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  1. One had to be broken in after being in the shops for repairs and 92 day inspections, etc.
  2. Grimsby Sub sees 4 regular freights, 2 VIA's (97/98) and a nightly roadswitcher out of Aldershot to service customers between Hamilton and Nelles Rd. Sometimes an extra train does run, the odd Port Rob Turn (567) to handle overflow 421 traffic from Aldershot bound for the CSX and NS, along with a 232 from Frontier Yard which is empty multilevels to Oakville or sometimes Beachville.
  3. You do realize equipment does fail enroute no matter how extensive the inspections are. Guess you never thought about that, huh ?
  4. What's so strange about it ? It happens all the time.
  5. The first 2800's were showing up as CP 28xx in the system, this included the 2816... Now they come from Thunder Bay programed as BBDX 28xx.
  6. Minus the first one at Richmond Hill South and possibly Richmond Hill North, they have DV instead of the arrow to tell crews that they can do diverging speed (25 MPH) through the turnout and onto the commuter track. Most of the Bala has them except south of Doncaster. There is one at London Jct on the Dundas and Guelph Sub, another on the York Sub on the eastward advance signals to Doncaster, Halton Sub has them, one at the westward advance signal to Mansewood, another on the eastward advance signal to Milbase and one more on the westward advance signal to Ash.
  7. Uh, no. If there is a crew manning the locomotive at the end of the train, it's because it's another train assisting the the train ahead of them up the grade.
  8. LOL, why ? 3 F's are better than 2 ! https://www.flickr.com/photos/51593483@N06/14907831206/
  9. That was my train you saw, we had 22 cars waiting to head back after the GO rush settled. As someone already mentioned, the old routing would have had those GO coaches delivered to Willowbrook via the CP Obico B job out of Lambton Yard. But now we get them from Lambton Yard and take it to Mac Yard from there they end up on CN 435 to be part of a tail end set off at Aldershot, the local transfer job from Oakville. CN 543, the local night job out of Oakville delivers the coaches to the VIA TMC for GO Transit, I don't know if they now back into Willowbrook to set off now, but they do lift coaches
  10. They are No.20 turnouts, good for 45 MPH.
  11. I'd still prefer the SD40-2 over the SD60 any day.
  12. And so it begins, MPEX 666 ( GOT 666) is sitting at Aldershot after being set off by CN 435 from Toronto for forwarding to Oakville and eventually Mimico. So, here's a photo of her sitting on track D29 at the Mac Yard Diesel Shop all be her lonesome. http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=15370
  13. You do realize that trains do sometimes carry over sized dimensional loads.
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