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  1. there is no access to 417 west from the station, buses need to go down Ogilvie or Coventry or temblay to turn around to get onto the 417 west
  2. Are you sure it wasn't the J3500 they have ?
  3. I believe they meant to say Greyhound sold their garage in Ottawa, I have a feeling PrevostCar/NovaBus bought it since they are using a place near by right now and were planning to get a facility near Ottawa.
  4. I saw 644 in Ottawa driving on the highway a few days back
  5. it must have been a 400 then , my bad
  6. Air Canada Airbus A321-200 : YYZ-YOW Airbus A330-300: LHR-YUL Embraer E90: YYZ-YOW, YYC-YOW Boeing 767-300ER: YOW-LHR, YOW-YYZ, YYZ-YYC Boeing 777-300ER: YUL-FRA Boeing 787-9: DXB-YYZ CRJ100: YUL-YOW Lufthansa Airbus A300-600R: FRA-ATH Airbus A340-300: YUL-FRA Boeing 747-400: FRA-MAA, MAA-FRA British Airways Boeing 747-400: LHR-MAA, MAA-LHR Boeing 777-200: YUL-LHR, LHR-YUL Boeing 767-300ER: ATH-LHR Boeing 787-8: LHR-MAA, MAA-LHR, YYZ-LHR, LHR-YUL KLM Boeing 747-400: YUL-AMS, AMS-YUL
  7. I was shocked too. When I was cleaning up my bus between trips I picked up a ticket on a seat with the receipt attached to it, I wish I took a pic, but from what I remember the total after taxes was around $157.
  8. Im going based on what my company is charging Greyhound (2500$) to charter our buses to run overloads for them , and the fare being around 150$ for the trip we run for them. $150 x 57 Seats = $8550 $8500 - $2500 = $6050 (I said $5000 because buying your ticket earlier may bring down the cost of the ticket)
  9. dev161

    YYZ Spottings

    As far as I am aware the Qatar DOH-YYZ-DOH was meant to be a permanent route and not temporary
  10. I flew the 767 Many times with Air Canada, Primarily on the YOW-LHR route when ever I travelled to India. It was easily my fave aircraft to fly with AC, and brings back incredible memories from all my trips that I have taken onboard them. Will really miss them flying into Ottawa daily on AC888 and the Toronto flights. Here is a Pic of C-FXCA landing in CYOW as AC889 from London Heathrow that I grabbed in 2016
  11. dev161

    YYZ Spottings

    Parking at 10 Kelfield Street I found was good
  12. Was just browsing the net and came across this ... Never knew Great Canadian used their Setra on Safeway
  13. dev161


    Spotted a NFI Omnitrans bus heading West down the 401 highway in Ontario Canada towards Toronto , couldn't get the unit # though
  14. Busy Day for Greyhound yesterday , many overload charters running especially to the Universities. 168 passengers for the 11:30 Depart from Ottawa to Toronto , covered by Leduc 3926 and 417 Buslines 44-14 , in addition to the 2 Hounds
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