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  1. The Northfield garage will be their home.
  2. Has anyone seen this? Good video but far too much "just ask the Operator" No mention of trip planning with any Apps or the need to know where your going before the bus shows up. Oh, and please ask fopr the ramp or bus to be lowered or the Operator wont know of your need.
  3. The first 4 were 22016, 22017, 22018 and 22006
  4. It is visitor friendly, as long as you do a little bit of research before you go. I don't know about you but if I go anywhere that I plan on taking transit I look up the different and valid fares, some routes I may need and other stuff that I may need on my trip. All it takes is a little forethought.
  5. Well, I guess now its confirmed. Last noights Planning and Works Commitee was updated by Grandlinq. Ion has once again been delayed till April or May citing difficulties with Bombardier. I feel for the folks who are employees of Keolis and thos who are waiting for this thing to get going for their jobs to start.
  6. They are not discontinuing service to the area at all. They are adding 15 minute service and alternating a bit of an express service between Pioneer and Doon
  7. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Keolis.Canada/jobs/2058183834420200/?source=post_homepage_stream Keolis is now hiring for Operators if anyone is interested.
  8. The ION branded bus should not be used on the iXPRESS routes. They should only be used on the Cambridge only routes to get the residence used to seeing the buses.
  9. As some one on the inside, we are in dire need of P/T Operators. We usually run out of availability near the end of the week. I don't think that I have heard of some one not getting full or part of thier hours in every week. Also GRT pays their P/T Operators fopr 32 hour what it would take other jobs 40+ hrs a week to earn. Just an added thought.
  10. Please, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
  11. All employers check the Facebook and other social media of potential hires these days. It gives more of a real picture of who the person is. Most periodically re-check as well.
  12. Not 20... but I think ythe number was 6 for each model of bus to figure out the best placement. All should be installed by September. With an October roll out for the new fare media.
  13. This is a true statement. As of last week Voyageur has been awarded the bus plus contract, including the new 77.
  14. Actually for now the 20 will still be servicing that stop. There is some discussion about it's effectivness due to it's location.
  15. GRT is not planning any real expansion this year because Conestoga College turned down the u-pass program. The cut-away being used on the 77 belongs to Voyaguer and is contracted, for now, to operate the 77. You may not see any new buses this year. Even though there are rumours of a 2016 in the air they are not true, there are not 2016 buses on property.
  16. Info about the new proposed Waterloo GRT facilities The PCC will be held February 24, 2016 - 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. in Room 202, at the RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex, 2001 University Avenue East, Waterloo. I have a picture of the preliminary preferred design, but I can't seem to upload it at this point.
  17. Cambridge gets all Novas to make it easier for Fleet to repair them. There is more room for parts from different kinds of buses in the new Chandler garage than there is in the Conestoga garage. So Cambridge gets the same make of bus to make it easier for them to store more high use parts than if there were many different kinds of buses. It really is that simple.
  18. The last I saw we had 5 of the expansion New Flyers in the North Barn
  19. We have about 5 of them so far.
  20. Ainslie is actually classified as a light blue. As for the aBRT as far as I know it will be stopping on Hespelar @ Dunbar till the new terminal is built, or it may even be installed there before the new one is built. I haven't actually seen where the sign is in this area.
  21. That is a little untrue. Yes the do sometimes call in and say the driver was rude, but if you were not then there isn't a worry for the operator. The camera does not lie, and they have proven on more that a hundred times a week that not all the operators are rude in fact 99% of the operators are not, those are the one's who don't hear from the "white shirts". Those who do, well... And yes the policy is "inform, not enforce" we don't want any one getting killed over three dollars.
  22. Not till the construction of the new building is finished. I think somewhere in the area of February
  23. There will be the current 4 single bus platforms and then when the construction is finished there will be three more platforms built. One single bus form and one 2 bus platform on the parking lot side of the new stores, and rumour is that one of the new stores being built is going to either be a Tim"s or a Williams.
  24. Well said Leave! The policy is to collect a fare, but if the customer seems legit you can let them ride after explaining what the fare is. This does not give every one the right to just say I don't have money. I used to carry excess fare receipts all the time, I had this one guy get on and say all he had was a fifty, I let it go the first day, the second day I told him that he needed exact change tomorrow and when tomorrow came he gave me the same story. He put the fifty in and I wrote him an excess fare receipt for $40 bucks. he didn't say a thing. And the .50 cent fare is only with proof of PRESTO or a go ticket, so you could use it to go to the soup kitchen if you wanted to but if you went to all the trouble to get a GO ticket, for thsat day, or got a PRESTO card. Good for you you've earned the discount.
  25. The PRESTO, GO tickets are good for a reduced fare, (50c) when going to, or from the train only.
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