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  1. With the lighter loads on the buses , many buses will leave their first stop late so that they don't run too early on the route.
  2. dev161


    Spotted a NFI Omnitrans bus heading West down the 401 highway in Ontario Canada towards Toronto , couldn't get the unit # though
  3. Busy Day for Greyhound yesterday , many overload charters running especially to the Universities. 168 passengers for the 11:30 Depart from Ottawa to Toronto , covered by Leduc 3926 and 417 Buslines 44-14 , in addition to the 2 Hounds
  4. I believe they are running as a shuttle for DND Carling
  5. Its still quite profitable for Greyhound to charter buses for overloads, after the cost of chartering a bus , greyhound still makes about 5000$ Profit
  6. Leduc Buslines 3952 and 3948 Operated the 9:30am departure from Ottawa to Toronto on December 21st
  7. yeah saw the update a month ago , thanks though
  8. 2013 J4500 - so its New Style ... its an Ex-Tim Hortons bus , Leduc operates separately but they share buses
  9. its operated by Classic Alliance Motorcoach , its my usual bus when I drive for them, its one of their better coaches to drive
  10. I think drivers are just starting to get annoyed with the amount of passengers refusing to pay and expecting free rides, the number of people not paying has defiantly gone too high
  11. Saw a J3500 doing the Ottawa to North Bay tonight believe the unit # was 81109
  12. Leduc Buslines Ran the 9:30am and 11:30am Ottawa to Toronto Buses today using buses 3947, 3935, and 3949
  13. A lot of overloads it seems, Leduc is sending 2 buses tomorrow for Ottawa to Toronto , and 3 on Monday ... also spotted Menard doing a Ottawa-Montreal run and Toronto Charters doing a Ottawa-Toronto run
  14. Drivers can request to an extent... but it really depends on bus availability at the Depot if you are doing a Hybrid Run its hard to get an Invero or Nova. In this Case with the 152 at 7:51am the run is assigned a Hybrid bus.
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