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  1. Nova doesn't paint buses in-house, but they have partnerships with paint shops and they accommodate requests for painted vehicles (random example). So it's probably a cost-cutting (and/or time-saving) decision to have the TTC buses delivered wrapped instead of painted.
  2. I had 7020 ex-STM 22-225, not sure if accurate.
  3. Did you manage to get any pictures of "90" or "91" (the older LFS Artics?).
  4. Just for the record, Buff also have a pair of older 2008 LFS Artics (90 and 91), which are the first "production" 3rd generation LFS of any kind.
  5. Great photos of rarely seen buses, thanks! The "fleet numbers" are made up of digits from the license plates. The Artic would be fleet number 27, but I'm not sure how official these are. I don't think the buses are marked in any way.
  6. Nova 18386 currently at Prevost near Quebec City.
  7. It's just weird that they would add a typo that wasn't present in the previous Service Summary. We'll see, by coincidence or design latest deliveries are at 3329.
  8. Why does the latest Service Summary list only 3100-3329 in the current order? Is it a mistake or has there been a change in plans? https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service_Summary_2018-10-07.pdf
  9. CATA orders LFS 40- and 60-footers. https://www.masstransitmag.com/press_release/12431109/nova-bus-announces-first-order-from-michigan
  10. Well, there are more Xcelsiors in Quebec than there are LFS' in Manitoba! Buying local is probably encouraged everywhere.
  11. "New" RTC mechanics training bus. Former 0717.
  12. Do you know what are these new buses numbered? 5101-5107 for the artics, 5151-5158 for the 40-footers?
  13. Wow thanks... I didn't know they were building electrics in Plattsburgh now.
  14. They can't possibly have been leasing the Novas for 17 years?
  15. I wonder how Nova will manage to deliver 342 buses by the end of the year. How many buses in the first batch?
  16. Andru


    Yes I'm aware of that. However my understanding is that this year's order is mixed diesel and CNG.
  17. Andru


    I take it that 1701-1716 will be CNG?
  18. Lately Nova has been sending buses to Montmagny QC for painting, I know at least RTC Quebec and YRT buses have been painted at a shop there. I don't know if that shop has the capacity to do the TTC order though.
  19. Is that a wrecked TTC frame behind the artic?
  20. The decoder is out of date. From 2014 on, engine codes are J=diesel, K=alternate fuel (CNG), L=hybrid and M=electric. The codes no longer stand for specific engines.
  21. Great work! A few quick questions: are there really 3 LFS on order for OC Transpo, or is it a mistake? Also, there are more than 5 LFS CNG on order for Red Deer, actual figure is more like 17, possibly not all delivered yet though.
  22. Yes, Calgary, Hamilton, NFTA, Red Deer.
  23. Thanks, I think it looks good.
  24. Is this another new livery for VIA?
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