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  1. Some people care about minor details of a construction project, others care about the operational workings of a bus network. (I prefer the former, myself.) It's okay to have different interests. And as for the construction updates, it's not like there's any shortage of those in other forums, so I don't think there really would be much value in adding them to this forum as well.
  2. And for comparison with what's possible with EMU's, the Stadler FLIRT can do 0-60mph in 30 seconds and 0-100mph in 90 seconds.
  3. This comment tells me that you are angry and cynical, but fails to convey anything more enlightening than that. Is there something you are trying to say something about Route 27?
  4. Exactly. I think the idea actually would be popular, but only if it's system-wide. Right now every stop / loop removal is on its own - there's a small benefit to the system, and a large local loss. If a local loss had a background of a large system-wide improvement (due to the same thing being done elsewhere), it would be a lot easier to swallow.
  5. Read the report (page 64) for their reasoning on this, though. They're backing off for now due to the complexity of the current construction detours, but are planning to go full steam on those rationalizations in 2017.
  6. I can understand, if not agree with, the second point. But - an eyesore? What?
  7. Should I go to Hamilton and see how much better they are at growing ridership? Maybe I should go to Guelph and see how well their transit network redesign worked? Perhaps I should go to Toronto and see how long it takes them to decide to make any changes at all? There's plenty of cities doing some things better than GRT, but pretending that GRT is the worst at everything isn't correct and isn't useful.
  8. The truth of your cynicism, yes. The truth of how "GRT / the Region is the worst at X" requires some solid comparison to other transit agencies and municipalities. I've seen lots of complaining, but not much of that.
  9. Every topic in this subforum ought to be called "Whining about [subject]". According to y'all, regardless of the topic, GRT / Waterloo Region does it worse than anyone else.
  10. It's the first full draft being presented, so it's subject to refinement in the next few weeks or so. It calls for 12 expansion buses, which I believe should've gotten pre-budget approval last year.
  11. As far as I know, the City of Kitchener owns the Charles Street Terminal, not GRT.
  12. Presumably maintenance costs are higher with older buses. Here's a quote from a 2008 staff report:
  13. On the other hand, the Region / GRT were intending to adopt a 12-year bus life cycle.
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