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  1. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Very possible , I had a conversation with a higher up about layoffs and told me not to worry for the time being as the Current Service will run parallel with the Train for 6-12 months before they remove Albert and Slater Service. So maybe they will run Blair to Hurdman as a Test then Open the remainder later on , which would be a Smart Idea , to ensure the System runs properly and doesn’t have issues like the Trillium Line does.
  2. Talked to the garage supervisor today while I was StandBy , he was saying he heard its most likely going to be Nova LFS, since NewFlyer couldn’t meet some of the requirements apparently , but only time will tell what we get
  3. I wonder if they will take part in Metrolinx’s Transit Procurment process for those 40fts , considering it’s not restrict to only GTA operators
  4. Campeau bought Phoenix from Bowmanville
  5. Wonder what happened to 8501 ... thought it said heritage fleet 😒
  6. OC Bus Spottings

    Dumb question but where are the Scrapyards the OC Transpo buses end up at , other then the one neAr arnprior ... and are they easy accessible ?
  7. Air Canada Airbus A321 : YYZ-YOW Airbus A333: LHR-YUL E90: YYZ-YOW, YYC-YOW Boeing 763: YOW-LHR, YOW-YYZ, YYZ-YYC Boeing 77W: YUL-FRA Boeing 789: DXB-YOW CRJ100: YUL-YOW Lufthansa Airbus A300: FRA-ATH Airbus A343: YUL-FRA Boeing 744: FRA-MAA, MAA-FRA British Airways Boeing 744: LHR-MAA, MAA-LHR Boeing 772: YUL-LHR, LHR-YUL Boeing 763: ATH-LHR Boeing 788: LHR-MAA KLM Boeing 744: YUL-AMS, AMS-YUL BUS Prevost H3-45: XDS-YUL NorthWest Airlines Boeing 744: AMS-BOM, BOM-AMS Jet Airways Boeing 737-400: BOM-MAA, MAA-BOM Airbus A332: YYZ-BRU, BRU-MAA, MAA-BRU, BRU-YYZ Air India: Airbus A319: IXM-MAA-BOM, BOM-MAA-IXM Airbus A321: MAA-DXB SriLankan Airlines Airbus A343: LHR-CMB, CMB-LHR Airbus A320: CMB-TRZ, TRZ-CMB Flair Air Boeing 737-300: YBG-YOW ( Charter )
  8. They have always been short ... if school bus drivers really should be making 20-25$ / hr ... because of the amount of responsibility ,
  9. Flying to India Most people have to travel to London or Frankfurt then connect , Ive also flown cathay pacific from YVR to Hongkong then onto India. I am surprised Air India and Jet Airways have not attempted to enter the YVR - India Market.
  10. OC Bus Spottings

    8146 doing a #4 To carleton today run 901-823
  11. Leduc Buslines took School Transportation to the next level ... too bad it's not a real photo
  12. OC Bus Spottings

    29 new 2 old operators
  13. The greyhounds referbs are starting to fall apart , and when compared to other coach companies they really are not the best fleet wise
  14. Will Greyhound Canada ever buy new units again ??? Or at least get a newer fleet ?
  15. First Student Canada

    First Bus Canada is a dying company sadly .... poor management, and greediness has forced the company to loose contracts across Canada ...