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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Of the five scheduled runs this afternoon, only two went out on 508 (cars 4442 & 4466). However, the schedule and run data for the current board period have not been provided to nextbus, so the vehicles cannot be tracked using the various online apps.
  2. The issue was resolved just before 3 PM today. All vehicles are now tracking normally.
  3. Thanks for the information. Considering that the first VISION equipped car has been in service since the fall, mixed in with non-VISION cars, well before the current drop in ridership, I think it is more plausible that plans were changed so that there wouldn't be a situation with cars that were otherwise available for service being sidelined for weeks at a time until enough VISION cars became available to convert an entire route in one fell swoop.
  4. Cars 4482 & 4483 now have VISION. Cars 4484 & 4487 are at Hillcrest for installation.
  5. Car 4401 has begun on-street testing today. According to my spreadsheet, the last day it was out on its own as a testing vehicle was Tuesday, March 21, 2017. It then sat at Leslie for more than a year, and used as a reservoir of spare parts. It was towed to Hillcrest on Sunday, May 13, 2018 and loaded up for the trip to La Pocatiere the next day.
  6. In case of the streetcar fleet, deployment of the VISION equipped vehicles was managed differently, with both VISION-equipped and non-VISION vehicles in service on the same route concurrently. 4486 was the first prototype and was deployed a lot on route 508 Lake Shore starting last fall, together with non-VISION vehicles. The second car equipped was 4538 (in February this year). It run on routes 501 & 506 for the first few days after returning to service, but then it too was primarily deployed on 508. By mid-March, 508 was exclusively run with VISION-equipped vehicles. On weekends, however, the VISION cars would be deployed anywhere. As more cars were equipped, there were days when most of 509 or 510 were run with VISION cars, but always with non-VISION cars mixed in. It was over the past few days that 506 Carlton got most of the VISION cars, after the 508 was cancelled. I checked and only the VISION cars are still reporting accurate positions. The non-VISION vehicles are no longer trackable after the system failed earlier today.
  7. Of note, car 4401 was re-delivered with the fleet number still applied in black font above the driver's cab. The only other production car delivered this way was 4572, the first car made in Kingston. The other two prototypes (4400 & 4402) also came in with the fleet number in black font in that location when originally delivered as prototypes. When re-delivered as production vehicles, however, there was no fleet number in that location at all. The number was subsequently re-applied in white font, after re-delivery.
  8. That is 349 consecutive days out of service, and so far, it has been the longest downtime for a car that was never sent off property after initial delivery, surpassing the 342 days that car 4438 was sidelined for. Another car to watch out for is 4485 which has similar issue as 4402 & 4505, and has been out of service since April 28 of last year.
  9. Since the previous update, VISION has been installed on the following cars: 4423, 4424, 4425, 4426, 4430, 4469, 4504. Cars 4482 & 4483 are at Hillcrest for installation.
  10. Car 4401 was unloaded at Hillcrest this morning (i.e. Mon, March 23). Car 4424 was used to tow it off of CP's transporter. To recap, car 4401 was originally delivered as the third prototype on June 17, 2013. It was the first car sent to La Pocatiere to undergo welding repairs on May 14, 2018, and then was sent back to Thunder Bay in late April 2019 to bring to production specifications.
  11. The very last day in service was May 18, 2019, but it only lasted for about 4 1/2 hours in service on 504A that day before being changed off. It would be more accurate to say that its last day of full-day service was April 21, 2019. After that, it was deployed only sporadically, on May 1, May 17 and May 18, but only for a few hours at a time on each of those days: about 9 hours on May 1 on 510 3 1/2 hours on May 17 on 501 4 1/2 hours on May 18 on 504A
  12. The following Flexity cars have been equipped with VISION so far: 4400, 4402, 4410, 4411, 4412, 4413, 4415, 4416, 4417, 4418, 4419, 4422, 4427, 4457, 4486, 4509, 4516 & 4538. Cars 4423 & 4425 are at Hillcrest for installation.
  13. 4402 was used as a training car today. Compared to the existing list of MIA cars on page 1 of this thread, there are some changes, as follows: 4400 returned to service on Mon, March 16 (downtime =11 days). 4406 returned to service on Sat, March 14 (downtime =517 days) 4409 sent to QC for welding repairs (last in service Wed, March 4). 4416 returned to service on Wed, March 18 (downtime =7 days). 4422 returned to service on Wed, March 11 (downtime =12 days) 4483 returned to service on Wed, March 11 (downtime =20 days)
  14. The intent of that thread was to keep track of vehicles on hold or otherwise unavailable for service, including those still physically on TTC property. Considering that not only the initial deliveries, but also all of the movements to and from QC/NY have been reported in this thread so far, I think it is better to keep everything consistent and in one place, by continuing to report deliveries here, in this thread. After all, the purpose of this thread is to keep track of deliveries until all 204 cars that are part of this order are on property and commissioned for service. With the planned movements to and from QC, that objective is still a few years away. That is incorrect. The "AVRO ARROW" 4401 is the delivery from Thunder Bay (can't remember who came up with the nickname in this thread, but it is an appropriate one). It arrived at Lambton Yard last night, so it is probably scheduled for final delivery to Hillcrest later this evening or overnight. Cars 4471 & 4478 (I think you've made a typo here) remain in Thunder Bay.
  15. It was 4411. In exchange, 4417 has returned to Leslie overnight, after it was equipped with VISION.
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