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  1. This was addressed a few posts back: Here's the map from Steve Munro's post on 2023 ASP: So it's just a matter of waiting for Line 6 to open to get the revised service in place to Stanley Green
  2. From the yet-to-be-fully-implemented MiWay5plan: (originally slated for October 2020) Ideally one of the routes should be extended south along Ridgeway. If you went with the proposed 50 LISGAR-CHURCHILL MEADOWS you're left with a gap along Erin Centre, which itself doesn't have complete coverage across its length. If the 34 CREDIT VALLEY survives, it should, after serving the hospital go straight to Erin Mills TC and then run along the length of Erin Centre to the Churchill Meadows CC. Otherwise bring back the 35A to run along Erin Centre or create a new route to form a proper grid in Churchill Meadows. Run the 46 TENTH LINE-OSPREY to Winston Churchill station possibly through the neighbourhood south of Eglinton like the old 33 ERIN CENTRE LOOP. Or you could run the 49 McDOWELL down Ridgeway since it's a peak hour route to Winston Park or the proposed Laird terminal. Running it to South Common would provide two-way service on Burnhamthorpe to Ridgeway albeit at peak hours unless it gets additional service hours. There's still the matter of Milton Transit also implementing service along Britannia and needing a place to turn around and also connect with MiWay services. At least until the terminal at Meadowvale TC or GO is redesigned to allow for additional routes. If they really wanted to serve Meadowvale Town Centre, they could do what the GO buses do and just travel around the block rather than stop at the terminal. As for the 48 ERIN MILLS, truncating it meant cutting off the bulk of its passengers who came from south of Burnhamthorpe/South Common. It is a bit of a dog's breakfast between the 13 GLEN ERIN, 29 PARK ROYAL-HOMELANDS and 48 ERIN MILLS. If they're trying to match service levels and have the bulk of the service along Glen Erin, then merging the 29 and 48 is an option. It forces a transfer for anyone wanting to continue past Burnhamthorpe/South Common on either Glen Erin or Erin Mills. The whole grid network west of the Credit is a bit of a mess. Only Britannia, Eglinton and Dundas get continuous service to Ninth Line (has Mississauga considered building its Laird terminal to Dundas & Ninth Line?). Burnhamthorpe and Ninth Line is a roundabout, making turning the buses around easy enough to do, laying over with no facilities is the issue there until development in Oakville catches up. Churchill Meadows has a finer grid network which on paper sounds like it will help, but it doesn't connect outside of the neighbourhood requiring some circuitous routes in order to do so. I mean imagine trying to make the trip from Erin Centre and Oscar Peterson (between Churchill Meadows and Winston Churchill) to the Churchill Meadows Community Centre with the current route setup! It's either a walk down to Eglinton or very out-of-the-way single transfer at Tenth and Thomas or Erin Mills and Eglinton. As for the Confederation/McLaughlin corridor, there seems to be a clean enough break in demand north and south of Rathburn that bypassing City Centre might be problematic. Making the 66 McLAUGHLIN even longer will likely incur delays on an already packed route. Again, if you want to match service levels, pairing the 28 CONFEDERATION with the 68 TERRY FOX might be more feasible. Historically it wouldn't be unheardof with the 28 CONFEDERATION running up to Bristol (via Hurontario) as early as 1988 before being split off into what would later become the 68 BRISTOL LOOP>WINDSOR HILL>TERRY FOX. It would mirror the old 38 CREDITVIEW routing when it ran to the Mississauga Hospital. Perhaps once the redevelopment of the hospital is complete they may consider it?
  3. Well they've officially announced the Service Change on the 46 TENTH LINE-OSPREY stating that they take effect next week, along with an adjustment to the 9 RATHBURN-THOMAS to better match the GO Train schedule at Streetsville GO. Due to the strike tomorrow, MiWay is also suspending service on all 300-series routes. They are warning due to the schools being closed they may face staffing shortages on other routes. How often are these ridership pattern reviews undertaken that they implement them in the middle of a board period? They should also either try and figure out how to space out the service along Eglinton between the 7 AIRPORT, 35 EGLINTON and 87 MEADOWVALE-SKYMARK or get some artics on the 35 as it's still usually operating closed door service (and late due to the number of passengers) east of Hurontario during the morning rush. The 87 MEADOWVALE-SKYMARK is hard to work with since it's tied into the 43 MATHESON-ARGENTIA, but perhaps better awareness of the route as an alternative which still has plenty of capacity in the morning might help with the 35 EGLINTON. I've also run into an odd issue with the Triplinx planner suggesting a route that doesn't exist. Well, it's telling me to make a transfer at a given time when there actually isn't a bus scheduled. I've cross-checked with Transit55 and usually ignore the suggested trip since the transfer is actually much longer than what it tells me. It's not a matter of the bus running late, just a glitch in the planning software it seems. Service adjustments on Routes 46 and 9 Starting Monday, Nov. 7, 2022, MiWay will be adjusting the service frequency and adding a new trip on Route 46 Tenth Line-Osprey. Schedules will also be adjusted on Route 9 Rathburn-Thomas to align with train departures at the Streetsville GO Station. Route 46 service adjustments The service frequency on Route 46 Tenth Line-Osprey will be reduced on weekdays to 35 minutes due to lower rider demand. There is no change to the weekend service frequency. This service reduction was identified during a review of rider patterns across the MiWay network. The resources saved from this reduction will be reinvested back into the MiWay network to prevent overcrowding on busier routes. New trip added on Route 46 A 7:46 am trip departing Meadowvale Town Centre (stop #1374) will be added for students at John Fraser and St. Aloysius Gonzaga secondary schools to continue to meet the morning bell times of the schools. Route 9 schedule adjustments at Streetsville GO Station Trip time adjustments will be made on Route 9 Rathburn-Thomas to align with train departure times at Streetsville GO Station. The 5:43 am eastbound trip departing from Churchill Meadows Community Centre Terminal (stop #3419) will change to 5:46 am to arrive at the Streetsville GO station for 6 am. The 7:51 am eastbound trip departing from Churchill Meadows Community Centre Terminal (stop #3419) will change to 7:45 am to arrive at the Streetsville GO station for 8 am. The 8:35 am eastbound trip departing from Churchill Meadows Community Centre Terminal (stop #3419) will change to 8:30 am to arrive at the Streetsville GO station for 8:45 am. School routes temporarily suspended on Friday, Nov. 4 MiWay’s 300-series routes to and from high schools will be temporarily suspended on Nov. 4 due to the planned closure of schools in the Peel District School Board and Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. These routes will remain suspended as long as the Peel District School Board and Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board schools are closed. View the latest updates from Peel District School Board and Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. On Friday, Nov. 4, 2022, temporary trip cancellations may also occur on other routes across the transit system due to staffing challenges. For the most up-to-date information, please check real-time information online or call Customer Service at 905-615-4636.
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this, but since it's tangentially related to the Spadina extension I'll put it here: Is there any reason why the Hwy. 407 terminal as well as the Kipling Regional terminal are designed as fare-paid zones while the YRT portion of Pioneer Village station is not? Accessing both from the street requires entering via a grade separated entrance. There are several examples of busy terminals with pedestrian crossings. Were they eliminated here (at great cost to the layout of both terminals) to avoid potential conflict between buses and pedestrians? At both terminals I have seen (and at 407, I was one of them) people entering directly off the street rather than using the more circuitous entrance. Who enforces the "no trespassing" at these terminals?
  5. Transit55 was working this morning when I used it (around 8am) and is working now (around 6pm). Whatever issue the feed was having seems to have been sorted out.
  6. Steve Munro has also done an analysis of the 2023 Annual Service Plan: TTC 2023 Annual Service Plan, Round 2 The 906 AIRPORT-HUMBER COLLEGE EXPRESS could be made redundant (aside from the potential with Option B of serving the industrial area along Belfield and Atwell) by having MiWay add a stop for their 107 MALTON EXPRESS at Morning Star and Humberwood just north of the Humberwood Loop. In keeping with the TTC's other goal of regional interconnectivity and the eventual fare agreement between the TTC and the 905 agencies. Even if a transfer agreement isn't immediately forthcoming, MiWay's adult PRESTO fare at $3.10 comes in cheaper than the TTC's $3.20. Working with MiWay to get an express stop added for traffic headed to the industrial area around Pearson would be the most cost-effective means for both the TTC and for passengers. The TTC would simply have to allow for the stop. They can even maintain the current boarding (westbound-only into Mississauga) and drop-off (eastbound-only into Toronto) procedure. Not having to walk to the stop to avoid the double fare can be dealt with when an agreement is in place. Presumably, the connection at Viscount Station would allow for a (currently double-fare) transfer with MiWay's 24 NORTHWEST which serves more of the industrial area east of Pearson/Airport Rd. For demand that straddles the Toronto-Mississauga border, there's a frightening lack of a broader regional context to address the issue. Instead of operating their own service, perhaps the TTC could help pay to improve MiWay's service in the area with improved frequencies or possibly extended hours of operation to cover shift changes. MiWay has yet to announce its service changes in relation to the opening of the Finch LRT. Fare integration would only open up both networks to greater collaboration.
  7. I saw that, but as you mentioned the route ran west along Bloor then north on Dixie. A nearside stop on Dixie would have sufficed for the 5 DIXIE with the 3 BLOOR and 7 MALTON-DIXIE serving the stop situated just east of the gas station's Bloor driveways. The gas station's driveways probably also forced the stop to be located that far north in the absence of a nearside stop. The walking distances are probably the same between a nearside and farside stop, but the farside stop does not require passengers to cross Bloor to make transfers between the 3 BLOOR and 5 DIXIE. The routing of the 7 MALTON-DIXIE meant there wasn't really a need to transfer in the west to north direction unless you didn't want to wait for the one-seat ride. Buses which don't display the cardinal direction are short-turns, with "ENDS AT..." on the desto. The 110 UNIVERSITY EXPRESS has a few trips, high school trippers (when they were in use) and buses going out of service at some point other than the end of the route (usually at a point they can easily access a garage like Creditview/Central Pkwy.)
  8. MiWay finally put out a notice on their website about the Hurontario/QEW detour: vs. Is the closure at Hurontario and South Service Rd. such that detour traffic cannot turn left onto Hurontario? I'm guessing motorists will take the first (South Service Rd.) or second (Atwater/Mineola) opportunity to get back to Hurontario, neither of which are the official designated detour route for southbound motorists. In other news are they doing some sort of work along Dixie Rd. north of Dundas? There was a notice that the Bloor St. stops would be relocated while the existing stops were being rebuilt. The temporary stops are much closer to Bloor St. making for a shorter walk when transferring. Other stops along Dixie have had their glass removed and the sidewalks are all marked up to indicate the utilities underneath. Are they shelters being relocated to accommodate some sort of multi-use trail which only partially exists along stretches of Dixie or is there some other utility work that requires the spaces current shelters occupy? I'm still somewhat stumped by the placement of the stops at Dixie and Bloor. It looks like a holdover from when a route ran east on Bloor and then north on Dixie, but nothing like that service seems to have existed. The gas station would force any farside stop that far north for the northbound stop, but why wasn't there ever a nearside stop? The Dixie/QEW interchange is also progressing to the point where approaches to a new (temporary? - the alignment isn't the one shown in the final plans) overpass across the QEW. The area south of the Burger King has been recently resurfaced and I think will be the new (temporary?) home of the "bus terminal" at Dixie Mall. The road realignments will affect the internal roads within the mall meaning an adjacent location is needed to maintain the terminal while work is ongoing. I guess having both the Hurontario and Dixie interchanges closed for reconstruction and demolition/installation respectively at the same time would be a recipe for disaster!
  9. Like many other agencies in the GTA, does YRT have the manpower to reinstate any additional service in the event of a GO Transit strike? I think that if the strike does happen many agencies will be canibalizing drivers from other routes to run supplementary service or switch to artics if they're available. I don't know how feasible it is for most agencies to add supplemental service on the fly like that for an extended period of time.
  10. Destination signs would be useful on the trains, but instead of at the front, they should be at the doors, ideally at eye-level for people on the platform. This is more useful at Union Station where there are trains on different tracks with adjoining platforms and the screens may not be easily visible. For the first-time or casual users it's a reassurance that they are boarding the right train. A sign similar to what's seen on most of the accessible cars which display the next/current station. In an ideal world I'd like for them to use the line colour either as the background or text colour, or simply as a coloured square or circle to quickly identify the trains in case you don't see the destination. The two-letter designations for each line aren't distinct enough to differentiate from all the other text on the sign (since they don't have route numbers). I'd be happy with one on each side of the car if not at each door, as they should be legible when the train slows down to a stop at each station from the previous car or door. A small part of me was hoping when they put those lights above each track at Union Station that there would be some sort of digital signage indicating where the train was going. The display screens are fine, but again there aren't enough of them and some of the platforms are narrow enough that the screens block one another when they're staggered. I don't know that switching to the screen layout at bus platforms which display the major stops vertically would instead of how they're currently listed across the screen given the number of stations on some of the lines. Colour again on those screens would also help, as when you're rushing to catch your train they all look the same simply with varying lengths of text.
  11. I was wondering as this set of service changes looked pretty thin. Funnily enough there was a survey on how to improve the website. Posting all of the content would be one thing! Still waiting on word for the next MiWay5 plan... The link in your post isn't hyperlinked, so clicking on it doesn't work - I've fixed it above. Here it is again: https://blog.metrolinx.com/2022/10/13/weekend-restrictions-on-qew-partial-closure-of-hurontario/
  12. Thoughts after using the Kipling Terminal: Why wasn't the underground tunnel extended from the bus terminal and exit to the GO train platform? The elevation difference is probably much shorter going under instead of over as it doesn't have to deal with clearance for the bilevel cars and their eventual electrification. It's 4 flights of stair up vs. only 2 going down. Was the possibility of extended TTC's Line 2 westward a factor in choosing to go with a bridge vs. a tunnel? With the removal of the ticket counter at Kipling GO does the door from the TTC hallway to the South parking lot lock automatically? There was a delayed train (which was the final inbound trip of the day) I was trying to catch and the doors were locked despite people still waiting on the platform. Thankfully there was enough time for me to get to the GO Train platform through the bus terminal. There really should be a train departure screen inside the bus terminal. You don't see one until you've crossed the bridge over to the GO Train platform. Metrolinx has gone to the trouble of having bus and train platforms all have unique platform numbers within each station. However, much like at Union Station use separate departure screens, again sometimes not side-by-side meaning you have to hunt for them. With the few GO services at Kipling, simply clearly indicating which services are trains and which are bus on the departure screen would make for a better customer experience. The few GO bus services into Kipling are timed to allow for transfers to the inbound GO train, but first-time users can easily miss the one sign directing you to the train platform and there's no departure information in the bus terminal itself.
  13. There are also the factors of not having enough drivers and service levels being frozen for this year. Meaning any new service is simply a re-allocation of existing service, then subject to driver availability. MiWay has faced issues with certain trips not being served because of the driver shortage. Generally, the routes seeing potential missing trips have either alternatives or are frequent enough that the additional ridership can be absorbed by the remaining vehicles in service. With that being said, here are the Service Changes for October 24: Service Changes on Monday, October 24 Starting Monday, Oct. 24, 2022, there will be MiWay service changes that include increasing service on some routes to respond to ridership growth and making schedule adjustments on other routes to improve service reliability. Service increases due to high demand The routes below will have increased service to respond to ridership growth and provide more capacity where and when customers need it. 2 Hurontario (weekdays) 7 Airport (Saturday and Sunday) 26 Burnhamthorpe (weekdays) Schedule adjustments Schedule adjustments will be made on the routes below to improve service reliability as traffic and ridership patterns continue to evolve throughout the city. MiWay will make further schedule adjustments as needed to ensure that services remain responsive to customer needs. 5 Dixie (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday) 8 Cawthra (weekdays and Saturday) 9 Rathburn-Thomas (weekdays) 10 Bristol-Britannia (weekdays and Saturday) 16/16A Malton (weekdays) 20 Rathburn (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday) 30 Rexdale (weekdays and Saturday) Please check for updated schedules. Next planned service change – Monday, December 19, 2022. I guess I'll have to go through the schedules, but which routes from the second list will have their service reallocated to the ones on the first list? Without mentioning a reduction in service as in previous Service Change announcements, "Service Adjustments" simply sounds like there may be modifications to the various schedules. MiWay may simply be sugar-coating the situation by taking a bus or two off one route (thereby increasing the headway/reducing the frequency) and putting it on another. We'll have to see if transit is a ballot box issue with the Municipal Elections in a few weeks. It doesn't sound like it based on the election material I've been getting in the mail.
  14. It is also an election year. You could press the candidates for increased funding. I'm hoping ridership has recovered enough that they will have recouped most of their COVID fare losses and will be able to increase service next year. On a separate note, on my morning commute on the Transitway, Transit55 tells me there's a bus running non-stop (obviously Not In Service) from CCTT to Kipling as a 9 RATHBURN-THOMAS becomes a 70 KEATON. Would it be possible to turn that into a revenue service? I'm sure there are plenty of people travelling between the two to make a non-stop service feasible. I'd have to look at the schedules to see if there are other trips that could operate the service aside from this single tripper.
  15. A shared route along Steeles with YRT and TTC splitting the costs and accepting each other's fares/transfers is I think the second phase of the fare integration project. Still waiting to hear word on when Phase 1 will start, but it would likely involve increases in frequency and a supposed change in routing for the 20 RATHBURN to provide more service along the Bloor corridor. As for BRT service along Steeles, at the rate YRT is expanding its services, the YNSE will probably be complete (barring a Crosstown-esque delay). Will the TTC maintain their express services along Steeles with the 960 and 953 or will they hand that over to YRT for a VIVA service of some sort?
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