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  1. I don't have any hard stats to back me up, but anecdotally Glen Erin (say between Eglinton and Britannia) doesn't strike me as an area in need of overnight service if it's provided elsewhere where it is possibly needed (around Meadowvale TC and possibly at Britannia) where incomes are lower and there's a chance people may need access to the warehouse or industrial jobs around the airport. You'd probably get some pushback from the same residents about overnight traffic. An overnight route along Erin Mills would probably be different, say running down Millcreek to Erin Mills and then south. T
  2. I took a look at the 3 BLOOR service, at least on weeknights there's a 35-ish minute gap between the last bus of the day and the first one of the following day. That pretty much makes it a 24 hour route if the headways are generally between 30 and 40 minutes overnight. It does look like the drivers are stopping at the Aukland & Dundas Tim Hortons overnight (didn't realize they were open 24 hours at that location) since there isn't anything for them at Kipling. The 1 DUNDAS does still does the detour loop through Six Points overnight as well when the subways aren't running, but there
  3. Thought this sounded familiar. Here's the rest of this thread: https://cptdb.ca/topic/19410-the-eglinton-center-track-in-line-1-yonge/ Any way for them to get merged?
  4. MiWay also announced late last week that the 6 CREDIT WOODLANDS would be returning to its regular routing into CCTT. The new system maps still have the Square One Dr. routing listed. Would it make sense to route something along Square One on a permanent/regular basis? It would cut down on some of the congestion in the terminal (once everything goes back to normal) as well as providing closer service to the north end of the mall. Ideally, the route would come in from the east and use the traffic circle at Duke of York to turn around. The detour notice for the overnight 1 DUNDAS se
  5. As it has been pointed out by others in the past the near exclusivity of having Shoppers Drug Mart being the only retailer to be able to load/sell/set PRESTO cards leaves a few gaps in coverage. Market forces generally don't place a Rexall or Guardian/IDA across the street from a Shoppers Drug Mart. In other markets PRESTO has partnered up with other divisions of Loblaws Inc. (Fortinos in Hamilton and Loblaws/Superstore in Ottawa). Could they not make the same partnership in the GTA and possibly extend that to No Fills? No Frills would likely fill provide some much-needed coverage but the
  6. It seems they also recorded the return trip with a time-lapsed video on Twitter as well. There are also some additional photos of the new Terminal in use. Also just noticed on the MiWay website that they've added a few more self-serve PRESTO reload machines in the City. A second one outside at the CCTT and one inside both the Malton Community Centre and South Common Community Centre by the information desk. With the current lockdown, are both facilities open to the public? They would be more suited to being placed at the actual transit terminal itself since you can (when
  7. One perhaps unforeseen wrinkle with the move to Kipling is the connection between the overnight services both the TTC and MiWay provide. When the subway is not running, buses generally don't enter the station. The 300/A BLOOR-DANFORTH uses Aukland to get from Dundas to Bloor (wonder if they'll reconsider that once all the work at Six Points is done?) resulting in that mid-block stop southbound. The overnight 1 DUNDAS service will miss its connection with the 300/A BLOOR-DANFORTH since it's relocation to Kipling, so it will have to do a bit of creative routing around Six Points in order
  8. The layout and placement of the 1 DUNDAS seemed problematic based on the various platform assignment map that were floating around prior to opening. Restricting the 60' buses to the west end of the Terminal seems somewhat short-sighted. What if they get randomly assigned to one of the other routes or worse yet, demand dictates the regular use of artics on other routes routes serving Kipling like the 3 BLOOR or 20 RATHBURN. Depending on what and when GO plans to introduce bus service re-allocating the platform space (and subsequent renumbering of the platforms) might be the only way to g
  9. The MiWayHelps Twitter account has a video demonstrating an able-bodied person using the pedestrian tunnel from the Terminal to the PPUDO. It cuts off just before actually entering the PPUDO (where the walls go from the white/beige of tunnel to the old red brick cladding in the PPUDO. Don't get to actually see the PPUDO in the clip at the end. It's also time-lapsed to fit to about 30 seconds. Wonder how long the actual walk from the Terminal to the subway station (regardless of the route - tunnel, surface or GO Train platform) will take and if any particular route is faster for the able-bo
  10. According to the new schedule for the 3 BLOOR it will also be stopping at the TTC stop at Aukland & Dundas. The Triplinx schedule doesn't give the MiWay stop ID, which one of the site's shortcomings. There is an internal ID for the site which is applied to every single stop. I wonder if a toll-free number with that ID could be used? Another interesting thing I noticed while playing around with the schedules for the 3 BLOOR and 26 BURNHAMTHORPE is that there are no boarding restrictions for the stops between Kipling and Islington, presumably to allow transfers between the two at the
  11. I'll add drum's photos from the TTC in the News thread: GO Transit has a map outlining the detour from the bus terminal to the subway station on the Kipling station update page: MiWay seems to be taking their time in updating their system maps to reflect the move to Kipling. Did anyone manage to download the driver's guides for the revised routes that were hastily put up on the Monday of the announcement? They were gone by Wednesday when they were replaced by the updated route maps. Transit Toronto also has some additional photos (from Metrolinx/MiWay) along with the plat
  12. MiWay has now officially announced the changeover from Islington to Kipling on January 4, 2021. The new terminal map has a note saying the pedestrian tunnel to the TTC terminal and station will be completed in early 2021. There is currently no indication of how to get from one to the other aside from following the wayfinding signs posted. The system maps as well need updating. There is a revised Islington station map with the new through routing of the 26 BURNHAMTHORPE which will no longer enter the station but serve it from the on-street stops. I'm guessing the TTC is allow
  13. Well that was fast: The follow-up Service Updates seem a bit confusing though: 42 Derry East(2 updates) Current To ease overcrowding on the route 42, all route 104 buses will now service all stops. Starting Dec. 11, 2020, service will be added to Route 42-Derry due to increased customer demand for service at all local stops. Route 42 provides all day service, 7 days a week. MiWay continues to monitor service demand during the COVID-19 Grey-Lockdown level and will make further adjustments based on customer dem
  14. I'm sure that overcrowding on the TTC for essential workers is not an isolated case in the GTA. The CBC is reporting on overcrowding on MiWay buses during the lockdown, especially in light of the service reductions associated with the lockdown. They are featuring the 42 DERRY route, but I can imagine this being replicated on the various routes in and around the industrial area surrounding Pearson. I'm sure the same is also happening with Brampton Transit. Prior to the lockdown I know the 39 BRITANNIA and the 35 EGLINTON can get fairly crowded especially between Dixie and Hurontario. P
  15. Based on the Jan. 4 Service Changes below it looks like they won't be switching over to the Kipling Terminal. If the tunnel isn't complete they can still access the subway via the GO platform. Of course it won't be accessible which is probably why they're holding off on the transfer. They had a tease of a Service Change announcement for Dec. 7 which turned out to be lockdown-related service reductions. Google has apparently started identifying the platforms at Kipling, even though there's currently no scheduled service. Similar to the measure the TTC is taking, in
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