I finally managed to check out Mimico station, the departure screens don't display how long the train is, which resulted in people running to get onto a 6-car train (the entrance is at the west end of the platform, while the train takes up the east half of the platform). During the weekend Gardiner closure with the Milton and Kitchener buses rerouted to Port Credit there were repeated announcements that the trains would be short (6-cars) and that eastbound passengers should move east of the elevators. As I've mentioned there's already existing signage indicating the position of each car
  2. I'm guessing these changes will be concurrent with the restructured 121 FORT YORK-ESPLANADE meaning it won't happen until next year? Or are they waiting until the end of summer service to Cherry Beach to at least implement it? I know people who are eager for the revised service to begin but are frustrated by the lack of details as to when it will be happening other than a vague 2021 which is now half over. The Waterfront Toronto meeting on the Waterfront East LRT alluded to potential service up Church St. once it gets extended south through the rail embankment. It is conceptual as per
  3. The TTC is seeking the public's input for their 2022 Service Plan which includes the route restructurings as a result of the opening of the 5 EGLINTON Line. Here's the map of the Eglinton corridor with the affected routes: You can visit the survey site for more details and to submit feedback on the individual route changes.
  4. For posterity's sake here are the upcoming Service Changes for June 28: June 28, 2021 Service Changes MiWay continues to provide a safe and reliable transit system, and is committed to delivering the right service at the right time while being responsive to changes in transit ridership demand. Customer demand has grown on some routes and declined on others as many people have changed their travel patterns to work and school in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. MiWay is adjusting service frequencies across the network to ensure that service is available where and wh
  5. I'm not currently advocating for an extension of the Spadina branch further north, but for those who are (much like with the Yonge branch) how far should it go? In light of the pandemic, Canada's Wonderland has been trying to figure out how to make the amusement park more of a year-round attraction. Ending the line there however doesn't seem wise. There is plenty of room in their parking lot for construction. Hence using Major Mackenzie as the "here and no further" point. Space has been set aside at the Cortelucci Vaughan Hospital for a transit terminal. I could also see it ending at
  6. Extending it up to Major Mackenzie would serve Vaughan Mills, Canada's Wonderland and the new Mackenzie Health Centre/Hospital. If they ever want to seriously consider closing the loop there's plenty of room at Wonderland to make the turn eastward to the Yonge branch. It would copy (or is that the eventual point?) the proposed VIVA Silver.
  7. Passed through Union Station earlier this week and noticed they had new Ride Guides available at the Customer Service counter. The cover artwork commemorates Indigenous Heritage Month and includes a panel on the TTC's 100th Anniversary and shows the renumbered 13 AVENUE RD. and 19 BAY. Apologies they seem to be uploading rotated to landscape instead of portrait. Will have to make another post due to the upload limit!
  8. Strangely there's no mention of it on MiWay's Customer Service Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  9. If/When the extension to Richmond Hill Centre/High Tech is built I hope Richmond Hill doesn't start clamouring for a further extension north into town. The tail tracks and storage are slated to extend north past the station, so "just a little bit further" isn't beyond the realm of possibility for future governments at various levels. Hopefully VIVA Silver along Jane is enough that there aren't calls to extend the Spadina end as well.
  10. Thanks! I don't recall hearing about it in the news. You'd think there would be even a brief explanation as to why the platform was closed. Again, a second entrance on the west side of Dixie would have eliminated the need for the closure. As to whether or not it would be an accessible entrance would be up to MiWay to decide if it was worth spending the funds on.
  11. Does anyone know the reason for the closure of the eastbound platform at the Dixie Transitway Station? Transit Toronto makes it sound rather vague as the source material from MiWay's Service Update has very little in terms of details regarding the closure. From Transit Toronto: MiWay has announced that, starting Friday, June 11, it’s closed the eastbound station building at Dixie Station on the Mississauga Transitway. It has not explained why it’s closed the station. All passengers must enter or exit the station through the westbound side of the station. Passengers who must exi
  12. There is the TTC Ride Guide thread which I suppose you could use since it hasn't seen much action lately. There are even older threads if you start going back through all of the pages!
  13. With GO Buses on a reduced schedule and MiWay revising service to Cooksville, I've been taking advantage of the 38 CREDITVIEW's new routing. (I'm on the bus anyway to Erindale GO, but the scheduling allows me to catch the same bus at Cooksville GO with a lesser fare to Union!) The operator change at Central Pkwy. is time-consuming and usually results in a delayed arrival which stresses out the passengers making the same trip as me. I've now factored it into my trips now as the trip planners don't! I'm all for the operators having a safe work environment, but some go into full decontami
  14. With MiWay poised to take over the 50 BURNHAMTHORPE (and the 49 BLOOR WEST) that's one less route needing a bay in the new terminal. All that would be left will be the 37 ISLINGTON, 110 ISLINGTON SOUTH and 937 ISLINGTON ROCKET. It will have a much smaller footprint than the current terminal and will hopefully be conducive to having something built on top to recoup the cost of both demolition of the existing terminal and construction of the new one.
  15. A tongue-in-cheek reference to Jilly's at Broadview perhaps? Why didn't they just go with 501B to match the previous branches (L= Long Branch, M = Marine Parade, N = Neville Park, P = Park Lawn)? The down-alphabet branch letters seem to imply temporary branches while permanent ones seem to use letters from the beginning of the alphabet.
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