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  1. Not quite a week. CP had delivered it to Hillcrest Friday night (July 12), but with there being no offloads on weekends, it had to wait its turn until yesterday morning. The siding at Hillcrest can accommodate a single delivery at a time, so in practice, only one car can be offloaded per day. Another problem is that the local CP switcher that delivers to Hillcrest doesn't run every night. Adding the fact that both 4560 & 4576 arrived at Lambton yard more or less at the same time, it was a matter of chance that 4576 won the coin toss and was delivered to Hillcrest first on Wednesday night (July 10), and 4560 had to wait two more days. Unless there is a delivery from La Pocatiere via CN - which is unlikely - that must be 4561, which has been in Toronto since Saturday morning.
  2. It is back at Leslie now. Also, car 4543 has returned to Leslie this afternoon, after spending over a month at Hillcrest (it was sent there on June 12). Car 4438 has been at Hillcrest since April 12, and remains there for now.
  3. Car 4560 was unloaded at Hillcrest this morning (i.e. Mon, Jul 15). Car 4548 was used to tow it off of CP's transporter.
  4. Car 4558 has begun on-street testing yesterday. Car 4560 was delivered by CP to Hillcrest last night, but due to the weekend, it will likely be offloaded Monday morning.
  5. Both 4438 & 4543 remain at Hillcrest for collision repairs. However, the body work on 4543 appears to be complete. The car was powered up in the service bay today. Car 4576 was unloaded at Hillcrest this morning (i.e. Thu, Jul 11). Car 4474 was used to tow it off of CP's transporter.
  6. Car 4558 was unloaded at Hillcrest this morning (i.e. Mon, Jul. 8). Car 4479 was used to tow it off of CP's transporter. 4555 arrived on June 20. I think you're confusing it with 4554, which indeed arrived on June 12.
  7. Cars 4558 & 59 were released from Thunder Bay on the same train and arrived in Toronto last Thursday. Car 4559 has won the coin toss and has been delivered to Hillcrest first. It was unloaded this past Friday (July 5) by being towed off of CP's transporter by car 4572 and is now at Leslie. Car 4558 has been dropped off at Hillcrest last night, so it will likely be unloaded tomorrow (i.e. Monday) morning. I am being told that car 4560 should be in Toronto on Tuesday.
  8. There is nothing surprising about Bathurst being all CLRV's on Saturdays. 501/504/509/510/512 require 94 cars between them during daytime on weekdays; however, that goes up to 112 cars on Saturdays during daytime. This is comparable to the afternoon peak on weekdays, which requires 111 cars on 501/504/509/510/512 combined. What is a little surprising is the lack of Flexity cars on 511 on Sundays, but that is probably due to scheduling all crews from Russell on paper.
  9. I heard the same. However, that train clearly got to Davisville by running on ATC trackage and I am almost sure it happened during daytime. How does manual mode work specifically? How does it preserve safe braking distances between the ATC and non-ATC equipment?
  10. There was a 4-car T1 set (5112-5113-5138-5139) parked on one of the outdoor storage tracks at Davisville yard on Fri, June 21 during afternoon rush hour. That was quite surprising (to me!) since it has been a long time since I've seen a T1 up there. That got me thinking: how does running non-ATC equipment in ATC territory work ? (we all know that ATC on the Spadina line extends down to St. Patrick, so clearly that T1 train had to enter ATC territory to access Davisville yard). Also, I am almost convinced that the move happened at some point during daytime, not at night when the subway is closed.
  11. If Hillcrest is re-purposed as an active streetcar storage facility, it should hold about 25 cars, which is the full fleet needed for 512 St. Clair. The existing facilities (provided there is no loss of storage space due to construction etc.) can easily store the extra 60 cars - if they are ever ordered - with Leslie alone maxing out at around 135-140 cars. So the total available capacity would be around 300 cars with an expanded yard at Hillcrest. That is plenty of space in the medium term. Frankly, I think one should worry about whether there will ever be another streetcar order in the next decade, rather than debate where to build the next carhouse. As has been pointed out, it is very unfortunate that the 60-car add-on option was not exercised, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the "temporary" bus substitutions currently in place will become permanent.
  12. Two more Flexity cars have returned to service today (June 29): 4447 - last in service on June 2 (26 days of downtime) 4453 - last in service on March 22 (98 days of downtime). This one failed in service on Broadview and required towing to Leslie at the time.
  13. Flexity #4410 has returned to service today, after a 61-day absence (previously in service on April 27), Does anyone know what caused the extended downtime period? In any case, it didn't last in service for very long. It was changed off in the mid-afternoon with car 4444, so it appears something else has happened to it today.
  14. Car 4557 was offloaded at Hillcrest this morning (i.e. Fri, Jun 28). Car 4446 was used to tow it off of CP's transporter. In turn, car 4408 is off-property as of this morning. Its last day in service was this past Wednesday, June 26. It headed to Hillcrest yesterday evening, and after car 4557 came off this morning, car 4446 was used to load it up for transport to La Pocatiere, QC.
  15. Car 4556 was unloaded at Hillcrest this morning (i.e. Wed, Jun 26). Car 4538 was used to tow it off of CP's transporter.
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