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  1. Gil


    From the TTC's website: Starting July 29, PRESTO card customers can pay their MiWay fare using a PRESTO card on all TTC buses that travel to and from Mississauga. Simply tap your card and your fare will be deducted. When you arrive in Toronto, tap your card when you exit and your TTC fare will be deducted. Still no update on the August Service Changes, guess they'll release those next week. The Summer School routes wrap up along with the simplification of the 19 HURONTARIO. Curious if there are any other collateral changes? I think I've asked already, but how long will the overnight routes be piloted for?
  2. I first spotted it at Lambton Yard last Monday, July 8. It's taken a week to get it to Hillcrest?! There was another set at the west end of Lambton yesterday (July 15) but there were too many freight cars in the way to clearly identify it.
  3. There's a temporary loop being constructed at the end of Leslie while the intersection is closed due to Crosstown construction.
  4. Gil


    The did mention a slight route revision for the 57 COURTNEYPARK, but that involves serving Renforth Station. I'm surprised they haven't increased service on the remaining routes between Renforth and Islington, but with the summers tending to be quieter hopefully they'll add service in September.
  5. Gil


    The MiWay links to their maps are working now, but they've got the Weekday and Express links mixed up (i.e. clicking on one takes you to the other). It doesn't help that they also keep changing the file names. Looks like the 30 REXDALE is keeping the 30's colour as well. Weekday: https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/systemmaps/SystemMap_July1_2019_Weekday.pdf Express: https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/systemmaps/ExpressMap_July1_2019.pdf Saturday: https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/systemmaps/SystemMap_July1_2019_Saturday.pdf Sunday: https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/systemmaps/SystemMap_July1_2019_Sunday.pdf
  6. Gil


    Is the delay at this time of the night on the 3, 6, 10, 19, 20, 26, 28 and 34 attributable to the crowds at Celebration Square letting out?
  7. Gil


    MiWay has posted the Service Changes taking effect July 1, except it seems they haven't either posted the new system or route maps or fixed their links. Service Changes Effective July 1, 2019 Below are schedule and routing changes that will take effect on July 1, 2019. Check for updated schedules at miway.ca/planatrip. 3 Bloor Stop 3150 at Islington Subway New 5:50 am and 6:15 am westbound trips The 6:22 am westbound trip will depart at 6:24 am 5 Dixie Revised schedules – northbound weekend service 11 Westwood Route simplified by eliminating 11A and 11B route variants to provide consistent routing throughout the week along Goreway Drive and Dundas Street West. Morning Star Drive and Rexwood Road in Malton (previously serviced by Routes 11A & 11B) will continue to be serviced by the Route 16 Malton. Schedules have been revised. 12 Rexdale Cancelled and replaced with revised Route 30 Rexdale – providing Saturday service and direct connections between Westwood Square, Woodbine Centre and Malton GO with extended service to Islington/Bergamont Avenue. 13 Glen Erin Stop 0101: 5:18 am northbound trip from Clarkson GO will depart at 5:15 am to improve route connections at Meadowvale Town Centre. 16 | 16A Malton Revised weekday and Saturday schedules. 22 Finch Revised weekend schedules 30 Rexdale Route 30 Woodbine and Route 12 Rexdale combined to new Route 30 Rexdale. Routing extended along Rexdale Boulevard to Bergamot Avenue at Islington Avenue. Additional hours of service introduced to provide consistent all day service Monday through Saturday and improved connections to Malton GO trains. Direct connections provided between Westwood Square, Woodbine Centre (on-street stops on Rexdale), Malton GO (during weekday rush hours) and Islington Avenue/Rexdale Boulevard. Schedules have been revised. 45 Winston Churchill Stop 0812: The first southbound trip will depart Meadowvale Town Centre at 4:48 am. This trip previously started from Winston Churchill Blvd/Burnhamthorpe Rd. 57 Courtneypark Revised routing - Stop 3008 on Commerce Blvd south of Matheson Blvd will no longer be serviced. No changes to schedules. 73 Kamato Revised weekday schedules 76 City Centre-Subway Stop 1306: The 10:18 am westbound trip from Islington Subway will be cancelled. 101 | 101A Dundas Express Revised weekday schedules 110 University Express Stop 1406: The 12:46 am and 1:02 am southbound trips from the City Centre Transit Terminal will depart at 12:47 am and 1:03 am. Summer School Service (July 2 to 30) Peel District School Board | July 2-29, 2019 | 8:00 am to 1:30 pm 322 John Fraser-South Common 1:40 pm 326 Woodlands-City Centre 1:40 pm 354 Mississauga-City Centre 1:40 pm 356 Rick Hansen-City Centre 1:40 pm 363 Stephen Lewis-South Common 1:40 pm 364 Stephen Lewis-Meadowvale 1:40 pm 366 John Fraser-Meadowvale 1:40 pm Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board | July 3-30, 2019 | 8:00 am to 1:30 pm 316 St. Francis Xavier-Meadowvale 1:40 pm 360 St. Marcellinus-City Centre 7:22 am 1:40 pm 361 St. Joan of Arc-Meadowvale 1:40 pm 362 St. Joan of Arc-South Common 1:40 pm 365 Philip Pocock-Tomken 1:40 pm 368 Loyola-South Common 1:40 pm 371 Philip Pocock-Bloor West 1:40 pm You can view the schedules and the related maps, which does give an indication as to what they're doing in Malton with the 12 REXDALE and 30 WOODBINE along with the 16 MALTON. Contrary to the MiWay5 plan and the map (which hasn't been updated since last September), it looks like the 16 and 16A MALTON will keep their current routings east of Goreway Dr., the new 30 REXDALE (so much for supposedly avoiding such mashups to "prevent customer confusion" about new services) will cover the area west of Goreway Dr. with the old 30 WOODBINE routing, while also extending to Islington Ave. on the old 12 REXDALE routing and providing all-day service Monday to Saturday with peak service into Malton GO. Thankfully, with tonight's Raptors game weekday service does run later than on a weekend. Hopefully late enough to clear the crowds out of Jurassic Park West/Celebration Square should they win tonight! There should be enough artics at that point in the day/night to accommodate the crowds. What it will be like getting in and out of downtown is another matter...
  8. GO Transit is shutting down the Union Station Bus Terminal at halftime in anticipation of the crowds spilling into the streets if the Raptors should win tonight's Game 5. Similar to when the Waterfront Marathon ties up Bay St., routes will connect outside of downtown: There will be additional trains on the Lakeshore Lines, though I don't know how long into the night they'll be diverting service. The last train trips usually depart by 1AM. The TTC is extending subway service to 2AM. The buses will probably run into some delays around Square One and Brampton stations. The other viewing parties are far enough away from GO routes that they shouldn't pose a problem.
  9. The CBC featured a Brampton Transit driver last week, who decided he'd learn Punjabi to converse with his passengers, many of whom are new immigrants. Route diversions for the viewing party as Jurassic Square are on for tonight I presume. Are there any contingencies if they win? I can imagine the crowd spilling into the adjacent streets to celebrate, which could impact service out of the transit terminal. Also, there's a bit of a sneak preview of the September Service Changes stemming from the PIC held earlier in the spring:
  10. Thankfully yes, each coach has its own washroom. Some train trips can easily push two hours and that’d make for a very uncomfortable ride! The older coaches have them on the middle level at one end of the coach, the newer ones have an accessible washroom on the lower level.
  11. Gil


    Adding articulated buses on those routes won't help passengers if the service finishes before the end of the game! Since it's a Sunday there should be enough vehicles to provide some sort of late-night standby service. I don't know how feasible or easy it is to schedule staffing for such a service though. Timing would be key as you'd have people likely walking from Celebration Square/Jurassic Park West to the City Centre Teminal. A win would be even more problematic dealing with celebrating crowds!
  12. I was looking through Caledon's Transit Feasibility Study and there are references to asking Brampton Transit to extend additional service northward. One request is slated to kick in on September 3, 2019 wasn't mentioned in the public consultations earlier this year: According to the maps the route would run north from Heart Lake Terminal, north on Kennedy into the Mayfield West neighbourhood of Caledon. It would provide two-way service along Kennedy. How this will impact the northern end of the 7 KENNEDY route remains to be seen.
  13. Brampton is tangentially served along Hwy. 50 which serves as its eastern boundary. The elimination of the 38 service may have been foreseen by Caledon as it is currently undertaking a Transit Feasibility Study and was looking at Brampton Transit extending service both into Caledon and Mayfield West. Whether this was to compensate for the eventual loss of GO's service or to supplement it is up for speculation at the moment. Nobleton, Kleinburg and Woodbrige passengers are encouraged to migrate to YRT's services. YRT however, hasn't expanded enough to be in a position to be able to provide additional service into Bolton. I don't know if this whole round of service cuts is a precursor to municipal restructuring, whereby these "efficiencies" will be taken up at the local level.
  14. After still not producing enough detail on the various the Province is now demanding the Federal Government contribute to it's plans. Ottawa is balking at the request and, like everyone else, is asking for more details before committing to funding. The trouble with waiting too long and say a Conservative government wins in this fall's election is that it may not be too well received across the country for the Federal government to be seen spending that much on Toronto, even with Ford as allies. There is now talk of squeezing in a fourth station on the SSE at Brimley & Eglinton, even though the stations weren't explicitly outlined. Another station will bring additional costs. Who are they trying to appease with this revision?
  15. Gil


    IF the Raptors get dragged into a Game 7, it'll also be on a Sunday and a win will probably paralyze traffic across the GTA. I can only imagine how big the crowds will be at that point. The TTC already has detour contingency plans in place to deal with the crowds leaving Scotiabank Arena. I don't know if MiWay does (or GO Transit for that matter), but they should be drawn up fairly quickly if needed! Especially if we're celebrating, the crowds could take a while to dissipate.
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