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  1. The 2400's are the best of the Novas by far. viva5215 has that exactly correct. So there are a few rattles, big deal. The 2300's are the worst. 9200's just as bad. The smoking bus is 20905 and it smokes like a steam train even at idle.
  2. hey everybody I got the weekend off
  3. Queen between Adam & Tannery was way too narrow with parking on both sides. In 3 years there were FORTY incidents involving GRT buses, mostly mirror hits, on this one block of road. Naturally GRT management didn't see a problem and it took an OHSA work refusal to get the buses out of there. Now that parking has been removed from one side it would not be a problem, but the 3 year old work refusal is outstanding and has to be dealt with before any GRT buses can use that road. That's just the way the law works.
  4. Those routes have been on "detour" since about January 2008, that's all. No great panic to put them back since there is a pending re-design of Hespeler routes anyway.
  5. When going to a very urgent appointment of any sort via public transit, it is wise to not plan your trip so as to arrive a) at the last minute; on the very last bus before the time you need to be there; or c) on any route known to experience overloads on a regular basis. You will fail more than you will succeed if you do any of these. Be there 5 minutes early is a good rule. If my GPS differs from your watch, who loses ? When timing things to the last second, ties can go either way depending on how you treated me yesterday.
  6. Route 12 should be split at King and U just like the old days when the top part was 9 Lincoln (forming a circle route with 9 Lakeshore) which worked fine. The you take the 12 through UofW and along Columbia, Regina, University providing relief on overcrowded buses there. Then again what do I know.
  7. How about just one broken down train ? Happens in Toronto with subways and streetcars and it is chaotic. Typically a "bus bridge" is used but GRT just does not have the equipment for such things.
  8. How did that work out did they fix it ?
  9. "Dress Like A Clown Friday" is actually for a good cause, but the brass buttons we once wore on the Captain Kangaroo outfits was a little over the top as well. Only thing missing were bellboy caps with badges on the front.
  10. The most common thing I see is the baseball hats. No wonder the guys give them away they are so unprofessional looking.
  11. We used to give old uniforms, especially winter coats, to the House of Friendship.
  12. New notice posted "faded id cards not to be confiscated".
  13. I have to wonder if that may be set out in the terms and conditions when applying for the card itself ? Hmmmmm. Anybody know for sure ? (No speculation please).
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