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  1. Pre-pandemic there was still some decent traffic (passenger-wise) on the stretch between the 401 and Finch with the odd route branch diverting to York Mills. I've only used York Mills once to catch a GO bus, unless they come up with some creative scheduling or interlining more routes I don't foresee them relocating there from Finch. There are also the odd routes heading north along Yonge to the 407. If YRT does move out of Finch or greatly reduces the number of routes, there will be plenty of room for GO Transit to use. Perhaps reconfigure the terminal for nicer facilities? GO is stil
  2. I guess with all of the confusion (the Britannia closure was revised to Wednesday night) not all of the drivers got the message. I was following on Transit55 and missed a few screenshots but you can see what happened: The 39 BRITANNIA buses had no problem with the detour, but it did delay them. The 87 MEADOWVALE-SKYMARK (0820) came upon the closure and waited while dispatch advised them of the detour routing. It was probably in the right lane and needed to make the left onto Erin Mills. Meanwhile the 13 GLEN ERIN (0805) got all the way up to Britannia and could not cross it a
  3. I'm hoping that it's a single terminal as well, as it would cut transfer times if you are switching simply between buses (YRT <> TTC) instead of connecting to the subway. I hope the (pink) points used in the Metrolinx report (see Figure 16 on page 61 of the .pdf) are just exits for walkers to access the station and not say separate terminals -- in this case at the southwest and northeast corners. A smaller YRT terminal if it were going to built separately could easily go in on that corner. Whether the neighbours will be happy if it were included as part of a multi-storey redevelopment
  4. It seems Metrolinx is a bit more forthcoming to Steve Munro as he reported in correspondence with them: How Did Metrolinx Save So Much? I asked Metrolinx how there could be such a large-scale change in the cost estimate from $9 billion down to $5.6 billion. They replied: Based on the Metrolinx maps it appears they're considering a surface terminal at the southwest corner of Yonge and Steeles in Centrepoint Mall's parking lot. The alternative on the York Region side of the street would likely require cobbling together a few properties on the northwest corner or running into re
  5. I saw a notice on Britannia for a road closure on the evening of April 6 between Erin Mills and Winston Churchill but no explanation as what it's for. The Service Update reported at MiWay.ca and Transit Toronto are just as vague with a Forensic Investigation cited as the reason for the closure. Looking at the detour map, with the 87 MEADOWVALE-SKYMARK already at reduced frequency, would it be possible to run it along Windwood and Oka? The only stop that would really be missed would be the Britannia and Winston Churchill one. By 8pm you'd likely only catch the last run or two with the c
  6. I know the image was an April Fool's gag, but I was serious about a rear bike rack on a bus. I don't know if they're a better solution than larger front-mounted racks to accommodate more bikes. I've also wondered, what measures would a driver take if someone other than the owner attempted to remove a bike from the rack, say when the bus is stopped or stuck in traffic?
  7. That would effectively double the number of bicycles a bus could carry. If they could figure out a way to ensure the security of the bikes on the rear rack and how a driver can tell when it's safe to drive when a bike is being loaded or unloaded from the rear rack then we may be onto something here. I know GO drivers are hesitant to take more than the 2 bikes in the rack as they would have to be stored in the luggage bins underneath or on board a double decker. Municipal transit buses don't come with the extra storage option underneath and are likely just as wary of taking additional bikes
  8. The first two links are reports on the MiWay Infrastructure Growth Plan, while the last two are the following Appendix graphics: Possibly in conjunction with the City's Reimagining the Mall, Meadowvale Town Centre and Erin Mills Town Centre are slated for enhanced amenities. I've always wondered what the long-term transit plan for Erin Mills Town Centre was as they seemed to be shifting the focus to the Erin Mills Transitway station but the mall still remains a focal point and potentially moreso with whatever plans they have. Westwood isn't listed, but it is one of the Reimagining
  9. Sloane will be the odd one out then as there are several stops on the Finch LRT line with double names (and one pair of stations that would have had Ardwick - Duncanwoods and Pearldale - added to both if they strictly adhered to that rule). I'm not sure if they're seriously going that route with the Cummer/Drewry station on the Yonge North extension if it ever gets built. It'd be the first one on Yonge to do that despite several pairs of streets changing names with College/Carlton, Chaplin/Davisville and Wilson/York Mills - this last one has some merit as there is also the Wilson station whi
  10. If they ever decide to split the 47 LANSDOWNE at Caledonia Station once it opens they could restore the 18 CALEDONIA. It's not foreseen with the above mentioned plan. I don't know what the through traffic will be like once the Eglinton Line opens along the Caledonia corridor. I know there's an off-street loop planned, just can't find the details on how many bays it will have seeing as both the Lansdowne/Caledonia and Eglinton bus corridors will operate through the station. This could be cited for a lack of future-proofing but could they reassign the 10 VAN HORNE to the 10 BAY? They're
  11. Which brings up the question that I think was trying to be asked here: what will the 6 BAY be renumbered to once the Finch West LRT opens? I don't think I've come across any material that would have given it a provisional number and/or name until it's made official. The only document in the foreseeable future would be more detailed plans of the Ontario Line (now will it become the new Line 3 or will it be Line 7, which would impact the 7 BATHURST?) which will impact the Bay St. corridor eventually.
  12. Finally made it to the Kipling Terminal tonight, didn't get the chance to do a thorough look around the terminal. Noticed a few of the automatic doors weren't working, which is probably frustrating for those who rely on them. The facility is only a few month old and I'm hoping they were simply turned off (why?) rather than broken. There were also a few screens within the terminal that were off. I presume these would be the ones displaying ALL of the departures which would be useful given their location. Without that screen in operation you have to go to the actual platform and consult the
  13. If Metrolinx does go ahead with building the Yonge North Subway Extension without the Clark and Royal Orchard stations on opening day I presume they will still keep running VIVA BLUE (and PINK) running to at least Steeles. I don't know how many passengers are going to a destination at Finch and not the subway. Would truncating YRT service to Steeles run into the last mile problem of an additional fare to get to Finch? They've tweaked the design for the bus terminal at Steeles, presuming YRT would vacate Finch. I don't know if GO would also consider the move (or if they were included in
  14. It's still a month out from the next Service Change so the revised schedules aren't available just yet, but I'm wondering what the schedule on the 68 TERRY FOX will be like without the interline on the 91 HILLCREST. The current weekend schedule when the 91 HILLCREST doesn't run is a 50-minute headway. Doubling the number of buses will get us up to a 25-minute headway which I don't know would be frequent enough for rush hours. The route is scheduled around a timed transfer with the 38 CREDITVIEW at Britannia, so they'd obviously keep that connection in place. It just makes for some non-
  15. Is the High Tech station marginally making the Yonge extension longer? It seems the stations are shifting slightly northward with Langstaff/Longbridge and Richmond Hill Centre now becoming Bridge and High Tech. Couldn't they just keep the Langstaff name since it would match the existing GO station? Using a surface alignment along the Richmond Hill GO line would likely cut down on the line's cost while potentially opening up further northward extensions.
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