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  1. Because when you do a study you exhaust all the options no matter how stupid they are. As for Midland, well, you don't know what the design criteria and methodology is so let's be patient.
  2. http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=GO_Transit_8166-8195
  3. 3000-3001 have existed since 2009 - HEV buses http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=GO_Transit_3000-3001
  4. The Trimet WES presentation also said MBTA has already committed to 18 units - can anybody elaborate?
  5. My actual guess is carbodies are assembled in Japan with finishing completed in the US, since SMART units are still overseas (but UP needs theirs prior to SMART needing them).
  6. http://www.ttc.ca/Ab..._Ride/index.jsp max: 70 + 181 = 251 pax
  7. Because it isn't GO. That is the main thing that people don't understand about the service.
  8. He was referring to the Porter Blue Birds (as in the llnk he posted, and following the flow of the previous few posts)
  9. for discussion http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2013/October_23/Reports/New_Wayfinding_Standards_Presentation.pdf
  10. When you build things you don't say the maximum weight it can support - there is usually quite a bit of a safety factor built in
  11. How are you going to build something that isn't even designed yet? Go back to LRT - it's the only thing that can be done within a reasonable timeframe now.
  12. The 53E PM rush westbound currently goes through Bayview loop, south on Bayview, and west on Finch back to Finch Station. 53E Eastbound always took Yonge once the Yonge/Steeles stop was implemented, but prior to that they could take random routes to Bayview and Steeles.
  13. You must mean elimination of the original 53 branch and not 53A...if 53A was removed a lot of people would be quite angry.
  14. 252, 2320, 2419, 2526, 2114, 2756, 2403, 2753, 2749 and 2048
  15. The 509 signage is still weird - there's at least three different signs that different drivers are all using. They've never really been uniform this year.
  16. I posted this photo in Today's Sightings last week, but here it is again:
  17. I'm not denying that at face value (i.e. at street) the efficiency of a trolley bus or electric LRV is superior to that of an internal combustion engine propelled vehicle. As a civil engineering student studying energy systems and future energy technologies, Alberta is one of the worst offenders in Canada to continue using fossil-fuel driven plants and the way the system is designed, they simply pay off a $15 CO2e fee to continue producing gobs of energy at the cost of human health. Yes, they're regulated, but is it similar to diesel emissions? What are the diesel emissions at street level compared to plant emissions? Are they much higher? Lower? This kind of study cannot be easily captured, and this information is not readily available because private corporations want to hide their GHG emissions. There are lots of papers on general energy use. Electricity is not a source of energy. But the fossil fuels to produce it are. That's my argument; not at street level - the electricity that moves trolley buses may not be produced through renewable sources, meaning that there are still a large amount of life cycle emissions lingering around. And at the rate of which people are progressing, and which our cities are growing, the increased strain on the existing grid network will far surpass supply that can be provided by renewable sources. Yes, fossil fuels are bad. But the way things are being developed right now, renewable technologies cannot completely cover human energy requirements. I also want to make it clear that I'm not in any way against trolley buses, but just the poor implementation in Alberta. And yes - I've read the trolley coalition report - and some arguments are a bit too general in it.
  18. But if most of the electricity is produced via a coal plant or other fossil fuels then it's still equally as bad, just displaced. You cannot get more efficiency out of something.
  19. Was the trolley system purely powered by renewable sources of energy? It seems unlikely for a province with approximately 18% renewable technologies.
  20. DRT Pulse 8601 and 8603 training today at UTSC. Photo from a study break:
  21. Would your first thought be to look in the archives for such drawings, especially if it was possible that they could be outdated?
  22. The article basically says it's an H5. Doesn't matter anyways.
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