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  1. I flew the 767 Many times with Air Canada, Primarily on the YOW-LHR route when ever I travelled to India. It was easily my fave aircraft to fly with AC, and brings back incredible memories from all my trips that I have taken onboard them. Will really miss them flying into Ottawa daily on AC888 and the Toronto flights. Here is a Pic of C-FXCA landing in CYOW as AC889 from London Heathrow that I grabbed in 2016
  2. Parking at 10 Kelfield Street I found was good
  3. Was just browsing the net and came across this ... Never knew Great Canadian used their Setra on Safeway
  4. dev161


    Spotted a NFI Omnitrans bus heading West down the 401 highway in Ontario Canada towards Toronto , couldn't get the unit # though
  5. Busy Day for Greyhound yesterday , many overload charters running especially to the Universities. 168 passengers for the 11:30 Depart from Ottawa to Toronto , covered by Leduc 3926 and 417 Buslines 44-14 , in addition to the 2 Hounds
  6. Its still quite profitable for Greyhound to charter buses for overloads, after the cost of chartering a bus , greyhound still makes about 5000$ Profit
  7. Leduc Buslines 3952 and 3948 Operated the 9:30am departure from Ottawa to Toronto on December 21st
  8. yeah saw the update a month ago , thanks though
  9. 2013 J4500 - so its New Style ... its an Ex-Tim Hortons bus , Leduc operates separately but they share buses
  10. its operated by Classic Alliance Motorcoach , its my usual bus when I drive for them, its one of their better coaches to drive
  11. Saw a J3500 doing the Ottawa to North Bay tonight believe the unit # was 81109
  12. Leduc Buslines Ran the 9:30am and 11:30am Ottawa to Toronto Buses today using buses 3947, 3935, and 3949
  13. A lot of overloads it seems, Leduc is sending 2 buses tomorrow for Ottawa to Toronto , and 3 on Monday ... also spotted Menard doing a Ottawa-Montreal run and Toronto Charters doing a Ottawa-Toronto run
  14. Drivers can request to an extent... but it really depends on bus availability at the Depot if you are doing a Hybrid Run its hard to get an Invero or Nova. In this Case with the 152 at 7:51am the run is assigned a Hybrid bus.
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