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  1. So if it specificly states that TWL cant operate it , does that mean if another company wanted to apply for the license they could potentially be able to compete against greyhound
  2. 4 McCoy Buses will be used on the North American Indigenous Games Shuttle , as Coach Canada is Short buses
  3. Saw it coming south on the 404 it was getting in my way in the HOV lane driving 100km/hr , while my bus was stuck behind him and I had no governor So I wanted to hit 110km/hr
  4. DIAMOND is for sale on Prevo website
  5. Talked to one of there drivers today , he said they are forced to contract out many of the their charters to other companies right now because they are extremely short
  6. Coach Canada seems to be short drivers/buses ... they booked 4 McCoy buses for a week long charter starting this weekend
  7. Last year , I would occasionally request a 60ft or would be given one by the garage on my 116,144,147,175,177,170 run , on Saturday nights
  8. Just saw it in Mississauga pulling into a parking lot ... it's still numbered 1295
  9. Bunch of MegaBus Double Deckers for sale at ABC
  10. I Drive for McCoy part time , and gotta say some of the most well maintaned fleet , they just added another H3-45 #241 , the J4500 is based in Pembroke now
  11. Ive noticed it happens quite a bit , they either run out of buses at merivale or its an extra covering a trip, the168 is horrible for running on time , Ive been the extra that has covered a trip on the 168 many times...
  12. That's true they have a status quo .... but at the same time if you look at some of the runs that exist you can question it
  13. Bunch of people sitting in an office that have never rode a bus in thier life
  14. I was with Campeau up until last week and the buses were still sitting there and the mechanic incharge of my yard told me that they were planning to buy there runs and some buses
  15. Phoenix Transportation Probably , Campeau Buslines is definitely expanding quite quickly They now have branches in : Ottawa Perth Gatineau/Hull SchoolBus and Coach Les Collines-de-l‘Outaouais Transit Montreal Bowmansville Hawkesbury