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  1. Yes I'm aware of that. However my understanding is that this year's order is mixed diesel and CNG.
  2. I take it that 1701-1716 will be CNG?
  3. Lately Nova has been sending buses to Montmagny QC for painting, I know at least RTC Quebec and YRT buses have been painted at a shop there. I don't know if that shop has the capacity to do the TTC order though.
  4. Is that a wrecked TTC frame behind the artic?
  5. The decoder is out of date. From 2014 on, engine codes are J=diesel, K=alternate fuel (CNG), L=hybrid and M=electric. The codes no longer stand for specific engines.
  6. Great work! A few quick questions: are there really 3 LFS on order for OC Transpo, or is it a mistake? Also, there are more than 5 LFS CNG on order for Red Deer, actual figure is more like 17, possibly not all delivered yet though.
  7. Yes, Calgary, Hamilton, NFTA, Red Deer.
  8. Thanks, I think it looks good.
  9. Is this another new livery for VIA?
  10. Excellent, thank you both.
  11. RTC? I thought they were expecting only 12 units this year. Could it be another TA?
  12. Yup, I have no idea what the engines are.
  13. None of the 40 footers are in service yet. Of course most of the 2016 artics are in service by now.
  14. You're welcome. No, there were no 16xx buses on the lot. I guess the 17xx are back from painting somewhere in the area.
  15. This may be of interest (at Prevost near Quebec City)...