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  1. Yeah the 4200's are being replaced. Some came back in service because of the Orion VI's being retired. The 4300's/44s will probly go next year.
  2. Something shocking and Couldve been but thank God, not distubing, sight i saw while i was in Philly. These 2 DUMB girls, stood in the middle of 2 rail cars, and couldve got sliced in half, with just one little mistake. Im just glad they are safe, and please dont ever try this!!!
  3. If you guys know who Kory (He was fan, stealing peoples pics and makeing fake FB profiles of transit fans) or even if u dont you gonna LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZWkia6bIno...nel_video_title
  4. My pics....Enjoy...
  5. The first week in service for these, and i caught alot of them in actions. Enjoy! Bus action at Vienna Station! Ride on #9648
  6. It is a PUBLIC forum, he can do whatever he wants!...........Back on topic, thats a great move for UTA, trying out newer buses. I wish i had the chance to go there, it would be fun riding buses form another city in Utah!
  7. An NYCT Orion VII CNG Oldstyle, with the ISL-G-ZF combo!
  8. Has anyone seen any FairFax connector XD40's yet. I know some of ya here got pics of them i saw, but can anybody get more shots? And MTA Maryland are receiving an order of XDE40's, if you can spot those try and get the best pics you can! Pleasse Thank you!!
  9. Well i guess its safe to say there in service now! Video:
  10. Here is a video of 7008 operating the B99, employee shuttle, pics will come soon!
  11. I currently have a SX210IS camera from Cannon, its a grea camera, has lots of options and such, had it for almost a year, but now im thinking of upgrading to a DSLR in the next few months. Right now im liking the look of the Cannon EOS Rebel T3, are there any suggestions you have for any other camera, and is this a great one? And im looking for something easy, and also video use is important!
  12. hi sir i think we met b4!

  13. Well i had a dream i was waiting for the red line train during rush hour in DC, and some random person jump onto the tracks and crawled to the third rail and got shocked and dies. Was a dream i wish i never had lol
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